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Emma Kelly keeps up with all the latest fashions...



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  1. OMG! Emma Kellie is HUGE!

  2. She HAS gotten big! The “baby look” is definitely gone 😦

  3. She is absolutely adorable… she will grow so fast you won’t even know what hit you…Good luck with everything that you do…. keep up the good work…. you deserve the best life can give you…

  4. Emma Kelly has grown up so much! She’s such a big girl now. What a little doll!!!!!

  5. Aww, she really does look like a kid now and not a baby. She’s so cute – my sister was the same way with short hair like hers until she was two. 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness!!! How absolutely adorable she is!!!! My little sister was the same as well! She used to say that she had “little hair”, but her’s was very light so it didn’t show up very much either! But, wow Emma Kelly is such a little beauty!!!!

  7. Cute Pics!
    A question off the subject. Just listening to you talk about your hatred for Rich. How does this fit in with your theory of projection? “Whatever you see in someone else — positive or negative — is a reflecting back what’s going on inside of you. I love that. I’m going to meditate on that a while.”

  8. Life is good, Kellie! Gorgeous baby girl, great job, you seem happy, cute boys in your life! You deserve it all.

  9. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Emma Kelly is absolutely precious ~ and so lucky to have you for a mommy!

  10. she looks alot like Freddie!

  11. OMG she DOES have a big head!

  12. such a cute smile…she’s gonna have all the boys after her one day.

  13. She is so beautiful! What a perfect combination of both mommy and daddy’s good looks!

  14. She is a doll. Enjoy her because they grow so fast.

  15. I love the pictures! Where was the group one with Disney photos in the back taken? My son loves Mickey!

  16. I guess i just don’t see the cuteness everybody else is seeing

  17. OMG!!! Emma Kelly is adorable!! She has grown so much. Thanks for posting her pictures. I have missed seeing them.

  18. Okay ‘TiredofWhining’, she does not have a big head!! That little girl is precious! And I think its completely insensative to say things like that. Kellie doesn’t have to put pictures on here, and some of us enjoy watching her grow up. If you have a comment about her, keep it to yourself, because its one thing to say how you feel about Kellie, but saying rude things about Emma Kelly is a completely different thing.

  19. Emma Kelly is so big and cute!!!

  20. She’s PERFECT!!! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Oh she is SO cute! Can’t believe she is getting so big. Next thing you know she will be starting school. They grow up so darn fast.

  22. Emma Kelly is BEAUTIFUL! Kellie, you are so blessed!

  23. Kelly,
    From one mom to another, your daughter is beautiful. I know the feeling you get when you look at your child it is the greatest. For those that left ugly comments about her CHILD, ok how good of a person are you to talk bad about a CHILD.. GROW UP!!!!!!!!!! Kelly you did great with this child and the problems you overcame I look at you as insperation.

    love that baby lots….

  24. Hey “Mina” – really????? You’re going to say a little girl isn’t cute? I feel sorry for you that you’re so hateful and RUDE RUDE RUDE. She’s just a child, criticize someone you’re own size!!! And if you think that EK isn’t cute, you might want to make an appointment to the eye Dr.

  25. Kelly,

    I would like to say that the picture the picture with the kids and the mommies took my breath away. It is such a great picture of you. You look SO beautiful. I know that you probably don’t think so and I don’t about all your self-image issue as I hear about them on the radio. I am the exact same way and hate every picture I see of myself, but let me say that you are so beautiful in this picture. Just thought that I’d let you know!

    P.S. Emma Kelley is adorable!

  26. Kellie,

    Sorry for misspelling your name in the previous post. I didn’t think it was right, but I had just scrolled up a little and some else had spelled it that way and the more I thought about it the most I knew it wasn’t right and I checked, so here I am correcting it!

    I get my name misspelled all the time and since your name is at the top of your blog there really is no excuse for it, is there?

  27. Come on guys-
    Its obvious some people just throw those comments out there to rile people up, JUST LET IT GO!

  28. Bedazzled- it was a joke from the show when Kidd was teasing Kellie about the size of Emma Kelly’s head… relax

  29. Cute adorable pics, but some of these women who post comments are so catty. The comments section are sometimes more entertaining than the blog.

  30. ‘TiredofWhining’, had you listened closely to the show that day, you would have known that Kellie didn’t appreciate that comment. That’s why I said something in the first place. Go back and listen to the KPod, she called him out for saying it too.

  31. Bedazzled, why don’t you call Lauren out for calling her huge too? After all, Kellie is hyper sensitive (this is the correct way to spell it BTW) about her weight issues. Kellie is a grown woman who doesn’t have the time of day for you. Quit wasting your time sticking up for someone who you will never meet.

  32. First off EK is beautiful!! Second of all Mina and Tiredofwhining…do you not have any manners?
    How would you like it if I told you your kids were big headed or not cute! I always say negative opinions should be kept to yourself unless you have a way of improving the situation/a solution.. Just because Kellie is an on air personality doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings.. I know you would not walk up to a mother and say that to her, how dare you do it here.. where you can hid in anonymity! And I would tell this to your face! Shame shame on you both. You should try to build people up, not tear them down. Treat them as you want to be treated because I am assuming you both have feelings also….somewhere

  33. By the way Tiredofwhining… for the records, I have met Kellie several times.. just before you go and say I am sticking up for someone I haven’t even met.. but you know what.. it wouldn’t matter..rude is rude and I would stick up for anyone that was treated with no regards to their feelings! Think about it.. be a little nicer and you will feel better and be a little happier person.. I know you may say you are a happy person but trust me, with that negative attitude, you could be happier!

  34. I did not mean to start such a bitter debate on Emma Kellie’s “cuteness”. I was just stating my opinion. Just because I do not think that Emma Kellie is the cutest baby walking the earth, which I DON’T, what does it matter? I’m sure her mother will teach her self confidence and to have high self esteem. Other people should not have to validate or confirm what you feel about your child or even yourself. That is one of the problems our youth have today. If everybody else says I’m ugly or fat or whatever I must be. If somebody thinks that Emma Kellie has a “big head”, so what. That big head might be a lawyer or doctor one day. And to bedazzled AKA carol I don’t know if you have children or going to have children, everybody may not think that your kid is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I feel nobody should make you feel as about your kid or yourself for that matter than you can. It doesn’t matter what we say, Kellie is going to feel and know that her baby is the best baby in the world, and she should. But people have the right to have a different opinion. I guess this message is just one of mine.

  35. Bedazzled/Carol- So funny that you are a Kellie fan and you say that ‘negative opinions should be kept to yourself unless you have a way of improving the situation/a solution.’ She is constantly negative, which makes her who she is. relax…. seriously It’s not all sunshine and roses. And not everyone’s kid is Gap model material.

  36. And also carol, if you told me my twins where “big headed or not cute!” as you said i could careless. Because 1 you don’t have to think or agree what i feel about my kids. And 2 your opinion in which your are entitled to could NEVER rattle, shake, change what i feel about my kids, hurt feelings or no hurt feelings. Nobody has to build them up, they know how to do it themselves. Because in life everybody is not going to be able to do that all the time. My kids know that everybody in the world is not going to like or fall in love with them, but they love themselves enough to know you may not like me but i like me,and you can’t change that and that’s all that matters.

  37. Gee, I wonder why Kellie doesn’t often post baby pics?? Could it be the no-class, no-manner, no-life’s are critical of those too? Reading above at some of the comments I’m grossed out with a couple of the comments. I’m surprised she didn’t give up on the blog long ago. People are insane. If somebody said some of those things about my little boys I would go ballistic.

  38. This is the last thing I’m going to say… No, I don’t know Kellie, and you’re right, I probably never will. But to me, if you don’t have a nice comment, then I guess I just don’t see the point in saying anything. I know that some people are completely unphased by other people’s opinions, but that doesn’t give us the right to say mean things. It just doesn’t. And yeah, maybe Kellie can be negative at times, but I guarantee that she wouldn’t say bad things about your kid. She just wouldn’t. I didn’t mean to start such a battle on here, I just really like Kellie and her pictures, and don’t understand how people can say rude things about a little girl.

  39. Emma Kellie is Beautimous!! And so is her Mommy!!

  40. Kellie, your daughter is beautiful!

  41. I’m not Carol…..and I don’t have kids….. I’m barely even 21, so I’m sure I have a lot of growing up to do. It just makes me sad when people say negative things. And now, my attempt to do that has officially pissed Kellie off

  42. It does not matter what anyone else thinks about you or your baby. Judge Not!!! In a real mothers eyes your child will always be perfect and more beautiful than the rest. So this my dear Kellie makes you a REAL MOMMY and a REAL GOOD MOMMY at that. I must agree with Freddie I think you should remove her pics due to idiots. Don’t listen to negative comments they will only bring you down. Keep up the good work.

  43. She is just gorgeous!

  44. I’m a 41 yr old Mom of 2 kids, a 15 yr old son & a 10 yr old daughter. I was a single Mom for 8 yrs, youngest was 18 months at the time. It sucked big time, but my kids were my saving grace. We loved each other into a healed place. During the rough times I made sure my kids knew that although it sucked and things did not turn out the way I planned them that we were a team and we had to stick together. I am recently re-married and dealing with age related secondary infertility and one tube, hubby has no bio kids and I always wanted more. The whole family listens to the morning show and we love it. I find myself listening to you and hearing myself. I am rooting for you and think you are an awesome Mom with a great family to back you up. Emma Kelly is awesome, what a beautiful smile. Keep your focus on you and that baby girl and stay strong in your faith, both of those will get you through. All the best…Kerry

  45. Emma Kelly is just a beautiful baby girl. You can see she is such a happy little girl in her eyes and in her gorgeous smile. What more beauty could you ask for than to have a little girl who shows her happiness and who you can outwardly see that she loves her mommy big like the whole world. That’s perfection. That’s beautiful.

  46. I think Emma Kelly is so cute! She has such an adorable smile! You’re a great mom and I love listening to you every morning! Love from Austin, TX!

  47. Kellie-

    You ROCK, seriously! Everyone who doesnt think so can SUCK IT! 🙂 xo

  48. Elle est BELLE ! So beautiful !

  49. Look at her!!!!!!!

    I can’t believe that that itty bitty bundle of cuddley baby has turned into a person O.O

    It’s so hard to imagine that she has already gone from a tiny, helpless little thing to a big girl walking around and actually playing. I am always shocked to see how much bigger she’s gotten- she was JUST born!

    You must be super proud of her =) I know I would be if she was mine.

  50. Emma Kelly is a living doll. Her pictures just ooze personality plus.
    I love listening to KKITM. You guys crack me up. BTW I am on your side about the Rich thing.
    I check the website to read your and Al’s blog everyday. I especially enjoy looking at the pictures you post. Thank you for sharing!

  51. Kellie-
    I didnt know you could leave comments. I have been listening to you guys since high school. I’m only 23, but i have learned is dont listen to people judge other people. For all the people that want to leave negative comments dont you have a job?

  52. Beautiful Emma Kelly!! Don”t let the stupid people bother you, we love you!

  53. She looks just like Freddie!!!! So pretty!

  54. She IS a beautiful baby! Kellie, stay strong and good luck with everything!

  55. Wow. ALOT of kiss-asses commenting on here. Kinda pathetic, actually. She’s a radio personality, people. Get over it. Kellie needs everything good about herself validated every day and it’s annoying. And cute kid? Um, sure. Worth all the oozing comments? No.

  56. Oh my goodness she looks SO tall!! Love the adorable smile on her face, she is simply radiant with joy. Thanks for sharing the pictures Kelli I love them!!

  57. She is beautiful!!!

  58. I, for one, think that EK is precious and I adore Kellie as well. Kellie, you make KISS what it is, (No offense Kidd) and I enjoy listening to you every day. Do not let the negative ones on here get to you. We do have our own opinions, but some things should just be kept to yourself.

  59. Kellie I think you are amazing and that you are the only reason I tune into the show! You make my day start off well! You keep speaking your mind and us who love you will keep on tuneing in!! I love seeing pictures of Emma Kelly she is about the same age at my youngest. She is so sweet!

  60. I can’t believe how big Emma Kelly has gotten! I seen her at Taste Addison (she played with my daughter for a little while) and she looks like she has grown so much in a couple of months. My daughter has the same shirt Emma Kelly’s wearing in the group picture with Mickey only in blue. Yay Target!

  61. Kellie, haven’t heard your radio show, but read this blog. You keep on keepin’ on!

    Though my kids are much older-16 yrs old and 20 yrs old I understand being proud and wanting to show them off. Just be safe.

    And the age thing, maturity is much more important than age. And with age comes a respect and pride for one’s body regardless of flaws.

  62. I love the pic of Emma in the pink polka dot outfit. You have every right to be proud of her, she’s beautiful. I completely understand wanting to show the world pics of your daughter, I have 15 month old twin girls that I’m constantly showing pics of. Love the show

  63. Beautiful Mom.

    Beautiful Baby.

    If you people can’t say anything nice…then say NOTHING at all. Keep your nastiness to yourself.

  64. Kell – I agree with Freddie… stop posting photos of your child. I am on several message boards and that is such a big thing (to share photos on the ‘net). It is just so dangerous. You never know what might happen. Anyone can cut and paste the photos of EK that you post and do whatever they want with them. Keep them for yourself to enjoy!

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