So tired, but neglecting you is not an option…

June 9, 2008 at 3:40 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 13 Comments

I’m typing with orange-stained fingers way past my bedtime because I just feel so bad I haven’t updated in a few days. (Orange-stained because tof the flamin’ hot baked Cheetos I couldn’t resist due to PMS….I’ll blame ANYTHING on PMS…)

I had a good weekend. The Friday Night O’Fun was fine. Did the whole Brazilian steakhouse thing. Thank you for the free desserts, Rafain! And then we headed over for bowling. I’m not a bowler. Never have claimed to care for it and haven’t really made that much of an effort to pretend I’m having a good time while participating. But I gave in to the pressure of those who suggested it, and off a’bowling we went. Eh. The shoes are pretty cute, though.

Saturday night we celebrated my friend Betty’s birthday. Wow. She was so freaking hot. I’ve never seen her with her hair down and she was wearing a Marilyn Monroe-type blow-up-your-skirt dress but in fire engine red.  DA-YUM.  We all paled in comparison. But that’s the point when it’s YOUR birthday, right? I thought I was looking pretty cute up until she walked into the room. But, two martinis later and who really cares…

On Sunday I got to take a nice long nap to make up for my two nights o’fun. And then I put my hair up in a pony tail, threw on my Piggly Wiggle t-shirt and my flip flops and headed to Wal-Mart. Last Sunday was spent lounging poolside at the Four Seasons pretended I was rich. This Sunday was spent keeping it real. I felt SO Jamie-Lynn Spears for some reason, minus the teenage pregnancy, of course. I bet she owns a Piggly Wiggly t-shirt…..

Anyway, I’ve got to go wash off my hands and this keyboard and head to bed before it gets any later. Hope everybody has a great week!




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  1. Where’d you get a Piggly Wiggly T-shirt from? That’s cool

  2. what happened to uncle daddy??

  3. Piggly Wiggly…now that is a southern grocery! Haven’t seen those in years.

    ps a blog comment, can we put the “updated” date back on the home page?

  4. Just say no to cheetos,lol!

  5. Okay, Kellie. Everyone wants to know the status of you and Uncle Daddy. Just let us know!!

  6. Kelli,

    I know this isn’t your job, but I can’t find where to send this, so can you pass it along? Please ask the person who updates this website to please put the date last updated back on the previous page. We have to click on each of your blogs everyday in order to see if you have updated it and if most people are like me, it gets annoying and is time consuming while doing this at work. Thanks,

  7. hey kellie, please dont wait so long to post. i really enjoy reading your blog posts every couple of days. some of us really like to read about anything you have to rant about regardless if its about weight or your baby girl. those who pop off about it in the comment section really need to shut up about it or quit reading. its YOUR blog and you can write about anything. have a good day kellie

  8. So in the middle of all your partying and hanging out with friends did you see your child at all?

  9. Hey Kellie! Love your blog and miss it when you don’t updat it. But I won’t hold it against you, since I know you’re a very busy woman. Just curious about one thing though, what happened with you and “uncle daddy”? You haven’t mentioned him in a while…


  10. Read Dianthe’s daily remix from Monday and it gives the status of Kelly & Uncle Daddy. Also, we have a Piggly Wiggly in the lower part of South Carolina. They are almost “extinct”now.

  11. Ann is the parenting police.

  12. Ann, I’m sure Freddy had Emma Kelly or else Kellie would have been with her.

  13. Seriously — Ann asking if you saw your child in all your partying just really pissed me off. I just wanted to state that. We all know you love your daughter and spend all your time with your daughter……enjoy yourself when you can. Bye Kellie! Love your show!

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