What a day, huh?

August 29, 2008 at 4:40 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 26 Comments

I felt so bad for Kidd today. I know how much he dreaded telling everybody that he and Carol are divorced now, but it just got to the point that he felt like it was time.  I think it was the right thing to do because dodging questions and acting like everything is fine when it’s not is an awful way to live. And like I told him, we shot ourselves in the foot a long, long time ago when we went with this whole “honesty” thing. We’re honest about the fun stuff, so we’ve got to be honest about the not-so-fun stuff, too. But sometimes, it’s necessary to hold off on the honesty just a little while.

Listening to him read his blog just left me feeling so compeltely drained. It sort of took me back to that day when I spilled my guts about my divorce on the air. It was a relief, but it’s like the relief you feel after you’ve been banging your head against the wall for a very, very long time. You suddenly stop and it’s like “Aaaaaaah…That’s so much better…” But then you’re left with the residual pain and the exhaustion because all that head-banging takes a lot of work. 

I asked Kidd to go to lunch today with a few of us from the show and with Emma Kelly because — let’s face it — who can’t be happy around Emma Kelly! But he declined. He just wanted to go home and be alone. I could see how tired he was. Emotional fatigue is so much worse than physical fatigue. So I didn’t argue with him. I just let him go home alone. I COMPLETELY understand the need to be alone — to shut your door and turn off your phone and crawl under the covers. While you know there are so many people who want to offer words of support and encouragement, you don’t want to hear it. You don’t want to hear ANYTHING. You just want to be left alone. With your dog. I need to get Kidd a dog. When he’s ready for sunlight again, he’ll come out. And I know he doesn’t believe it now, but life will be great again — even after divorce. There are lots of us who can testify to that.

I must have related a little too closely today because I pretty much forced Emma Kelly to go down for her nap an hour early because I just felt like I couldn’t move any more. I had to lie down and shut down for a while. Almost two hours later, she woke up, so I woke up. I plopped her in front of Elmo TV for a while because I felt like I need to write and get some of this out of my system. 

I’m so, so sad about this for Kidd and Carol and Caroline. It’s so hard to let go of the dream you had for your life. They’ve weathered through the absolute worst parts of it and I can honestly say that they all seem to be doing really good. I’ve tried to not take sides — and if you’ve ever been friends with a couple going thru something like this, you know how hard that is! Because even if neither one of them is bad-mouthing the other or demanding “Pick me!” you still sort of feel like you have to lean towards one of them. But neither one of them ever put me in that position. And neither one of them tried to paint the other in a bad light. It was just a sad, sad thing. While we all wish it could be different, it’s not. But I’m proud of them for the way they’ve ALL handled it — all three of them. And like Kidd said, the marriage ended, but it wasn’t a failure. They raised a really great daughter who has the world by the tail right now. Now MY marriage was a failure! We’re just working on having a successful divorce so we can raise a daughter as wonderful as Caroline has turned out!

I’m sure Kidd appreciates all your kind words, but understand if he can’t even deal with listening to all that for a little while.  Prayers are really good, too! I know I felt the power of those and I’m sure he will be able to feel them, too, so I would really like to solicit those on his behalf.

Thanks for all the love you’ve shown ALL of us on the show all these years, and especially now for Kidd.




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  1. Amen.

  2. You are so right Kellie. Right now all he wants to do is sleep. Emotional exhuastion is worse than physical exhaustion. You still feel it for weeks to come. But as you said, LIFE is on the other side of this. You just gotta breathe until then.

  3. You’re so eloquent, Kellie! I’ll be praying for everyone on the show. I love your blogs.

  4. This was such sad news. I so understand as well, Kidd’s position, but I wish I could just give him a huge hug! After listening to his show since before the morning show…like the early to mid 80’s, I feel like I know him more than some members in my own family!
    All I keep thinking is wow 😦

  5. I want to cry!

  6. You know, I’m just so so proud of him, for keeping his head high and being a gentleman. It makes my heart happy to see two people go through divorce respectfully. The 3 of them set a good example.

  7. Kelly

    You are so awesome!! I have listened to you since you came to Dallas and I hate to say it but you are my favorite. (shh dont tell!) My heart broke for Kidd today and you blog just set me crying again. I was not living in Dallas in 2005 thru 2007 so when I came back I was so sorry to hear about your divorce but I was soo lifted by your strength to end something. Many of us dont have that courage and stay in a situation far longer than we should. Most of us will us the kids as an excuse but resentment shows and the kids see it. I have never written, called the show in all these years, but I wanted you to know you make a difference you all do. I wish that all of our emails and thoughts could make Kidd and Carol feel better but your right no one wants to hear that during this time.

    Thank your for being you for being a strong role model for women (complaints and all, cause thats the real us).

  8. It will be worse now that Caroline is gone, take care of him, please

  9. You are right in all that you said here Kellie– and you are speaking from experience. You’ve been where Kidd is right now and I know that you more than anyone on that show understands the ups and downs and actually FEELS his pain. I can imagine the relief of finally getting the truth out there– but I also know that actually TALKING about it makes it more real.. Like you said when you were sharing about your divorce– “at least for that 4 hours I could pretend things were all fine and happy”– Know we love you ALL and are praying…..

  10. sometimes people

    there are no words

  11. Great blog, Kellie. We love Kidd and you and everyone on the morning show. It was terribly sad to listen to Kidd on Friday, but he and his family seemed to have handled it in the best way possible. It’s so hard when a marriage/relationship ends. I know from experience now that all the helps is time and when Kidd is ready, he’ll be happy again. You and Big Al and J-Si and Shanon just keep him laughing and someday he’ll find peace again, just like you have with the adorable EK. Love y’all and please, everyone, keep all of us in Louisiana in your thoughts – Gustav is heading straight for us. 😦

  12. Anyone could have seen this coming from a mile away. The show has unarguably lost focus in the last year. While I can appreciate the rants and raves of Kellie and her quest to find the elusive happiness she denies herself, the mindless diatribe of Big Al and his constant plugs for his bucket of iniquity south of the border has done more damage to the show.

  13. Can the show divorce itself from big al?

  14. Love ya Kellie! God Bless Kidd Kraddick and his family.

  15. Poster Tracy took the words right out of my mouth.

  16. I am also going through a divorce right now, and can relate to Kidd’s pain. It is not an easy thing. My kids just left the nest like Caroline did, so that makes it just a little harder too. Unfortunatly, we are not getting along as well as Kidd and Carol are, but I am trying to remember “This will pass.” Many others have done this before us and others will after, we are not alone, right?

  17. Kelli:

    FYI about the CD you purchased at Target. You don’t have to have your receipt. They just need your drivers license and your debit or credit card if you used it. If you paid cash most likely they can only issue you a store credit.
    I am more than certain they will give you your money back. You by no means look like a hard core stealing criminal.
    It never hurt to just try. With your money running low from remodeling and everything else, you need to get your money back.

  18. kellie, you are awesome and a great friend. Please be there for Kidd and Carol, as I know you all will. I just wish I could give them a hug. Love the show.

  19. Kelli:

    I truly enjoy your blog and really appreciate the honesty the entire show gives us everyday. We all experience great happiness as well as great tragedies in our lives and it is a comfort to know that we are not alone.

    Thanks again!


  20. You hit the nail on the head today….prayers will work miracles.

  21. I was so sad Friday when I was finally able to read Kidd’s blog and listen to that part of the show on the Kpod. I can only imagine what it’s like to be there witnessing his pain. I feel better, after reading your blog, knowing that you are there the help him. God bless Kidd and you !

  22. This is just sad all the way around.. for each and every person…i too have just completed a divorce and it just kills me. I have two daughters and I feel like I have failed them, but I know with time… it will get better. It never goes away but is easier to handle. I just wish he would have been the man he is NOW then…

    thanks for listening…
    and my heart goes out…

  23. You are so right Kellie! I know how you feel & what Kidd is going thru right now, also. I have just gone thru a VERY painful divorce myself. And it is just, now, after a year and a half after separating, that I’m finally seeing a little “light” at the end of a very long, hard, emotional roller coaster & journey that I’ve been on myself. I have 2 small children (5 & 10) and the hardest thing has been having to put them thru this tragedy. But we must have faith that God will bring us “out of the dark” even when it seems as if we will never surface above water again….to breath in a new life, laughter & yes one day…love. My prayers go out to Kidd & all of those who’ve had to endure such a storm.

  24. I posted a comment here about 7 hours ago. Where is it? Was it taken off?

  25. Thanks for re-add Kellie!!! I hope you guys are havin’ a good day!!!! Keep up the great work!

  26. Kellie, I was in absolute shock when I heard you telling your story of divorce, because I was on that same journey. Now hearing Kidd telling of his divorce, I just could not believe what I was hearing! It’s great to hear happiness in your voice again and I know Kidd will make it through the valley too! I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much for making me laugh and smile daily! Ya’ll are such a blessing to us all!

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