October 1, 2008

October 1, 2008 at 12:15 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 21 Comments

I’m heading to the hotel to get checked in. Just found out yesterday that they were going to come back and put another coat of whatever that stinky varnish-like stuff is on there on Friday or Saturday, which sort of put the ix-nay on me having my furniture delivered back to the house on Thursday. So after many frustrated phone calls, we moved the floor varnishing up to today and moved the furniture delivery to Friday and now I’m going to go check into the hotel to empty out the mini-bar. I don’t care what’s in there — I’ll drink it or eat it or shoot it or snort it. I just want to gorge myself on all things bad and take a long nap.  I know my problems don’t compare to all the sickness, starvation and strife going on in the world, but they’re MY problems and I’d like to avoid them for a while, please.

The good news is, Emma Kelly’s fever is gone. She’s feeling better, so that makes me feel a little better.  Man, you REALLY feel like a parent when you have a sick kid, don’t you? It’s like all your mothering instincts and your emotions just multiply and explode all over the place.  Poor little thing has had no appetite and hardly any energy, but she seems to be getting back to normal now. And that’s more important that any remodeling issue I may face today.




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  1. Would you shut up already with all your whining. So, your expensive house is not ready. How often do poor people have to hear about it? Enough already. What did you do take Freddy to the cleaners and now you have all this money? Stay out of the mini bar and take care of your child. Hello!!!!!!

  2. Lynne are you smoking crack? Leave Kellie alone! Dont be so damn mean. Everyone gets overwhelmed now and then. If Kellie’s whining bothers you so much then stop listening.

  3. This is Kellie’s blog…..KELLIE’S…..which means she is free to blog about whatever she wants. You do not have to read it if you do not want to.

  4. Hey Kellie! I’m glad to hear that EK is feeling better! Nothing worse than a sick little one. I can’t wait to see the pics of the final product!!

    And don’t listen to all the haters – don’t feel guilty that God has blessed you with a beautiful daughter, a nice house, and the means to take care of yourself! You deserve it and I’m glad a single woman can provide for herself without a man! You go girl!

  5. You can tell the people that do not listen to the show. That made me laugh out loud to think of Freddy being taken to the cleaners…probably not possible since he pays multiple women child support.
    Getting all your hate is is healthy “Lynne” but taking it on on someone you don’t know is just pathetic. Grow up.

  6. Lynne,

    I think it’s more like Freddy took Kellie to the cleaners. Kellie made it possbile for him to start his businesses & gave him free advertisement (that’s huge). If you don’t like Kellie or what she talks about then don’t read her blogs.

  7. Lynne,

    Is this what your life is like? Reading Kelly’s Blogs to HATE. She has worked hard for her home and daughter. Dont hate if you dont know. Have a very blessed weekend.

  8. Not to make this about “lynne”…but I have to tell you girl you made me laugh right outloud…it is one thing to have something of substance to say but to be so transparent and jealous is just embarrassing. I know that Kellie is a big girl and doesn’t need me to take up for her so I will address you. That is a lot of wasted hostility typed in just a few lines towards someone you really don’t know and I truly hope that you only typed that to get reactions from other listeners who comment on these blogs. Otherwise…here is how I have you pictured…a bitter single mother who received nothing in her messy divorce…whose ex-husband left you for a much younger newer model and has totally moved on with his life while you are sadly stuck in the past and cannot live one ounce of your life with any hope. And I’m thinking Kellie must favor the much younger newer model. If I’m wrong…then girl get some counseling. If nothing else you gave me a great laugh today.

  9. Shut up Lynne.

  10. Glad EK is getting better – we need some updated pics of her, please. And don’t forget to post some After shots of your fabulous new pad when it’s finally done 🙂

    And Lynne – if you don’t like it, don’t read it. This blog is for fans and sincere listeners, not embittered women with nothing better to do than attack Kellie.

  11. Kellie- LOVE You!

    lYNNE- You need to hit the mini bar and probably take a prozac

  12. Lynne…this is easy. If you’re poor just stand up, walk away from the computer, out the door and try to do something with your life. Being poor is a choice, and people usually make that choice because they’re too lazy to avoid it.

  13. you can stay with me, but I must warn you, I am a top that likes to cuddle afterwards.



  14. Lynne is a bitter ol’ hag/shrew. I laugh at her.

  15. How about this chick..acting like she knows you. Look “Lynne” why do you bother to read this if you dont like anyone? Who cares what she does oh wait only you do. Gimmie a break.

  16. Tex, being poor isn’t always a choice. I agree that Kelly should be quite happy with what she has, as am I and my family’s nice social status, and other’s shouldn’t begrudge her of anyone else of their priveledge, but….. poor isn’t always a choice.
    Keep in mind that everyone has their story and some people have indeed made bad choices, but there are many others (especially in this failing economy and housing crisis) that have just hit hard times and bad luck and found themselves in positions that they would have never thought possible.
    You should be considerate and more thoughtful with your angry words before you attack. Your attack on Lynne was as cruel and immature as her’s was on Kellie.
    Kellie, enjoy the minibar…. I’d be doing the same thing!

  17. Hey girl, I have to give you the greatest props ever, b/c I am JUST LIKE YOU on the Breastfeding thing-fine if other people want to do it, but even when my friends do it in front of me-it makes me uncomfortable-to hear about-PUMPING, Bondinding with your baby, whatever else they pull out of their hat-I feel like La leche league is PETA for Newborns,. It’s not like we are not hormonal enough-and I am an RN in a mother well baby unit, and as we love to call the lactation consultultants the NiNi Nazis-I swear!!!i have 2 BEAUTIFUL litlle ones-1 gal and ane all boy- and they were formula fed and are as well, as well can be!!! But YOu had my stomach hurting I was laughing so hard!!!!You are THE BEST KELLIE, and I Loce you so much-and tell those La leche people to GET A LIFE!!!!!~Bari

  18. Hi Kelly,

    I just wanted to say, please don’t let so much time go by without writing! Also, please don’t listen to the negative folks out there. That type of behaviour is usually prompted by insecurity on the part of the individual lashing out and probably a bit of jealousy as well. At any rate, you’ve got it going on, girl, so keep looking up; that’s where it all is, dontcha know! 🙂


  19. P.S. I just saw the comment from Leah. I’m trying not to laugh because it’s not very nice. It’s very funny, though! Hee hee.

  20. Are we sure “Lynne” is really a female? This sounds like the rantings of a divorced man that feels screwed over by the courts. No woman would ever suggest that Kelly fleeced her ex–remember him leaving her to have their baby on her own? Would anyone really plan that scenario for profit? Hey “Lynne”–you are a dumba$$—Kelly has a great job and career on her own. She probably far out earns her ex, you and me combined.

  21. Jen…you have to be kidding me, right? It’s just bad luck that some people are experiencing now? So I guess that those who are still doing well and financially secure, even during these hard times, are just lucky, huh? I guess it has nothing to do with making wise financial, professional and personal decisions throughout life. It’s all just luck of the draw. Give me a break.

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