Josh Hoge “Open Your Eyes, Emma Kelly”

May 19, 2008 at 2:32 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

Josh Hoge – Emma Kelly Song   LISTEN HERE

Kidd wrote this as a surprise for me before Emma Kelly was born. Taylor Hicks refused to sing it, so Josh Hoge stepped in and did an amazing job. It couldn’t have been any more perfect. Thanks for saying no, Taylor!!



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  1. This song has made me cry everytime i’ve heard it. It is so precious! I know you love her so much, and regardless of what all the “no life” people say, i think you are a great mom 🙂

  2. beautiful song for a beautiful blessing sung by a beautiful voice!

  3. I LOVE this song. It made me get all misty eyed.You seem like a wonderful mom. I don’t understand why listeners think they can tear you down! They have no cause, I think sometimes ppl just get jealous. Have a good one.

  4. I remember first hearing this song by Kidd. And I remember listening to you one day while you were waiting to see if you got pregnant and talking about it on the radio. I prayed for you that day on my way to work and I cried. I can really relate to how much you want a baby. I’m so glad God has blessed you. This song is amazing!

  5. Wow. So touching.

  6. Do you have the lyrics? I can’t understand what he’s saying in parts…

  7. What a beautiful song!

  8. I have 3 kids but only 1 daughter and I know first hand you love all of your kids but a bond between mother and daughter is special. Beautiful song and I think Josh sang it much better than Taylor ever could have! Congrats!

  9. Omg! That song made me cry. It was so beautiful. I remember when you were trying to get pregnant. I was praying for you so hard.

  10. Isn’t Josh just the absolute best? I absolutely adore him and all of his music, and can’t wait for his new CD to come out in September. Great voice, and a great heart!
    And kudos to Kidd for such beautiful lyrics!

  11. This song really moved me. Josh is incredible, as always!

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