I tried to watch the Olympics…

August 12, 2008 at 1:38 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments

You have to understand that my daughter controls things around here. And if she wants to watch Elmo, dang it, we’re watching Elmo! And there’s plenty of screaming that goes along with that if you don’t respond quickly enough for her liking. That reminds me! I’ve GOT to book Elmo for her birthday party before it’s too late!!!

I called my doctor today to see if he could write me up a prescription for something a little stronger than what he’s already given me, but it turns out I already have the strongest cough syrup he can prescribe. So even though I coughed all night with such severity that I have apparently caused a muscle to be separated from a rib, I am SOL. Not really. He told me to combine the codeine-laced cough syrup with Delsym and I’m hoping that will get me through the night. But I’ll tell you what — I am completely exhausted from this thing and I’m ready to shake it and move forward. It’s not even a GOOD infection to have. I haven’t lost my appetite or anything!

My friend went on Match.com and got hooked up with a multi-millionaire. It was her second date, too. What’s up with that?? Now she wants to set me up with his business partner, but it turns out I actually went out with him like 8 years ago! I told her I obviously did something so terribly wrong way back then that he never asked me out again, so what would be so different now? I do know ONE thing that’s different — no more Freddie. That date happened during one of our “broken up” periods where we forced ourselves to go out with other people, but we’d call each other on the way to our dates to tell each other how much we didn’t want to go and then we’d call each other on the way home to describe how horrible it was.  It’s not like I ever really gave dating other people a chance way back then. So who knows what it might be like now. I’m giving LOTS of chances!

Still haven’t heard from “I’m leaving for the Grand Canyon tomorrow” guy. I guess our fabulous first date made a lasting impression!




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  1. I just watched Must Love Dogs….Diane Lane’s character was like that…she met a great guy but she couldnt let go of the past…She kinda moved on…..But then she and the great guy ended up together in the end…wooohooo

  2. Hi Kellie… I’m a drug rep, I now lots of single doctors!!

    I read your blog about your coughing attack… that SO happened to me about 3 months ago! We were at Logan’s, and I was sick and had a coughing attack. The ENTIRE restaurant was staring at me. The waitress was lifting my hands over my head and fanning me. I was SO embarresed!!

  3. Just wanted to share what we do in our house when we have a really bad cough that keeps us up during the night— rub a good layer of Vick’s VapoRub on the bottom of your feet and then cover with socks. You sleep with it on and I have NEVER had it not work. It is amazing! I hope that helps!

  4. I met an awesome guy, much younger than me on match.com. This is not the first time I have been on the site. You should try it out for yourself!

  5. Kellie! What happened to the young guys you were dating? Whatever happened to Uncle Daddy? Does anyone know? Hang in there hpefully you can shake off this cough!

  6. OMG! We do the Vick’s on the feet too – it SO works….with a bad cough sometimes it’s the only way to get any sleep at all. You should definitely try it.

  7. okay, don’t laugh (I have not tried it) but my children’s step mom says when she gets a chapped rear end when her tummy is upset, she puts vicks on it. Okay TMI I know, but she swears by it and even put it on my 9 yr old’s behind when he was sick and he swears it works. Oh, wait, thats not the end your having problems with! Never mind!

  8. didn’t finish, it relieves the pain and discomfort of chapped rear end, but I don’t think it will help your breathing if you put it there!

  9. Tussonex is the best cough syrup out there, much much better than that codeine stuff. I contracted the “croup” last year and Tussonex was the only thing that helped (and I damaged a rob too btw) I finally got some sleep and It was amazing. Just a suggestion!

  10. I don’t have a young child as an excuse. EVERYONE at work is talking about the olympics. I have no attention span. I cannot watch any one show for any length of time.

    I was VERY into Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty before the writer’s strike ruined everything! Since the strike I have NOT been able to get back on track.

    Elmo rocks!!! Thank God Emma Kelly likes him instead of Barney. Back in Barney’s day I worked at Treehouse, a child abuse shelter my mom founded. I love Elmo MUCH better!

    Emma Kelly is a CUTIE!


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