Can you hear me now?

May 15, 2008 at 2:26 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 16 Comments

Losing your voice is EXHAUSTING. It takes so much air to speak that I start feeling light-headed, which can actually be kind of cool depending on the situation. But after I got off the air this morning, I tried really hard to keep the talking to a minimum, so I’m hoping my voice is back in somewhat decent shape tomorrow. It sucks, too, that I have to miss out on a voiceover audition for some cartoon or video game or something like that.  Big bummer.  Who doesn’t want to be the voice of a cartoon?? That would rock.

Just got through watching “American Idol” and the predictable selection of the final two. I found myself crying when David Cook went back home for his parade and proclamation. I don’t know why. The other ones going home didn’t bother me at all. And I won’t go in to how I felt about David Archuleta’s goober act or Fantasia’s panic-inducing song and dance routine. I’m honestly too tired to be so negative right now. But didn’t you just LOVE the look on Simon’s face when Fantasia was doing her thing?? PRICELESS!  I will laugh about that for days.





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  1. OMG! Simon’s face was priceless! My 10yr old daughter and I were laughing so hard because it’s the same exact expression we had!!

  2. my legs itch.

  3. Fantasia???

    Just wondering…David Cook will do so much better off the show. He will be able to make an album that he wants to, not just sing what they want him to. Look at Daughtry…

  4. I cried too when David Cook went home! Not a lot, just a few tears. He is just so grateful and genuinely humble, unlike the OTHER David.

  5. Craig, someone is looking for you on the message board…

  6. I am so glad someone said something about the Fantasia song..OMG how hilarious was Simon’s face!!! That whole ‘singing’ scenario was awkward but for some reason I couldn’t look away!!! LOL That was a crazy mess….
    But you are not alone, I did shed some tears when David Cook went back home. It was so sweet to see someone be so grateful for the chance they were given. I am so rooting for David Cook to win.

  7. I love Simon. He definitely doesn’t fake anything.

  8. omg…i decided to get on the scale after having to tighten up my belt TWO notches…i lost 24 lbs!!!

  9. I think it’s kind of strange that we are watching the same show and seeing such different things. David A. does have an aw shucks kind of personality but it is obviously very genuine. He is shy and awkward but definitley sincere. David C. on the other hand is very calculating. He has been playing the game since he started. He is trying to act sincere but comes off as smug.

  10. I love David A.’s voice but I hate to watch him. You see “aw shucks,” and I see wimpy and annoying. Can we put his voice in the other David’s body?

  11. I made the comment that D Archuleta was beginning to sound like Napoleon Dynamite saying “Gosh!” over and over. I just couldn’t quit looking at that a-hole of a stage father, Big Daddy Archuleta and thinking, “I hope your son loses, comes out, and starts headlining a tranny show in Vegas.” And Syesha’s dad telling all the world how her success is keeping him clean and sober. No pressure there, Syesha! I would feel better about David Cook if he would just lose the over-planned grunge look. I like his voice a lot, I just hope if he wins they won’t make him record a douche-bag CD like Taylor Hicks.

  12. I just don’t understand the hate on David Archuleta…. I think he is adorable!!! to each his own, right… LOL

  13. Hey Kellie,

    I already left you a message on MySpace before I found this link…like reading your blog.

    Yours truly a KISS FAN

  14. Archulaett is overrated. In my opinion, AI tried to groom him for the #1 spot, but he has shown no growth since day 1. David Cook is so talented, confident, emotionally mature, and not too bad to look at either! And will sell TONS more records!

  15. OMG! Kellie I think you’re AWESOME! I luv u on the show. dont worry ur not the boring news girl! ur the fun talk show host xD I’m a fan! ur awesome Kellie!


  16. i kno hehe. tht didnt hav 2 do wit the whole american idol thing, but whoever said that ur a boring news grl is totally wrong. i’m ur #1 fan Kellie!

    P.S. dont think of me as creepy. i’m just a really big fan. but tell kidd and big al and jc tht i luv thm 2. xD


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