Yes, it’s me. I’m writing on vacation.

August 19, 2008 at 2:26 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

I didn’t go anywhere for vacation, but my mama’s here helping me figure stuff out with my remodeling project. Today we decided that the couch I originally wanted was just way too expensive, so I’m getting one for roughly half the price that will probably look twice as nice. Thanks, Mama! Tomorrow we’re going to try to finalize my bedspread selection so we can go start picking paint colors. The DRAMA.

I still don’t know what I’ve got. The doctor called Friday to tell me my chest X-rays are clear. But the blood test results weren’t due back until Monday, so he said he’d call me then. Monday has now come and gone with no phone call, so I’m guessing I’m not dying, at least. I’m still coughing along and my ribs are really sore, but I’m alive!! I’m alive!!

My coughing fit date is back from his trip to the Grand Canyon. You know what? I think he was telling the truth! He actually asked me out again and we’re going to dinner and a movie tomorrow night. I can’t believe he wants another date after the first night’s disaster, but I’ll just load up on as much cough syrup as I can handle while remaining sober and just hope for the best. Or maybe he’d prefer me high….It’d probably make for a funner date. Funner?




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  1. Kellie-

    One thing real quick. I totally had a horrible cough like you describe years ago…went to a DO. (doctor of osteo medicine)…specializes in bones. I had hacked so freaking hard that I had popped two ribs out and they were laying (lying??) on my lungs…causing me to not be able to catch a whole breath…just a thought. It was so easy to fix. He popped them right into place…I got the giggles midway through because I though I would toot while he was squeezing me…funny story…but I want you to think about this being a possibility. LOVE YA!!

  2. I know right? It never occurred to me before I did my bedroom that I needed to pick the comforter first and then the paint. Much easier than the other way around. My Decorating Den friend had a few wines in her and compared her paint samples to my bedspread and picked my color in a second. That is the best room in my house!! I need to invite her over for some more alcohol treats for the rest of my rooms.

    I guess when we change bedspreads, we have to match to the paint and that doesn’t sound as easy.

  3. I can’t wait to see pics of the finished project!

  4. Yeah! I was so happy when I checked this moirning and there was a blog from you. I hope you write some more while you’re on vacation. I get so disappointed when I check and there’s no entry. Have a nice week off!

  5. See Kellie…I told you he would call! 🙂 I don’t know if you actually had an opportunity to read my original post regarding your blog about the “date disaster”…lol! But I am now married to my “date disaster” sweetie as of Monday! Have a great time wherever ya’ll decide to go and good luck on the redecorating….have a fantastic vaca!!!

  6. Kellie–I just had to tell you that I had a coughing fit on a date last Friday as well and the guy called me for another date, too! Something about communicable diseases and romance really go together. Or maybe it was the alcohol.

  7. Hope the date goes well. Isn’t having your mom around the BEST!! And she gets to keep EK for you so go out A LOT!

  8. pluracy… has the doc said anything about that?

  9. Have you tried Mucinex? That’s really good stuff…over the counter…a little pricey but good. Since your X-rays were clear, that’s a good thing! I hope you get to feelin better and you have a wonderful time on your date! You deserve it girl! xoxox V

  10. OMG, that’s so FANTASTIC he called you back, Kellie! S

  11. RE: Kellie! S

    The S didn’t mean anything. Typo. Sorry!

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