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April 30, 2008 at 8:39 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 22 Comments

I am taking a break from my afternoon snack of apple slices sprinkled with a packet of Splenda and cinnamon — yum! — so I can write in my neglected little blog here.  I went for my weigh in today and — drum roll, please! — I’ve lost another 4 pounds! Now, I weigh in the exact same outfit every time and she always takes off 2 lbs for clothes, so it’s a true 4 pounds. Kelly up there has been so great. She gives me my shots in the butt and answers all my stupid questions and it’s just been really a good thing. Could I have lost this weight without doing Dr. TED? Maybe. WOULD I have lost this weight without doing Dr. TED? Probably not. It was the kick in the butt I needed.

My big concern is weighing at the KKITM studio on May 23. The scale they use up there weighs me 2 pounds heavier — 4 pounds if you don’t count off the 2 Kelly allows for clothes! So I’m going to haul my scale from home up there because it’s the scale I used when I started this diet and registered — what? — 154, I think. So I’ll use that one for the official weigh-in on the 23rd.

My other concern is getting used to really SEEING myself for the way I am. I’ve held on to that image in my brain of being the fat girl for YEARS, and it’s been my downfall every time. I have to get used to looking thin and feeling thin and BEING thin. It’s a whole new way of living and I’m going to do it!

My baby is calling me! Just woke up from her nap and I just finished off the last of my apple!




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  1. Oh please get over yourself.

  2. I never say anything about other comments but “Duffy”, why would you come and read Kellie’s blog and if you just want her to get over herself?

    Some people are CRAZY!

    Love you Kellie. Good luck with the life change. Love EK…we need some new pics!

  3. Good luck with your diet! I know you will make your goal. I had a little girl a little over six months ago and you are inspiring me to get off my butt and lose this extra weight. You have seemed a little down the last couple of days on the show (which I love by the way). Hope things are going well with you.

  4. Yay for your body image changing! I can totally relate to ALWAYS thinking your fat – I have struggled with that no matter what my weight was. Keep up the good work! And lets see some new Emma Kelly pics, new ones just make my day she’s so precious!

  5. Kellie–you’re doing awesomely, girl. Congratulations!!!

  6. That is something that all former fat girls have to work through. My cousin had a gastric bypass and lost something around 100 pounds or more…she is very small now. However she says she still thinks of herself as fat, even though the mirror shows otherwise. I wonder if any listners have been through this and have any advice to pass on as to how they overcame thinking of themselves as the “fat girl”

  7. Kellie, you are doing a geat job! Keep pushin’ and staying focused! You’ll reach that goal in no time!

  8. It is a very hard thing to get out of your head. Because I have weight issues and no matter how fat/thin I would get, I would always think I was fat! It’s a very psychological thing. Hang in there kelly and keep working on getting your self mentally well so your little girl will grow up with a self assured mama.

    HUFFY, get over YOURSELF coming on here like that. Yes, everyone has a right to their opinion but you need to learn manners and tactfulness. That’s how ADULTS debate issues.

  9. I know what it feels like to be the fat girl and I must say that now I am 156 from being, gasp 240. So you do whatever you can to make yourself feel better, it is your life and no one elses. It does take a lot of work and I think you can handle it, you are a strong girl and you can do anything. Much respect!

  10. Kellie,

    I have always had body image issues. I still struggle with them every day, even when I lose weight. It is SO hard to “unlearn” negative thinking patterns. My mom is my cheerleader in life. Recently, I stumbled across one of the many encouraging cards she has written to me over the years and found this scripture: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” 2 CORINTHIANS 5:17

    You’re doing great!

  11. there was too many “kellies” in this story…i thought OUR Kellie began speaking about herself in the third person…what diet calls for a “shot” in the buttocks?!?

  12. I agree with Duffy, get over yourself already! The world is not all about Kellie now, you do have a daughter that needs to come first.

    Maybe if you didn’t spend all your time ooohing and ahhhing over uncle daddy you could realize that

  13. i used to date a stripper named cinnamon…that was her name…her stage name was Ivy.

  14. Wow, as old as Kellie is, you would think that she would have grown out of these body images issues she had 20+ years ago by now.
    Good luck with that, Kellie.

  15. Alyssa,if it ain’t happened by 40, it aint happening.

  16. 40 is the new 18

  17. what are the shots for? Tell us please if its for weight loss. I have been a little overweight forever and I have such a low self esteem and body image. I don’t go out, I don’t date, nothing because of it. Flippin body images are sooo hard to get over!

  18. Alyssa, it’s apparent your mother never taught you any manners or tact either…hmp
    It must be hard being perfect and never having any issues in your life. I am sure you are perfectly issue free, like a newborn baby.

  19. Kelly, what kind of shots are you taking? Just be careful with this dieting thing. I am probably your mother’s age and I can tell you that I started out trying to diet a lot when I was younger like you, all I ever did was lose some weight and then whenever I would eat the first decent meal, I would gain it all back plus more. That’s the problem. Every time you lose weight and and gain it back, you always add more
    weight than your original weight. If I had just stayed the same I was at age 30 and just tried not to gain anymore and not lose, I wouldnt be overweight today. You are a beautiful person and always look nice. Try not to over obsess about your weight. There are other things in life more important. The main thing is to be as healthy as you can. Love from a listener of your show.

  20. I know some girls from school that used to be thin, but now they are for sure on the plus side. However, in their heads they are still 17 and hot…with awful attitudes. I don’t know what’s worse.

  21. Here’s another little tip to flavor up your apples. Try sprinkling some cherry sugar free jello on the apples and it will taste like a candy apple… it! I’m on the adventure of trying to lose weight and it’s a killer but in the end it’s all worth it!

  22. I started the Dr Ted diet today – am so excited about it. I too have the same issues as Kellie. Saying get over it isn’t all that helpful. It’s a life long battle. I have probably the same amount of weight to lose that Kellie had – 10/15 pounds, but to me, it’s 50 pounds.

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