Sundays are sometimes boring…but that can be a good thing.

June 15, 2008 at 10:25 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

I have had quite a busy weekend, so having nothing much to do on a Sunday is okay by me.

Friday night I went to see Rick Springfield with a group of friends. Head Friend rented a Hummer Limo for us, so I guess our theme for the night was “Screw the environment!!” I would like to tell you how fabulous Rick was and how I was singing along to all the greatest hits and dancing like an idiot in the crowd, but I can’t. I hadn’t eaten any supper — unless you count all those cherries I ate that were swimming in my apple martinis. I think I had three. Four? I don’t know. But it was enough to leave me outside with my head in my hands for the majority of the night. I did rally in time to hear the last song of the encore. Then we were back in the Hummer for the “Screw the environment!” ride home.

Saturday night, I got to be the judge at a “Dancing With The Stars” charity thing. It was so great. They were raising money for this organization called Paws in the City that operates an animal rescue and foster home program. After they pulled our hearts out and stomped on them with the saddest slide show of homeless and neglected animals you have ever seen in your entire life — so sad they even got ME to donate money! — I got to be all Paula Abdul and hit on all the male dancers and say sweet things to the females. It was a good night. And I went home and crawled into my bed only to be awaked at 12:45am by a phone call from Not Derek. It’s funny how stuff that would normally piss you off doesn’t bother you so much when it’s being done by a hot 25-year-old, isn’t it? So what if he was almost 3 hours later calling me than he said he would…He’s hot!

Sunday I woke up with the worst sore throat and sinus gunk, but I knew that getting my butt in a church pew would make my daddy happier than anything else in the world on this Father’s Day, so that’s exactly what I did. And I was right. He told me it was his best Father’s Day present this year. I can’t say I got a lot out of the sermon due to the fact that I was having trouble with all the swallowing and breathing one has to do to stay alive, but I was there. And I got the church bulletin to prove it. After that, I went to worship at Target for about an hour or so and then it was home to just lay around and do a bunch of nothing. Actually, I was labeling shoe boxes with my fabulous label maker earlier today! That is SO fun. I highly recommend it.

Happy Father’s Day to all those who are fathers and all those who have fathers and all those who hope to be fathers someday!




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  1. So where did you get the fabulous label maker?

    Please post pics of EK soon! Can’t wait to see how she’s grown lately.

    Good for you for getting the 25 year old! I am 42 and can’t pull that off. My oldest kid is 22, so that would be weird to me. And yes, you are pretty hot, so you can pull it off! 🙂

  2. Hey Kelly- I had a baby around the same time you had Emma Kelly. I am also going through a divorce now too. I have 2 other daughters as well as the baby, Adyson. Have u found dating to be tough? my first one was a mess so I really just want to give up. I am only 28 but is dating really worth all of the crap that goes with it??
    Congrats on your younger guy! He’s probably still trainable at that age 🙂 Oh, come on, you know what I am talking about!

  3. Kellie,

    We saw you Friday at the Rick Springfield show and you didn’t look hammered. In fact my friends and I chatted about how fabulous you look and wishing we had worn flat sandels as well. It was a great show! Rick Rocked!

  4. Worship at Target — cracked me up!

  5. hi kellie, my name is spelled with an IE as well.
    I think it’s wonderful that you are having fun finally, being a listener since 1996. I have listened through you and Freddy breaking up, and watching you on Fox 4 on Valentines Day etc…

    please don’t let Kidd and Al ruin this for you.
    I’ve been married 9 years and I’m happy (sometimes)

    I wish you the best, and be the Samantha that we all want to be


  6. GOOD LUCK Kelly

  7. we hope get better soon 2

  8. can you have them put the dates of your blogs back up there – i end up reading the same ones over and over again

  9. Kellie, why are you such a nagger about everything? I am a faithful listen to Kidd but when ever you talk i have to turn down the volume you whine so much i just want to go over to the studio and give you some cheese. really i can bring some by whats your favorite? leave the time for Kidd to talk you dont have to rude all the time.

  10. It’s okay, Kel. Messila has a big ‘ole corn cob stuck where the sun don’t shine. If we were all the same, the world would be a very boring place. I say KUDOS for scoring the younger man. Love you much, honey.

  11. Melissa…if Kellie is so annoying to you why are you reading her blog? Maybe you should post your complaints where all the other annoying whiners post…on the message boards.

    Kellie, please ignore Melissa and go be fabulous!

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