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If ya’ll want to fight amongst yourselves, that’s fine. But I’m kind of tired of having the comments to whatever I post on here bogged down with all the fighting. Can ya’ll just exchange email addresses or something?

I write blogs because I’m told people want to read them. But when I write them, it’s just getting to be a bit exhausting reading the back and forth, back and forth. And I share pictures of my child because I’m asked to and because I’m so proud to show off my daughter, but apparently even that’s become a bad thing. You know what? Freddie asked me to stop sharing pictures of her anyway because there are crazy people in this world who might do something stupid. But I’ve always told him our listeners are different. I wasn’t worried about her safety. But now I’m like, why should I bother? I am perfectly happy to enjoy her all by myself.

Listen — I know I can be a bitch. I know I can be a loyal friend. I know I can be funny. I know I can piss people off. I know I have body issues. I know I am dating a man way too young for me. I know that my kid is about the closest thing to perfect I’ve ever experienced in this lifetime. I know not everybody likes me. I know some people flat-out hate me. I know I am loved. I know I need to take a nap right now. I know that I need more therapy. I know that I have the power to delete every single message you guys post, positive or negative. I know that I’m going to have California rolls for supper tonight and I’m very excited about it. And the more I think about it, I’m seriously thinking about deleting all the posts.

The thing is, I get on the radio and I say what I’m feeling. If I’m mad at someone or something, it spews out of me and you get to hear all about it. If I’m giddy about something, same thing. And the part I can’t escape — you know exactly who I am. My name is out there. My face is out there. I say it. I own it. I can’t sit behind a keyboard and type out whatever garbage I feel like spewing using some cleverly-crafted anonymous name attached to some bogus email address hoping I’ll get a rise out of somebody who will start a war of words with me.   

I’ll post again tomorrow after I’ve had my California rolls and a good night’s sleep. I think I’m just too stinking cranky right now and I’m sorry for rambling on. But it’s just frustrating sometimes.

Meantime, I have the most wonderful job in the world and I wouldn’t trade anything for it.  I am truly blessed to do what I do and get paid for it and I get to work with people I love — and fight with! — like family. I get inundated with uplifting emails and sweet myspace messages and I have to deal occasionally with some really negative stuff. But all the great stuff outweighs the little bit of bad and I just needed to get a little bit of the bad out of my system. Sorry about that. But this is my blog.


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Emma Kelly keeps up with all the latest fashions...

Feel sorry for me.

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My mouth hurts. Not that much, really…but enough to garner some sympathy. Had to have a crown put on today and I sat there with my mouth propped open for a full hour, smelling my tooth shavings that tasted a bit like burned popcorn and sucking on laughing gas that left me feeling a bit nauseous.  Why does the dentist even ask if you want laughing gas or not? Why would anyone ever say no?

I think I’m going to go to bed early, though. Partly because I still don’t feel so great from the dental appointment and partly because 25 year olds like to sit up really, really late and I’m tired from our Frank Sinatra date night Sunday. I don’t know how much longer I can hang. Besides, he won’t want to much longer anyway. There’s only so long I can hide the fact that I’m truly, sincerely, not-even-joking-about-it, not fun. Not Derek’s sitting there practically beaming about the joys of camping, promising to take me one day so I can experience this oneness with nature. Uh…no. Then he asks me, “Do you ski?” No. “Do you scuba dive?” No. “Would you scuba dive?” No. “Bungee ju–” Don’t even get the words out of your mouth, no.  See? Who has two thumbs and isn’t fun? This chick right here. 

But I am looking forward to my date with Not Derek and J-Si Wednesday night. I do believe it’s going to be one of the more entertaining nights I’ve had in quite some time. Plus I found $70 in restaurant certificates that expire next month. Whoo-hoo! You know how much I love to eat for free!

Emma Kelly is changing so much. It’s fun, but I want to put the brakes on all of these changes happening all at once. She’s  personality plus — dancing and singing and flirting and showing off.   And she’s speaking in complete sentences already. That literally happened overnight! And she doesn’t even LOOK like a baby so much any more. She’s looks like a little girl with a really, really short haircut. So sad and wonderful all at the same time.

I’m contemplating taking a leftover Vicodin and going to bed. There aren’t many excuses I have to take a Vicodin and not feel guilty about it, and I think my dental work and sore mouth qualifies as a pretty good one.


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Just sitting here uploading pictures on the internet, killing time…waiting for Not Derek to arrive…Should’ve been here 35 minutes ago now, but got detained…….

He wants to take me to some Frank Sinatra-type show. Don’t know how I’m going to like it, but I know we’ll be over an hour late for it…….

Emma Kelly is officially a fan of Metro Station. I put that “Shake It” song on my little iPod stereo tonight and she just loved it. Bopping her head with her little tongue stuck out the side of her mouth. So cute! Don’t you just wish you had a video camera embedded in your forehead at all times so you could just press the record button when something amazing is happening??

Derek just called. He’s five minutes….

I think I need to go back on the Dr. TED diet for a few days. Las Vegas kind of hit me hard. They convinced me to get one of those double-double In ‘N Out burgers. Yep. Dr. TED. On the agenda. That and Frank Sinatra.….


Stuff is just funny…

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Things some people like about me, others find incredibly annoying. I got one thing out of college — the theory of projection. Whatever you see in someone else — positive or negative — is a reflecting back what’s going on inside of you. I love that.  I’m going to meditate on that a while.

Speaking of meditation! I think I’m going to try it!!! My wellness/pilates coach has this CD thing that I’m supposed to listen to that has these little tones that go off in your ears and it’s supposed to balance you. Yea! I LOVE this stuff! And I SWEAR I’m going to make an appointment to do that reflexology, too…I’ll schedule that for right after my next eyelash dying appointment. Same place. One stop beauty and wellness shop. 

So! Life is good. Yes, it is. Other than wishing my ass was a little firmer and not being willing to do the squats and lunges it takes to get it, things are pretty darned close to perfect right now. How does that work? How can things go from being dark and gloomy to suddenly being all sunshine and roses?  I haven’t even gotten past the first 80 pages of that Eckhart Tolle book…I barely skimmed through The Secret…I would like to meditate and do all that crazy stuff, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I can only come to one conclusion — It’s the 25-year-old.  I know it can’t last forever, but gosh, this sure is going to be a fun summer…


Sundays are sometimes boring…but that can be a good thing.

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I have had quite a busy weekend, so having nothing much to do on a Sunday is okay by me.

Friday night I went to see Rick Springfield with a group of friends. Head Friend rented a Hummer Limo for us, so I guess our theme for the night was “Screw the environment!!” I would like to tell you how fabulous Rick was and how I was singing along to all the greatest hits and dancing like an idiot in the crowd, but I can’t. I hadn’t eaten any supper — unless you count all those cherries I ate that were swimming in my apple martinis. I think I had three. Four? I don’t know. But it was enough to leave me outside with my head in my hands for the majority of the night. I did rally in time to hear the last song of the encore. Then we were back in the Hummer for the “Screw the environment!” ride home.

Saturday night, I got to be the judge at a “Dancing With The Stars” charity thing. It was so great. They were raising money for this organization called Paws in the City that operates an animal rescue and foster home program. After they pulled our hearts out and stomped on them with the saddest slide show of homeless and neglected animals you have ever seen in your entire life — so sad they even got ME to donate money! — I got to be all Paula Abdul and hit on all the male dancers and say sweet things to the females. It was a good night. And I went home and crawled into my bed only to be awaked at 12:45am by a phone call from Not Derek. It’s funny how stuff that would normally piss you off doesn’t bother you so much when it’s being done by a hot 25-year-old, isn’t it? So what if he was almost 3 hours later calling me than he said he would…He’s hot!

Sunday I woke up with the worst sore throat and sinus gunk, but I knew that getting my butt in a church pew would make my daddy happier than anything else in the world on this Father’s Day, so that’s exactly what I did. And I was right. He told me it was his best Father’s Day present this year. I can’t say I got a lot out of the sermon due to the fact that I was having trouble with all the swallowing and breathing one has to do to stay alive, but I was there. And I got the church bulletin to prove it. After that, I went to worship at Target for about an hour or so and then it was home to just lay around and do a bunch of nothing. Actually, I was labeling shoe boxes with my fabulous label maker earlier today! That is SO fun. I highly recommend it.

Happy Father’s Day to all those who are fathers and all those who have fathers and all those who hope to be fathers someday!



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Life can be going along pretty ho-hum and then suddenly BAM! It’s like, what the heck just happened?? Everything has been thrown into high gear and I feel like I’m in a bit of a tailspin from the sudden impact. But it’s fun and scary all at the same time and I don’t know what else to do but just keep swimming along and see where the current dumps me out.

So Not Derek — that’s the fake name we came up with so we wouldn’t reveal his real name, which just so happens to be Derek — is a little bit younger than I am.  Let’s just say he’s a whole teenager younger than I am. This is proving to be quite interesting. To some people I’m all bragging, “HE’S ONLY TWENTY FIVE!!!” And to others, I’m practically mumbling, “Well, um….he’s sort of….well…..he’s only……25.” My married girlfriends are frothing at the mouth with envy. Everyone else is giving me a “What the hell —?” sideways glance. What am I supposed to do with a 25 year old? My married friends are all sassy, “Well, I know what I’D do with him!!” Yeah. They’re frothing.

But gosh, he’s cute. And he’s so sweet! He’s just so carefree and unaffected and dang! What I wouldn’t give to be hot and 25! But as Dianthe and I epiphanized earlier today, I just have to admit that I’m pretty freaking hot, too. I just didn’t realize it until now.

I’m hanging out with the girls tonight for a low key dinner on the patio. For those of you concerned, Emma Kelly will be with me. She’s always the life of the party. She has changed SO MUCH in just past month. She just got so TALL all of a sudden! And her hair seems darker, but while it’s not growing longer, it’s getting thicker on top. She’s got this little mop of curls on the crown of her head. She’s getting into the pool a lot and even though we smear her in SPF 50, her tan is already starting to develop. I’m so glad she got her daddy’s dark skin. I’ll have to post some pictures soon. I’m getting really bad about that…….


So tired, but neglecting you is not an option…

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I’m typing with orange-stained fingers way past my bedtime because I just feel so bad I haven’t updated in a few days. (Orange-stained because tof the flamin’ hot baked Cheetos I couldn’t resist due to PMS….I’ll blame ANYTHING on PMS…)

I had a good weekend. The Friday Night O’Fun was fine. Did the whole Brazilian steakhouse thing. Thank you for the free desserts, Rafain! And then we headed over for bowling. I’m not a bowler. Never have claimed to care for it and haven’t really made that much of an effort to pretend I’m having a good time while participating. But I gave in to the pressure of those who suggested it, and off a’bowling we went. Eh. The shoes are pretty cute, though.

Saturday night we celebrated my friend Betty’s birthday. Wow. She was so freaking hot. I’ve never seen her with her hair down and she was wearing a Marilyn Monroe-type blow-up-your-skirt dress but in fire engine red.  DA-YUM.  We all paled in comparison. But that’s the point when it’s YOUR birthday, right? I thought I was looking pretty cute up until she walked into the room. But, two martinis later and who really cares…

On Sunday I got to take a nice long nap to make up for my two nights o’fun. And then I put my hair up in a pony tail, threw on my Piggly Wiggle t-shirt and my flip flops and headed to Wal-Mart. Last Sunday was spent lounging poolside at the Four Seasons pretended I was rich. This Sunday was spent keeping it real. I felt SO Jamie-Lynn Spears for some reason, minus the teenage pregnancy, of course. I bet she owns a Piggly Wiggly t-shirt…..

Anyway, I’ve got to go wash off my hands and this keyboard and head to bed before it gets any later. Hope everybody has a great week!



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Apparently the new rule is 68 hours!


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