I’ve paid good money on a lot of therapists over the years…

May 28, 2008 at 7:09 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

…so I think I’ll take all this free analysis I’m getting with a big old grain of salt licked from the rim of my margarita glass and go get my mani/pedi now. I’m thinking about Argenteeny Pinkini or maybe Big Apple Red for my toes — in honor of the “Sex & the City” premiere, of course.




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  1. So i really don’t understand why people feel the need to be so rude. Don’t worry about them Kellie there are MANY people who love listening to you every morning who won’t sit there and talk trash about you.

    Do your thing girl! I wish you could be happy with who you are but everyone has their own battles.

    i love listening to you!!!

  2. You go girl. Let us “late thirty/early forties” gals show these youngins how to deal with negativity…Margaritas, a nice mani-pedi AND a big ‘ole pile of I-don’t-give-a-rip!

    Keep lookin up cuz thats where it is, NOT in those mean spirited comments.

  3. kellie, you’re hilarious. I just love your honesty. All the overly obvious advice you’re getting, as if you’re not a grown woman, would drive me nuts. oh! and Argenteeny Pinkini sounds pretty!

  4. OMG! Kellie-
    One of my friends just told me about these comments so I just had to read them for myself! OK people– here’s the deal — All of the negative, ugly comments are said by people who really don’t know the real you. They need to understand that just like TV, radio also has many things that are exagerrated for the audience. Having been friends with you for 13+ years now, I know first hand how sweet, honest and fun you REALLY are! I feel blessed to have such an amazing friend in my life that has her fair share of CRAP and still continues to be an awesome mother and friend to so many. YOU are “THE BOMB” sistah!! Those who REALLY know you are what really matters!

    BTW- Can’t wait for our SATC night this Saturday! I hope you don’t mind, but I am thinking of doing the Pinkini color also!!!! We will be twins because I am willing to bet money that you will be wearing a little black dress (just like I am)!!

    Lotsa Love!

  5. I dont think I’ve met a person yet that couldnt benefit from Therapy…..people are just plain rude….Sip that margarita girl!

  6. thank you Kellie…you are the GREATEST…i would offer you a platonic hug…but fear that might be a banishishable offense.

  7. People are koo koo if they actually believe you would listen to any of their advice Kellie!

  8. Kellie, my goodness..I just read all these comments. And I see what your saying. You know I have listened to you for many years, and these last 2 years I have grown to really love you. Your my favorite on the show. Your honesty is precious. You don’t find that in many people. The fact that you open up and share so much is great. Let’s me know that everyone struggles. But most of all, that everyone can conquer are biggest fears and desires. Emma Kelly was a desire that you fullfilled. And it says so much about you. So keep on trucking. We do love you and your show. You can’t help that some people are judgemental, and they know they shouldn’t be!
    Love ya

  9. good for you, kellie! juck ’em if they can’t take a foke! you’re great! we love you! keep up the good work!! 🙂

  10. What I love is how everyone hating on Kellie thinks they know her so well. A few hours on the radio a day doesn’t show a whole person. She can have doubts, fears and worries but that doesn’t mean she is obsessed.

  11. You should try the latest “new” drink, the Collin Countini! The Housewives have always loved you and Kidd!

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