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If ya’ll want to fight amongst yourselves, that’s fine. But I’m kind of tired of having the comments to whatever I post on here bogged down with all the fighting. Can ya’ll just exchange email addresses or something?

I write blogs because I’m told people want to read them. But when I write them, it’s just getting to be a bit exhausting reading the back and forth, back and forth. And I share pictures of my child because I’m asked to and because I’m so proud to show off my daughter, but apparently even that’s become a bad thing. You know what? Freddie asked me to stop sharing pictures of her anyway because there are crazy people in this world who might do something stupid. But I’ve always told him our listeners are different. I wasn’t worried about her safety. But now I’m like, why should I bother? I am perfectly happy to enjoy her all by myself.

Listen — I know I can be a bitch. I know I can be a loyal friend. I know I can be funny. I know I can piss people off. I know I have body issues. I know I am dating a man way too young for me. I know that my kid is about the closest thing to perfect I’ve ever experienced in this lifetime. I know not everybody likes me. I know some people flat-out hate me. I know I am loved. I know I need to take a nap right now. I know that I need more therapy. I know that I have the power to delete every single message you guys post, positive or negative. I know that I’m going to have California rolls for supper tonight and I’m very excited about it. And the more I think about it, I’m seriously thinking about deleting all the posts.

The thing is, I get on the radio and I say what I’m feeling. If I’m mad at someone or something, it spews out of me and you get to hear all about it. If I’m giddy about something, same thing. And the part I can’t escape — you know exactly who I am. My name is out there. My face is out there. I say it. I own it. I can’t sit behind a keyboard and type out whatever garbage I feel like spewing using some cleverly-crafted anonymous name attached to some bogus email address hoping I’ll get a rise out of somebody who will start a war of words with me.   

I’ll post again tomorrow after I’ve had my California rolls and a good night’s sleep. I think I’m just too stinking cranky right now and I’m sorry for rambling on. But it’s just frustrating sometimes.

Meantime, I have the most wonderful job in the world and I wouldn’t trade anything for it.  I am truly blessed to do what I do and get paid for it and I get to work with people I love — and fight with! — like family. I get inundated with uplifting emails and sweet myspace messages and I have to deal occasionally with some really negative stuff. But all the great stuff outweighs the little bit of bad and I just needed to get a little bit of the bad out of my system. Sorry about that. But this is my blog.




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  1. Kellie,

    Don’t take anything personal; it’s not worth the agravation.

    I personally think your Emma Kelly is the cutest kid ever… when I have a kid I would say the same thing of my children. I think every parent think their kid is the most precious EVER!! even if people think otherwise.

    Take care and enjoy your little girl… not a baby anymore. 😦

    Love ya!!

  2. Kellie — I am so amazed by you and how far you have come. I met you when you first got to Dallas and was not impressed… but what a WOMAN you are now!! I’m a 51 yr old lst time newlywed, no kids and have serious body isues. (Fat growing up, but okay now) So I relate to a lot of your stuff. Keep up the good work and enjoy your “young man”. Before I married, I dated men 10 yrs or more younger. 🙂 Enjoy Emma Kelly like I enjoy my step-grandkids!! Smother w/ love.

  3. Way to go Kellie! This is YOUR blog and people should respect you and not be so juvenile as to bicker in their comments and judge you for your decisions. Thank you for sharing your life and your beautiful daughter with us. I know I speak for other listeners when I say it is SO good to see (hear) you so happy with your life. I remember when my son was first born, you were having a hard time and its wonderful to hear that things are looking up for you. Love you and the show!

    (Sorry, that was a really long comment)

  4. I agree whole-heartedly with you. I thought that this blog was to be for your fans – to enjoy, not for trolls who want to play devil’s advocate.. You have a beautiful daughter, she’s is lucky to have you as a mom…..You are beautiful, and are lucky to have a job where you can be with her most of the day. Some people are jealous, that they can’t have what you have….but to others, like myself, I am happy for you and all your success.

  5. I’m very sorry to hear people are being such a nuisance to you and each other.

    Have some good “fake” sushi! That sounds like a delicious dinner!

  6. Kellie you go girl….keep blogging we love it!! Ignore the “negative Nancy’s” and just do your thing. And PLEASE don’t stop sharing photos of Emma Kelly!! She is so precious and more importantly, you are a wonderful Mom!

  7. don’t let no sayers get you down. we love hearing from you and seeing pics of that gorgeous Emma Kelly. You rock and I feel like you are a sister from a different momma. I will be at the studio on July the third with my one and only…Hunter (my 12 year old daughter) we both are addicted to you and the rest of the cast.
    I would love to talk with you one day…

  8. You gotta roll with the punches-it all comes with the territory. You know you are perfectly happy with a great family and job. So, laugh it all off and sleep fine at night knowing you rock.

  9. OMG!!! Kelly, people are such butts. I love your posts and look forward to you and Dianthe’s posts everyday. If you can get a 25 year old, go for it. Emma Kelly is gorgeous and getting so big so fast.
    Please keep posting for all of us loyal listeners.

  10. Kellie-You are such an inspiration person. I am a Carolina girl too now living in the big state of Texas. People here are lots different! I think people are negative towards you and other happy, open people because they are jealous. Jealous that they cannot be so secure as to say what they feel and mean what they say. God gave you life and he wants you to live it for you. Forget about other people. Let them self destruct. Hang in there and let’s have a drink to the Carolina shore and boiled peanuts!

    PS-Emma Kelly’s head is big because she is filled with wisdom! Besides, I’m sure those cute bows and hats won’t stay on small kids’ heads 🙂 AND…she was born and will live just as God intended. She’s already been blessed with an Angel named Mommie.

  11. i only get to listen to you guys for a total of ten minutes maybe if that in the morning but its right before i have to go to work and i love how honest you are. it gets me prepared for whats to come. i work at a hospital so i mean i deal with a whole variety of people and can never say what i really want to just smile and move on…and at times i think people forget the face staring back is only human to. rough world. the last thing i caught this morning was this website and since my husbands over in iraq and my friend pool is kinda low until he gets back (i moved back home where apparently everyone else moved away from ….)so i had to check you guys out, and apparently ramble. kudos to you kelly

  12. Kellie, it’s amazing how many people have a lot more gumption (is that even spelled correctly ?) when they are typing on a computer on the internet … it gives them anonymity (somewhat anyways). Nobody’s perfect and it sucks that people feel they can attached you. I am fat, my 15 year old son lives with his dad, I married my ex-husband’s brother, and my 4 year old son drowned 5 years ago … that gives people TONS of reason to talk trash to me, but you know what? EVERYBODY has done something or said something that someone else doesn’t agree with.

    Just remember, you are special! You get to share your life and daughter with a lot of people that truly appreciate it! I rooted for you to get this job years ago after Jocelyn White left and I think you do a FANTASTIC job. Don’t let these other idiots get you down! Enjoy your sushi and have a wonderful evening!

    Just think, vacation’s just around the corner 🙂

  13. I guess I just don’t really know what to think about this post. I very rarely post, and when I do, its only when I feel strongly about something. to anyone out there that I may have offended: that was the last thing I wanted. But from now on, I’m not going to comment because what was an attempt to stand up for someone, suddenly became something completly different. and that sucks.

  14. I’m so bummed to hear that people are being rude on your blog! I love reading it and getting a little inside information on what happens on (or after) the show. So keep on bloggin’!

  15. Please don’t stop the EK pics and the blogging, Kellie. I have been listening to y’all for the past 7 years since I was a freshman in college. I feel like I’ve been there with you through the wedding and the struggle for EK and the divorce. You are such a great role model to me – I love the class and grace you have shown in the past two years. I’m currently going through the end of a 5-year relationship which included a 2 year engagement. Every time I’m sad, I think of you and what you went through and how you picked yourself up and just kept going. I know it sounds silly, but it helps me to keep putting one foot in front of the other, knowing that someone else whom I admire has been there and survived and even found happiness. You inspire me, your daughter makes me smile and every day I am thankful for KKITM because it is a source of comfort for me each day during this sad time in my life.

  16. Kelly,

    I have always thought that you were and are a great person. Don’t listen to all the haters. I love the fact that you are soooo involved in Emma Kellys life. More parents need to be that way. Keep being your self, doin what you’re doin and tell the rest of the world to kiss your skinny ass!!!

  17. kellie, i seriously don’t know why the hell people read someone’s blog if they dislike them so badly!!
    i personally dont agree with everything you say, but most of it i do. and you know what? if i didnt enjoy you on some level i wouldnt be reading your blog!
    i dont get it!! and i’m not a person who posts comments, but i just felt like i had to say something… damnit people, if you dont like it stop reading!! stop listening!!
    i enjoy you lots kellie, and emma kelly is BEAUTIFUL. ur an inspiration to many. and hella funny

  18. You Go Girl!

  19. no no no! Do NOT stop posting Miss Emma Kelly’s Pictures! I love your blog, love you and love EK! EK reminds me so much of my 10 yr old because she had no hair til around 2, tall and same olive complextion. She was beautiful then and she’s even more beautiful now! Just like Miss EMMA KELLY!
    The only reason these people on here are so negative is because they hide behind a computer and would probably NEVER have the balls to say any of this to your face. CHIN UP GIRL! YOU ROCK MY FACE OFF!

  20. Kellie,
    It is YOUR BLOG to talk about whatever you want to talk about. If people have a problem with it why are they even reading it? Personally, I enjoy reading ya’ll blogs and Dianthe’s Remix. They are so interesting and quite often downright hilarious. Please don’t stop blogging and posting pictures of Emma Kelly. She is adorable! I had fertility issues too, and I was 5 months pregnant when you announced you were pregnant. I can relate with a lot of the things you’ve gone through. My son Ashton just turned 2, and now I also have a 7 month old daughter, Lizzie. Ok, I’m rambling….I’ll just say this one last thing, I LOVE THE SHOW, and you are the one I relate to the most.

  21. I’ve idolized you since I was a teenager. You’re such a strong person that I just want to be like you. I know you have your weaknesses, as does everyone, but you seem to make jokes about them and work on them. I never had a mom growing up, but if I did, I wish she were like you.


  22. Kellie,
    I am a huge fan of you and your blogs…it is a daily/weekly staple for me. Your daughter is precious and I think you are amazing to share your experiences with everyone. I wish people that had something negative to say kept it too themselves. Thanks so much for sharing and you are a great and wonderful Mom, that is obvious. Your fans love you!

  23. Kudos!
    No one would miss the squabbling..
    Please keep posting the adorable videos/pics!!!

  24. Kellie,
    Dont pay any attention to those idiots on here! Youre an awesome person and you make me smile every morning listening to you on the radio. Like you I am divorced and starting over in the dating world and trust me…people have lots to say about everyone I date. Just do what makes you happy & enjoy that sweet lil angel Emma! Youre a true inspiration to all women! GO GIRL!!

  25. I think I’m with freddy it’s a little strange that
    some people can’t think of a life without your daughters picture in it.

  26. I am sorry Kellie. I shouldn’t have posted. It was a bad decision that I made and I am sorry.

  27. Kellie!!! Kellie!!! Kellie!!!

  28. Kellie I myself have a young man in my life that I have about 13 yrs on and I’m having fun! Don’t let people judge you, I don’t. Sorry there are people out there that have to be mean and say awful things about the thoughts you share in your blogs. I really enjoy reading them and the pictures of Emma Kelly are so cute!!! In a way Freddy is right about sharing your daughter’s picture’s because unfortunately there are some really weird people out there. If you choose to
    keep her pictures to yourself, that’s your right, she’s your child and you can be as selfish as you want! 🙂

  29. Kellie,
    The “crazy” people that are talking about you and Emma Kelly need to get over it. If that don’t like what you say or what you do or what you don’t do then they need to stay off your myspace and quit reading your blogs. I love to hear all about Emma Kelly and all the new and cute things that she does. I love to hear about your life. I started listening a few years ago in Memphis. For some stupid reason the station you were on in Memphis decided to change directions and I am no longer able to listen to you each morning on my way to work. I can’t wait to get to work and pull up the my space site and the KKTM website to see what is going on with you and Emma Kelly. So please don’t let people who have issues bring you down. I say keep up the blogs and more power to you.

    Take care,

  30. Kellie—YOU SPEAK IT SISTER!!!!! I totally agree with all you said– Your blog isnt meant for people to critique you, its meant for people to get to know you a little better– so with that said–

  31. Kellie—YOU SPEAK IT SISTER!!!!! I totally agree with all you said– Your blog isnt meant for people to critique you, its meant for people to get to know you a little better– so with that said– WE LOVE YOU KELLIE!!! We love the pics of Emma Kellie– and we love hearing about your life!! So ignore (or better yet, DELETE) the haters… They’re just trying to stir the pot and what they don’t get is if they hate you so bad as they claim to– WHY DO THEY BOTHER READING YOUR BLOG????? OMG. People are stupid. (and I am a southern girl too and I also speak whats on my mind! hahaha)

  32. Kellie, shake the haters off. Have a party and serve em all up a big ole glass of Haterade. I love reading your blog, regardless of what kind of mood you were in when you wrote it. If all of these people blogged every day what would their blogs say? And as for all the fighting on here, it’s childish, and I think that children should not be aloud to comment on grown people’s issues.
    Love you much,

  33. Kellie your daughter is just adorable and has the best smile! Please don’t take any of the negative things here to heart. There are bitter people everywhere and they think they need to unleash on everyone. I think you are total greatness, please don’t stop Kellie’s Diary! I read it every morning, it is part of my morning routine, wake up, get coffee and read Kellie’s Diary.

  34. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of Emma Kelly!!! please don’t stop sharing!

    you and J-Si are the BEST!!

  35. Andrea, you took the words out of my mouth…

  36. Plain and simple for those who hate you……why do they even listen to you or even read your blogs? Reality……They really must like you, lol!!!

  37. Isn’t sad when people say rude and mean things about your child. Kellie went thru a hard time just to get pregnant and she didn’t have to share that info to the world. If you have negative comment keep it to yourself. Kellie keep posting someone people do enjoy hearing about the milestones Emma Kellie has reached.

  38. Kellie, I enjoy reading your blog. I can’t believe some of the things folks have said on here. Maybe you should turn off the comments for a while.

    PS Emma Kelly is adorable!

  39. Kellie, I absolutley LOVE you. You are a very inspiring person whether you realize that or not. Never stop doing what you do!!! Love ya!!
    PS…your daughter is soooo adorable!!

  40. GO KELLY! : )

    Don’t let anybody get you down. I always enjoyed listening to you when I lived in NOLA and spent time in Dallas. Now I am up in Seattle and only get a small bit via podcasts. Still enjoying the show, though.

    Take it easy!

  41. Don’t let the haters get you down.

    You are fricken fantastic! Any man would be LUCKY to have you and we are very lucky that we get to listen to you and get a glimse into your awesome life and family.

    Love ya Kellie!

  42. Kellie, Emma Kelly is a blessing!
    Is there a way you can turn off the comment section and just let us enjoy your blogs??
    Have a great weekend with your BEAUTIFUL daughter!

  43. this blog entry is EXACTLY why i love Kellie Rasberry – good or bad, right or wrong – she is who she is – and whether she wants to or not, she opens herself up and puts it out there for the world to see every day – whatever you think about Kellie, you have to respect that

    i’m lucky enough to know Kellie in real life and i love her to death – she’s a great friend and an even better mother – and i can say that honestly because i actually know her and you don’t!

  44. Hi Kelly,
    Don’t let them take you down. I love hearing you every work day. I feel that you and I have a similar personality and it is hard to just let things go..but keep your head up…thats where it is..he..he.
    love ya

  45. Kellie – sorry I rebuttled someone’s comment on your blog…I just couldn’t stand for someone to be rude to EK! I have been listening to the show since you guys started, so I feel like I know you. Your attitude is totally understandable….and I think we would all understand if you didn’t post any more pics of Emma Kelly, but I sure hope you do! BTW, I’m really proud of you for standing your ground about this – GO KELLIE!!

  46. Kellie…thank you for continuing to post pictures of Emma Kelly. I have been listening to you and Kidd forever and have been around when you were going thru everything with Freddie and then trying to get pregnant. I really enjoy seeing pictures of her because I remember what you went thru when you were trying to have her. Keep doing what you are doing and how you are doing it. Enjoy being a cougar.

  47. Love ya Kellie!!!

  48. RIGHT ON!!!!!!!

  49. Kellie, one of the reasons I listen to the show, read your blog, and look at pictures of you and Emma Kelly is because you are the kind of woman we all wish we could be. Honest. Open. Funny. Beautiful. Good mother. And you do it all in public. It’s hard enough to be any of those things in our own private lives. Please don’t let these people, who only wish they could possess even one of those qualities, make you forget for one second why all the rest of us love you!

  50. Kellie you are so right to say what you have to say. Too bad a few bad apples have tried to spoil it for you. Just remember that without you KKITM would never be the same. And Emma Kelly is a cute little big and it is amazing how fast she is growing. I am soooo jealous that you get to do the radio thing for a living I have been a volunteer on air personality for a christian station in the past and it was a blast. Keep up the good work.

  51. Kellie,

    I totally understand how you feel – when my son was 2 someone (an adult) said something mean about him and I wanted to TEAR HIS EYES OUT!!! I couldn’t get that comment out of my mind; I cried for days after then I though about it. When someone says something bad about you, it’s tough, but when they talk bad about your child, it’s absolutely heartbreaking. You know the majority of us love seeing pictures of Emma Kelly. I especially liked seeing her first year because I was born on the same day and I can see what I probably looked like at her age at different times of the year. We love you and we have your back!

  52. Just wanted to AMEN SISTER!!! Tell it like it is!!! I listen to the show every morning, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your personality and your bluntness. You are who you are and that’s that! BTW EMMA KELLY is just adorable!!!!!!!!!! Love the new pictures

  53. great article ! thank you very much for this !

  54. Kellie,
    Im a new mommy and I dont get to listen to your show anymore, but I still read your blog to feel like Im in touch with the world a little. Please dont stop blogging! I think you are doing a great job, and Emma Kellie is too cute for words! Just keep on truckin!

  55. Dont you dare worry about the negative comments. Seriously. There will always be negative people who have negative comments out there. Dont bother yourself with even reading them. ONLY surround yourself with positve people who love you, because you are a lot like me and negativity makes me physically sick. I am trying not to have any in my life. It doesnt always work that way. Just know that there are many more people out there that love you and love seeing how your beautiful daughter has grown. We love hearing about your life and it makes us feel special in a small way because we can relate to you like we know you personally. We would only be so lucky.
    You and your daughter stay in my prayers because I only want happiness for both of you. Even if that comes in a package that is 25 years old (wink). Life is too short to worry about things like this Kelly. Live your life,.. Love your daughter,.. and the rest will take care of itself. I love your show!!


  56. Kellie, Your daughter is a beautiful child. We really love you on the show. Please ignore the hateful things people say. They are jealous of you. Thank you for being you.

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  58. I have to admit that not that long ago I WAS a Kellie hater. However, for the past couple of months I’ve noticed that I am Team Kellie! Whether it’s cheering you on as you fiercely defend J-Si and tell Kidd how it is or cracking me up with EK stories and what’s better than some Kellie/ Big Al love. The only reason that I mention originally not being your biggest fan is to let you know that you’ve won over one person. I think the biggest change that I’ve notice is that you’re out there having fun and enjoying life. So whether it’s dating a younger man or posting pics of Emma Kellie that makes you happy keep it up!

  59. Hey Kellie! you go girl! I got tired of ready the negative comments people would leave you so, I stopped reading them. I do enjoy reading your blogs especially about EK. Did people’s mothers tell them that if you didn’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say them at all??? what happened to that theory!?!?!?! Anyway, dont stop blogging or posting pics…99% of us do enjoy them.

  60. Kellie-I whole agree with you totally. If someone wants to write something negative about you, that is their hang up. They should stay off your blog. I enjoy your blog so much, it gives me joy to read about your life and hope for myself as a single mother with body issues. I think your daughter is the 2nd most beautiful girl in the world (after my own!!!). Take my advise and just screw the haters! They just wish they had the great life you do.

  61. I am so proud of you. I love you when you are nice, I love you when you are bitchy. I love you when you whine and I love you when you are gushing about your young little hottie. There is also NO ONE that could hang with Kidd the way you do. Enjoy your life Kellie, because that’s what it is, YOUR LIFE. Emma Kellie is beautiful and so are you. My uncle just told us he’s marrying his girlfriend who’s almost 24 years younger than him and we are all fine with it, because she’s so sweet, and she makes him happy. I will completely understand if you have to stop posting pics of Emma Kellie, but we do love seeing them. What ever you do, don’t stop blogging!

    Love you!!!

  62. Well I think you’re amazing!

    And I most definitely love reading your blogs and hearing EVERYTHING you have to say on the show. 🙂

  63. Just from “knowing” you over the radio, I think that you’re a wonderful person. I think that yours is a tough position; but like you said, it’s yours. You’re the right mix of ball-buster and sweet. You can’t beat that!

  64. Hey Kellie! I think you are a wonderful person, and mother. Keep being exactly as you are!!! I love listening to you every morning, it makes my day start off alot better.

  65. you are fabulous kellie and dont let anyone tell you otherwise!

  66. God- the only thing more annoying than reading the bickering in the comments to your posts is reading your passive aggresive not subtle enough begging for validation and compliments that follows.
    If you truly were annoyed by the comments, you would just delete them without saying anything. Instead you post something like this, so the flood of “WE LOOOOVE YOU!!!!!” post from brain dead, rabid, Kellie fans will come pouring in. You’ve done this sort of post before, and it’s extremely transparent and pathetic. Can’t you find a less anti-social way to have your ego stroked?

  67. Kellie:

    I love your blog and seeing Emma Kelly grow. I havent been able to listen to the show in years, but I still read your blog everyday. I remember when you were trying to get pregnant and how I prayed and hoped for you like so many people did. We love seeing pictures of Emma Kelly and I personally enjoy checking in on you from time to time. I think you are great!

  68. I am so glad you wrote that! I love reading your blogs. I think that you are a great mother and I would hate it for you to quit posting pictures of Emma Kelly but I completely understand. The people that are going back and forth should exchange email addresses and leave this alone. Keep doing what you are doing because 99% of us LOVE IT!!!!!

  69. I usually don’t post, but had to today. I listen every day and read all of the blogs. That is why for the life of me, I can’t understand why people who dislike you even bother to read your blog. If they can’t stand what you say and hate you so much, they must be HUGE LOSERS with nothing better to do. Please don’t let those losers bother you. I know that I don’t “know” you, but I do truly care about everyone on the show. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t listen, much less waste my time reading blogs of people I dislike. It’s easy “LOSERS”, stay off the website if you so strongly dislike these people and get a life because some people happen to care about Kellie’s.

  70. Kellie ~ I don’t blame you. You handle it much better than I ever could! You are a normal woman, we’ve all got our share of problems, yours are just repeated to thousands and that’s gotta be tough!!
    I love reading your blogs and seeing pictures of your angel. I am a momma of 2. There are more normals than crazies out there, but man they do know how to bog everyone else down.
    We love you and if you need a moderator to just delete the BS, I will be happy to assist!! 🙂

    And…CALIFORNIA ROLLS ROCK!!!!! That will definitely make you feel better!

  71. You are you and that is why we love you !!!!

    If you don’t want to share picture of Emma Kellie then that is your choice – you have that right.

    I have been so happy for you – lately it just seems that you are finally happy – don’t worry what anyone else says – you keep doing what you are doing and as long as you are happy – that is all that matters.

  72. Just stopped by for the first time. Don’t let the haters get you down. Stop by my blog sometime! I talk about the stumbles of leaving college for the real world of working… would love your thoughts sometime!

  73. GET OVER IT KELLIE! You are the one that puts your life out there. Sluff it off and be yourself no matter what anyone thinks.

  74. i’m glad that you said what you said. i totally agree with all your sentiments. your daughter is yours, enjoy her for yourself now that soon enough she will be all grown up. my little girl is turning 5 and already demands some kind of independence. God bless.

  75. Thanks for sharing you pics and comments on your daughter. I too suffered from infertility.Your blog kept be going when I was depressed and uncertain of my future as a mother. I now have a 19 month old who is the most “perfect” child (in my eyes of course)


  76. Just ignore all the nay sayer’s and the meanies out there! You deserve to say what you want on your blog! You seem pretty sure of who you are and what your life is about! That’s a pretty cool thing, and anyone who complains about that is well…pretty full of themselves!
    Just my humble opinion

  77. So yea- I totally love the show- and you! I listened to the show about 4 years ago, but then I moved and didn’t hear it! AAAAAH! So, I listened to XM for those years until this past January- and I get a new car (no XM). I’m flipping through the stations, and what do I find?! I was so excited! I listen while driving, and I love the show. It took me a while to catch back up- I was SO excited that you had a baby, of course, back when I was listening- it was during the mommy test days. Screw the aholes that try to bring themselves up by bringing others down. You are a light to my day and many others!! Keep doing what you are doing- and keep dating a 25 year old if you want!!!

  78. Seriously….people need to get a life…who has time to dissect your life?…not me…and also, thank you for keeping it real…in the good and the bad, we know who you are and isn’t that what we listen for?….and as far as Emma Kelly??…just the cutest thing ever!!!…and i love her pics and love to see how she’s growing up….be good to yourself….you’re fabulous!

  79. Crybaby. Build a bridge.

  80. Kellie,
    I listened to you forever in Dallas, and I was heartbroken when I moved to Atlanta not to have you all to listen to on my way to work. I am so exicted that a radio station here carries the Kidd Kraddick show and I can once again laugh my butt off on the way to work. Emma Kelly is so beautiful and no longer a baby but a sweet little girl. I am sorry that some people are jerks, but you will find those folks everywhere, I call it the idiot parade. You are a strong woman and it sounds like a fantastic mommy and you should be so proud. Keep it up!! You have a loyal listener in me!

  81. Amen, Kellie!!

  82. Kellie you are awesome!!!! Who ever is saying all that bad stuff about you is jelous of your beautiful daughter and sweet life! you rock!:)

  83. WOO-HOO you go girl ~!~!~!~!

  84. Love your blog and have never started a fight on it. Keep it up! Also, I have been looking all over the website and have yet to find any pics of “Not Derek”. I am so curious now as to what he looks like because of how hot you keep saying he is. Where are the pics???

  85. Ok people. 2 things. If you do not like Kellie, don’t read her blog. If you do not like Kellie, don’t look at her pics. This isn’t rocket science. Love you Kellie!!!! *muah

  86. You rock Kellie. That is all.

  87. Love your blog – read it all the time! Don’t let those ugly, bored, bitter people get to you! And you have a beautiful daughter, I have a two year old girl, and I think she is perfect too!

  88. Kellie, you know you’re hot when a 25 year old laid eyes on you girl!!!!!!!!!!

    Go for it and have fun!!!!! Life’s too short to sit and wait!

  89. I love the blog and seeing how much your daughter has grown! You have an awesome personality for the radio!

    (I’m a gay guy of course)

  91. Kellie~

    You deal with all the negativity so well! I couldn’t be that gracious! You are the funniest, most down-to-earth girl in the world. Best of all- you’re human. You say all of the things we, as women, feel. All of those self-righteous people telling you you are wrong for this or that are just those kinds of people who want to be right about everything and don’t feel like they can support someone who is so real. I love being able to see Emma Kelly grow up! I cry sometimes reading your blogs because I am going through so many of the things you were experiencing a few years ago. I’m in my 30’s, single (STILL) and have a mad desire to have a baby right this very second! I don’t know how much longer I can wait for Mr. Perfect to get here to start my family! I’ve begun to cry every Mother’s Day and have even caught myself tearing up at the mall passing by a cute, young family. You give me so much hope and comfort. I love to see how well things have worked out for you- the good and the bad have made you the most content I think you’ve ever been. SO, keep us girls in mind who love and support you when you think about quitting these blogs!

  92. My gosh, why is this called a BLOG?? I have a question that isn’t meant to make anyone mad but what IS o.k. to type in here? The unsolicited advice from listeners Kellie doesn’t want. Most of the well intentioned are just trying to help or offer support many cases single mom to single mom. Negative comments (and sometimes people are ridiculously hateful and should be ashamed) not o.k. If someone that is a supporter of Kellie responds to a post or to another comment, that isn’t o.k. I enjoy reading the Diary because most of the time they are funny but the comment section opens up discussing good bad and indifferent but that’s not o.k. either apparently. anyway, just wanted to state my opinion for whatever it’s worth. have a good day all. i’m done with the blog part WAY too much drama.

  93. It’s amazing how quiet the haters all fell when this is posted.

    And Laura S. I get where you’re coming from because I blog also so I have the same beliefs, however, this blog is something that was requested by the big majority of her fans, she posts to get out her feelings, share her ups and downs and most of all, I think, to let everyone see that she has the same struggles as most people do.

    Everyone is allowed to their own opinion, however, it is not acceptable for someone to bash someone else for their opinion, thoughts, etc and that’s exactly what is happening in this comments section.

    Her body issues, her life as a mom, her daughter, those are things that we should listen to, read about and give encouraging words, not bash her about.

    Negative comments don’t make anyone’s life any better.

    Positive ones can turn your whole world around.

  94. I’m a 36 year “young” woman from Memphis, living in Montana, divorced, and nobody likes me either. Probably because I’m just as vocal as you, or what I like to call it -“passionate”. We are passionate people, Kellie. Oh yeah, and I’m dating a 26 year old. We’ve been dating for 2 years and he’s more of a “man” than any “boy” I’ve ever dated. So I say, good for you! Enjoy each other. YOU NEVER KNOW!!!!

  95. OMG your baby is so cute! They grow up fast huh? Mine is 2 already but if feels like not too long ago she was just learning how to walk!

    Oh, and dont let negative people bring ya down. I’m a single working mommy and my ex and his wife love to harrass me days on end but I have learned that if I ignore and dont let them see me get my feathers all fluffed up then they loose interest. 🙂

  96. Kellie, Girl don’t let them see ya sweat! You are never going to please everyone. I love seeing photo’s of your daughter. My son is 11 and a half months older (Oct 9th 05)than your daughter and I enjoy seeing them both grow. It is sad that people have nothing better to do then put people down. You are a good person with flaws just like the rest of us. Chin up! PS I am sure Amy’s son is cute but I think my youngest give him a run for his money!

  97. Emma Kelly is the cutest little girl I have ever seen. Kellie you are a great mom, keep up the good work and don’t listen to these idiots on here!

  98. YOU GO GIRL!!! 🙂 we love kelly!! 🙂

  99. I don’t understand why those who dislike what you have to say even read what you write! Those of us who love you and enjoy the updates support you and understand. Those who feel the need to put you down…for cryin’ out loud just don’t read her blog then! It’s that simple. Why tear someone down? She just writing her feeling at the time. We’re all human and have our moments. Give her a break! Personally, I liked what you wrote here, Kellie! Good for you!

  100. Kellie,

    You have been an inspiration to me that I can have all things things I want in life. You have the beautiful daughter, a great love life, and good friends. I was so happy when I moved to Dallas and hear someone on the radio from my neck of the woods. I’m from NC. I was all alone except for my (now ex-)boyfriend with no friends. It was hard but I am doing great and enjoying life. You are a wonderful person. Just remember that!

  101. Kellie, I think there are so many anonymous “haters” out there because you represent all they aren’t…successful, finally coming into your own as a healthy, happy & whole woman, a great momma w/ a beautiful little girl who came from your fervent prayers. Jealosy, envy…passive-agressiveness, they all go hand-in-hand. It’s something so bitter & evil that God even threw in a commandment against it. It’s called covetousness, and it’s a disease that’s killing people from the inside-out. Haters, instead of judging Kellie, look at your own lives & make sorely needed changes. Love your show, Kellie!

  102. Way to go Kellie! You don’t need no stinkin’ therapy…. you know just who you are and where you are going in life. Don’t ya just hate the @$$holes that do need therapy and come on anonymously to prove it. You rock! And that baby girl of yours… OMG.. need I say more.
    P.S. I AM a therapist and I think you do great! I was also the single mom for a while but at 40 found the man of my dreams and married him 2 years later. Life will bring things to you when it is time for you to experience it. It’s all part of the learning process. I love ya girlie!!

  103. I don’t think you ever act like a bitch Kellie. Please do not let these fools get to you. They do not matter.

  104. Kellie I have listened to you since I was 9 and loved you since day one… I’m now 21 and loving reading your blog! EK is adorable!

  105. I think you are great Kellie, cranky or not! You are a true testament to a woman with a higher profile who just has a normal life, with normal probs! Don’t feel like you have to apologize, truth is people just like to bitch! Have a fab day!!!

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