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Wasn’t quite prepared for so much negative reaction to my getting a “mommy makeover.” I understand where concern comes in, but some of the postings have been downright hateful. Who “deserves” plastic surgery? I would say those who are born with horrible disfigurements. Those people deserve it. Everybody else just wants it. And I want it. I’m scared to death. But I want it.

I went to the mall today to check out all the new fall stuff and didn’t buy a single thing. I want to wait until I’m all tucked and pulled and looking however I’m going to look before I buy one more stitch of clothing. It’s so funny, because everything I picked up off the rack is the stuff I usually go for — whatever’s black and loose and flowy and camouflages my protruding belly. I’ll be honest, God blessed me with some pretty good legs. And highlighting skinny legs while wearing a lot of black flowy stuff up top goes a long way when you’re trying to pull off an illusion. I’ve become a master at it! I tell you what, I cannot WAIT to wear a belt!! And I cannot WAIT to wear something that clings to my belly! And I cannot WAIT to donate all my waist-free outfits to charity and go shopping!

I look around at friends of mine who’ve had the same procedures. I don’t think any of them are bad people. They’re not evil. They didn’t set the women’s movement back a hundred years. But they look damn good in their clothes! And what do they look like naked? I haven’t got the faintest idea. Only their gynecologist and their husbands know. And that’s a pretty small percentage of people. Everybody else is thinking like me — Damn, they look good in their clothes!!

What’s the next man that sees me naked going to think? I don’t know. He’ll probably be the one giving me my annual breast exam and giving the undercarriage a little “How’s your father?” And he very well may look at my scar and be horrified. But that’s between me and him and my permanent medical record. I’m just going to get up off that table, put on my clingy shirt and belt and walk out of there like my poop don’t stink. But it does. Everybody’s does.




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  1. All the haters are just jealous! Screw them! It’s going to hurt like hell but you will get some good drugs. You are going to look awesome!

  2. You go girl! I have nothing negative to say to you at all. You know what you want and you should have it. More power to you! 🙂

  3. Ditto on the you go girl..This is WHY I love ya. Keep it to the point! Say what you feel…love it love it..

    I do have one question though…would you still do all of this if you were married?

  4. Kellie,
    I just want to tell you that I have had both procedures done. I had breast reduction back in April of 03, and a tummy tuck in April of 06. If I could do it all over again I would have NEVER had the Tummy Tuck. It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. The drainage tube they stick in you is held on to the outside by some stitches (usually the doctor will take that out on your post-op appt). I would tie the drainage tube onto my sweatpants and I would get up to P and I would untie them and BAM…the tube would fall and it would pull the stitch and OMG. I was in a lot of pain. The scar is bigger than one that you would get for a C section. Oh and a word of advice, get your hips done too. If you don’t have them done then you will have these puckered looking sides…like mine.
    Your T T area will be really swollen and bruised for several days. It’s not pretty. You can barley move as your stomach hurts so freakin bad. I am a stomach or side sleeper. If that is you, find a way to get comfortable when you sleep because it’s going to be hell.
    I just a complete hysterectomy done on 9/4. That pain was nothing compared to the tuck. I’m not trying to scare you. I believe in plastic surgery. Hey if you can afford it and want it, then by all means do it. It made a difference in my health. If I could have done it all over again, probably not the tuck but the breast reduction was well worth it. Best of luck.


    PS, I made your Mama’s meatloaf last week and it was great! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Well said Kellie! You do what is right for you!

  6. People judge, Kellie. Thats what they do, and there is nothing you can do about that. I am sure there are going to be a lot of haters and jealous people out there that will tell you not to do this. But, there are also a lot of us out there who are huge fans and we support you in EVERYTHING you do!!! Good luck and ignore the negative people!

  7. Good for you! I have thought about having procedures. I was not blessed up top. I decided it’s either babies or boobies, which ever comes first. My 35th birthday is in 45 days and I pray that someday soon I will get to have that baby or babies, before I have to say I am getting boobies.

    Forget the haters! They don’t have to look at you naked in the mirror everyday. Good luck and I hope you love it and love it!

  8. Kellie – you need to think about writing a book. I’m serious. You have a perfect “in” to the market; be the Mommy Makeover on The Doctors, then come back 3 months later on Dr. Phil as a follow up and promote your new book titled “Real, Live Mommy” or something like that and also to do a follow up on the surgery. You could have Emma Kelly come on at the end, just for a few minutes, and then an agent would see her and she would become the permanent face of Baby Gap. Whoa, you owe me 15% if you use that idea!

  9. I am APPALLED at how rude and nasty those people can be! Its one thing to state your opinion but to personally attack, that’s just wrong. As a mother of 3 kids, I know what it’s like to have the sagging skin and saggy boobies! I want to have a flat tummy and nice perky ones again! Not for other people to look at but for ME! Like you said, the ONLY people that will see it would be my gyno or my hubby. Only your listeners would know otherwise! I say to Hell with the haters and Yea everyone’s poop stinks! LMAO!

  10. I’m so jealous of you…I desperately need a tummy tuck (after 3 kids), but just can’t afford it. Who cares what anyone else thinks? Plastic surgery is for the person getting it and no one else. If you want it and it’ll make you feel great – go for it and don’t look back 🙂 Have a great day and be proud of yourself.

  11. AMEN! I never comment, i just like to read the blogs…but I had to say AMEN!! I am 24 and have a 4 yr old and a 7 wk old! And let me tell you, just because im young doesn’t mean it all goes back to normal and looking the way it did before!! Im thinking if the twins to shape back up, then I will lift them up! lol…and after awhile of working out and eating right doesn’t work on the tummy, then I’ll be saving up to get that tuck! lol. I applaud you and all that you have to go through with having your life so out in the open! Stay positive girl and God Bless you!

  12. Well I have nothing negative to say! I understand exactly where you come from with your mommy makeover! If I had the money to do it i would do it too! I am 24 years old and my body is ka poots!! And i would do it for no one other then myself to feel proud of myself again and be able to see my self as attractive ! I understand completely where you are coming from! Don’t listen to the negative remarks! Do it for you! Who cares what other people think obviously they are the ones who probably never had kids!!! Good luck!! and Shopping will be more fun afterwards! might not be a good thing though cause all your money might go to those new sexy clothes LOL!!

  13. FANTASTIC post! Kellie, you are beautiful and if having a litte nip here and a tuck here, and a lift there makes you feel better than damn it do it. Your post made me laugh out loud. Yep, everyone’s poop stinks whether they want to admit or not! Keep on being you Kellie and good luck. We cant wait to “see” you!!

  14. YOU GO MISS THING !!!!! Don’t even give the negative criticism another thought, or those with those opinions – the benefit of your response. You take care of YOU! I’m proud of you and wish I were fortunate enough to have the opportunity Dr. Phil and Jay are giving you! You deserve it! I don’t even know what happened to you and Freddie, but can’t wait for you to still look like a hot mama years from now, when his chiseled face and “beans and franks” are sagging. HEHE.

  15. You go girl! do not let all of those hateful people get to you! If I could afford it right now I would totally be going for plastic surgery!!! You are going to be so happy afterward!

  16. hey,I have 4 kids, and last October I decided to get a tummy tuck and lipo…. Best decision. I love my body again, yet it took a time to heal and does hurt at first worst than having a baby with no meds, but I would do it again anytime!!! just make sure your dr. is board certified, because you don’t want any mistakes

  17. You know honey, quit paying attention to what everyone is saying. Sadly, others are quick to judge. It is YOUR LIFE & YOUR BODY. Do what makes YOU HAPPY, do what makes you feel the MOST CONFIDENT. Think about it this way, it will be you a happier person, therefore a better mommy. I’m a mother of twins & I tell you what, I’d do it in a milli-second if I could afford it.

    By the way, you look gorgeous. I’m a long time listener in Baton Rouge & I’ve never see you look better. And Emma Kelly, she is beautiful.

    I wish you the best of luck, Marilyn

  18. Kellie,
    I am a mother of three, I have a 17 year old daughter and 11 year old twin boys. I had vertical c sections both times. My body looked like hell. I decided to have a breast reduction and an “around the world” back in 2006. Best decision I have ever made. I have since had a little lipo too! I say if you can afford it and it doesn’t take food out of your kids mouth then do what makes you happy. I know I am. Best of luck to you and don’t worry, you will be fine!

  19. I agree you should do what you want to do, maybe consider keeping it private instead of making a bit out of it.

  20. Kellie you rock!!! I’m 26 with a 6 month old and after hearing your decision, desperately trying to figure out how to save up enough for the tummy tuck…I’ve never had the flat tummy and now with all the stretched out skin it feels hopeless, no matter how much weight I lose! You’re an inspiration to the other curvy girls out there and I know it will all be worth it 🙂

  21. I don’t think that EVERYONE who disagrees with Kellie’s impending procudures are being haters, that’s just silly. Maybe some of the posts are some that should be considered. Kellie is a person who has major body issues, and now before she’s even had the operation, she’s already worrying about a scar…really. Plastic surgery isn’t going to fix how she sees herself, just like an anorexic sees themselves as fat, its not what’s actually in the mirror, but what they THINK they see. Maybe she should look more into the mental therapy some more.

  22. He Kelly I think it is good what your doing. If I had the opportunity to do what your doing I would I would be scared but I know in the end I will be wearing cloth that I feel good in and look good in. Do what you feel happy doing. No mater what we do there is always going to be some one that has something negative to say. we cant make every one happy. What other people think of you,
    is none of your business. Do girl if it is ment for you it will happen.

  23. For your sake I sometimes wish that you could turn these dang comments off, but then you wouldn’t be able to get the ones of encouragement! I will tell you this much, I am currently pregnant with twins. I’m scared to see what that is going to do to my body, but my husband has said that if I’m not happy and we can afford it, we will look into getting it fixed. I don’t expect to have the body that I had pre babies, but I do want to be able to walk down the street with my head held high because I look as good as I feel. And, who doesn’t deserve that?! I wish you all the best of luck with your procedure and if you get on the tv show, let us know and I’ll be watching! I’m excited for you and yes a little jealous, but good luck!!!!! (and, ignore the haters to the best of your ability!)

  24. YEAH KELLIE!! YOU GO GIRL! Love ya girlie!!

  25. I love your attitude! You’re doing this for the right reason…YOURSELF. Screw these a-holes who can’t afford to get the plastic surgery they NEED. They’re jealous because you don’t need it and can still get it done!! Don’t even waste your time reading the negative feedback…lazy, pathetic, soccer moms who never leave their jersey sweat pants.

  26. You only need to make one person happy – YOU!

  27. You GO girl!

  28. Who cares about what other people say Kellie! You are doing this only for yourself. And name one person who wouldn’t take advantage of a free offer, especially with a Dr. who has the credentials and experience that he does. If you feel it in your heart that you want it done, than do it. You’ve had surgery before with no reactions to anestesia, right? So you should do fine. Don’t listen to the negative feedback, and praise the positive ones. One of these days all the haters will drop off when they realize that they arent getting your attention.

  29. You go for it… I understand the vanity aspect and we always pray that everything goes well, but if you want it and and swing it financially and with your work schedule as well as around Emma Kelly…… GO FOR IT ! ! ! I’d do it in a heartbeat if I could. Just keep us informed.

  30. Tell em’ Girl!! You must do what makes you happy. I love your honesty…. Good luck and God Bless.


    I’m considering a tummy tuck also and I can’t wait to hear about it after you’ve done it because I know that you will be honest with us!!!

    GOOD LUCK KELLIE! You’ll look beautiful!

  32. Kellie, You do what you feel is right and forget all the people that are saying otherwise, they have issues not you. You go girl!!!!!

  33. You are hilarious! You go girl!

  34. ANGELA- It’s nice if you are truly worried about Kellie. She does have self image problems. But I am personally talking about the Haters that make Personal attacks on her as a person and her being a mother. That’s just wrong. If people are worried, then they should say they are worried…end of subject.

  35. Who cares what everyone thinks. I think its a great idea you should feel great wearing fitted clothes. I cant wait until you have your surgery and are showing off your new tops.

  36. Scr*w the haters! I got my boobs lifed and a small implant put in 8 yrs ago and love, love, love them. I must have a good tolerance to pain, because I was out shopping the very next day. The scars aren’t as bad as you think … I still have scars, but barely notice them. I hated my boobs and would never take off my bra when I was with my husband. If it makes you feel better about yourself – go for it.

  37. Kellie, you do what you want to do and only do it for you! Don’t listen to all the people with negative if it’s not helpful especially! I’m 37 and lost some weight recently, gained all the weight everywhere but my boobs!! That sucked alot! I would actually love to have my boobs done and some contouring with lipo. I can only say I’m jealous of how much more hotter you are going to be!!! 😉

  38. Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks or says. This is for you and only you. I know if I could do it, I definitely would.

  39. Kellie:

    My Goodness! I can’t believe all the hate mail you get…You didn’t ask for their opinion, and most are probably just upset that they aren’t able to get the “mommy” makeover. I say MORE POWER TO YOU! Good Luck!

  40. Kellie, you go girl… this little “mommy makeover” is just what your self esteem needs, confidence.. when you’re all healed and looking good that’s all that matters is how you feel about you.. when you’re happy with YOURSELF you will find that you’re happy about life and everything gets a little better.. but honestly if you cannot be happy with you.. you cannot be happy with anyone else… I’m proud of you and i don’t regret one stitch that was put into me.. I’m happy how clothes look on me and that’s what i wanted to achieve when i had the procedures..

  41. Hey Kellie, good for you! Do this for yourself and I’m sure you are going to enjoy your results and you do deserve it. Everyone deserves to be happy with who they are and what they look like…even if that means still wearing a mullet and sleeveless t-shirts, to each his own. When you are in the mood, will you write about your weightloss? I am of a similar height and proportion as you but I just can’t seem to get back to the 140s to save my life. It would be a great inspiration to many of us…especially tall girls! Thanks so much for making my hour and 20 minute commute fun, every single morning. Take care!

  42. I have to say…I had the “mommy makeover” almost 2yrs ago. I was 43. Have LOVED it ever since…ALL of it!! Scars and all…but you know what? When I look in the mirror, I don’t even notice the scars because I’m SO happy w/ the end results! Changed my life tremendously!!

    ps…I had a “medicine ball” attached thru a small drain into the abdomen. It was there for 3 days which dispersed numbing/pain meds and I had NO pain at all. Ask your doctor about it. It’s a little extra but OH SO WORTH it!!

    Go for it!! =)

  43. you go girl if you want it then do it. it does not matter what the world thinks it only matters what you think.

  44. I just appreciate coming to your blog and reading something that is REAL! No two men have ever seemed gayer to me than JC and Big Al. It’s like they are literally fishing for stories. You’re a ballsy B and I love that about you! You put it out there and don’t care to be wishy washy. Love ya and I hope all goes well with the surgeries.

  45. Kellie,
    You have to do whatever makes you feel good and screw everyone who thinks bad of it. They don’t actually KNOW you they’ve only heard you on the radio. Just ignore them and do what you want to do with your life. I can’t imagine being in your shoes and having so many people criticize the things you do. I admire the way you handle it all! Good luck and I know you’re going to look even more amazing after the surgery!

  46. Goodness! There are quite a few haters out there. I say if it makes you feel good about yourself and doesn’t hurt someone else in the process…………..JUST DO IT! Oh, and if you can afford it. lol

  47. I can’t believe all the people that get on here and feel they need to tell you their opinion. You can do whatever you like!!! If you want to redo your kitchen…do it! If you want to fell better about yourself by surgery…do it! People need to find better things to do then get on here and tell you how to live your life. I am sorry that you have to read such disgusting comments.

  48. You go Kellie..If I had that kind of money, you better bet I would be on that table getting it all done too. Man to be able to have a waist again and have my breast back where they used to be..That would be the day! Good luck!

  49. Don’t listen to those people. I am so grateful that I was able to get pregnant and have 2 beautiful daughters, but being pregnant can wreck your body. My stomach looks like I have had twins or triplets even though I didn’t. I have to tuck my stomach flap in my pants every time I sit down. My boobs after breast feeding were horrible too. Cancer took care of those and I get my new pair next summer. Those haters either have not been pregnant or they just have perfect bodies already. Do what you want and ignore all of those jealous people.

  50. Kellie,

    Disregard all the negative comments regarding your upcoming nip and tucks. I think you should go for it and keep your head held high afterwards. Those that are being negative only wish they could do the same thing. If I could afford it the first thing I’d buy me would be a big ole’ set of boobs……yeah…..you go girl!!!

  51. I love you…you made me laugh!!

  52. Just ignore the nasty haters and do whatever feels right to you. If having a little work done makes you feel better about yourself, that can only positively impact your life. I still say get the freebie make over!

  53. I would love to do it with you Kelly..I could help ease your nerves so you won’t be the only one there.

  54. You go girl!!!!

  55. you go girl!

  56. […] whoa Wasn’t quite prepared for so much negative reaction to my getting a “mommy makeover.” I understand […] […]

  57. Kellie, it was nice to meet you today and I had to ask, how did you lose the weight? I know this has nothing to do with the plastic surgery planned, but had to ask since you look so good. And on my opinion, if it matters, you should do whatever you want if it makes YOU happy. Life is too short and you need to live your life for you, not the public. I know only too well about opinions.

  58. good 4 u kellie ♥ ya

  59. Sounds like you’re over your nerves. Good! You are right about the haters just being jealous. I’m sure they’d also be jealous of your beautiful legs. But now you can press on and do what YOU want!

  60. Don’t let what others say bother you. At the end of the day its your choice. If it helps your self esteem and you feel its worth it…GO FOR IT!! I think you are great either way!

  61. Kellie
    Go for it!! I think it will be wonderful for you!

  62. You tell ’em, Kellie! I can’t wait to hear all about it cause I want the same procedures…and you can bet that if someone offered them to me for free, I’d be up on that operating table in NO TIME FLAT! Good luck!~

  63. One thing to mention – a tummy tuck fixes the problem NOW, but if poor eating habits aren’t controlled you’ll be back in the same boat before long. Attack the source of the problem before trying to go around it, I always say.

  64. I had breast reduction surgery May of this year and I have a 20 month old at home. I was so paronoid something was going to happen and I was going to leave my little girl without a mommy. When you go in it all happens so fast you don’t have time to worry and then you wake up! It was painful and hard for about a week, but I had great family to help out. Now, i love the way i look and take my daughter for a run every morning which is something I was never able to do before. Ignore people who criticize you for doing something for yourself. If this will make you feel better about the way you look then I say go for it!!!!

  65. Hey Kellie,

    I just recently had a boob job and lypo, my step mom had a boob job, tummy tuck and lypo, my dad had a tummy tuck, breast lift and lypo(he had esophagial cancer 5 years ago and lost and extreme amount of weight…to much skin) and my other friend went to have a boob job but found out she carried a gene for breast and ovarian cancer. The same physician helped us all. Those of us that went through our procedures could not be happier and our friend who had the cancer gene is having reconstruction after a double mastectomy and complete hysterectomy. The skill of the these professionals is used in many ways to help people for all reasons. Whatever your reason, is your right! I hope all goes well for you and just take my advice…rest when you can and and when you can’t, remember to be thankful for your new body when you are sore and tired and you just want to cry!!! Good Luck!!!!

  66. I think it’s great Kellie. Wahtever makes you feel more confident is a good thing. Best of luck! I’m sure you will look even more beuatiful.

  67. Dear Kelli,
    While I don’t know you and have been aware of your radio presence for only one month, I have to say you seem to be a darling young woman. And you are a self-made success at that,…. and I am not here to tell you what to do. But…I do believe you would have better feelings about yourself and your body if you did the hard work to get your body in shape with exercise and proper nutrition. I had three c-sections, and I thought my abs would never look good again, but they do. I have done a lot of exercise for my chest to look good, and even at age 45, I can still turn plenty of heads when entering a room.

    I think a man of quality would look at your precious face, your beautiful smile, and look at your actions to find out if you are indeed a woman to adore. There are so many men who want someone from the “silcone and thong crowd”, but those arent the men with whom you could put your heart in their hands and fall asleep with at night.
    I hope those men are far below your radar screen. Hold your head in the air sweetie and show your true inner and outer beauty today. You are so much more than a sum of your body parts. Best of luck to you.

  68. Kellie,
    Have it all! And eat your cake too. Just make sure you have help when the time comes (family/friends/faux-family) around to help the few days afterword when your in your blissful med-induced coma.

  69. Kellie there is nothing wrong with plastic surgery except to me it would be unecessary pain. Also just another thought, if there are any complications, (and hopefully there will not be) your health insurance will not cover any complications of a cosmetic surgery. I work for a health insurance company and I see it on a regular basis. Good luck to you.


  70. I think you’re awesome and if that’s what you want – then do it! Hell…after I have kids if I’m not happy you better believe I’d do it too!!! Take care and keep your head up – it’s your life, not anyone elses
    God Bless 🙂

  71. People just need to leave kelly alone. She is sharing her most private things in her life and people need to appreciate that she is sharing this with her fans. She could easily not say a word. For those saying those hurtful things…ya’ll really need to grow up…hold old are ya’ll…8?!?!?!? Blogs can be so mean! How would ya’ll like it if someone talked like that to your sister, mother, daughter like that.
    And go for it Kelly….we are here to support you. You look so good right now so i am only imagine after the transformation. I am 25 and i just got lipo and butt augmentation and i am telling you that was a life changing experience. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. This has really not only helped me but my marriage because i have new found confidence and that has played out in my marriage. Dont pay attention to those haters, you do what you have to do….you just had emma and now is the time to look cuter then ever!

  72. Don’t worry what other people think – you are doing this for you and that is all that matters.

    YOU GO GIRL – If I could do it I would be the first in line – all others are just haters and either don’t understand or need to have anything done to them, I know I have friends like that –

    Be Happy and I wish you all the luck in the world, from listening to the show this morning I guess you are going to do this with Dr. Phil on his show – if so make sure to let us know the dates as I would like to record it so I don’t miss it.

    I am VERY happy for you !!!!

  73. You only get one life to live and you should be happy! You should do whatever makes you happy so long as it hurts no one. I would do it if I had the money, believe me! I had twins that weighed 6 pounds 10 ounces EACH so I looke like a very nasty water balloon. You do what you want to do and just let all the negative comments go.

  74. I am also wanting to get a “mommy makeover”! Who is the surgeon you will be using? I ahve decidied this will be my Christmas gift to myself, LOL!!!!!

  75. Beth…lip and butt augmentation at just 25 years old? Sheesh…

    What ever happened to people taking care of themselves?

  76. Kelly,

    You need to do what’s going to make YOU happy! If that’s plastic surgery, then so be it. Your audience has no right to judge you; however, we all know some folks do. I appreciate the fact that you open your life to us like you do. Best of luck. Take care of yourself and that darling Emma Kelly.

  77. Thank goodness there are people who know all and can judge strangers. I don’t know Beth’s personal situation. Sounds like some people posting must know everything about her, thus making them qualified to suggest she hasn’t taken care of herself. Jeez. Anyhow, back to Kellie. You’ll do what is right for you!

  78. its really barve of you too share so much of your personal life with us and while some people will always QQ about your choices they are yours be they right or wrong and it really seems your making the for the right ones i hope all you nasty people out can take a few minutes to look in the mirrior and relize what an ugly pile of crap you are ❤ to you Kelly love the show and all you guys!!!!!

  79. I totally understand/get why you would want to have a mommy makeover. Hell, I’ve never even birthed a child and I’d love a makeover like that. No one is born perfect. I just don’t get why you are willing to send Emma Kelly the message that you can’t be ok until you are physically perfect. I feel certain that is not your intention, but it will be the message regardless. And that’s what you took on when you decided to be a mommy — you ARE responsible for the messages your child gets and YOU are the only filter between the BS the world will lob at her. Do you really want her to struggle with this body image/not accepting yourself the way you are thing her whole life like you have?

  80. Where is the line on what is okay and what is sending the wrong message? Braces? Anti aging wrinkle cream? Teeth whitening toothpaste? So complicated in today’s society.

  81. I, like many others on this site, had my tummy done at the ripe old age of 23, after having 2 kids. I dont regret it one bit! I had 2 HUGE babies and alot of stretch marks and saggy skin to show for it. I love how my tummy looks and feels!! My scar is hip to hip but its probably one of the smallest scars ever! However, the doc couldn’t get all my stretch marks because they literally went from my girlie parts to my boobs! But I wear bikinis and show off my six pack all the time! I also had my flanks lipo’d. Definitely worth all the pain. You just need to be careful with the drain tubes… and dont pick up your little girl any time soon. That was probably the hardest on me…

  82. im looking at doing the same thing not sure if just lipo or tummy tuck!! im a little jealous that you get to do it for free,, cause im going to have to save lots of money,,just to get it done,,but this will be the first thing i will be doing for me!! so im excited!

  83. Kellie

    I know you read your, But ignore the hateful mails about your makeover, you work you deserve it!!!!

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