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June 18, 2008 at 2:56 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 25 Comments

Things some people like about me, others find incredibly annoying. I got one thing out of college — the theory of projection. Whatever you see in someone else — positive or negative — is a reflecting back what’s going on inside of you. I love that.  I’m going to meditate on that a while.

Speaking of meditation! I think I’m going to try it!!! My wellness/pilates coach has this CD thing that I’m supposed to listen to that has these little tones that go off in your ears and it’s supposed to balance you. Yea! I LOVE this stuff! And I SWEAR I’m going to make an appointment to do that reflexology, too…I’ll schedule that for right after my next eyelash dying appointment. Same place. One stop beauty and wellness shop. 

So! Life is good. Yes, it is. Other than wishing my ass was a little firmer and not being willing to do the squats and lunges it takes to get it, things are pretty darned close to perfect right now. How does that work? How can things go from being dark and gloomy to suddenly being all sunshine and roses?  I haven’t even gotten past the first 80 pages of that Eckhart Tolle book…I barely skimmed through The Secret…I would like to meditate and do all that crazy stuff, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I can only come to one conclusion — It’s the 25-year-old.  I know it can’t last forever, but gosh, this sure is going to be a fun summer…




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  1. Kellie,

    You, by all means, have earned a fun summer! I am so happy for you! I encourage you to enjoy how you feel right now…but remember, IF the feeling (he) does go away, you should always feel this fabulous because you ARE this fabulous! I love and appreciate you every day. You are an incredible person with a great field of influence. I think most people really find your honesty refreshing and can completely relate to you, your strengths, and your struggles. Thanks just for being you! Just remember, on your lowest day, you are making the difference in someone else’s day! Keep smiling! As you know, Emma Kelly is lovely!!!

  2. I wish you and the 25 year old the best. I just find it sad that you have to have a 25 year old guy showing you attention for you to be happy. So when this is over, what is going to happen all this “happiness”? Good luck

  3. I second that April! Go Kelly! Just curious though, is Uncle Daddy out of the picture? Soooooo curious to know!

  4. Kellie,

    WOW, your first paragraph is fantastic. I have recently gone thru some pretty harsh judgements by some people, and others have told me “Don’t take it personally and consider the source”. You’ve hit the nail on the head!!

  5. good for you, just soak it up and have a great time. on the show, whine all you want to. i personally think you all are great and bring different parts to make it such a fun show. have a good day, and i am glad to read these new posts.

  6. The theory of projection…I love it.

  7. Every single woman (or man) deserves at least one May-December romance in their lifetime! And look at Demi and Ashton…everyone said it wouldn’t last but they are still going strong!

  8. I’m also dying to know…What happened to Uncle Daddy???

  9. You are an inspiration to many people! I am so glad everything is going so awesome for you. You totally deserve it and I hope your happiness lasts a long time!!!!

  10. Kellie-
    just wanting to make positive changes in your life can bring actual positive changes. Isnt that wonderful. Im a little like you in the fact that i want to try all of these wonderful things but i dont always get around to them……but our positive energy comes out in the wanting to learn and grow!!
    Good luck with all that you discover!!–Sara

  11. she is cleary trying to make uncle daddy jealous by her blog entries….you go kelly….

  12. I love you Kellie – I have since you started in the 90’s. When I listened to the show then I remember hearing in your voice and thinking about how much you wanted children. I know that sounds strange but I really do remember it that way, before you met your future husband I can remember thinking that I hoped you’d meet a great guy and have great kids. I just really, really wanted that for you for some reason. (I guess that I am co-dependant). So I am so happy that you have Emma Kelly now. She’s such a blessing!

    Your perspective differs from my own sometimes but that’s what’s wonderful about people. People really do need people, right? I usually identify with Kidd and think that he’s great but I’m home with my 3 kids everyday now and don’t get to listen as often. Guess who I actually miss and whose blog I read daily. YOURS!!!

    Take care and enjoy your summer!

  13. I love your blogs – be they inspirational, like today’s or the kind where you let off steam. I truly miss your diary, read by Kidd on the air, with the tune of SATC in the background. …those were the days!

    I’m glad you’re happy.

  14. Kellie, Please post another video of Emma Kelly. She is so adorable and even moreso when she talks!

  15. it is so the 25 year old!!!!

  16. 🙂

  17. Mostly all we ever hear from Kellie is what guy’s she dating, seeing, or whatever…in the meantime a nanny takes care of her child – why did she even need a child then? That’s just sad.

  18. Yay for you Kellie! Age is just a number, and whether or not it turns into anything serious, he will be fun to date! No one ever DATES anymore…..just because you’re seeing this guy – why does Uncle Daddy have to be “out of the picture”. Now people go on three dates and turn it into a relationship with all these expectations. I hope you have a real summer of George……..ENJOY IT!!!!

  19. I am pretty sure you guys stand at work so you should try and do some lunges while you work. 15 to 20 min helps me firm up:)

  20. Hi Kelly

    I agree with the theory of projection.

    I’ve just blogged about what the next big challenge might be for technology – with a particular look at the issue of compassion.

    As you seem to be someone with an interest in technology and people, I wonder what you’ll make of that?

    (I’ve also blogged about ‘How lucky to be you, and living now’ which, with your wonderfully positive approach to life, you might just like.)

    I just hope it’s ok for me to Comment as a male . . .

  21. I have never heard of Eyelash dying but I am very interested. I have blonde eyelashes so I wear mascara everyday and would love to have them dyed. Anyone else tried it?

  22. Kelly,
    Where are the pictures of “Not Derek”? This new website looks cool, but it’s a little hard to find things on it!

    Love you,

  23. That’s right Mary. Single mothers should never ever have a night out. For a matter of fact, working mothers should never have children either, what’s the point? A stranger will be raising them right? FOR FREAKIN HEAVEN’s SAKE! SHe gets home before noon and her daughter goes to bed at 7pm….what the HELL do you know?

  24. Kim, I looked into eyelash dying (I also have blonde eyelashes and know what it’s like 😛 ), and unfortunately it’s actually not safe.
    There have been documented cases of people developing severe eye problems (and permanent eye problems because the dye they use not approved for that use. Two separate dermatologists (my medical derm. and my cosmetic dr. ) told me this, so I won’t risk it.

    Kelly, I’m so glad you’re in a good place now! High five for dating Not Derek!

  25. Ok, I posted this on another blog but it didn’t really fit in and its gone. Maybe cuz I changed my name to “Just Asking” anyway, I’ll try again. I was listening to you talk about how much you hate Rich today and I’m wondering how that fits in with your comment above “the theory of projection. Whatever you see in someone else — positive or negative — is a reflecting back what’s going on inside of you. I love that. I’m going to meditate on that a while.”

    The message boards are full of people hating on you and then even more people hating on the people hating on you, which to me is a condratiction. Your defenders say to the haters “your only saying rude comments cuz you are jelous, etc.” Then they (the defenders) turn around and say rude comments to the haters. So does that mean the defenders are jelous of the haters? This makes no sense! Which bring me back to the theory of projection. BTW I am niether a defender or a hater, just a confused listener.

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