I went with OPI’s Monsooner or Later on the toes…

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That other pink was just too………..pink. I just got my fingernails buffed, though. It’s too difficult to keep up with fingernail polish. I can sometimes go a good month between pedicures, though.

I don’t know what I’m going to do about Emma Kelly and her aversion to diaper changes right now. It is SO frustratingly difficult to get her to lie still for that, and quite frankly, I’m letting her go longer between diaper changes. She flails and wails and punches and kicks and I just want to cry but I can’t because I’m the mom. How long do phases last EXACTLY?  If I know there’s an exact end date to this, I can get through this with much greater ease. I just need something to look forward to.

Otherwise, she is the bestest thing ever! Her hugs are huge and her smile is bright and her voice is the sweetest. Now her thing is, “I see you!” And she just kisses. She kisses everything. My knee. The dog’s back. The book she’s reading. Her shoe. Anything that catches her eye gets a kiss.  I love when I catch her eye like that.

So! Went to the Sex and the City screening Tuesday night and let me just tell you this — I loved it! I wasn’t a regular watcher of the TV show, but I did catch it on occasion. But even if you didn’t watch it religiously, you will love this movie. It just makes you want to be a better girlfriend to your girlfriends. I know life gets in the way and we all have our obligations and it’s not quite so simple to get together on a nightly basis — as they seemingly do in the movie — but it’s important to make more of an effort.  And I found that I want to be more like each of the women in the movie, except for Miranda. I just can’t find one thing about her that I would like to emulate. But I would love to have Carrie’s love of fashion and her lack of guilt in spending ridiculous amounts of money to have it. I would love to have Charlotte’s delicate nature and bright outlook. I would love to have Samantha’s fearlessness and just SOME of her brazen, unapologetic sexuality. Again, can’t think of a single thing I’d want from Miranda……..

In the meantime, can’t wait to hook up with my girlfriends again!




I’ve paid good money on a lot of therapists over the years…

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…so I think I’ll take all this free analysis I’m getting with a big old grain of salt licked from the rim of my margarita glass and go get my mani/pedi now. I’m thinking about Argenteeny Pinkini or maybe Big Apple Red for my toes — in honor of the “Sex & the City” premiere, of course.


How much weight can one gain in one holiday weekend…

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In my experience, that would be 8 pounds. I think I’m just going to let that sit there for a while.



Yes, I gained 8 pounds. Eight pounds of margaritas and chips and guacamole and burgers and pina coladas and pizza and cookies and M&Ms and whatever else was offered to me. I’m sure some of it is water weight, but what can I say about the other 7 pounds?? Oh well. I got thru the worst part of it and now that I’ve had my Mexican whoop-ti-do, I’ll take it back off. Just no pressure this time.

I was SO happy to wrap my arms around Emma Kelly today, but happier to have her wrap her little arms around me. She squeezed my neck so hard and grunted “Mmm-mmm!” I just adore her. Mexico was fun, but by the second night,  I was feeling heartsick over being away from her.

I’m really glad I went and I really tried super hard to drop my anxieties about certain things and just have a good time. I slipped up a little here and there, but it’s hard when you’re surrounded by 20-something little hot bodies in bikinis and well, you’re just NOT…I’ve been trying to get thru the hardest book in the world — that New Earth Eckhart Tolle thing! — and I’m trying to understand this concept of letting go of the ego, but he’s asking a whole lot for me to undo a lifetime of this stuff and I’m only thu the first 117 pages! But if I can grasp it and let the ego go and just BE, life would just be so different. Fewer complications. Less drama. But does serenity seem boring to anybody else but me? What’s life without a little complaining? A pity party here and there? The sheer envy of that hot girl on the beach who manages to leap  toward the beach without so much as a jiggle of a thigh or an ounce of self-consciousness as I apply another coat of SPF 50 and wonder why self-tanning creams don’t work on stretch marks? The self-soothing midnight binges and the self-hatred from the next morning’s weight gain? Screw serenity.


D-day is finally here.

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It’s D-day. Diet deadline. If I haven’t done it by now, I’m not going to do it. I am would say that I’m scared to death about weighing in on the air tomorrow morning, but that would be a bit over the top. I’m very, VERY nervous, though.  I know that I’ve done (almost) everything I could to reach my goal weight. I did fall off the wagon a couple of times, but overall, I have stuck with this thing despite numerous temptations. And I promise — I SWEAR — I will never find myself in this position again. I will never make a stupid bet like this ever, never, ever, never again. Yes, I like that I’ve lost the weight, but man! It’s just been a lot of pressure. And now I’m freaking out that when I weigh in — no matter what the scale says — I’m going to go wild and start shoving everything I’ve been missing into my mouth. Now, I PRAY that’s not the case, but that’s my fear. Of course, heading straight to Mexico for Big Al’s bar opening isn’t the best-case scenario for coming off a super-strict diet. But I’m just going to enjoy this weekend, pray that I don’t get sunburned to the point of needing medical attention, and worry about knocking off the couple of pounds I will most likely gain when I get home. But this time, no pressure.

Meantime, have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! God bless our troops who are serving our country now and those who have served before.


So happy with the results….

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Very, very happy with the way things turned out on “American Idol” tonight. First of all, most of the show was a complete waste of time. Watching the top 12 try to remember their choreographed steps was on the verge of hilarious, though. And that chick with the mult-colored hair couldn’t have been more pissed to have been there. They must’ve threatened her with a lawsuit or something. And I absolutely loved, loved, loved the Gladys Knight and the Pips parody! Laughed out loud several times. And Carrie Underwood completely won me over tonight. I haven’t cared too terribly much about her before, but WOW. And bravo for wearing something that short on stage and not once showing us your hoo-ha.  ZZ Top — fabulous. I forgot how much I loved that song. And George Michael was just the icing on the cake. Can’t wait to see him on tour now.

But of course, having David Cook announced as the winner was the result I was hoping for, and I will admit that I shed a few tears. I didn’t even mind so much the schlocky song he had to sing at the end. Just a cool moment. So proud for him. And it was fun to see Simon look truly overjoyed by the decision, too.

Anyway, I’m going to bed so I don’t eat anything else. What I wouldn’t give for a heaping spoonful of crunch Jif right now…..


Josh Hoge “Open Your Eyes, Emma Kelly”

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Josh Hoge – Emma Kelly Song   LISTEN HERE

Kidd wrote this as a surprise for me before Emma Kelly was born. Taylor Hicks refused to sing it, so Josh Hoge stepped in and did an amazing job. It couldn’t have been any more perfect. Thanks for saying no, Taylor!!

When will I learn to LOVE this?

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I really want to be one of those people who LOVES doing physical stuff. One of those people who feel incomplete if they didn’t get in a workout that day. One of those people who looks forward to getting their heart rate up and breaking a sweat and shaving a few seconds off of their fastest time. One of those people who has an entire wardrobe devoted strictly to workout wear. One of those people who drinks wheat germ and grass and bee pollen and barley and swears they love the taste as they bounce off the walls with all the energy it provides.  One day…one day…

Meantime, I went to Target and bought a pair of shorts and a tank top with a bra built in. I felt special just laying those babies up on the conveyor belt to be scanned and purchased. I did get a little presumptuous by going with the size medium, which I had to exchange for the large the next day. No matter how much weight I lose, I am constantly reminded that I still need to lose more.

Anyway, I experience death and near-death on two of my walks this weekend. I was pushing my baby in her fancy jogging stroller — thanks again, Big Al! — when this car comes barreling down the street toward us. This squirrel with an apparent death wish decides that is the precise moment he wants to meet his maker and runs full speed directly into the car’s path….less than 10 feet away from me and my child, who was thankfully distracted by her book. I got to hear the thud and see the flailing as this little thing squirmed and writhed in the road and the death machine of a car just kept on going as if nothing had happened, not even slowing down for an “Oh my gosh! Did I just hit something?” It was awful. But what is up with those stupid squirrels? We’ve got a million of them in our neighborhood and our streets are littered with their carcasses!

Then today, I’m out walking alone, just me in my new tank top and size large shorts, bopping along to all the nasty songs I’ve downloaded on my iPod. And here comes another car. And it’s coming straight for me. Seriously. Straight for me. I’m walking in the gutter as it is, but I had to make a last-second jump up onto the grass to avoid ending up like that squirrel. What is up with that? Was this a KKITM listener who thought she would do the world a favor and remove me from the airwaves on a permanent basis? Because you know that’s the first place my mind went. 

But despite the death and near-death experience, I will be back out there walking again tomorrow. But I will be walking more defensively from now on. And soon, I will grow to love it.


Can you hear me now?

May 15, 2008 at 2:26 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 16 Comments

Losing your voice is EXHAUSTING. It takes so much air to speak that I start feeling light-headed, which can actually be kind of cool depending on the situation. But after I got off the air this morning, I tried really hard to keep the talking to a minimum, so I’m hoping my voice is back in somewhat decent shape tomorrow. It sucks, too, that I have to miss out on a voiceover audition for some cartoon or video game or something like that.  Big bummer.  Who doesn’t want to be the voice of a cartoon?? That would rock.

Just got through watching “American Idol” and the predictable selection of the final two. I found myself crying when David Cook went back home for his parade and proclamation. I don’t know why. The other ones going home didn’t bother me at all. And I won’t go in to how I felt about David Archuleta’s goober act or Fantasia’s panic-inducing song and dance routine. I’m honestly too tired to be so negative right now. But didn’t you just LOVE the look on Simon’s face when Fantasia was doing her thing?? PRICELESS!  I will laugh about that for days.



Happy Mother’s Day!

May 12, 2008 at 2:49 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 25 Comments

I have just spent over 2 hours getting Emma Kelly to go down for the  night.  It’s all part of it, right? And I love being a mommy so much and I’m so appreciative that God answered all my prayers with this most beautiful, precious, frustrating child!

She’s only 18 months old, so we were pretty limited on how we could celebrate the day together.  Freddie was great to keep her for me Saturday night because the whole show had to go down to San Antonio. He brought her back to me around lunchtime today and had a card from her to me. Very thoughtful. Then I packed Emma Kelly up and we headed to the park. That just seemed like the right thing to do. All was pretty picture perfect until she decided to try climbing up the slide. She slid down face first on a slide that must’ve been about a million degrees from sitting in the direct sun. Thank the Lord she wasn’t burned, but she sure did scream bloody murder. So that was the end of our park experience.

Knowing she loves books so much, I decided to take her to the book store. Why would they put the children’s section upstairs with an escalator beckoning toddlers to come for a death ride all the way down? I managed to grab hold of her before she took that long, fatal plunge, but she didn’t like me one bit for doing that. It was one of those moments where your precious angel drops to the ground like a limp dishrag and screams like you’ve just ripped away all her reason for living. Yeah. That was the end of our bookstore experience.

So I gave up on trying to entertain my daughter for Mother’s Day and put her in the car for the 10 minute ride home. Two minutes into the drive, she was out like a light. So I decided to just drive around and let her sleep because she and I both needed the break. An hour and who knows how many dollars of gas later, I pull into the garage with my precious bundle. She was back to her usual self, so we went inside and played puzzles and watched Barney and ate supper. We were having a great time trying on hats and rain boots and wrestling and just being together….but then it was bedtime.  And like I mentioned at the top of this blog — over 2 hours later, I’m finally able to clean up the mess and put a few thoughts down here.  I still thank God for every moment of it, but WHEW! It was a long day!

But Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies! And my thoughts and prayers are with those still struggling to become a mommy. It wasn’t so long ago that I shared that pain, and my heart goes out to you, especially today.



May 9, 2008 at 1:50 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

I just put Emma Kelly down for the night. Man! That was a tough battle this evening! It’s so hard to put her to bed when it’s pretty much still broad daylight. But she needed it and MOMMY needed it, so after much effort, she’s finally down for good. She’s just SO delicious right now. She’s still hanging on to the “Die! Die! Die!” thing, but I’m trying not to encourage that so much any more. The cutest thing is when you ask her what a pig says. It comes out of her mouth like “Donk! Donk!” Absolutely adorable.

I have to confess. I went off my diet. I lost 11 pounds in 3 weeks and I don’t know if it was because I was celebrating my success or comforting myself because I wasn’t feeling well or if I was depressed because I went shopping for new jeans which sent me into a tailspin of darkness…The fact remains, I cheated on my diet. And I’m not a person who can just have one little bite of something forbidden. I have to have the whole freaking thing! I will eat it until it’s gone!! And then I beat myself up about it for a day or two and hopefully I’ll be able to get back on the straight and narrow. It’s only 2 more weeks until the final weigh in. Just two more weeks. But once the deadline has come and gone, am I going to go completely out of control?? Do I trust myself? CAN I trust myself???? It’s not even 9:00, but I need to go to bed before I do any more damage.


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