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Always quick to voice her opinion, whether it’s popular or not, Kellie Rasberry never falls short of compelling. Love her or hate her, there’s no in between! Starting her radio career at the age of 19, Rasberry quickly assumed the duties of news director and eventually hosted her own morning radio show in her hometown of Florence, SC. In addition to her on-air duties and her commitment to Kidd’s Kids, Rasberry enjoys auditioning for occasional acting and voice-over work. Her biggest role to date was playing the part of Teresa in LeAnn Rimes’ made-for-television movie, “Holiday in your Heart.” Rasberry also had the honor of co-hosting, along with Kidd Kraddick, the webcast of the “2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards,” and she co-hosted an episode of “Live with Regis!” during “Women of Radio” week. Kellie spends most of her free time with daughter Emma Kelly.



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  1. Kellie. I think you are a strong, funny, well spoken, straight to the point woman that I admire. Not in girl like girl kinda way. Not that there is anything wrong with that. 🙂 Wait just to clary i love men.

  2. Hi Kellie,

    Just want to wish Emma Kelly a very happy birthday. I hope her party turns out really nice…I know that it will. You are such an inspiration to single moms. God bless all your strength.
    Give Emma K a big hug and kiss from me.
    Happy Birthday Emma Kelly!

  3. Kellie,

    I wanted to make a work-out suggestion for you. I work out because I want to stay in shape but I do not like the traditional gym. There is a Curves facility by my house. One day I just decided to check it out. It’s resistance training 30 minutes that’s it. Most of the women that go to Curves are way bigger than you, which could be motivation for you. I love the fact that I can burn about 300 calories in 30 minutes.


  4. Kellie, i think u are way 2 hard on yourself about the way u look, I mean come on, by the way u talk i was thinking ur this fat pig , so i looked u up to find this PRETTY woman, i mean come on have u seen ur ex, he’s not no joe thats for sure, he must have seen something in u, unless kidd is right and he just liked u for your money!!! Well kel, (can i call u kel r is it 2 soon) I would love to take u out next time i’m in dallas and no i’m not gay and no kidd did not force me to write u, he paid me!!

  5. Hey Kellie!,

    I was just wondering who does the amazing photos of Emma Kellie! They are so cute. Thanks!


  6. Kellie, I feel like I’ve been right by your side for the last eleven years! I was there to listen to your insecurities that we all go through, your trials and tribulations with Freddie, and to be elated when you FINALLY became a mommy! I love reading your blogs, and from one divorcee to another, don’t change a thing! Everything works out in the end!

  7. Kellie, I love you. I think you keep the show grounded. Everyone knows Big Al is a handful, and has to be reigned in from some of his random antics, but Kidd does too. They both have ADHD. I love the way you speak up for what is right. Even if it is not the popular thing to do.

    And don’t rush back into a relationship. You really don’t need that now. Get to know yourself better and what you want. But, if you do get into a relationship have the person investigated. You can’t be too careful about who is going to be around your child.

  8. Kellie,
    Please stop worrying about finding a man. You are a beautiful woman who knows that you don’t need a man to validate you in any way. I’m sure your mom has probably reminded you that God has a plan. When you least expect it, the right man will come along. All you have to do is have patience and one day your prince will come. After being married for 22 years, I got divorced. Three years later, I remarried. He’s 10 years younger and I met him while doing community theatre. I was the wicked stepmother and he was Prince Charming! My prince started out as a friend and then ended up becoming my husband. I have never felt so loved and appreciated. So, hang in there! I’ll be praying for you!

  9. Hi Kellie
    Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE listening to you in the morning!! There is a need for more women out there to be like you!! STRONG and Well Spoken!! Emma Kelly is a DOLL!! Great job I have been a single off and on for 15 years and well it only gets better!! Oh and Happy Birthday Emma Kelly!!

  10. I LOVE listening to you in the morning Kellie. I have for the past 11 years. My mornings wouldn’t be the same without your humor and witt. And your baby is absolutely, perfectly precious!

  11. Kellie you’re soooooooo hot!

  12. hi i have a project for science where i have to interview my idol for a bunch of different jobs can i interview you? email me the anwser at rockstar_kitty@hotmail.com

  13. Kellie,
    I cannot tell you what reading your blog has done for
    me in the last year and a half. I lived in Texas my whole life and did everything for everyone else in my family for so many years that I looked up one day and was 36 and had lots of wonderful friends, but hadn’t had a date in almost 10 years. I did the internet dating thing with the great support of some friends and though I had a rocky start and disappointing few outings, I did end up finding the most wonderful, caring, and HANDSOME man! We were married May 2006 and in late June ’06 moved to Alabama. Let me just say in a nutshell, Alabama sucks! 🙂 On July 5, 2006, less than one week after we had moved away from all our friends and families we found out I was pregnant! Being 39 I was beyond thrilled and a little shocked it happened so quickly and without problems (I KNOW I’M SO BLESSED) – but it was so hard being so far away from everything I had ever known and all my friends. We knew no one here – it was a very tough and lonely time for me. Even though I was an avid listener in Texas we did not get the show here – I would listen occasionally on the internet, but what helped me most was reading your blog every day! It was like I had a friend that I was going through being pregnant with! You made me feel not so alone and it helped! My precious baby boy, Jake, was born March 9, 2007 and he is so healthy and happy and the absolute joy of my husband’s and my life! We still wish we could be back in Texas to live closer to everyone we love, and we pray that will happen soon. We know it’s in God’s hands and He will open the door of opportunity when it is right. I just had to thank you for being my “friend” even though you don’t know me – you helped me so much just by being able to read your blog! I’ve kept you and sweet Emma Kelly in my thoughts and prayers through your tough times – you have done and are doing a GREAT job with her, and with yourself! You are a strong and confident woman and ANY man would be so lucky and so blessed to have you in his life. Thanks again so much! God Bless!

  14. hey kellie you are so funny!
    i love the way you are always quick to defend yourself and how you try to help everyone. You seem like a really nice person and i would like to meet you someday. 🙂

  15. I don’t know you all that well. But from what I have heard on the radio, I have to admit that you are a strong woman, and that is a quality to be sought by many people. I think that you are stronger than you know. Have faith in yourself and stay positive if you are good then only good things will happen to you. And your daughter sounds like the she is your foundation, someone that will make you strong and better. Maybe I don’t much but I know good people and even though I have never or might never meet you, I will say a prayer for you. Just knowing that someone real is out there and doing something, like your job, and hearing you deal with your life and everyday trials gives me inspiration. Stay strong not only for youself and your daughter, by the way I wish her a belated bday, but for the people that listen to you and believe in you and your dreams. Giving us hope that we too can do the right thing and stay strong. Take care and know I am listening, forget about losing that one listener and know that you have gained one.

    Take care, I will say a prayer for you and wish you all the best.

  16. Kellie, you are so beautiful on the inside and out! I don’t blame you for wanting to put your best foot forward, and keeping your “package” in great shape, but do it for YOU, and your health, so you will have a happy healthy life with Emma Kelly. Don’t do it for some “Prince Charming” who may never come along.

    Besides, if he really is “Prince Charming”, he’ll love you for your mind and soul, as well as your body. Find a place with your body you’re comfortable with, put together a eating / fitness routine that works for you, and achieve a level of acceptance and comfort. All this see-sawing is painful to listen to, and difficult to see someone I admire put themselves through.

    Quit beating yourself up mentally and physically trying to be always “better” – in so many ways you’re perfect just the way you are. Learn to love the courageous, strong, intelligent, independent, caring person that is the whole of all things “Kellie Raspberry”. If you do that, you’ll find the other pieces of your life will fall into place much easier!

  17. hey kellie,
    just wanted to tell you that im looking at the site for the first time and saw what you REALLY look like, not the picture i have in my head every morning as i listen to the show. i must say you look nothing like what i thought you would but wow you are beautiful! i love your hair color and you look soo young! i love listening to you every morning. stay beautiful and sweet!
    – a long time listener

  18. hi Kellie,
    i just wanted to say how great i think you are on the radio. you have had to go through so much with being a new mom and the divorce and it just makes me feel like i can do it to. Im 21 and have a 2 year old daughter Addison and a 11month old son Shane and im a separated from my husband and most likely getting a divorce… its nice to hear that there is life after divorce thanks


  19. Kellie,

    G’morning..just wanted to leave a little note..and say after hearing ya’ll every morning..i think ya’ll are funny and great people…hope everything goes well. God Bless


  21. Kellie,

    Where do i start. I hope this doesn’t creep you out but I feel like your the big sister I never had before. I love you sooo much. We have so much in common , dieting, not wanting to exercise, very opininate, etc. I just wish I could meet you in person or get through on the phone lines and talk to you all on the phone. you are an incredible human being and please do not let anyone tell you different. You have no idea what you have done for me and my life just by hearing your stories , listening to advise giving to others, and making me laugh we I really needed to. Thanks Kellie, but I think thanks just don’t seem like enough.
    PS emma kellie is so beauitful!!!

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  23. Hi – I know I am way far behind. I know I missed a lot. Please dont yell. Can someone tellm e what happened with that guy Kellie went to L A with? Sorry, thanks.

  24. Kelly,
    I just wanted to let you know that I think you are sooo Hot. What can I do to take you out in a Date?

  25. ricardo…i think that there is a greater chance of monkeys flying out of your rectum than Ms. Rasberry dating ANYONE from this forum.


  27. What happened to Freddie? I know they are divorced but why? I thought everything was really good and they just had Emma. Can someone please fill me in?

  28. did anybody realize that the picture on the homepage with you al and kidd makes it look like you guys all have the same nose? i had to say something


  30. Kellie I your so pretty!! This is my first time seeing a pic of you… You have pretty smile and pretty face… You are so sweet and you are true to yourself… I love listening to you… thanks for making smile on days that I felt down and sad!!! Your a very strong woman and I admire that of you… Elizabeth

  31. kellie i love listening to you talk about your days and how you spend them!!! i also enjoy reading oyur blogs!! you have a great personality!! keep up the good work!!!

  32. Hey Kellie, I just love you. I’m a single mother and can relate to everything you have gone through.

    Keep your chin up and someone special will come in to your life…at least that’s what I keep telling myself!!!

  33. I simply adore you Kellie. I think you are the smartest, wittiest, most self-aware (although you are WAY too hard on yourself) person I know (as a long time listener of 11 years, I feel I’ve earned the right to say I know you)! You have changed in so many positive ways since Emma Kellie, it’s so evident over the radio even. I agree with you and think you are exactly where you should be in your life. I wish you all the very best and I just KNOW things will definitely come full-circle for you!
    P.S. I recently moved back home to Cincinnati, OH and I am missing you all so much! What do I need to do to get you on the air up here?!?!

  34. There are alot of comments of criticism and there are alot of comments that compliment….I just wanted to simply say…you are fantastic.

    btw…I have been listening to Kidd FOREVER and I was there for your very first day…NO LIE! I remember the exact place where I was when Kidd introduced you. Kinda like…Where were you when JFK was shot? or When the shuttle went down? I know those are both catastrophes and thats not what I’m trying to imply. haha 🙂 I just think it’s funny that I remember the exact moment. AND…the funniest moment EVER…when you were talking about the “balls” flying at your face…tennis balls that is….:) Have a good day.

  35. Pretty cool blog. I like you direct and openness about life…plus finding someone else my age who is blogging with the spirit of the younger generation who tells us we are too old.

  36. Hi Kellie,
    You and your team make the morning commute to work feel like a vacation! I probably look so stupid laughing my head off while waiting at the stop light, but I don’t care. You, especially you, are hilarious and that southern accent is so cute. I’ll have to stop by the radio station to see you guys when I go visit Dallas next time. I’ll be the one holding up a sign that says “Kellie, will you marry me?” Even if I’m gay! 🙂 –Todd

  37. I love you Kellie!!! Keep up the good work.

  38. Hey kellie,

    I think your a really out spoken person with a good attitude, and can put on a great performance. Well how’s Emma Kelly? Good I hope. You’re not fat so why do you call your self that. I agree with the person get over it you ain’t. Well g2g.

  39. hi kellie i am 11 and i dont think your fat or even just a little fat. i think all the stuff you do on kiddkradick is soo funny. i reallylike listening to it in the morning i look forward to every morning. it was funny when you were pregnant cause my mom was pregnant the same time.my baby sister is the same age as emma kelly,1.her name is olivia.cant wait to see what yall talk about tomorrow! i cant believe britney’s little sister,jamie is pregnant at 16!

  40. Kellie,
    I just want you to know how amazing my family think you are. My family and I went to Kidds Kids with you and you were such an amazing sweet person. I can not believe how someone that has such a busy schedule as ya’ll do can take the time for people like you do. It has been such a blessing to get to meet you. My son Jeremy is having Surgery at Schriners Hospital in Dallas on Jan 4th. Please keep him in your prayers. God Bless you Kellie…

    Garey Bashford
    Wichita Falls

  41. Kellie,

    Love hearing your vioce in the morning at work. Internet relationships do work out sometimes. At least that is what my friends say. So you go girl, don’t let other people’s opinions scare you out of your wants and needs.

  42. Kellie,

    I like your resolution to be a little ‘naughty’. When I turned 35 I made a similar resolution. I took some tips from all time greats. I try to project the self confidence and sense of being comfortable in my skin that made Mae West so intriguing. I watched old news reels of Marilyn Monroe, I observed her posture, how she moved, her facial expressions, and yes, her walk.

    After some experimenting with different combinations of posture, a slightly different walk, matching undies, switching to a small heel from a flat, the final touch for me was being comfortable in my skin. (that took longer than any of the other adjustments) I didn’t go way over to the dark side, I choose to express the ‘naughty’ when and how I was comfortable with it. It can be any thing from a short skirt, or a bikini, sometimes I wear red lipstick, or black eye liner. Since I have two teenage boys I try not to embarrass them too much so I just wear a pair of low heels with long laces that tie around my ankle with a slightly sheer summer dress. I just try to make choices that help me feel less like the mom of two teenagers.

    Have fun figuring out what helps you feel like a naughtier version of you!


  43. I listen every morning and this morning hit me. I just had to see what you looked like. You are by no means “full~figured”. I’m a big girl, you are anything but. That email from the married guy. F*** him. He dunno what he’s talking about.
    You a beautiful lady and you rock. I enjoy the show, ya’lls personality’s match and clash in the right ways. Keep on keepin on!

  44. Kellie, by any chance are you taking phentermine? By everything you just described, it sounds like you are . I also believe it goes by the name of Fastin. I have taken it and it does wonders…..for a while. you feel like superwoman. like nothing can stand in your way. One night I could not fall asleep and I could literally hear my neighbors tv on and I don’t even live in an apartment. It’s like all of your SENSORS ARE WAY UP, i lost 50 lbs and i thought it was WONDERFUL. until after about 3 months..that pill eventually does not have the same effect. plus it starts making you feel kind of wacky and then very moody & irritable. just an fyi……so can be aware in case you taking it.

  45. Hi Kellie,
    I am leaving Alaska for Texas in about 48 hours and plan on staying in Dallas for one night. Because my travel companions daughter works for you, I checked out your blog. To say I enjoyed it thoroughly would be an understatement. You are a talented writer and your enthusiasm for life is obvious. Thanks for sharing your life with so many… keep up the great blogging!

  46. Kellie you are not a full figured women in my eyes you look like every other girl walking down the street. You have values and morals and don’t bend on them to please other people. Be your self and God will bring someone to you. Stay true to yourself and try not to be to naughty.


  48. Hi Kellie, I love you on the morning show, I listen every week day while I get ready for school. But I wanted to give you a little friendly advice, your not fat, stop thinking you are. Your pretty and deserve to have someone who acutally cares about you so dont be such a bimbo and try going after someone single who could genuinely care about you and your daughter. I dont know how old you are, but based on your picture, you look to old to be wanting to be naughtier- you act like your eighteen without a care in the world, but your not and need to grow up sometime, sorry to burst the happy lala land bubble you live in.

  49. Kellie, you are so freakin pretty, funny, clever, witty, creative, talented…I could go on and on. I love listening to you…you make me laugh 🙂

  50. Dear Kellie, when I was in 5th grade, you came to my elementary school as a speaker. I don’t remember what it was you talked about, only that no one really knew who you were.
    I am a senior in high school now, and just recently, started driving myself to school. For three months, out of the entire Kidd Kraddick cast, the only person who I had a definite face for was you. And in seven years, your voice still sounds as I remembered it. Thanks for giving me a little bit of my childhood every morning, it means a lot.

  51. HeLLOOO,DO you want to exchange links in blogroll with my website?thanks a lot

  52. Kellie, I love u on the show every morning. You are the greatest person.

  53. Kellie — OMG! Just saw your picture for the first time in years and YOU ARE NOT FAT. You are absolutely gorgeous and shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. I consider myself much like you in so many ways, but currently at my most fullestly-plumped figure EVER –I’m pretty down on myself lately… I was wondering if you had poor self-esteem growing up because you have fair skin? This is a topic I have not heard you speak of very often (like the overall weight issue). I think redheads and fair-skinned girls like myself get the BAD RAP and one of the most disturbing insults I get is “GET A TAN” — honestly, my skin does not tan. The rub-ons usually look orange on me and are a big hassle so I live with paleness.

    I just admire you so much for putting up with Kidd & Al and others that want to pick on you every morning. Bless your heart! I’d cry and then kill ’em. So for ’08 in honor of being naughty… I told my sister that I wanted to live it up this year. I am now 35 with a young son and girl, we are not gettin any younger! So what’s on the agenda for naughtying it up? I am a single, flat-butted PTA Room Mom… I have no idea where to even start!!!


  54. Oh yeah, I would have loved to make it today, but I got stuck working. Wish I could have seen you work it like I know you can and I wish I Coulda met you n your baby, I know she is your prized posession, mine is as well. Right with you girl! Have a great day and all the days to come!

  55. Kellie, Kellie, Kelli,

    You need more confidence in yourself on how you look. You are always cutting yourself down and it make me sad. What would you think about Emma saying she is fat all the time, and hated the way she looked. You would tell her how beautiful she is, and YOU would feel sad that she felt that way. Whatever you would tell your daughter is also what you should be telling yourself. Give her mother that same respect, because if you say those things around her she might end with an eating disorder, and have no self esteem . I know any mother in their right mind would never want that for their daughter. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY AND DO TO YOURSELF AROUND YOUR DAUGHTER AT ANY AGE.

  56. I just moved from North Carolina about 8 months ago. Ever since then, I have been listening to the show. I love the way you are opininated, it reminds me alot of myself. I have never gotten to go to you guys site until now. Honey, you are beautiful, you have no reason to think otherwise. I know it is hard to be confident in the way you look in todays society (even if you weigh 120 lbs.) (which i don’t) But girl you got it! If you want to be more naughty, act like you know you got it. Strut it like your on the runway. Not the snobby way, but the confident, look at me way. I guarentee you will catch someone!! Keep giving the guys hell, i love listening to it!!

  57. Hey Kel,
    You rock! I listen to your show every morning just to listen to you! You are so cool!

  58. Hi Kellie. Well, I moved away to Ohio 3 years ago, and I recently moved back after having a baby and splitting with her father. I come back and find that you are a single mom as well! I missed out on 3 years of my favorite morning people, and I was so sorry to hear of your split. But I’m so happy you and Emma Kelly are doing well! It’s an inspiration to single moms everywhere. I don’t know about you, but I’m hopeful for the future, and it took having my daughter to make me realize I deserved a better partner. Aren’t children just the biggest blessing, and in ways you never even knew they could be?

    I’m just so happy to be back in my hometown, and I can listen and laugh in the morning with y’all again!

    Thank You!


  59. Hi Kellie,

    First off, let me say that I look forward to my morning commute b/c I get to listen to you! Anyway, I heard a snippet today about you not thinking thongs are comfortable. I finally found a thong that I love — my husband loves it too : ). I’m not even kidding, I even wear it to bed where I used to change right when I got home. Anyway, you can buy them at Target. The brand is Gilligan & O’Malley Ultimate Modal or something like that. They are $9.99 for a 3 pack so cheap too!

    Looking forward to hearing the show tomorrow.


  60. Hey Kellie,
    Just wanted to let you know that you are a well respected lady. If you stop looking for love it will find you! You have a great support team on the show. Just keep your head up and try not to find love. Plus, men can be a pain in the a$$ sometimes. You know there are some women who are in a relationship that would love to be single. Just try to focus on your little girl. We hear to much of you wanting to find a man or the time you had on a date and not enough of how much fun you had with your little girl. Lots of love. You are a great person

  61. Hi Kellie – I’ve been listening to you guys for awhile, but had never actually checked the website out to “see” what you all look like. Well, my interest was peeked when you all were having a conversation about someone who’d left a message on your Myspace about how they like “full figured” women like you…being one myself, I thought I’d just see what you look like…always looking for a gal to connect with about my bodieliciousness.

    WELL, let me just tell you, girl, I would never classify you as “full figured.” You rocked in that fashion show and I would KILL for those legs! You are gorgeous, Kellie – don’t ever let anybody tell you differently. This country is so warped about what they classify as “full figured” and men make it worse by throwing that term around as a way to patronize us! No more!

    Love the show….


  62. Kelly,

    Let me start off by saying this, damn girl you looked hot in the naughty girl outfits, and who ever in there right mind would say that you have nasty boobies is freaking crazy. I think you are a very smart, caring. intelligent and drop dead gorgeous woman. You looked awesome in the winning outfit too. Keep it up you look awesome. Love hearing your beautiful voice in the mornings too.

  63. Kellie,
    The show wouldn’t be any good without you. You and I have the same birthdate 4/13, I turned 13 on Friday the 13th years ago of course – it was great!

  64. Went on the kidlive site today for the first time to see what ya’ll look like. None of the faces matched the voices. :0) Especially yours and J.C.’s.
    Looking forward to tomorrows show.

  65. Eat Pray Love will change your life, I’m so glad to hear you’re reading it. I think it strikes home for people who have been going through life changing transions for the past couple of years. I myself, like you, have been going through a period of change, and all the introspection and uncertainty that comes along with it. I honestly feel as though in parts of the book the author was speaking directly to me! I’ve heard the book called “The Modern Woman’s Bible” — and I must agree that it does give you insight into how to live your life in a better way. Happy reading!

  66. I listen every morning to you all, but I had never actually seen pics of u. Kelly from what I hear every morning you have given me the impression that you are ugly and really fat. I am really surprised to see pics of you because you actually are very beautiful and of course you are NOT fat! You skinny bitch :p

  67. hello kelly I listen to you guys every morning on 104.9 the party all the way in illinois!! I love the accent. I think you are too hard on your self and you need to pound on kidd and al just because you can!! Keep the laughs coming

  68. Kellie,

    I hope you are not offended but I guess I am not really sure what happened to you and Freddie. I don’t get in my car until about 745 or 800 in the morning so I don’t always get to hear everything. I have heard things like he cheated and if that is the truth then I wish I was half the woman you are. My husband cheated on me. Like for the first 2 years of my marriage. I found out when I was six months pregnant with my son. We are still married and I am not sure if that was the best thing. I digress, I was really just wanted to know what had happened with you.

    And by the way, I am just like you. Very sarcastic and very blunt. I have opinions like or not. I think that is why I can appreciate your attitude about things.


  69. Hey Kellie! First of all, I want to say that I LOVE YOU – you really bring light to my days! But I have to say this too – you so do not look like I thought you would! I thought someone said on the show that you’re a blonde?? You know how it is, trying to picture someone you can only hear.. Please don’t take that personally!! Now, it’s like, I have to get to know you all over again. It’s just crazy. And I don’t mean it in a negative way at all! Wow.. so yea.. Have a nice day!


  71. Hi. My name is Amanda. I’m twelve. Not like you really needed to know that but, I really like yall’s show. Some times though, Dad turns down the radio because of “Inapropriate remarks” Even though Iv’e heard them at school before. Emma Kelly is too cute, just in case you haven’t heard it a million times before. Al is funny, but personally, the Spider Mack thing freaked me out big time. Those pictures were like, Whoa man! Put on some clothes! (Not wierd spandexy ones… ew. That Jonas brother thing yall are doing.. I almost died when you anounced that. Im so writing. I’m gonna take my sister Catie if we win. The Jo Bros are soo hot.. sorry! Heh heh! off subject! Did we have a subject? Oh well. Buh Bye!

  72. Hey Kellie,
    You rock! I listen to you every morning on Kidd Kraddick in the morning! You are one of my idols! I love waking up to your voice! I saw pics of Emma Kelly and she is so cute!

  73. Hey! I have been listening to your show for 10 years! I love it. I am sorry if this is personal, but what happened to you and Freddie?

  74. Kellie,
    I just wated to say that I thought you did a really good job today with the interview with Sent. Obama. Your question is one that many people really don’t think about. The always expect a dramatic change right away. I think you are a great person! I love your sense of humor! Thanks for sending me to work with a smile! The whole crew there is Great! Good luck with all you do!

  75. Kellie,,,,,, Love listening to Yall on the ride to work in the mornings. Yall look nothing like i pictured in my head,, Enjoyed visting yer website and will continue to often. Ps… very precious lil girl,, C Yall on the radio,,lol Bill

  76. Kellie, I think you are a beautiful woman and you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. I know you will find the person to spend the rest of your life with but you just need to take time to find him. You are a strong willed and a smart, level headed person who makes alot of the right choices on things. I just wish that I had that kind of strength. You are a wonderful mother of a beautiful girl and you are blessed to have her. God always has reasons for things that happen in our lives. He just hasn’t let you see what that is yet because He is it is not time. When the right time comes, God will reveal it to you. I hope you have a wonderful evening and a great weekend. God bless.

  77. Kellie, I also forgot to tell you something. Tell Kidd to stay off your back about your relationships. Also, he needs to not interupt you so much when you are trying to tell something and he keeps interupting you every time you try to speak. I know how that feels because my husband is the same way and sometimes I could absolutely choke the life out of him when he does that. It is nothing personal against Kidd because I love him to death to but he needs to know when to shut up and not use his ADD as an excuse.

  78. Hi Kelly,

    Well you know when i first starting listening i was not a fan. But now since your divorce, as bad as that is, you seem more real. I’m also divorced and the dating world is not a fun place even for good looking women. Read your blog today, be careful out there and be sure to call a taxi to get you home!!!

  79. ahey kallie,

    i just wanted to tell u that you awesome. and that i listent to ya’ll ever morning on my way to skool. KEEP THOSE GUYS IN LINE….LOL AHAHAHAHA

  80. You are the reason I drive to work slow.I thing you and your partners are great in the mornings.The way you talk about yourself about being fat YOU are way wrong I looked you up and saw a pic of you and WOW you have a great body and you are pretty.I know you will lose the 10 lbs you want to but if not hold your head up and smile because your still make my day. GOOD LUCK

  81. Hey Kellie!! I’m a married man, but i have this weird talk show crush on you. I love how you’re not afraid to speak your mind at any given time. I wake up looking forward to hear your country-accented remarks. You’re a strong mother and a strong person; you’re an even better talk show DIVA! Keep up the good work Kellie! My wife loves you too, by the way. Keep doing what you do because you do it great!

  82. Kellie,

    I have the same belly problem. I’ve recently discovered Yummie Tummie tanks. I HIGHLY recommend them. They completely hide my muffin top. Good luck with the new eating and getting fit program!

  83. My dog loved watching/listening to you and Emma Kelly wrestle. It was so funny watching him turn his head trying to figure out what was going on. Your daughter is beautiful. Cherish every moment. They grow up too fast.

  84. Hey, don’t get down about that weight-loss thing; it’ll drop when you least expect it! Be positive!
    And DON’T eat that junkfood. It’s been proven that if you get into a habit of not eating it for a while, you actually won’t want it as badly anymore… Your body won’t be dependent on those sugars/fats as much, and it’ll get used to not having them.
    And one more thing: I’ve found out from personal experience that those “South Beach Diet” type of things are not THE best way to loose weight and be healthy. Think about it: they’re basically frozen dinners. I’m 5ft, and I weigh 103lbs cuz I’ve been eating right and working out for the last few years. I eat FRESH vegetables, not pre-packaged diet meals. Just get some carrots, cheese, tomatoes… anything else you like. Eat fruits, nuts, not too much breads/grains. Eat less meat, and lean meat when you can. Also, if your schedule allows it, eat 5-6 smallish meals a day. If you eat 3 big meals, your body gets huge sugar jumps every time. It’s better to keep your body digesting little bits of food on a regular level all day… keep little snacks to munch on. It’s amazing how clean your body will feel eating this way; it’s well worth staying away from crappy food. You’ll feel lighter even if you haven’t lost weight yet. Also, it’s simple and fast; you barely have to prepare your meals at all.
    For working out, it sounds like your cardio is going good. You could probably do the stairmaster too for something different from running(it’s not so bad). And don’t be afraid of lifting: you don’t have to lift heavy weights. Just get 5-10lbs and do faster arm excercises; you’ll get more tonage by doing light weights with more reps, and you won’t dread those heavy weights as much. Also, by doing light weights, it’s almost like cardio workouts. You’re still burning a good deal of fat, and not gaining too much muscle. You don’t really gain much muscle mass, and you still look slimmer and more toned.
    I know your trainer has probably told you all this, but just in case I gave you any new info… I hope it helps! ^_^ I hope I don’t sound preachy.
    By the way, you are NOT fat by any means. You’re still a very good size, so you just get to the spot you’re comfortable with. I think you’re very pretty; you should too!

  85. Kellis, i have listened to you since the first day you started and we are so much alike , in no way do you need to loose weight you look awesome, i was never suppose to have children and boom did, she is my miracle baby, i am a single parent and in the last 8 months have gone back to school to get my G.E.D. and i am now a college student going for my nursing lic, and struggling with the weight i gained 2 years ago, so keep your head up you look great,i also wanted to offer up to your listeners, 2 bon jovi tickets, i save and bought theses tickets and now due to school can not go, i want to pass them on to make someone elses day brighter, they are not great seats they are Section 328, Row C seats 7 and 8 , I wanted to go i grew up listening to them but school comes first and is more important for me to provide for my girls, if you would like theses tickets to pass on to a listener please let me know, and thank you for being a insperation for me,thank you

  86. Kelly I love to listen to you every moring. You are such a beautiful person inside and out. I wish I could be more like you. You make me take a look at my self and my life.
    I am so glad you have a beautiful
    daughter. I know you had a hard time trying to have a child. I have been there before. I think you are better off with out Freddie.
    Stay true to your self………..

  87. Hey Kellie I have learned that a way to loose weight is easy but hard also. Eat only 10grams of fat a day and by the end of week two you should of meet your goal weight the first two weeks you will loose weight and then the next two you really dont loose much at all then it picks back up. Good luck and I think you look great!

  88. i read all of your blogs – you are even a myspace friend and i have one question . . . do you REALLY read all of these messages? it seems like everyone has advice to give you and i am just wondering if you really read these and has anyone said anything to you that has helped you in some way. i know these people mean well but would anyone take advice from a stranger? call me cynical i guess

  89. love you, love the show and LOVE your witt!

  90. Anytime I am in the car I try to listen to the show between my 4 year old and 1 yeard old daughters talking and jibbering in the back. I love hearing a strong single mother taking life as it comes. Someimes single mothers can feel alone and that no one else has the same problems as you. I really enjoy the whole show but you make the show great. You should be very proud of what you are doing as a parent!!!

    P.S. You are not fat at all!!! You should be proud of the way you look especially after giving your daughter life!

  91. I love the morning show….but I also miss Rich…he was awesome.
    I think its cool what ya’ll are doing for Freddy!!

  92. Dear Kellie –
    My name is Delaina – work for the Number Two Planet Beach Contempo Spa in the U.S. ourlocation is right here in Whitesettlement Texas>>>
    I heaed You were interested in getting a Heathy Glow – I can help** we are offering You a free 6 month elite spa membership- unlimited services!
    we are a rock n roll spa about to have our Re-Grand opening would you be interested in making an apearance>> call me at 817-246-1311 – thank Delaina

  93. Dear Kellie – my name is Delaina I have a free 6 month rock n roll Contempo Spa membership at the number two Contempo Spa in the U.S @ Planet Beach
    in Whitesettlement Tx. please call soon so we can go over your package…. thanks-Delaina

  94. KELLIE,


  95. The last time I talked to you, you were still pregnant and people were hassling you about breastfeeding. I think I was pregnant with my 2yr old at the time or maybe my son. I really do not remember, how old is your daughter now?? Anyhow, I am back to listening again and trying to get caught up and so far everything is either funny or very nice. I love what ya’ll are doing for Freddy. So once again thanks for making me laugh in the mornings and hope to talk to you again. Ohh congrats on the weight loss!!!

  96. HELP!!!I have struggled with my weight now fow 12 years after I had my 1st child. I’ve lost the weight but tend to gain it back. I just wanted to know how you lost your weight?

  97. I am a nanny and the child i watch (2 years) also throws a fit if i try and change his diaper. although i am blessed with the abiliy to completely tune it out, but when he starting to really just get too upset i hand him my cell phone or some toy he likes. shuts him up. hope it helps.

  98. Kellie,

    I listen to you daily, and feel like I know you. We have so much in common, it’s eerie.(Is that spelt right?) Emma is about the same age as my daughter and Im a single parent as well. But more then anything, your sarcastic sense of humor and personality is similar to mine and keeps me entertained. Keep it up!!! Your great and loved!!Hopefully I will get to meet you some day!

  99. Kellie, You are somikin’ hot! I would take you out anytime. I’m in my late 20’s though, maybe too old for you.

  100. Hi there. Really love ur blog. I am SO going to put ur link in my blog (if it’s ok with u). I just become a mommy and reading ur stuff really helps me..(especially when it comes to getting rid of all the weight i gain from the pregnancy) I can’t listen to u on air as i’m from the other part of the world. but i’ll keep on reading ur blog.Take care now.

  101. SHEESH! Sometimes don’t you just wanna strangle Kidd?!?! I’m listening to the show this morning cracking up and going LEAVE KELLIE ALONE at the same time… Poor Kellie…. amusing but mean all at the same time… geez Kidd… back off Kellie a day! LOL…. Thanks for being the Baptist girl on air ;o) ~B

  102. Kelly,

    Just saw your video of Emma Kelly having a fit. OMG!!! I laughed so hard. When my 2 1/2 yr old has his fits, I just want to burst out laughing at him. Nothing ever seem to sooth him during these times. I really need to get it on video. She’s growing up so fast. I tell my son every day that he’s growing too fast, and that I want him to stay little forever. Emma Kelly is adorable…. love seeing pics of her.

  103. Oh I love you so much….you are so funny and make me laugh every day. Your show helped me to make it through 15 months without my hubby while he was deployed.

    Emma Kelly video with her throwing her fit made me laugh it reminded me when my daughter was that age…

    You definitely make me laugh everyday and thanks for that gift alone….

  104. Hello Miss Kellie. I would just like to take this time to say Thank you for all that kidd kraddock staff does. I really enjoy listening to the show and have been for a while now. It can be very funny or it can be moving (such as the ladies and gents returning from Iraq) In my pesonal opinion, I really think you all do a very good job. I hope to catch a live show one day. I may be playing in Dallas soon, so maybe it could happen. If not, Please, continue doing what your doing and God Bless All of You.

    PS You look Awesome………

  105. God Bless you Kellie.

  106. Hi Kellie I like your blog and have added it to bookmarks. Good luck & love.

  107. kellie to on The show THIS MORNING kid was talking about biloxi,MS thats where the girls manger was from does he even know where Biloxi is in MS

  108. Kellie:

    I love your show. In many ways, you gave me strength to start my own blog. Hey, ricky, I’m from Biloxi. Small town, rebuilding from Katrina. Great Beaches and lots of great food.

  109. Emma Kelly is so precious! I’ve tried for 2 years to get pregnant. I hope some day we are blessed with a baby just as beautiful as yours.

  110. Kellie, didn’t know where else to write this. I hope you see it. I was in Brookshires (in Midlothian) and saw BOILED PEANUTS !! in a can. I know you LOVE boiled peanuts and you always have your parents send you some. I looked on the label and they are from North Carolina. I can’t remember the brand. Don’t know if there is a Brookshire close to you, but just thought I’d tell you where I found them.

  111. hey kellie i love you

  112. Please give Sarah Palin a chance before you start critizing her. It is not fair to judge a 17 year old for her mistakes. It is not fair to judge her Mother either. Being a Christian I thought you would be prolife not prochoice. I love you, just be fair minded.

  113. Hi Kelly, I have always wanted to write to you. I have been listening to you guys for a couple years now. I was pregnant the same time you were. My son turned two Aug 29th. He was a huge surprise for me at 39… With two almost grown children. I admire you. I love your view on things. If I could get a tummy tuck I would…. But I am chicken. Good luck. Tammy

  114. I love your show…and give you props for being the strong person you are. Kellie, you’re the best!!!

  115. Hey Kellie! I am a friend of Krista Brewer and her family. I just wanted to tell you how awesome it was for ya’ll to pay tribute to her on Friday and to attend her funeral. She was an amazing little girl and touched so many lives in our community. Thank you again for all you and the morning show have done for her and her family.

    God Bless,
    Melissa Burgess

  116. Kellie, I listen to the show every morning. I think that you all are all hilarious. I can be in a bad mood, but once I hear your voice I know that I’ll be okay. I like that you’re the strong one on the show. Everyone else just envies you on that, especially KIDD. (LOL) I had gastric bypass and it was the best thing that I could have done for myself. I am now exercising and is almost ready for a tummy tuck. So, you go right ahead.

  117. Thanks for all the laughs. Kidd would not be as cool without you. I love driving in the mornings because I have you to listen to. By the way where is Freddy, did he make it big time yet?

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