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May 6, 2008 at 3:19 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

This has been a long, exhausting day. But before I lay me down to sleep, I wanted to write a little something something. I just feel like blogging. It’s like I just need to write all this down and get it out of my head so I can actually go to sleep without tossing and turning for an hour, which seems to be happening a lot lately. (And that’s why I EMBARRASSINGLY took a 3 hour nap on Sunday!!)

Kidd and I shared a little lunch today, and that was very cool. We’ve worked together for so many years, it’s like a little marriage and we need to nurture it with some one-on-one time every  now and then. I don’t know how much fun I was ordering my plain chicken breast and lettuce leaves, but he complimented me on how good I’m doing on my diet and it just made my pathetic lunch taste a whole lot better!  Thanks, Kidd!

So after that, I was too late for Pilates class, but that’s okay. I’ll pay for it in the makeup session Thursday, I’m sure! I ran home and got Emma Kelly to take her to the doctor. I was afraid she might be developing a bladder infection, so I’m assuming all mommies know what that means. I was either going to have to get her to tinkle in a plastic bag or the doctor was going to have to catheter her. Since I wasn’t feeling particularly sadistic toward my child today, I opted for the plastic bag. And Emma Kelly was so professional — she was doing her business in less than five minutes!! Only problem was, the plastic bag didn’t hold up its end of the bargain. So it was either try another plastic bag or the catheter. Again, I wasn’t feeling like putting my child through that torture, so we went for bag number two. I just started loading her up with juice and tried to keep her entertained in that tiny little medical room for TWO HOURS!!! Yes, it took TWO HOURS, but no catheter for my baby! And no infection, thank the Lord.

By the way, I know every parent thinks their child is the smartest child in the world, but listen to this! Emma Kelly is 18 months old and can identify all the letters of the alphabet (although Z keeps giving her a little trouble) and she can count to 10.  I give full credit to Nanny Laura because even I have still have trouble at times identifying all the letters of the alphabet……

After that, I was running late for a visit to Children’s Hospital to visit Taylor — 14 today and it was supposed to have been her very last chemo treatment!! But due to some scheduling problems, she now has one more treatment to go, but she’s in the home stretch, so YEA!!  So I showed up for her Cinco De Mayo Birthday Luau — yes, luau — and wished her a happy birthday and met all her friends, and then it was off to Freddy’s make-shift recording studio to record my “La la la la la” part over and over until he got something usable out of me. Thank goodness for those little tweaky buttons and knobs. He’s going to make me sound FABULOUS! And then finally at 8:30, I was able to come home and eat my ground chicken breast patty and tomatoes. Let me just tell you, after going 7 hours without food, that was the best damned meal I’ve had in a looooooong time!

And now that I’ve purged my brain, I’m off to bed.




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  1. Oh definately…you and Freddy singing together would be AWESOME! Maybe you could tour all over the world together and become the next Britney! Although I would miss hearing you on the radio every day. You make me laugh.

    Glad to hear EK is OK. And, such a smart girl she is.

    Have a good circus!

  2. Brag Mama brag!! She IS a smart lil baby! My girls were early learners like that too and it’s just so awesome. Never apologize for talkin about how smart your baby is. You’re a wonderful mom and dont ever doubt it!

  3. I just wanted to tell you that you sounded great this morning singing your lalalalala’s. Freddy should be happy to have you on his song, move over Mariah.

  4. Please post more videos of Emma Kelly. She is so precious. I loved the video of her playing with the dogs.

  5. You have a wonderful voice so I say it’s time you made it work for you!

    That IS very smart for an 18 month old! Go EK!

    You are doing so well on your diet!!! Will you ever be able to eat again??

  6. Kellie,
    It’s ok to feel exhausted and stressed out; even if you are Kellie freakin Rasberry! You are great!

  7. Hi Kelli I wanted say I love the la la’s with Freddy and yes I have bought the song!

  8. I wish they would have you sing more often on the show, Kellie. I cringe anytime any of the others sing…ouch!! As silly as it may sound, your lalala’s were great! 🙂

    I think it’s great Emma Kelly can do all of that at 18 months!! Wow! I can’t wait to hear the bit with her talking. She’s a cutie pie.

  9. You sounded really good on Freddy’s song!

  10. if i had to pee in a bag, i would need one of those hefty brand puncture proof lawn bags.

  11. I miss you Kellie. I have moved to Oklahoma City and I don’t get to hear you and the gang. I was wondering how exactly you make a ground chicken burger? I have been wanting to try it but the thought of grinding my own chicken is a bit nauseating. Good luck and congratulations on the weight loss.

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