Back in the swing of things!

August 4, 2008 at 4:13 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

My mother has always always always said she wanted to go to Denver. Now I’ve been on her behalf and I’m going to tell her to go someplace else. It’s a nice city and all, but there’s not really anything to look at. The mountains are waaaaay over there while you’re standing waaaay over here. And I’m sure she’d much rather be waaaay over there, too.  Sorry to kill her life-long dream like that.  But now we’re even because when I was a little girl, I asked her if she thought I could be a singer when I grew up and she said no.

So we went to Denver for DJ school.  Oy.  DJs are a different breed. And I know I’m sort of one of them, but it doesn’t feel like it’s real sometimes. I didn’t do too good of a job hiding the fact that I wasn’t thrilled about going because I knew it would basically be the same thing it was the last time I went 6 or 7 years ago — a bunch of guys trying to out-funny each other and vulgar women. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of vulgar women this time. But there was no shortage of out-funnying. Some of the bits offered for us to steal for our own show? Send our people out to public places wearing adult diapers and have them pee on themselves while we listen on the phone. Oh, and I loved the one where the father literally nailed his junk to the wall to win his daughter Jonas Brothers tickets. I think we can work both of those in sometime next week. 

But I had a couple of REALLY great moments, too. One was where I watched Big Al work his magic on another DJ school student. I swear to you this is the absolute truth — may I be struck by lightning if I’m lying. About 2 minutes in to their conversation, he started messing with this chick’s hair and asked her, “How much of this is real?” She claimed it was all real. Then he asked, “You ARE a woman, right?” Believe it or not, she didn’t leave. In fact, she sat down for a beer. Then Big Al asked her, “Are you half black or do you just tan a lot?” Yes, you know the rest of the story… He freaking scored with this chick!!! What is up with that??

That same evening also brought us some little drunk DJ who decided to sit down at our happy little table.  He asked me where I was from. Then he proceeded to tell me that he hated working in the South because he thinks Southern people sound retarded. This is the same DJ who offered the following bit for us to steal:  Have three people read the same sentence and then have the callers decide which one is deaf, which one is retarded and which one is drunk. Classy guy. 

Seriously, though, I’m glad I went. There were a couple of DJs there named Ace and TJ who reminded us all how lucky we are to do the jobs we do and got choked up when they talked about how we can impact people’s lives on a daily basis. Of course, the DJs from the rock station were laughing when they got all teary-eyed because rock station DJs are jerks like that sometimes, but what they said really punched me in the gut. Yeah, I’ve got a bunch of crap going on in my life right now, but I can check all that at the door for four hours every morning because I’ve got a really cool job and I just might be able to say something that makes somebody’s day a little bit better so they can forget their own crap for a while.  So, yea boot camp! And I can’t wait to go back 6 or 7 years from now!




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  1. Welcome back, missed ya!

  2. Hey Kelly,

    I personally love SC. I just went there for the first time for vacation. We stayed in Summerville but we went to Hominey (sp?) in Charleston for lunch and I was so excited because they served BOILED PEANUTS. I was telling my parents that you talk about boiled peanuts and I hoped we would get to try them. YEA!


  3. Welcome back Kellie!!!!

  4. Sorry you found Denver less than stellar. As a native,stuck in Dallas I can assure you there is much, much, much, more than meets the eye. I urge you to go back and spend more time will not be disappointed!

  5. Love ya, Kellie – I was on vaca in San Antonio last week and was so happy I could listen to y’all on Mix 96! 🙂 And y’all DO help people feel better every day – I’m going through the end of a 5-year relationship and some mornings listening to the show is what gets me out of bed and helps me keep going. May sound silly, but just knowing there is something to depend on everyday for a smile is a big help.

  6. Yes Kellie, you do make my day brighter!!!

  7. You so rock Kellie!! I have listened to you from the beggining….I am too a single mom going thru the big D. It is a rough road. You are a wonderful person and mother. Emma Kelly is a special girlie girl that has a mommy that will always be in her heart. Thanks for being there Kellie…YOU ROCK!!!!

  8. Hi Kellie, I recently moved from Dallas and occasionally listen to Ace & TJ now (since you guys aren’t in Charlotte)…their show is pretty good. Best of luck and Emma Kelly’s a cutie.

  9. DJ’s are a different breed? Huh…so that’s what’s wrong with me…

    I’ve never been to a DJ school…or even a “News” school. My boss has mentioned it a few times, but it doesn’t happen. Me, who got started doing news because I could read.

    And yes, boiled peanuts are wonderful.

    Kellie, I’d gotten behind reading your blog…I hope things are improving. You’ve had a lot going on.

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