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Life can be going along pretty ho-hum and then suddenly BAM! It’s like, what the heck just happened?? Everything has been thrown into high gear and I feel like I’m in a bit of a tailspin from the sudden impact. But it’s fun and scary all at the same time and I don’t know what else to do but just keep swimming along and see where the current dumps me out.

So Not Derek — that’s the fake name we came up with so we wouldn’t reveal his real name, which just so happens to be Derek — is a little bit younger than I am.  Let’s just say he’s a whole teenager younger than I am. This is proving to be quite interesting. To some people I’m all bragging, “HE’S ONLY TWENTY FIVE!!!” And to others, I’m practically mumbling, “Well, um….he’s sort of….well…..he’s only……25.” My married girlfriends are frothing at the mouth with envy. Everyone else is giving me a “What the hell —?” sideways glance. What am I supposed to do with a 25 year old? My married friends are all sassy, “Well, I know what I’D do with him!!” Yeah. They’re frothing.

But gosh, he’s cute. And he’s so sweet! He’s just so carefree and unaffected and dang! What I wouldn’t give to be hot and 25! But as Dianthe and I epiphanized earlier today, I just have to admit that I’m pretty freaking hot, too. I just didn’t realize it until now.

I’m hanging out with the girls tonight for a low key dinner on the patio. For those of you concerned, Emma Kelly will be with me. She’s always the life of the party. She has changed SO MUCH in just past month. She just got so TALL all of a sudden! And her hair seems darker, but while it’s not growing longer, it’s getting thicker on top. She’s got this little mop of curls on the crown of her head. She’s getting into the pool a lot and even though we smear her in SPF 50, her tan is already starting to develop. I’m so glad she got her daddy’s dark skin. I’ll have to post some pictures soon. I’m getting really bad about that…….




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  1. Good for you Kelly! I’m so happy that things are going well for you. I wish you all the happiness in the world!

    I have a 14 month old little boy, I need tips on how to meet other mothers!

  2. Aww, Kellie. I love to hear about people’s lives going well. Think back to almost two years ago (I think. wow has it been that long?) and Kidd and Al were trying to throw you back in the dating game, would you ever imagine you’d be with a smoking hot 25-year-old. I so want to be you when I grow up. And your daughter is the cutest. I love that “Holla” video of her.

  3. I feel that there is nothing wrong with dating or heck even marrying a younger man. Me and my husband are 9 years apart. I being the older one. He was only 21 when we meet 6 years ago. We have been married for 4 years now. He is wonderful.

    Can’t wait to see more pictures of Emma Kelly.

  4. What happened to Uncle Daddy?

  5. Flin if you read the posts you will see that THEY ARE NOT EXCLUSIVE that’s all. Maybe Kellie wants it to be is trying to make him a jealous?? Who knows.. She is dating more than one person. Doesn’t sound like a drama just having fun.

  6. Rock on Kellie!
    And I winced painfully on the inside for you when your daddy called in.=O

  7. I am so excited for you. This post was very refreshing, Kellie. Keep up the positivity!

  8. Don’t even think about it Kellie, if he is okay with it that is all that matters. Have your fun and I am happy that you are so happy, you are like a new women. For those who don’t like it, don’t listen to it and don’t read about it.

    Kuddos for Kellie, we love you.

  9. EK needs a happy mom, so you go enjoy the patio (with or without her!). Have fun!

  10. My boyfriend is 11 years younger than I am and let me tell you—age is just a number. It depends on the person but it is icing on the cake when the boytoy happens to have a rocking body and wants to go go go all night long. No baggage. No mess. Good for you hon!

  11. Kelly, enjoy your single life with Not Derek! I was 35 when I got divorced after almost 10 years of being married. Living in a college town, 20 somethings were about all the singles I could find. I dated several of them and like you, some frothed and some looked at me like I was nuts. I say enjoy yourself! There is something very exciting about dating a younger guy. I know it made me feel young again. Hope it does the same for you! (PS- I’m now married to a guy 10 years younger than me too!)

  12. Whoa whoa whoa…positivity in Kellie’s blog comments? That’s INSANE!
    Ok, I’ll be the Debby Downer, just for old time’s sake.
    “But Kellie, don’t you know that you can’t have fun?”
    “Geez Kellie, all this “dating”, what kind of example are you setting for EK?”
    There we go…now all is right.

  13. You go girl! I’m 30 and met a 25 year old on a trip, even though it’s only 5 years it was a little odd at first. But man when you see how cute/sexy they are, you get over the whole age thing really fast!!! Have fun with it girl!!!

  14. Go Kellie!!!! You deserve every bit of happiness and fun!

  15. Kellie, 25 years old? Surely that does not make you feel good being nearly twenty years older than him. Find someone your own age, he is only give an old chick a try out and will be on his way soon enough!

  16. Dee, do you think Kellie is 45? You’d be wrong. Or bad at math.

  17. oh, it’s way better to stay away from him and not ride it out for what it’s worth:fun? No harm in enjoying it while it lasts!

  18. Ok Kellie, I am one of your biggest fans but I have to say You can NO LONGER give Big Al a hard time about his choice of “younger” women….lol Have fun and enjoy this new guy….(smile)

  19. Love you girl and I’m glad you finally figured out you are hot and are worth it! I still remember my son falling in love with you when he was 5 and giving you a rose and chocolates. He’s 20 1/2 now if Not Derek turns out to be too old for you. LOL! 🙂

  20. well kelly good for you long as your not going to go crazy over the his age and feel even worse about yourself like he looks better than you and that he is cheating cause you over-think everything just like me lol

  21. Kellie,

    I know “not Derek” personally…and can tell ya…he is the one of the sweetest and most genuine guys I know.. (and i know a lot of em.) He’s not the usual “hit it and quit it” kinda have a good time..and don’t listen to anyone telling you he’s too young…age is ONLY a number. 🙂

  22. Shannon – I said ‘nearly’ 20 years which is true. She is nearly twenty years older than him. She is over 40 maybe only just but she is.

  23. First thing I think whatever makes you happy go for it . It is your life , As for EK she will be happy as long as her mom is happy and I will tell you my mom married a man ten years younger then her she had three girls and he is the best dad we could of ever of asked for by the way I will be 40 this year and he is 48 . They have been together for 19 yrs and very happy . So It can work out for the best . I wish you the Best.

  24. My wife was 38 with 2 kids when we met and I was 25. We have now been married for 13-years and have 2 more kids. I can’t imagine life without her. Don’t listen to anyone other than your own hearts. If it works, it works and that is all there needs to be. Sometimes God gives you just what you need.

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