June 4, 2008 at 2:23 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 23 Comments

Apparently the new rule is 68 hours!




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  1. Okay. Very good. You got us!! Now who are you talking about and what happened to Uncle Daddy?

  2. thats what I would like to know.

  3. Yeah, what happened to Uncle Daddy???
    Who is this new guy?

  4. Really, what’s up with Uncle Daddy? I did think it was kind of strange that he went to Vegas without her. Was there a falling out on the Mexico trip?

  5. She is teasing us on purpose – quit stringing us along and just tell us already!

  6. Your so adorable Kellie!

  7. Did Kelly & Uncle Daddy break up? I hope not. I love you Kelly!!!

  8. They aren’t exclusive..just dating. I think if a guy really wants to date a gal he should ask for the number, then call later in the day and ask her what are her plans for such n such day. This whole waiting 3 days is just a game. It’s so highschool. If a guy is playing a highschool game then yeah… next!

    Good luck Kellie.
    *Speed Dating* hint hint…

  9. I wish she would tell us what happened with uncle Daddy!!

  10. OHHH. This is probably her “revenge” for the bit J-Si and Uncle Daddy pulled about the “other women” to make hre jealous.

  11. Why does the web say you haven’t blogged since may?

  12. She and Uncle Daddy aren’t “exclusive”

  13. Yeah right, What happened to Uncle Daddy, didn’t he go with the group to Mexico?

  14. From what I gathered this morning and what she has previously said, her and Uncle Daddy are exclusive, at least not yet.

  15. wait! I mean are NOT exclusive!

  16. so glad he called! Way to go Kellie!

  17. I’m happy he called – but fill us in Kellie! Who? What? When? Where? Jeez, don’t leave us hangin’!! LOL

  18. Is this a bit? IF not – is he tall, dark, and has an interest in real estate?

  19. Well, whew, that was close!

  20. Kellie…I just need to express that over the last 6 or so months of my listening to the morning show I have just become more and more interested in you guys as people! I myself am a bartender and have come to understand that the people I wait on, truely dont give a shit about me but enjoy the service I provide and dont really care about anything after that! I just want you to know that you guys have made a day to day, every little bit counts, difference in my life! I truely think that you Kellie look amazing to have such a young child!!!! My boy is 4 1/2 and you have me beat!! But to make a long story short….I am just a small town bartender trying to pay my bills as a single mom…And I was surprised to see that you are a Journey fan…I freakin love them!!!!But I love what you all do and what your doing for Freddie! I just wish that I could make that kind of difference in someones life…keep driving on!!

  21. I thought they were exclusive even if Uncle Daddy didn’t want to use the term. What’s up with that???

  22. wait

  23. good luck

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