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Just sitting here uploading pictures on the internet, killing time…waiting for Not Derek to arrive…Should’ve been here 35 minutes ago now, but got detained…….

He wants to take me to some Frank Sinatra-type show. Don’t know how I’m going to like it, but I know we’ll be over an hour late for it…….

Emma Kelly is officially a fan of Metro Station. I put that “Shake It” song on my little iPod stereo tonight and she just loved it. Bopping her head with her little tongue stuck out the side of her mouth. So cute! Don’t you just wish you had a video camera embedded in your forehead at all times so you could just press the record button when something amazing is happening??

Derek just called. He’s five minutes….

I think I need to go back on the Dr. TED diet for a few days. Las Vegas kind of hit me hard. They convinced me to get one of those double-double In ‘N Out burgers. Yep. Dr. TED. On the agenda. That and Frank Sinatra.….




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  1. Seriously? If you don’t have anything worthwhile to say, why patronize us with this? After being a long time reader, I have to say that I will no longer be reading your blog. Guess I’ve heard enough about how “hot you are” and all about some stupid 25 year old that you’re not going to stay with that long.

  2. Don’t fuss too much about how you ate in Vegas!! Kellie you are gorgeous, I have a feeling that when your daughter is a teenager she will have boyfriends that will be hitting on you all the time. You will be made into a song, like “Stacy’s Mom”! 😉

  3. Question for ya….. I am on Dr. TED too because I was totally inspired by you….. Anyway…. first of all did you EVER cheat? I haven’t, just wondered. How did you handle the drinking thing? And most of all, what are you doing about maintenance? It seems to be working — whatever you are doing…..just curious.

    This, btw, is Jennifer….. I run into you now and then at Studio 110 (we both go to BP) and I work at D…..Kidd’s Kids stuff, etc.

    As if you have time to respond to this but if you’re ever THAT bored, lol, I would appreciate it. I want to make this worth the $$!

    Have a great day.


  4. What happened to you and Uncle Daddy?????


  5. Kellie, I understand the wishing you could record every second of every day of Emma Kelly’s life. I was THE Mom that had the camera at every function and yet think I missed recording so much. My daughters make fun of me when I ask “do I need to bring the camera?” But you know what they spend an entire summer watching themselves when they were little and enjoyed every minute of it. Tape it all! And be glad you did. Love ya!

  6. Don’t worry Renee, we all know you are checking in 5 times an hour to see what kind of reponse you get to that brillant comment!

  7. Veronica,
    When EK is 16, Kellie will be 55! I don’t think alot of 16 year old will be hitting on her!

  8. Good one, Jess. That hurt.

  9. Ok, so I try to read these things, and like Kellie let it come in one ear and out the other, But why do people like to be so mean..The comment from you Renee, were you just having a bad day, so wanted to share the pain? And OMG comment, hello have you seen Kellie’s mother, she is still very HOT, and Kellie looks like her. Just remember people what your parents should of taught you, if you don’t have something nice to say, than don’t say anything at all. I read this Blog and have for years, because Kellie is an awesome person and is nice enough to share her life and child with us,. To be so open and honest, but when people try to be mean, it really ruins it for all of us. So stop already!

  10. Amanda,
    What was mean about that? A 16 year old thinking a 55 year old is hot is pretty ridiculous considering there would be enough age difference there to be a granparent relationship. Why do people have to keep telling her how “hot” she is to pump her up. That really ruins it for the rest of “us”. Stop that already!

  11. No really I wasn’t. I was in a fine mood until I read the blog. I like Kellie, I really do. Or I guess I should say I used to. I liked that she was open, funny and insecure. Now she comes across as smug and arrogant. Sorry if that offends you that I have an opinion. Have a GREAT day Amanda!

  12. I’m a mother and have also wished I had a camera in my head that i could just blink twice to turn on or something so that I could capture all those cute things my kids do. You know by the time you grab the camera and she sees you do it, the moment will be gone.

  13. Ok Rene and OMG, really..Come on, why do you feel the need to put people down.? How would you feel if someone felt the need to tell you that your not hot or your too old to be hot. Yes we do have the right to our own opinion and to speak freely, but if you don’t like Kellie or you think she is arrogant, than don’t read or listen to her. You both have checked back to read this stuff again. But yet complain about it all. And who cares how old she is, I don’t know about yall, but I still find older people attractive, does that make me creepy? No I don’t think so. And Kellie’s mom is still very pretty, and I was just saying that if Kellie grows up to look like her mom, she will still be pretty when she is 50 something. I just wish people would treat others like you would want to be treated. And Rene and OMG, I know that it would not make your day to be told stuff like that. There is nothing wrong with confidense. I wish I had it and I bet many women out there feel the same way. It’s really simple, if your going to put people down, than don’t write. It’s called respect..Yall both have a fabulous day!

  14. Don’t put words in my mouth AMANDA. I didn’t say anything albout Kellies looks or if I like her or not. I was simply replying to Veronicas post stating that teenagers would be “hitting on her” when shes in her mid 50’s and you jumped all over me. Who exactly am I putting down? Her mom? I never said she wasn’t attractive but I hardly think she is getting hit on by teenagers, not really an insult. Are you a little sensitive? I also have the right to read what I want , to my opinions, and to my posts, same as you. We are not all alike, it does not say leave a comment of praise and admiration. It says leave a comment, which is what I did. You might want to take your own advice “if you are going to put people down, don’t write it” Or better yet, you write what you want, I’ll write what I want. You have a fabulous day as well. – BTW, its confidence

  15. You women are being so childish. Its hilarious.

  16. Right back at you Denise!

  17. Oh my! Looks like I struck a nerve..LOL, ok OMG you win, put what you want. Your right, I don’t have the right to ask you to be nice. And if you correcting my spelling and putting people down is what helps you get out of bed each morning, than I guess that is what you need to do. And Denise, childish?, hmm, no don’t think so, it is called having a conversation. All is well. And just a FYI, I was actually referring to Renee for most of that e-mail..Bye

  18. I’m flattered Amanda!

  19. This is hysterical to read…what gives any of you the right to judge Kellie for doing her job? Why don’t you all give us your myspace’s, blogs, etc and let us rip you to shreds if we don’t agree with what you write? Get a life people!! Better yet, get off your mommy’s computer & do something more constuctive- you are acting like 12 year-olds. I’ve listened to KKITM for over 10 years now, and love all of them for their unique personalities. I may not always agree with everything they say or do, but that doesn’t give me the right to hate on them whenever I feel like it from the safety of my computer. I feel bad for negative people like you…the kind of people who will write a childish retort back to me when you read this…get over yourself & get a life bieatches!! 🙂 Love ya Kellie- your job is awesome and sucky all at the same time! 🙂

  20. OMG aka Renee….

    I thought you weren’t going to read Kellie’s blogs anymore? You sure are keeping up with all of this. You must not have a life. LOL!!!

  21. “OMG aka Renee?” Thats really funny- I really have no idea who OMG is. but you sure would’ve been smart if it were true. Good try! Anyway I’m done checking this blog. Boring!

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