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I am so stinking tired. Probably the Xanax. But I must write. I must. I must.

I am in a bit of a funk, which I blame entirely on PMS and I will wallow in it for just the rest of this day because now I’m just MS.  I sat down on my bed yesterday and ate half a bag of Lay’s potato chips all by myself. The only reason I didn’t eat the whole bag is because I ate the first half the day before. Curse you, Super Target and your $1.88 potato chip special!!!

In addition to the super-sized Lay’s purchase, I decided to surprise Shanon and treat myself to the Cobra Starship CD. Only 2 left at this particular Super Target, so I snatched those babies up and threw them in my Super Target shopping cart. I noticed when I was paying for them that one of the wrappers was a little messed up, but figured it had just been handled too many times in the store. Decided to keep the messy one and give the pristine one to Shanon, since it was a gift and all. So I get home and open up my copy and it was EMPTY!!! I was so stinking pissed! Somebody managed to slip that CD out but leave the packaging on just enough to make it look like it was all good.

So after my last experience trying to return something at another fine retail establishment — oh, you remember the used DVD player I got that had porn in it, don’t you? They basically called me a liar and refused to take it back. So after that, I didn’t really have my hopes up too high when I went back to my precious Super Target today to try to explain my situation. I don’t know if I have an honest face or if I was just pathetic enough, but the woman didn’t even question me once about it. She totally had faith in me and in my story and she happily refunded my money. She says this has actually been happening quite a lot lately, so I’m not the only victim.  So YEA, SUPER TARGET!!! I love you now more than ever! And I love my boyfriend Gabe Saporta. I’m sure if he knew he was my boyfriend he would’ve just given me a free CD, but that’s not necessary now. Plus, I don’t want him to think I’m using him for free CDs.

Going to bed now. Love Xanax.




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  1. Hey Kellie, I’m a really big fan of yours and my comment has nothing to do with today’s blog but since it’s taking forever to get my access to KiddNation approved I thought I’d go ahead and post my question here. I think it was on Tuesday, I had to listen to the KPod because I missed that morning’s show. You referred to John McCain choosing Sarah Palin as a running mate as “an embarrassment”. I wanted to see if you would explain this. I listened to her speech last night and although I didn’t know anything about her before I’m really excited about her now. Did you know something about her and that’s why you had that opinion? It seems like everyone was rushing to judge her before she even had an opportunity to reveal who she was and her views. Since I respect you so much and pretty much always agree with your opinions your statement really took me off guard and I almost found it….disappointing.

  2. Good Morning,
    I LOVE Xanax also, took one last night and slept like a baby…In ref to the PMS, mine got so bad and over the top around 4 years ago, I HAD to do something about it. I had a complete hysterectomy. I know that is a little over the top, but I am 45 years old and no more children. Let me tell you the best thing I ever did !!
    In ref to the 1st response from listener about Palin, I agree w/you about her, I think Mccain should of researched his choice alot more. Palin has a little much on her plate, Family wise and is relative unknown. Family should come first and I think whith what Palin has going on now, she would not be able to give enough of her mind and soul to being vice president.

    Keep up the good work on the show

  3. Kellie, you make me laugh! Xanax…Lay’s potato chips – it’s like we’re sisters! LOL

    I hope your MS funk lifts!

  4. In the hopes of not turning this into a political blog…Betsy I think you should do your own research and come to your own conclusions about any canidate. I knew nothing of her either but after a weeks worth of readings newspapers, blogs and the Associated Press she is a HUGE disappointment and an embarassment in my opinion.

  5. I have a girlfriend who we used to call “Chips”, because she was Free to Lay. (Frito Lays)

  6. Embarassment? Really? Seems rather harsh.

  7. The whole point in my comment from this morning was wanting to know what was behind KELLIE’s statement regarding Palin. I respect and like KELLIE, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered to inquire about it. Just because I wanted KELLIE to elaborate on something she said on the radio doesn’t mean I’m incapable of doing my own research or am not an independent thinker. I didn’t realize there was something wrong with asking someone about a viewpoint. Isn’t that what they do on the show every day is share and discuss viewpoints amongst themselves and with listeners? But thanks so much for the advice…

    I had never posted anything before today and now I know why: it’s annoying. If I could’ve remembered the email address for KELLIE I would have done that instead. I posted the comment for KELLIE although I wasn’t sure if she ever responds since I’ve never posted before today.

  8. Hey Kellie, just wanted to share what seemed to help me when I had that neverending cough. I took EmergenC vitamin packets and they seemed to help, either physically or mentally too. I take one every day now and have been healthy lately. They come in several flavors & taste good & fizzy! Sorry if this info is a little late since you seem better but it can’t hurt to try.
    I’ve bought them at an HEB grocery store & Walmart. I enjoy the show, your blog & especially your honesty. keep entertaining us.

  9. Betsy, there are lots of little liberals on these boards and blog sites, so don’t worry much if you hear silly negative things here about Palin. All they can say is the word “embarassment” but half of them wouldn’t be able to explain why they feel that way. Most liberals criticize the choice because they realize what a wise choice it was by McCain.

  10. Ugh – this is Kellie’s blog about Xanax….why are we talking about politics?!

  11. Yea, I know…sorry. I just wanted to ask one simple question and I didn’t want to wait a week after the fact. I registered for KiddNation on Tuesday and it still says my access is pending. So, I don’t know what’s up with that. I really didn’t mean for it to turn into a big deal. I get it that whenever you post something on here it’s for everyone to see so it’s open game but my comment was directed to Kellie and it wasn’t impolite or an unfair question. There was no reason for anyone to get snide about it.

  12. I agree, Tex and Lori!

  13. I agree 2

  14. I have a good friend who has a hilarious blog. I think you’d really like it and she’s getting quite a following. jurlpower.blogspot.com We’re both big fans of the moring show.

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