What are the rules now?

June 3, 2008 at 7:48 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 22 Comments

I used to think that a guy who got your phone number waited 48 hours to call you and ask you out. Is that not the case anymore? Is it 72 hours? Is it, Ask by Wednesday for the weekend? And if he was REALLY interested in asking you out, wouldn’t he have gone ahead and called after the first 48 hours? Although I’ve never been of this opinion, I understand that calling within the first 24 hours implies anxious desperation. I always assumed it meant there was real interest and excitement there, and to me, that’s flattering. But I’ll go ahead and accept the fact that to others that appears desperate, so I’ll let the first 24 slide. But after the first 48, I’m starting to get a little nervous. Did he ask for my number as just a way to get out of the conversation and move on to someone else? Did he lose it? Should I have gotten his, too? But then what would I do with it?? For me to call…THAT would seem desperate. No, I’d rather just sit here and be paranoid and think that he was never interested in the first place. My ego was momentarily stroked and now that moment has passed and even though I’m holding on to the slight hope that he might call, I’m going to go ahead and assume that it’s not going to happen. But then again, it hasn’t been a FULL 72 hours yet…




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  1. Kelly, I’ve been out of the dating “pool” for a long time now, but to me if you haven’t received a call in 2 days…you probably will not be getting one. Sorry, I really think that if they are interested in you, they would call right away. Maybe I’m “too out of the loop”. I don’t think this is a reflection on you as much as a reflection on them.

  2. Im thinking your over thinking it…

  3. I know I know…I only get to listen an hour or so each day, but did Kellie and Uncle Daddy cool things off? Who is she talking about waiting to call her?

  4. What happened to Uncle Daddy? Did I miss something?

  5. Did I miss something? What happened to Uncle Daddy? I only get to listen to the show for about 30 minutes a day, but I thought that was still going on.

  6. kellie…any guy would be crazy not to call you! dont let that get you down!

  7. What happened with Uncle Daddy?? You just stopped talking about him one day…

  8. Well, I’m curious, too. What a wierd blog. I thought she was still with Uncle Daddy, too.

  9. Well, if he doesn’t call after THIS, he’s just dense as depleted uranium and probably as healthy, and you should forget him.

  10. I’m with everyone else, so confused! What the heck happened with Uncle Daddy. If you’re going to be posting items about your love life and guys on here, keep us in the loop!!

  11. Lets say you give a guy your number on a Monday…i’d say Thursday should be the LATEST he should call..otherwise i’d forget about him and move on…and just out of curiosity, are you the one cooling it with Daddy, or is it him thats cooling it with you?

  12. I’ve been with the most wonderful man now for 4 years. I played the dating gane for years and it always seemd that when a guy asked your number if you heard from him it was like the next weekend. And yes most of the 24 hour return calls were either unbalanced or mentally unstable, but my hubby actually called me the very next morning after getting my number (of course this was after the 5th time of running into each other while out with friends), literally not even 12 hours later. You just know when you know. Don’t worry about it. IF he doesn’t call-it is HIS loss, cause you are the coolest!

  13. I’m sooo confused….what happened to Uncle Daddy? I don’t get to listen to the show anymore and so I just stay caught up with your blogs. You just all of a sudden stopped talking about him…what happened? don’t leave us hangin’!

  14. I was just listening THIS MORNING (6/4/08) and it sounded like Kellie and Uncle Daddy were still together. They did a bit with J-Si and Uncle Daddy talking about Uncle Daddy hooking up with other girls on a trip – just trying to get a rise out of Kellie. It all sounded like they were still together.

  15. Did I miss something??? What happened to Uncle Daddy???

  16. The rules are there are no rules. Do you really want to go out with someone who isn’t into you enough to call you within a few days to ask you out? If he does call now, some act of God needs to have occurred that prevented him from calling you sooner…otherwise, he’s just not that into you.

  17. The last date I went on was 23 years ago, so I have no idea. I think the older you are, the less time you waste. Besides, aren’t young, hip ladies supposed to be the caller not the callee?

  18. Maybe I missed something, but I never heard anything about Kellie and Uncle Daddy being EXCLUSIVE.

    Kellie, I would think that he’s gonna call you and don’t think so much about the dating rules. Rules are meant to be broken 🙂

  19. He didn’t want to be called exclusive, but he said if he wanted a date he was calling her – nobody else.

  20. i was pondering the same thing a few weeks ago and then i came across this book The Good Dating Guide and it really helped

  21. oops…guess the link didnt come out right, ill give it another go… The Good Dating Guide

  22. he’s just not that into you…

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