Going to bed as soon as I type my name…

September 22, 2008 at 9:31 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 15 Comments

I is tired. That’s when you’re so tired you can’t even use proper English. I was up all night last night checking on Emma Kelly, making sure she didn’t have a concussion because yes, I almost killed her Sunday afternoon.

It was an accident. Aren’t they always accidents? I was standing right there next to her. I was supposed to be protecting her from herself because she was blessed/cursed with that daredevil gene that somehow missed me. She was hopping up and down on this jiggly bridge contraption when another kid jumped, threw Emma Kelly off balance, and sent her sailing backward a good 3-4 feet onto the ground where she landed on the back of her head. She’s hysterical, but somehow God gave me grace and I remained calm as I called my pediatrician, asking him what signs I needed to be looking for to make sure she didn’t have a concussion or bleeding on her brain. Voice mail. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I LOVE voice mail. It’s so convenient, isn’t it? You just say your piece without any interaction whatsoever. Such a timesaver. But when I think I may have just killed my child, I don’t want voice mail. I WANT A DOCTOR, DAMMIT!!!

Since he wasn’t available, I made the next logical call…..to my chiropractor. She said what’s hard about checking to see if a baby has a concussion is that they can’t communicate with you. If you’re dealing with an adult, you can ask him who the president is or what day of the week it is. Then she had a brilliant idea — ask Emma Kelly to do her animal sounds! She knew them, so I felt a whole lot better, but then I still had that nagging sense of “What if there’s some damage in there that is happening so slowly that we won’t realize it’s fatal until it’s too late??” So Dr. Mary goes into crisis management mode with me and starts calling every doctor she knows and every friend with a baby to see if I can talk to somebody who deals with these types of injuries.

Meantime, I headed to the Doc in the Box. Closed. I thought those things were open 24/7! Thankfully, my pediatrician called back and then every doctor Mary tracked down started calling me back. They all convinced me that God made babies heads hard for a reason and that she was probably okay. But I needed to watch for slurred speech, wandering or crossing eyes, favoring one side over the other, and I had to wake her every few hours during the night to make sure she was okay. Thankfully, she is great and she’s back to her old daredevil self. She even begged to go to the playground again today, but I took her to a different one. I just can’t go back to that same one again right now.

Anyway, that was my drama. That’s why I’m wiped out. And that’s why I will end this now and head to bed.




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  1. Kellie, that has to be scary. But I admire your ability to shoulder it all by yourself. You are a very strong woman! Glad the sweet EK is fine!

  2. Your heart just jumps out of your chest and stops beating for a while doesn’t it! And, yes, it always happens when you are paying attention and being responsible. My kid fell off of a picnic table (I was sitting right next to him) at a bouce house onto a padded floor but I will never forget the sound of skull hitting floor as long as I live. Glad Emma Kelly is doing well!

  3. Kellie, this may be the first injury, but definitely not the last. My little girl is a few day older than Emma Kelly and we have already had our share of scares.

  4. You poor thing! Anytime your child has an accident it is a scary thing! It *is* a good thing that babies are so resilient! Lots of bumps and bruises along the way. And Emma Kelly has a double advantage of having been blessed with Rasberry genes. She’s going to be a hard-headed little thing anyway! 🙂

  5. I know the feeling!!! I have a 17 month old little boy who has NO fear! We just got STICHES for the first time last week. That was horrible. Being a mommy is wonderful and heartbreaking, huh?

  6. Thank goodness Emma Kelly is ok. I just had to tell you what I did. Two weeks ago I was putting the dishes away from the dishwasher and my son Aiden who is 4 1/2 (can’t forget the 1/2!) got in the way as I was taking out 2 plates and I smacked him on the forhead! He went streight to the ground, when he looked up he was gushing blood! Of course I freaked! We took him to the ER, no stiches were needed they did put some bonding glue on it. Talk about GUILT!!!!! Now, he tells everybody that “my mom hit me on the head with TWO plates”!

  7. How scary Kellie! I have a 22 month old and he stuck his hand in the wheel of the car after we got home and got 2nd degree burns on 2 fingers! Then we walked/fell down a slide and was limping for a week. I felt like a really bad mommy at the pedi with 2 consecutive injuries.

  8. OMG dont feel bad Kellie, my soon to be five year old son fell backwards off a bench and you could see (and hear) his head bounce off the concrete.
    He was two. They do have hard heads for a reason! LOL… that may be why, as men, they are so hard headed lol…
    Hope EK is feeling ok!

  9. Kellie,
    A child with an concussion is one the scariest things. Between my kids we had 4 concussions.
    Ths first one, my mother-in-law was bathing both my children at the same time and the oldest (3 yrs.) jumps out of the tub and falls back on her marble bathroom floor.
    We rushed her to the emergancy room. She is grayish green and throwing up. The girl at the counter says have a seat and we will call as soon as possible. Thank God, the woman sitting at the next desk had some sense and gave her ‘are you crazy look’ and ran back and got a doctor. I was very young and did not know how serious it could be or to speak up for myself.
    The IV they gave starting coming out of her head and she had this big knot coming on the side of her head. I called the nurse back and she started laughing that something came out of the IV. I did not think it was funny and told the doctor and he let her have it. Then she started turning darker gray and i went and got another the nusre and she said she was just cold and my husband said ‘BULLSHIT’ get somebody in here now! Well, she spent the next 4 days in ICU. At one point we were told she wasn’t going to make it to call the family in.
    Moral to my story-You got to watch over your kids and stay with them at the hospital. You know them better than anyone else and if you have to have to throw a hissy fit, so what. You kids life is worth it. I hate to think if my husband had not gotten ugly with them what would have happen to our daughter.

  10. whew! Kids are tough thank goodness! I remember when my youngest daughter was barely two, she fell off the couch and hit the corner of the coffee table! It came within cenitmeters of hitting her smack in the eyeball!!! When my eldest was younger, we were leaving a restaruant and she was in a MOOD. In the parking lot, she started crying and throwing a fit, I ignored her and when went to put her in the carseat, she had apparently stepped in an ant pile and gotten bitten!!! Talk about feeling bad! You arent a bad mommy! All mothers have stories and one day you’ll be telling EK about all the worries she caused you because of her fearlessness! lol

  11. I’m glad Emma Kelly is ok!!!! It’s amazing how they can absolutely scare you to death, isn’t it?

  12. I know how you felt Kelly I heard when you were talking about it and I am almost to frightened to repeat the story but here it goes. My 2 year old fell off of a park bench. Nothing new in mommy world she’s the youngest of five and by no means did this fall seem any different then the rest of the falls. This was Thursday evening. I know the signs to look for everything seemed normal and when I went to visit a friend 20 minutes from my house when we arrived. My baby looked like she was asleep. There was drool at her mouth her whole right side was soaking wet. When I tried to wake her she did not wake up. Her eyes were towards her right and when she started sort of very slightly convulsing I called 911. I was calm as you should be until we brought her in the house and she stopped breathing… ok that’s when I lost it. Ambulance was on its way, luckily my 16 year old son is very calm he gave her mouth to mouth and kept her breathing till the ambulance got there. When we arrived in the er they put her out and she was in intensive care for about 12 hours. She had a seizure, which I had never seen before only heard about. She stopped seizing and they found nothing. After 5 days in the hospital and til this day the scariest momment of my life thinking my child was never going to wake up. She was released and Dr’s said hopefully and most likely it will never happen again. Through the Grace of God everything is ok now. But I can’t shake that horrible feeling everytime she trips or falls off a chair. With you being a first time mom and all you had to go through with her I feel for you. A very thankful, thankful mother..:)

  13. Kellie

    I admire you for reading all your mail positive and negative, regarding your makeover; you work, you deserve it!! I’m sure you’ve learned to tune out the negativity….

  14. Hi Kellie! I feel your pain! When my son was about Emma Kelly’s age, my husband (who rarely travels with his job) was in Japan for two weeks. You can probably guess what happened — but our dog accidentally knocked Mark down and he hit his head on the cement patio. I did pretty much what you did trying to reach doctors to make sure he was okay (he was). It is so scary! I’m glad Emma Kelly is okay and I hope you are too.

  15. Aww, glad EK is ok, Kellie! No pressure, but I miss your daily blogs 🙂

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