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For those wondering why the heck I messed with a perfectly fine kitchen and living room — it wasn’t perfectly fine for me. The kitchen was redone by the previous owners to look good. That’s about it. Except he did cream cabinets with white appliances. Ick. And the cabinets were falling apart. The contractor I hired even said we should try to reuse them to save money. I told him there would be no way because they were falling apart. No, he assured me his cabinet guy could do it. Well, guess what? He couldn’t. They were literally falling apart and couldn’t be reused. And the one pantry I DID have? It was so deep — literally stretched back a good 3 feet — that I’d forget what was back there until it had rotted. And the previous owners had used the right half for garbage. There’s only so much scrubbing you can do before you give up on certain stains.  And the granite countertops? A piece literally fell off the day I was cleaning out the kitchen prior to the demolition. And the tile floor? Besides the fact that they were cracking and I had zero replacement tiles, I just wanted hard wood floors and I won’t apologize for that. And the walls? Painted panelling from 1972. The ceiling? Vaulted. With a sky light. Do you know how hot it gets in Texas and then you and add a freaking SKYLIGHT?? I felt like a fire ant sitting under some bratty kid’s magnifying glass! And it actually turned out to be a blessing that I decided to redo the ceiling because that led to them redoing the wires in the attic. I was pretty much living underneath a ticking time bomb from all the half-butt rigging that went on up there over the past three decades. The fireplace? The gas ignition was completely stuck. I was told by the guy who installed the logs we’d have to take out the bricks to put in a new key anyway, so for the past two winters, I haven’t even been able to use the fireplace. And did you see that massive wall of bricks???? A bit much, don’t you think?

So I wanted to remodel my house. And I’m going to love it. And yes, it costs stupid money and I’ve regretted it since the day I started. But from what I hear, that’s normal. I see a light at the end of the tunnel and we should be wrapping up in another 3-4 weeks and I am going to love it. So there.

I am really excited because I think I’m almost better. This cough has been the weirdest thing healthwise that I’ve ever dealt with. And I’ve been wearing this super cool electrode thing under my shirt that’s been sending little signals to my bruised rib and pulled muscle, and that seems to be working. So I’m getting all excited now because this guy who owns a gym wants to put me and my friend Dr. Mary through six weeks of butt-kicking and I think I’m close to being able to get started. Only I’m not as excited as I once was because Mary says he likes to keep shaking things up and wants us to participate in dodge ball. Uh, not just no — HELL no. Does he not know my history with balls? I’m not going near them. Escpecially the ones that come flying at my face.




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  1. Kellie the remodel will be worth it when you’re done and you’ll wonder why you were ever stressed while going through it….I promise 🙂 Can’t wait to see pictures when you’re all done.

  2. Eh, I hope I didn’t offend you last night. Of course, we don’t see a closeup from the photos of what the house was like. Plus, you have had new changes in your life, why not remodel the house too!

    On a different note… have you started planning Emma K’s 2nd bday party yet? Picked a theme?

  3. Well, now I know what you’re talking about! You went for it all the way and it is going to be fabulous when it’s done. I love your bow window! I hope you don’t start wanting to redo EVERY room in your house now that you’ve caught the bug. No way, right!

    Thanks for the pictures!

  4. I have sky lights in my kitchen and at first loved them with the extra light and what not (less energy used since I don’t need to use actual lights until well into the evening), but now that summer is here and what not, it gets soooo freaking hot in there! I can’t wait for winter so that they help a little with my heating!

  5. You big silly. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. It’s YOUR money and YOUR house and YOU wanted to do it. You are very fortunate to be able to do it. I live in an old house too and we are just doing bits and pieces of updating as we can. I bet it’ll be done in 30 years IF it rains and my husband will stay off the golf course every now and then.

  6. Can’t wait to see the finished product!!!

  7. Have to admit. The last few sentences of your posting were pretty hot…

  8. You are too funny!!!! But I have to say it, that last bit is a “That’s what she said”!!!!

  9. You’ve worked hard and deserve what you want. Ignore those jealous folks!

  10. One of the most exciting things of owning a home is being able to put your own mark on it and not having to request permission from anyone. I think all the changes you are making are wonderful and all that matters is that the customization you are making to the kitchen will better suite your needs since this is YOUR KITCHEN and you have to cook and live in it. I can’t wait to see the final pictures. Good luck on the rest!!

  11. I hope it is not all that crap fallin out of the ceiling that is making you cough.. I wonder if the doc checked for that. It will be great looking!

  12. I love love love the built-in for the tv. I also love the french doors. Good choice. Yes it looked nice before but now you have what you want. You really don’t need to justify what you choose to do. Your house, your life, your money. Who cares what some people say! Do what you want and be happy. Life is too short. You work hard for you and your daughter and you should enjoy what you have.

  13. Kellie, it’s going to be beautiful when it’s all done!! Just one bit of advice…my husband is a Dallas Firefighter who own’s a flooring installation business on the side. He has done MANY wood floors. I am sure the installers told you this, but MAKE SURE you are very careful not to let ANY water get on the wood floor in the kitchen. He has had to replace many floors due to a water accident when there is wood in the kitchen or bathroom or any area where there is pipes or appliances. The wood will warp, and the only thing to do is replace it. Like I said, you probably know this. Just wanted to let you know how really important it is. Enjoy your “new” home!!

  14. Oh Kelly, I wasn’t jealous as one person stated or even condemming you for your remodel. I was just wondering why you were re-doing. Innocent. You answered the question. Thank you.
    I hope you sure enjoy the remodel. You are braver than me. My house is 100 years old and is a historic home. It needs so many updates. It’s huge and beautiful, and I love it, but it needs some real modern-izing.
    Good luck. I hope it is done soon and you are so very comfortable in your own abode. Your sanctuary. God Bless!

  15. It’s going to look soooo good! I can’t wait to see it all completed! You should have a radio contest to let a listener come see it! 🙂

  16. I think there is a big difference in opening your life up to your listeners and having to listen to peoples opinion on what you do with your money ya your kitchen looked fine by me but hey its none of my business where you got the money how much it cost or why you did it. I can’t wait to see pics when its done. You don’t have to explain yourself its your life

  17. You do not have any ‘splaining to do on WHY you are remodeling!!! It is your house and your business. The pics did look great, but as you pointed out, the pics don’t show what all doesnt work! I am in the middle of buying a house that has a sky light, and I am seriously having buyers remorse right now!

  18. dear miss kellie, are you really cuttin’ your belly?? i tuned in for a few minutes today and heard you talkin’ about tummy tucks. did i miss something?


  19. I heard the last few minutes about the tummy tuck thing. Please do it- I’ve never seen your belly, but I can tell you first hand it is the BEST!!! I had mine done last year and it is INCREDIBLE. You will LOVE it. I used the very best dr in Dallas- Dr. Steven White and he is a perfectionist and an artist. I went from pilsbury dough to a fitness model tummy. Go for it girl!!!!!! I will send you before and after pics privately if you want.

  20. Kellie, While I understand the need to make the house you purchased “yours”, is it necessary to make anyone who may have lived in it previously sound beneath you? You made many derogatory comments during your purchase of it and continue to subtly bash the previous owners…who knows, maybe one of them was once a loyal fan and listener, and you have no idea the effect your comments have…Just a friendly reminder, if you can’t say something nice, maybe it shouldn’t be said.

  21. Kellie-
    I listen to yall but never pulled up the website before. I was so compelled to email you after tons of friends texted me after they heard you on the radio talking plastic surgery.

    Please email me for a full run down on my experience. I just had tummy/boobs/lift done RECENTLY and had no idea what I was really getting myself into. The implants/lift is wonderful, I would tell everyone I know to go for that. The tummy tuck recovery I was totally in left field about.

    If not me, seek out and talk to people who have had this all done with small children. I am still in the beginning of my recovery so I don’t know my final feelings on everything will be. I went to a very reputable dr who did fabulous work, however I felt so unprepared for the recovery I am facing. I wish I would have really understood the recovery process.

    I would love to email with you, just so you can make the most informed choice possible. My stomach was never going to get better, despite losing all the baby weight. Tummy tuck was the only option if I ever wanted to wear a bikini again.

    I think you are the cutest and I have followed yall since I first moved here years and years ago. Love the house remodel!! Going through all your past blogs now to catch up on what I have been missing!

    Take care~~

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