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September 19, 2008 at 8:59 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 16 Comments

I am really tired and I get to go to bed super early tonight. Yea! Who would’ve thought I’d be happy to be in bed by 9pm on a Friday night…

I’m so sad about Krista Brewer’s passing. That poor little girl fought with cancer her entire life and her body finally gave out on her. We were playing back some of the recordings we had done with her over the air today and it was just SO SAD. At the time, we were all so upbeat because it looked like she was doing better and she was sounding so great, and listening back now, it’s just heart breaking. I can’t even begin to imagine her mother’s pain. I hope I never have to feel that. Just makes you want to question God, but then my strict Baptist upbringing kicks in with “You should NEVER question God!” But sometimes I do, don’t you? Sometimes I have a hard time seeing the lesson He most certainly must be trying to teach me because I can’t think of any other reason why He would allow me to go through some pretty awful stuff. But I’ve never had to go through something so horrible as losing a child…I know I’m supposed to look at the bigger picture and realize how many lives Krista touched, but it’s really hard to accept the fact that that little girl had to fight each and every day of her life. I’m so thankful that we got to meet her and her family and that in some small way we made her life better for a few moments. But this is just a really really hard one to accept.

I remember a while back, Krista was into Webkins. And come hell or high water, we were going to find her some of these elusive Webkins if it killed us! The listeners responded overwhelmingly and Krista was inundated wtih them. But she took one of the little ones — a little white puppy — and wanted me to give it to Emma Kelly. How sweet was that child!!! Emma Kelly doesn’t have a clue what a Webkin is, but one day when she’s old enough, I will explain to her where her first one came from and how special the little girl was who wanted to make sure she got it.

If you want to know more about this precious little girl, her family set up www.kristabrewer.com.

And we will miss you always, Krista. Kidd’s Kids is even more special to me because of you. And I can’t wait to see you again in Heaven one day.




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  1. Sometimes I question why such bad things happen to innocent and good people, too. Her family has my love, support and respect.

  2. I have a theory that people who say they’ve never questioned God, are ones who have never witnessed something truly horrendous in their life. I’m a very spiritual person but when my friends 4 year old died last year of a long illness…I’ve spent the last year working it out and questioning God. Like you say, I grew up with the strict “never question God” but you know what I found out the last year? God’s okay with us questioning him, as long as we are talking to him about it. He’s not an all-ruling never question me type of God…he’s a loving caring father. I think people forget that.

  3. I think poster Amy is very wise. I think those people that think questioning God don’t really understand the relationship as our Father. I questioned my wordly Father’s decisions all the time. However, that did not mean that I did not love him or would obey him.

    That phrase reminds me of those horrible intolerant people that say terrible things like “New Orleans is a city of sin. God is mad at it and that is why there are disasters”. That is just silly and quite honestly hateful for them to say. Every person is a sinner. God has certainly provided obstacles for me. Does that mean that I did something to deserve it? No. The same as when he provides me blessings. I don’t deserve those either, but God has a reason.

    We are human. Of course we will question God. He just wants to make sure we don’t turn from him and that we pray to him about our feelings at that time.

    Krista was a very brave little girl. Her parents were incredibly brave as well. I got to know a girl like this who had leukemia and my heart still aches over losing her. I am glad the world had Krista for 11 years. DO tell Emma Kellie about her. Mostly, just hug Emma Kellie really tight and tell her you love her. When I read this about Krista, that is what I wanted to do more than anything with my daughter.

  4. Job, the most righteous man tried to question the Lord our God, and he was verbally beaten down by the creator. I find it interesting that God did not answer him, rather he questioned him asking who was he, could he do that which the Lord could? Once again, the arrogance of man dares question the divine Almighty’s will.

  5. That’s so sad that she lost her fight. I used to believe you didn’t question God, but truthfully, I have. Many times over the last year. Unfortunately I know what Krista’s parents are going through to some degree. A year ago I was pregnant with our second child together. My husband has a child from his 1st marriage. Together we had two girls and I desperately wanted a little boy. I got pregnant and we found our we were having a boy. Three days later I was in premature labor without knowing. I had a cerclage and was put on bedrest, but a week later our son was born at 21 1/2 weeks. We lost him 4 days later. I am still grieving him and probably will till I am reunited with him in Heaven. Yes, I’ve questioned God. I still do. We want to adopt, but finances will most likely prevent us. I will pray for Krista’s parents. There is nothing wrong with questioning God. That’s how we learn about Him. Sometimes things are beyond our comprehension. I’ve told God off more than once over the last year and that’s when healing has begun. That’s the thing. God wants a relationship with us. Who hasn’t questioned their friends or gotten angry with them? It’s human nature and God made us human.

  6. Julie you are right about Job. Questioning God is something that naturally will happen since we are human. And guess what? He made us human! He gave us free will which means that He created in us curiosity and the ability to wonder. Of course He expected some of that to drift His way…and He is patient with us as long as we communicate with Him the things we don’t understand. Just like a parent would their child.

  7. Krista is and always will be our town’s hero and icon. I must say it was so wonderful to see you and Big Al and JC there today. As it was told in the message Krista was an angel a messenger to us all. Alot of times its hard to grasp that behind those voices on the radio there are actually real people. i know that probably sounds really stupid but it showed me today even more with what I knew from the show that you guys are outstanding caring people and Angles in my book as well. There is a message behind each of you as to why you do the wonderful things you do for Kidds Kids..Christmas Wishes ectectect. you teach us alot about what we take for granted and yet give us ways to give back to so many who deserve. Thank you so much for taking the time to be there today. Our community loved Krista so much and Im glad you all were there to share her life with us!
    On a brighter note.. Kelly.. girl you are so thin and just look GREAT! Big Al looked very handsome and JC is just a cutie!! You guys are wonderful!!

  8. I humors me to hear people talk about Gods will. The other day I was talking with some folks and heard a story about a pilot at an air force base. The pilot barley missed a full apartment building crashing in a field 50 yards away. A guy at the building said “that was Gods will that kept the plane from killing all those people.” Ok. What if the plane had crashed into the building killing most or all? All to often people will give credit to the big cheese for the good stuff why not the bad. I have a theory. It’s a raw theory. I don’t think God cares as much as humans think he does. What if you knew every conceivable outcome to all things, and you just happened to have created everything too, and every thing had a purpose? Wouldn’t you want to just watch and see what happened? Now that’s reality TV.
    It’s a bit much to take in. But all anyone has to do in their life is live in a manner that is pleasing to them, that’s the real deal Monty.

    These things have a way of sorting them selves out- never like we expect.

  9. David in the Bible who was a man after God’s own heart also questioned God and it was after the death of his child.

    God doesn’t mind it when we question him. The Bible also says that there are some things that God says and does that we will never in our human minds understand. But he does loves us and he loves children and she is in heaven today.

  10. Thanks for the ignorant comments, Brandon.

  11. Just wondering why didn’t KIDD attend the funeral?

  12. I understand your feeling totally. But here are a few great ways we can all remember Krista. Don’t get me wrong your Kidds Kid day is great. Alot of people are not aware the September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The gold ribbon is worn in honor of these great little warriors. And during the month Chilli’s donates a percent to St. Jude’s Hosp. On Mon. Sept. 29th, all the proceeds of that day will go the cancer reseach. I invite everyone to stop by their local Chilli’s. Better yet check out the following web site and sign the gold ribbon petition. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/gold-ribbon-support-for-childrens-cancer-on-consumer-products.

  13. I must’ve gotten to work before you all started talking about that. 😦

    I loved hearing her when she was on for Kidd’s Kids.

    Her family will be in my prayers.

  14. There is a really good book out there called, ” The Shack”. Helps people deal with loss or maybe atleast try and understand it. Well, atleast it helped me to understand it. Fortunately I have not had to deal with it that close to home (and I pray I don’t) but for anyone who has its a very good book. My prayers and love go out to any family who has had to deal with the loosing a loved one.

  15. lynne…is it really any of your business?

  16. This past year, I have had to watch three of my family members be buried. One of those was Krista. I don’t think we can ever really understand everything that happens, but even through all her suffering, I think Krista was glad to have her time here on Earth and leave her mark. She has amazing parents and she was able to leave a major impression on a LOT of people. Krista believes in God and in His love. She is with Him now and that is the simple truth. Nothing anyone else says can change that. And speaking as another with a strong Baptist foundation, it is completely acceptable to ask God questions. He wants us to learn and grow. We can ask through prayer or through reading His word.

    I didn’t get to speak with you personally at the funeral Kellie, but I’m really glad you were able to be there. I know Kidd’s Kids brought a great amount of joy to the lives of Krista and her family.

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