This is about a month old…

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  1. I can’t tell if you’re saying you don’t want any comments, but…

    You are fabulous! (I’m not gay but I just can’t think of any other word for you.) And you Go! w/your young hot boyfriend (seriously I’m not gay, but that guy is good looking)

    You’re daughter is beautiful. One question: Why does anybody else have a blog, really? Who cares what they have to say?

    Love you,

  2. OMG I felt sorry for her and laughed all at the same time. I bet she fell a sleep not to long after she beat you in the face. That part cracked me up.

  3. Yeah, my nephew is doing the same thing a lot. They say its the language barrier. Still sucks. The only thing that makes it better is after he usually is all hugss as if saying “Sorry I was being a butt,”

  4. I know that i should not find this cute because she is upset and crying, but it is SOOOOO cute! NO NO NO!!!LOL And all those wonderful toys she has what a blessed child 🙂

  5. OMG! She is too cute, even when she’s very tired and upset. My son does the same thing-he was born a week before Emma Kelly. It’s just the age I guess-or at least I hope it is. lol
    You’re doing wonderful!

  6. Thanks for posting that! My son is 3 weeks older than Emma Kelly and that makes me feel good that others are throwing the same types of fits as he does. Yea! My child is normal.

  7. Amen to that Kelli (who just posted). I was cracking up too, but secretly glad to see another child, other than mine, throwing a tantrum!

    Thanks for posting it, Kellie! So flippin cute!

  8. Awww!! Bless her sweet little heart. She’s gotten so big. I can’t believe she’s talking and walking around now. Poor girl just didn’t know what she wanted but she knew she wanted something. SO cute and sad!

  9. Kelly,
    EK is so cute even when saying NO a million times! I love hearing about her b/c you sound like me when I talk about my 22 month old son. Keep sharing!

  10. oh wow! just saw i didn’t spell your name correctly. new listener foul. sorry 🙂

  11. Chere bebe!

    I’m glad someone mentioned the language barrier, because that’s the only thing that could make sense. A diaper change is a powerful thing! She’s precious, even in anger.

  12. EM would so get away with murder at my house. I could never ever say “no” to that adorable child.

  13. Keliie

    I love Emma’s name… My 7 year old is named Emma also and she is just beautiful too. I wish I could post pics of her here just so you could see. Emma’s are sure spitfire children. At least in my opinion. They always get what they want! LOL My nickhame for her has always been Ems. She loves it.

  14. I meant Kellie! And I am a long time listener and still spelled it wrong. LOL!! Sorry! My Sofia hates when people spell her name wrong and she is just 4!

  15. that video is sooo darling and HILarious when she was stumbling from being too darn exhausted!! thanks for sharing!

  16. Oh my goodness…that is one sleepy little girl!! She looks so tired she just can’t figure out what the problem is. Poor girl, I’ll bet once she crashed she was out for awhile!! She is adorable though, thanks for the video =)

  17. hehehe! I remember going through that with my girls, except one time it was in the middle of me shopping…which we promptly left….Now I have a 4 month old baby boy and get to go through that all over again….hahaha I Heart EK!!

  18. OMG, my youngest just turned two two weeks ago and she acts just like that. Her speech is a little behind so, it’s even more difficult. Don’t worry Kelly we’ll get through it.

  19. Hi Kellie,
    Can you tell me where this pink kitchen playset is from? Is it the one from PB kids?

  20. Been there, done that!

  21. Bless her heart, she much have been completely tuckered out when that was over. Even while pitching a fit she’s cute!

  22. Don’t we all feel like just having a breakdown like this sometimes? EK is just adorable.. even when throwing a fit! Your an awesome mom Kellie!

  23. I’ve been sitting for this one particular family since their daughter Sophia Rose was 2 yrs old.
    And she was alot behind on her speach and when she was upset like Emma Kelly she would have a hard time conveying to me what it was she wanted also! She’s now turning 5 in August and she is reading sentences and still at times has her own language. Emma Kelly is soo cute, I know there is now way she didn’t lay down after that and go to sleep. Thanks for posting the video, I’ve seen this many of times with other kid’s, this very normal for this age.

  24. Believe it or not, I miss those days – my “baby” is 17 years old and if I could I would put him right back at that age! The years fly……

  25. I love it. Wouldn’t it be great to still be able to act like that when we’re mad and tired.
    Kellie please don’t stop sharing Emma Kellie with us, so many of us love seeing her grow. Just delete all of those neggative comments from so called fans. The rest of us love just the way you are, even the not so good stuff you mentioned!:)

  26. maybe she wanted you to put the camera down and hold her. Maybe she didn’t want you to film her. Maybe exploiting the poor child to world when she is having a fit isn’t the most sensitive thing in the world to do. She obviously was more aggressive when you had the camera shoved in her face when she was throwing a fit. How the hell would you feel Kelly if that had been you? I think you’re a great mom Kelly but sometimes you can do some pretty stupid things when it comes to Emma Kelly!

  27. Looks like she (and all the other kids mentioned here who do that) is in need of a good spanking.

  28. I was going to ask what the hell is wrong with people…but I do not want to bait them and start a back and forth.
    I am so happy to see a child (EK) loved so completely! Have a great day!

  29. Aww, poor baby, i wanted to reach out and pick her up and give her a big hug. Then i came to my senses and remembered that a sleepy, grumpy baby will slap, scratch and pull the hair of the consoler. Hopefully EK didn’t rough you up too much before she fell asleep.

  30. She’s cute, but that is the fit of an amateur! All my experience is with boys, but it wasn’t a fit until toys were flying or one of them was face down on the floor kicking. Once they are talking things get better.
    Stay strong Momma!

  31. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing when a child that age is thowing a fit. The only difference between Kellie and the rest of going through the trials and tribulations of child rearing is that we are get to see what Kellie is going through. The same thing all of us Mothers have gone or are going through. I have many many pictures of my child having a big time getting really mad until she’s exhausted because that’s what little ones do. Then, they snugggle up to Mom (after pummeling her) and are super happy and snuggly and safe.

  32. All parents DO go through that! It’s part of normal child development. Kids throw fits! You handled it beautifully. If she keeps doing it though, you may want to step back when she starts walking away. (not easy, I know) That may be her attempt at sorting it out for herself, which is great. Of course, that said, she did look like a sleepy girl. 😉 You’re a wonderful mom!

  33. Sorry, but that’s borderline unacceptable behavior, IMO (not EK’s but the one a few posts up who mentioned her boys throwing toys and lying face down kicking). That’s not cute behavior, and it’s not OK. Kids need to learn their boundaries and that sort of tantrum is way over the top and signs of a child raised with no discipline.

  34. Oooooohhhhh boy! I almost peed my pants!

  35. Sorry, my sarcasm didn’t come over in the post, Tex.
    The kids I was talking about are in high school now. Both are Boy Scouts (one is an Eagle Scout) and have never been in any trouble.
    I’m not sure you have ever been around a sleepy 2 yr. old.

  36. I have a 2 year old, otherwise I wouldn’t be putting in my 2 cents. Temper tantrums are OK to a certain degree, and they will happen. I’m just saying that letting a child get to a certain point (i.e. kicking, hitting, throwing things) and excusing it because they’re sleepy is poor parenting, IMO. My child did that once or twice, and learned that there are limits. It’s definitely not “cute.”

  37. she really, really wanted to stop crying – you know she’s thinking “I want to, I do, but I CAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNN”’TTTTT!” poor pumpkin, poor mommy, poor Nanny Laura!

  38. Kelli,
    EK is too funny. Made me want another one (sorry I’m weird I know) and be so very glad that mine is 9 and fully talking all at the same time. Keep it up Kelli!

    Lisa- Your just rude

  39. Oh girl, how I can relate! She is totally adorable though! 🙂

  40. OMG!!!! I just watched & had my 7 month old in my lap & he just went nuts!!! Laughing & trying to crawl into the computer!!! Very cute & I can totally relate to having a sleepy little one.

  41. My daughter is 2 now and has thrown many fits just like this one. :/

  42. Kellie,
    Girl if every there was one person who I relate with it is you.
    It seems we are cut from the same cloth, only you have the dream job I want.
    Right from the start with the Duran Duran obsession to your opinions, its as if it was coming straight from my mouth.
    You keep being you and let the rest worry about the issues they have. Be true to yourself and live life without regrets.

  43. Oh my goodness Kellie. You probably won’t see this but I can so sympathize with you. All I could think while watching that was she is SOOOO tired. I remember those days….Oh, wait a minute…I still have those days! HA! Except mine is a 7-year-old going on 16! HA-ha! This too will pass… 🙂 You’re a great mom!

  44. Haha, that was PRICELESS.
    Wait till she has her own little one, pop that video in, and show her that she did the saaaame thing =)
    You are absolutely hilarious. I love how you’re not afraid to share the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s refreshing in a world where most people can’t lighten up enough to show their own flaws.
    You are loved because we can relate. Anyone who is offended, mostly just can’t admit that they aren’t flawless.

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