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April 25, 2008 at 2:31 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 24 Comments

I have had 8 hours sleep……over the past two nights. I am so tired by the time I go to bed, but I just lie there and stare at the back of my eyelids or field drunken text messages from exes who are convinced — only when close to alcohol poisoning — that they are still in love with me. You’d be surprised how often that actually happens.

So I am tired. And I don’t like diet Coke with Splenda. And I bought a freaking case of it to get me thru this diet and my gag reflex kicks in when I start to think about it. So no more diet Coke with Splenda. I will donate it to a good cause, though. I don’t like cottage cheese with skim milk, either. Had that today. Bleh. I do like ground chicken breast made into burgers. I might just live off of them for a while. Those and boiled shrimp. These things I like. Diet Coke with Splenda? Avoid it. I’m not kidding.

By the way, I’m drinking Gold Standard 100% whey protein shakes in vanilla. I mix it with skim milk and find that it’s best if I just gulp it down like the medicine it is. I also learned that you shouldn’t take two of every herbal remedy to help alleviate what drinking 100% whey protein shakes obviously do to your system in one day. I paid for that today. Dearly.

Went to Kid Rock last night. Wasn’t a big fan before. Liked a couple of his songs and thought he was all right. But WOW! I really like him! His show is absolutely filthy and if he had to put a quarter in the cuss jar for every bad word he screamed, he would go through his massive rock star fortune in no time. But Uncle Daddy was in hog heaven and it was cute to watch. He seriously knows every single word to every single song ever recorded by Kid Rock. And he will prove it to you. Ask him.

I seriously have to go to bed now. It’s 9:30 and Freddy is supposed to be in the studio with us tomorrow morning and he’s pretty cute, don’t you think? I’m going to have to get a good night’s sleep so I can wake up early enough to shave my legs. The odds of him brushing across them at any point in the morning are slim to none, but you ladies know how it is…the minute you think you can get by without shaving, that’s EXACTLY what’s going to happen.




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  1. Hey Kellie!I’m sure you have probably heard of this book by now but you should definately read “Skinny Bitch” if you haven’t already. Despite it vulgarity it is quite enlightening and has changed my life very positevly. At least buy it if you don’t own it and give it a shot! Good luck!

  2. Hey Kellie!I’m sure you have probably heard of this book by now but you should definately read “Skinny Bitch” if you haven’t already. Despite its somewhat vulgar and harassing critism, it is quite enlightening and has changed my life very positevly. At least buy it if you don’t own it and give it a shot! Good luck!

  3. first

  4. i know EVERY work to EVERY song by Shakira…and i do not even speak spanish!!!

  5. *word*

  6. Just wanted to say I admire you and think you’re doing a great job! Hang in there, girl! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Totally agree with you on the diet coke with splenda. I hate it! Way to sweet.

  8. What herbal remedy are you taking to counteract the protein shakes?

  9. Try the Breakstone cottage cheese it is really good, and much better than off brand ones.

  10. Try the south beach diet….it sounds much tastier than whatever you are doing…the summertime south beach cook book is AWESOME!!!!

  11. Enjoyed “listening” to the show today, but the webcast didn’t work. Maybe it was just my computer, but REALLY wanted to see Freddy live. Anyway, Craig? Look again, not first. WOW!

  12. Kellie

    You are actually old enough to be Freddie’s mother. Get over yourself!

  13. I have been trying these spends flavors for coffee, and I swear they made me have a mini stroke! Blurred vision in 1 eye, massive headache, feverish chills, and high blood pressure for 2 hours! I swear that it as the new splenda I was trying!

  14. and no, I am not overweight and nor am I prone to having a high blood pressure!

  15. are you serious, Melissa?

  16. Kelly, I’m sure everyone is full of dieting advice for you these days, but check out one other thing…Jordan Rubin’s book, Perfect Weight America. It isn’t really a diet. It is more about eating healthly for life, it includes all whole foods and no “low-fat” products. I lost 17 pounds during my first month on the eating plan. Best of luck with your weight loss goal.

  17. Umm, Duffy, she was just kidding.

  18. Splenda, like any other artificial sweetener out there, can have bad side effects on people. I don’t do too badly with Splenda in liquid form, but powdered Splenda gives me migraines like you wouldn’t believe! But yeah, Diet Coke became just nasty to me when they switched to Splenda.

    Kellie, I wanted to tell you how much I identify with you as far as your weight and your issues with it go. Almost 10 years ago, I was driving around one morning stopping at a few fast food places so that I could binge and you were talking about how you were or had been a binge eater. You were so honest and open about it, I had to pull over because I couldn’t stop crying. I shoved all the fast food that I’d been munching on onto the road and drove home. It meant something to me that you were able to be so honest with everyone, and I thought that if you were able to handle this, and still be so successful and beautiful, that maybe there was hope for me too.

  19. There is just some thing about live rock music that gets inside you. It makes you act crazier than alcohol does. Crazy in a good way…major adrenaline rush. I saw Kid Rock when he came with Korn and Metallica. Metallica was a no show…I’ve grown to hate them.

  20. have you tried that coke zero stuff? it’s less bad tasting

  21. My favorite thing about you is your honesty.. I think you are absolutely beautiful and you have a great figure. Thanks for being willing to share your life.

  22. britt…its called mass hysteria.

  23. why is it we consume more coke…diet or otherwise…than what we SHOULD be drinking…water!!!

  24. Hey, try pepsi one, it is sweetened with splenda and if is really good. I know what you mean about the diet coke with splenda it is really bad. The pepsi one is good, try it.

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