Is it whooping cough???

August 14, 2008 at 11:49 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 19 Comments

Big Al said it as a joke, but I think he just might be right about me having the whooping cough! I feel embarrassed just saying I have it — like I’m about to start a plague or something. But I looked it up on the internet — which I KNOW you’re not supposed to trust — but I swear I had every stinking symptom listed. Starts out like you have a bad cold…then you get a low grade fever…then the coughing starts, mild at first…then you can go for quite some time with no coughing until suddenly you’re seized by a coughing fit that leave you choking and heaving so violently that you might even vomit. THAT’S SO ME!! And the WORST part is, the internet says it can last 3 weeks to 3 MONTHS and there’s NOTHING YOU CAN DO BUT LET IT RUN ITS COURSE!!! PLEASE tell me this internet article was written in the early 1800s and they’ve developed a cure since then!!

I called my doctor and he sent me in for chest X-rays and blood work. I guess I’ll know something tomorrow. But until then, I feel like Typhoid Mary and I want to avoid everybody I know. But there are few people I don’t care so much for I’m thinking about calling for cocktails…  

My mama is flying in tonight and she’s going to help me pick out a new couch and all my paint colors and I’m so happy she’s able to do that for me. Well, Freddie just brought Emma Kelly back and she’s got a runny nose and fever. Now here comes my guilt that I gave her this thing…….




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  1. I had the same symptons recently and still have them a bit (at least the cough). I ran a low grade fever for 2 weeks straight and coughed til I made myself sick. Turns out it was pneumonia. I thought who gets pneumonia in July…apparently bronchitis/pneumonia is going around.

  2. I read an article that said that whooping cough was at an all time high in either Dallas or Tarrant County (I don’t remember which on) so that could definitely be the case.
    I hope you start feeling better soon!

  3. Hey Kelly,

    Try Mucinex D it has both a decongestant and expectorant that would really help you, I recommend it to most of my patients.

  4. I had whooping cough at the beginning of May and I am sorry to say that I finally got through it a few weeks ago. My symptoms started the same way as yours and went into coughing fits that sometimes either made my head feel like it was going to explode or made me throw up. It’s HORRIBLE, I totally agree. I really hope you don’t have it. If you do, you will feel better but that cough will slowly go away in about 100 days. My throat is still sensitive and I feel like I cough more easily now but I’m hoping that goes away too with time. It’s pretty serious and I hope you feel better just as quickly as humanly possible!

  5. Kellie,
    I sure hope you feel better soon. I wanted to drop you a line to see if I can make you smile just a bit.
    This past July I came home to Texas to see my family. H O T to say the least.
    As a welcome home my sister Renate made me a wonderful dinner using your Mom’s recipes. (Meatloaf & Mac & Cheese) Just fabulous!!
    Anyway, I came back to Boston and made it for my Hubby who told me to dump every Mac & Cheese, Meatloaf recipes I have!! You have a real winner here! I just wanted to tell you that your family recipe travelled to Boston!
    Again, thank you for sharing such yummy recipes!

  6. I had whooping cough when I was 5 months pregnant and it lasted for about 5 months. It’s pretty contagious because my brother and Dad both had it. I never threw up but I would always have to spit up stuff. It was very uncontrolable. It does get better so there is hope. There is really no sign of it getting better; it just stops one day.

    Definitely save your money because there’s nothing a doctor can do.

    Good luck.

  7. If you have been getting her vaccinated according to the CDC immunization schedule; she should be protected against pertussis. Children are supposed to get the DTaP vaccine (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis) at 2 months, 4 months and 6 months with the 4th dose at 15-18 months. Btw I’m a vaccine specialist for a huge medical supplies distributor. 🙂 Hope you get to feeling better!

  8. Hi Kellie,
    I said this on the msg board but my neighbors son got whooping cough and they gave him the z pack and put the whole family on antibiotics too. precautionary I guess.

  9. Kellie,

    I am 8 months pregnant right now with my first child and developed this weird “cough” around the 6 months time frame. I spent the 1st month on Sudafed and Tylenol cold because my doc thought that would help. After a month I stopped taking the meds as they were not helping and for fear I was “hurting” the baby! I have now spent the last month scared to death because no one knows why I cough like this…and the fact I can’t breathe when it happens is REALLY scary, especially since I am getting closer and closer to my due date. I heard you talking about this on the radio this morning and almost cried when I heard your symtoms and realized they were matching mine. I understand it will have to “run it’s course” but to know what it is and be able to take it to my doctor is a bit of a relief. THANK YOU!

  10. my aunt had whooping cough and she coughed so much and so violently that she lost some hearing in one of her ears

  11. Hi…I believe that it could be pertussis also. I work in Pediatrics, and one of our nurses caught whooping cough, and she got pretty sick from it. She also had to take a Zpack, as well as everyone that she knew was exposed to her. (Thank goodness she was not at work when she caught it!)

    Everyone at work had to get the DTaP immunization because she was out of work for two weeks. Even now, 6 mo. later, she will start coughing if she gets into a laughing fit.

  12. I get post-infection bronchospasms after every cold—–I cough like a fool for 4-6 months, and throw up often from the violent spasms. Not pretty! I even have cracked a rib from the sheer force of it all. My dr told me the post-nasal drip irritates my vocal cords to the point where my throat closes up, causing an asthma-like reaction. Needless to say, I TRY to avoid catching a cold like the plague, using hand sanitizer by the gallon, and I love those disinfecting cloths that the supermarkets are now offering to wipe your carts off with.

  13. I thought we were vaccinated against that, or was it our children who were vaccinated? Poor you. Rest up this weekend and maybe that will help.You just CAN’T miss 2 weeks of work!

  14. This cough sounds like the one I had back in January. I would cough so hard that I would throw up. I am guessing that you have a bacterial infection and that is why this is getting worse. I bet the doctor will put you on an antibiotic and a steroid will take care of the cough. Poster Nicki’s situation was similar to mine.

    I am hoping you get through this. Don’t read on the internet. It will drive you nuts! Your doctor knows best. Good luck to you!

  15. Oh, kellie, drama queen!

    It’s BRONCHITIS. I get it with every cold I ever get, since I was a kid. Welcome to hell. It’ll last 6 wks to 2 months…

    We were vaccinated against whooping cough.

  16. Get your doctor to prescribe Tesslon Perles, if you cough is irritating and not “productive”. They just stop it. Immediately.

  17. Kellie good for you. for going ahead my youngest son gets whooping cough with every allergy flair up he has. Here we are in the middle of August and he has whooping cough, that he got vaccinated for mind you. Also it has the tendency to turn into pnuemonia(sp) if left unattended. So good for getting it monitored, we are going to have to take my little man to a specialist which my result in surgery. Anything to help him though. Try some old school Vicks at night on your chest with a warm towel…you smell like and old lady but it works…also on the bottoms of your feet, and put on white socks…old wives tale but it works…nothing beats a try though…get well soon!

  18. This is just crazy!! My husband has been coughing since about June!! He FINALLY went to the Dr. two weeks ago because he caught a “cold” on top of his already Coughing issue. He could barely talk without coughing terribly bad. They said he had “bronchitis” They heard “crackles” in his lungs. They gave him a 10 day antibiotic, Keflex, it seems like he started to cough less then at the end of the 10 days it was back FULL force. He just started a Z-Pack yesterday. I’m beginnning to THINK it could be Whooping cough. Is there a definitive test for it? I caught the cold a few weeks ago but I’m totally over it. He passed the cold to several other people and only ONE is still “coughing” I’m beginning to worry and the MORE I research the MORE I’m finding people ALL over with this “cough”

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