How much weight can one gain in one holiday weekend…

May 28, 2008 at 3:43 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 37 Comments

In my experience, that would be 8 pounds. I think I’m just going to let that sit there for a while.



Yes, I gained 8 pounds. Eight pounds of margaritas and chips and guacamole and burgers and pina coladas and pizza and cookies and M&Ms and whatever else was offered to me. I’m sure some of it is water weight, but what can I say about the other 7 pounds?? Oh well. I got thru the worst part of it and now that I’ve had my Mexican whoop-ti-do, I’ll take it back off. Just no pressure this time.

I was SO happy to wrap my arms around Emma Kelly today, but happier to have her wrap her little arms around me. She squeezed my neck so hard and grunted “Mmm-mmm!” I just adore her. Mexico was fun, but by the second night,  I was feeling heartsick over being away from her.

I’m really glad I went and I really tried super hard to drop my anxieties about certain things and just have a good time. I slipped up a little here and there, but it’s hard when you’re surrounded by 20-something little hot bodies in bikinis and well, you’re just NOT…I’ve been trying to get thru the hardest book in the world — that New Earth Eckhart Tolle thing! — and I’m trying to understand this concept of letting go of the ego, but he’s asking a whole lot for me to undo a lifetime of this stuff and I’m only thu the first 117 pages! But if I can grasp it and let the ego go and just BE, life would just be so different. Fewer complications. Less drama. But does serenity seem boring to anybody else but me? What’s life without a little complaining? A pity party here and there? The sheer envy of that hot girl on the beach who manages to leap  toward the beach without so much as a jiggle of a thigh or an ounce of self-consciousness as I apply another coat of SPF 50 and wonder why self-tanning creams don’t work on stretch marks? The self-soothing midnight binges and the self-hatred from the next morning’s weight gain? Screw serenity.




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  1. You look fabulous girl and I know you are so proud. Once you get the weight you want, maintain is the key everyone says, and even though no dietitian will ever agree with my method this is the only thing that works for me. Every other day (and on special occasions I can have whatever I want), just in a moderate amount. Like instead of eating 2 helpings, eat one then another an hour or so later, or when out to eat, I bring half home for later. Anything I want all day just in small amounts. Then the next day it is water and brown rice, chicken etc. Works for me. I dropped 15lb and have kept them off for about 6 months this way. So glad ya’ll had a blast in mx, i know how you feel when you have to leave your baby for a weekend. So extreme, freedom, and intense loneliness lol.

  2. Well, your first mistake was weighing yourself when you returned. Probably 4 pounds of that is water, if not more. You should always give yourself a week to let your body get readjusted and get the sodium out of your system. Mexican food is salty! This is the same reason why I don’t weight myself after my “cheat day”. I will always be 5 pounds heavier the next morning due to the sodium. Even higher if I ate Mexican food!

    You’ll have it off in no time!

  3. You need so much therapy. You will yourself to stay in this vicious cycle. Try saying something positive about everything for ONE day, and see how people respond to you differently. See how much better you feel. Instead of drowning in sorrow about everything, try swimming in a sea of positivity. If only for a day…you might actually like it. Overly negative people suck the life out of everybody and everything. You only have one life; why spend it worrying about what you aren’t? Focus on what you ARE and be glad you have a beautiful daughter. You have so much to be thankful for, and all you ever do is complain about everything. It’s sad. You are a brilliant, beautiful woman, and we love you and want you to be HAPPY.

  4. i can lose 8lbs in one bm.

  5. I love you Craig.
    Kellie, you are 35 years old, get over yourself and start being a mom instead of focusing on your looks. It’s over. All you are teaching Emma is that looks are all that matter.

  6. Kellie, I was once a 20 something, little hot thing in a bikini.. this too shall pass and they will no longer be 20 something little hot bodies in bikini’s… time has a way of changing everything!

  7. Kellie…i was banned on the message board…could you use your amazing powers and get me re-instated???…tell them i will NEVER talk about **** bleaching or post whales private parts.

  8. Why even have a comment section if you delete the ones you don’t like? At least rename it leave comments of praise and admiration only.

  9. Hey, you should care about how you look.. I dont’ think she is obsessive.. a guy friend once told me if you don’t care about how you look and about yourself how do you expect anyone else to care.. you should at least try… there are alot of people who don’t try and don’t care how they look and when they finally do start, if they do, they have a whole lot more to lose and worry about. Its also a health issue to not just eat your self silly (kellie you are no where near that point yet) You can be concerned about your weight/health and still be thankful for what you have and I think, from what I read, Kellie is just that.

  10. Tina,
    Kellie is not 35, she is 40!

  11. Craig,
    you are a bm

  12. Kellie,

    I am a listener clear up here in Washington State your show was picked up by the local station Power 99.1 and I listen every morning on my way to work.

    You really need to go talk to a shrink. I am not saying that to be mean but I just read your blog from your trip to Mexico (which should have been fun and carefree) and it made me sad (and that is from just reading your blog — imagine if we met the sadness would put off like perfume). You think so little of yourself it is sad. Trust me the 20 something running toward the beach will have her day of jiggles it will come.

    But you really need to let those body hang ups go. You have a beautiful little girl that you need to set example for. You are a confident, beautiful woman and you need to own that and stop stessing on how you think others see you.

    It took me being told by my doctors that I have MS to let go so I know it is not easy but I am proof it works. Now I am the happiest I have ever been and it shows I changed the whole way I look at life but it took me getting sick to do that.

    So this is what I want to share with you it is something you already know and just don’t think about. LIFE IS TO SHORT!! Be happy with who you are on the inside and everything else will fall in place. You have to Trust — not trust others you have to Trust yourself.

  13. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t reinstate Craig to the message board. Today has been so pleasant there.

  14. sara…tis not lady like to call one a pile of fecal matter.

  15. sherry…i bet you supported the germans when they tried to ban the jews…or your own country when you tried to ban the native americans.

  16. Kellie…*insert puppy dog face*…please help me get get back…have i not been a good enough fan???

  17. Kellie you look like you could be the girls mother in the picture on Al’s blog…. You look “OLD”!

    Doesn’t matter how skinny your face shows your age… don’t you know the more weight you lose you look like an old hag….

  18. Kellie—–not again! So much obsession about weight and looks…there is so much more to you than the exterior. Quit reading that New Earth book—it’s nothing but new age crap. Get out your Bible, go to church, join a Bible study, attend a sunday school class for singles. Your peace and serenity (even though you say you don’t desire it & it’s boring) will not come from a number on the scales, a cute bikini, a size 6 dress or a great tan line! You have many blessings in your life….try counting them…instead of calories 🙂

  19. JJ – Your comments should hit home to a lot of people (including myself)! Well said – good constructive criticism.

  20. This post made me sad too.
    But the unsolicited advise from all those unhappy gals above is too much!
    Folks should be sharing what worked for them and stop telling strangers what they NEED to do.
    I just had my toes done for the SATC premier so enjoy it!!

  21. I TOTALLY agree with you Pinky T. I’ve learned that mean people are miserable people. And they’re usually jealous of the person they say mean things to. You just have to be confident in who you are and ignore people like that.

  22. Kelli, you don’t look old at all. I can’t believe people would say such mean things.. what causes people to be mean, their own unhappiness?
    and no class at all! Kellie you look wonderful have a margarita for me!

  23. seriously kellie…you MUST STOP being so freaking negative. Yes, it’s ok to be emotional and feel sorrow for yourself from time to time…but this is ridiculous. It sounds like really poor self-esteem and that suprises me? Come one Kelly…shape up!!

  24. You don’t even look 40 Kellie so just ignore that person. You are beautiful and I think finally beginning to love yourself (faults and all) and that’s what it’s all about….b/c NOBODY is perfect! I think I’ll get me a mani/pedi this weekend!

  25. I am almost willing to bet none of these people would tell Kellie any of these attacks to her face….tis easier to hide behind a message board and be so blatanly rude……Rule of thumb…give advice TACTFULLY. She knows she has a problem…she choses to share it. Of course all of you have never made ANY mistakes and your children are all perfect cause you are all perfect parents….it’s easier to pluck the log out of your neighbors eye than to see the one in yours…….hmp

  26. What happened to Uncle Daddy?? Did he go to Mexico with Kelly?
    Did I miss something?

  27. Kellie,
    Once after reaching my goal at Weight Watchers, my girlfriend and I went to Cozumel to celebrate our accomplishment. I did the exact same thing you did…..GAINED 9 POUNDS IN 3 DAYS!!! Lost 5 back the first week, and the last 3 the following week. It seems funny now, but at the time, I was devistated.

  28. why are people so freaking rude????????

  29. Kellie, I know from experience that most of the weight you gained while in Mexico is probably from sodium/water! When I’ve traveled for a couple weeks, I come home to the same issue, but the weight comes off really quickly if I just exercise and watch what I eat for a week or so.
    Don’t get down about the 8 pounds! Most, if not all of it, is not `real’ weight.

    And don’t listen to Lynn – she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. You look great! I think you look younger than your age, truthfully.

  30. What drives me nuts is people saying “don’t listen to …” People: I’m sure Kellie can decide for herself who to listen to and who not to she doesn’t need your help! Make your comment and leave it at that!

  31. I think Kellie is charming, beautiful and witty soul. I don’t know of any woman in thier 30’s/40’s who hasn’t , even if it is for a brief second, longed for just one more day in their 20’s. I don’t know of any woman who hasn’t just once examined her face/body witha fine toothed comb in a mirror, or put the back of her hand under her chin and lifted and released….pulled the skin taught on her temples and then release-repeated the process for a good 5 minutes and then fixed her self a big glass of wine.And by George if they say they haven’t they are big fat liars. No one is perfectly content with every aspect of the life and every in of their body. Kelli is more than a mom. Shes a sister, a friend, a daughter, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, a nurse, a chef,a cheerleader, a beautician, a coach, and a million other things so I am sure she couldn’t possibly focus ALL of her energy on ”just being a mom” or her ”body image”…I can cleary see that she is spread too thin to focus any amount of energy on one thing. And the way that she gushes about that adorable little girl should make it obvious that her love runs deep- to the very core of her being for her daughter. We all have desires, fears, hang ups.etc and it takes a heck of a person to openly admit those and put them things out in public view knowing how it will be scrutinezed by smoe many. We need to stop being so catty and ”live Juicy”. Remember, we are girls-its us against the boys, we have to stick together! Ok-done : )

  32. Forgive all the above spelling errors…it happens : )

  33. Kellie you are my favortie on the show and I love your blog!

    Don’t let these negative comments from rude and hateful people get you down ( I know you won’t!) I think you are a really good person and an awesome mom!

    congrats on reaching your wieght goal you look fabulous!

  34. I’m sure Kellie can decide for herself if she wants to read my post or not, but I’ll also decide for myself what I want to say in my post, Sara. You know what drives me nuts? People telling other people what they should post.

  35. As can other people Kathleen without aa don’t listen to from you…

  36. Kelly, I have been a listener since the morning show came to Augusta, Ga, on HD 98.3. You are INCREDIBLE! AMAZING! and BEAUTIFUL! It’s funny I feel that I know you. This is my second time coming to the web site, first time on your blog. I have always wondered what all of you looked like, just never went to the web site to check it out. Well I finally did the other day. You look SO tiny. I understand where you come from with your self image and at 40 I can totaly relate to the fustration of the hard body 20 year old. My youngest daughter is 15, my body image and actual body have had their ups and downs since her birth so long ago lol. Size 4 to size 14, at 5’2″ (can’t help it LOVE GOOD food). Hating body to loving it to hating it, to where I am now, size 6-8 and still losing (26 lbs in 3 months) and learning to love what I got and recognizing that I will never be 20 again but damn I look great! And really looking back do you want to be 20 again?

    My Body image issues are mine. Both of my daughters (17 & 15) are beautiful, smart and confident in themselves. I have always taken ownership of MY issues and even when I was obsessive at size 4, thinking I needed to be smaller, to my girls, I just blamed it on the Army and their weight standards ;-). OK maybe not complete ownership lol.

    Anyway, I just wanted you to know it is OK, even as a mom, for it to be ALL ABOUT ME, sometimes. Keep in mind that your daughter will always love you unconditionally, no matter how big or small you are, she will always think that you are BEAUTIFUL.

  37. I’m really disappointed by all the negativity. If you don’t like what Kelly posts in her blog, don’t read it. It’s her life and you all are not her judges.

    Kelly, I wish you the best of luck with you weight battles. Ignore the haters.

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