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April 23, 2008 at 2:40 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 121 Comments

I gained a pound. It’s all my fault. I thought I could guesstimate what 4 ounces of fish would look like and apparently I was way off. But! I’m not panicking. I’m doing so great otherwise. I think I’ve gotten past the hardest part, which was just learning to say no. Being skinny means living a life of constant denial. I think I heard Michelle Pfeiffer say that one day.  Anyway, it’s not like I’ll NEVER get to have my mama’s Mexican corn casserole again. I just can’t have it NOW.  I think what I’m learning is that I need to live my life in balance —  mentally, physically, spiritually, intellectually.  I don’t think I’ve ever been able to pull that off before, but dang it! I think I can now! I’ve been reading that Eckhart Tolle book and I’ll be honest, A LOT of that stuff is way over my head. It’s one of those books where you find yourself reading the same paragraph over and over and over again and it still makes ZERO sense. But I read one sentence that leapt off the page at me and caused me to burst into tears — I am not the voice inside my head. I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the idea. I am not the voice inside my head! It makes me want to cry right now just typing it!! That was truly a life-altering moment for me. But hey! I’ve still got a bet and potential tankini pictures hanging over my head, so I can deal with this diet thing for another 30 days — YES, I’M COUNTING! — and then I’ll try to work on this whole concept of ridding myself of ego. I can’t even explain what that means, but that seems to be what Eckhart is telling me to do. Hopefully I’ll become more enlightened as I delve further into this book.  Thanks, Oprah!

In the meantime, because I’m getting emails and MySpace messages and postings both positive and dreadful here, I’ll tell you what I’m eating, basically. I have a protein shake every morning with skim milk. I eat a couple melba toasts and a piece of fruit mid-morning. I have lean protein and a pile of veggies at lunch. Another couple of fat-free saltines and another piece of fruit mid-afternoon. More lean protein and veggies at night. I’m not really hungry, but it’s not even about that. It’s about wanting something crunchy and salty in my mouth. I really crave that.  And if I can conquer it in the next four weeks, I’ll be in good shape for the long haul.  

I am going to go zap a potential zit with my Zeno now.




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  1. Hey Kellie! Some parts of the “New Earth” book make me scratch my head and go “Huh?” and other parts are just so amazingly right on. I really found it to be a good book. Another one I found is “The Secret of God” which is awesome too. Not “The Secret” but “The Secret of God,” don’t get the wrong one!

    It must be so hard having your mama there and not eating all her good homecooking! Thats all I want to do when I see my mom….stuff my face. Well it will be worth it next month! Thanks for sharing your diet menu with us. 🙂

  2. Craig, I see you are still ball-less, as usual. And, as I am not frustrated, a man, nor a lezbo, a strip club will do me no good. Although I am sure you frequent them quite often.

  3. Kellie…have you ever tried a licensed nutritionist???…it is apparent throughout your blogs that a healthy nutritional lifestyle change is in order…not some fad which is doomed from the get go…ground yourself in reality.

  4. my FAVORITE salty snack:

  5. freak…see you next thursday.

  6. proactive is useless:

  7. Kellie, what are you eating for lean protein? See that is a problem because I can’t go home and eat and can’t afford to eat out so its brown bag for me. Any suggestinos as to what to put in that brown bag that will be a good lunch of protein and veggies?

  8. April, the best diet to follow is the “diabetic diet”. IT really shouldnt be called that because it’s pretty much how we should all eat. It’s eating lots of protien, GOOD carbs, veggies and portions. Your lean protiens are chicken, turkey, etc YOu can still eat beef but it has to be lean, portion controlled.

  9. Congrats on starting the Eckart Tolle book, Kellie. It will make SOOOOO much more sense if you follow along with the chapter videos on They are 1.5 hours each, but it goes by pretty fast.


  10. does that zeno thing work?

  11. I think the diet your on doesn’t sound bad at all. You’re getting carbs, veggies, and lean proteins – sounds healthy to me. Best of luck!

    BTW, Carol – I have the same issue as you and I have found that the tuna fillets in the vacuum packs work really well. You can find them by the canned tuna. If you don’t like fish, they also have chicken. They have many flavors, have tons of protein and taste yummy!

  12. eckhart tolle???…wtf?!?…you want to become “enlightened”???…read the Bible…tis the manual to get through this life…the problem is that people want to pick it apart and use what they want to hear and disregard those parts that conflict with “their” idea of what is right…i mourn for this lost generation.

  13. Oh lord…here we go!

  14. kellie,
    what are you thinking? eckhart tolle is nothing but new age psychobable – he and all this “enlightning” junk that oprah are touting are basically a mini version of scientiology. please pick up The Bible that is the Word of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Now that is enlightment. Just ask your daddy or any preacher about all this new age garbage!
    check out this site on youtube

  15. Pinky…shall i tell everyone how i firmly believe that MANY of the problems that this country faces began when women enterd the work force???

  16. Please no! You will upset the masses! I personally believe the comments section of a blog are for comments pertaining to what the blogger wrote only!
    The “Uptights” can’t handle it!!
    But I love your other comments!

  17. Pinky…for you, i shall edit my thoughts and comments on abortion & the godless heathen pigs whom we fight in this horrid war on terror…*flips off the “uptights”*

  18. *moons the “uptight” crowd*

  19. I don’t like to come down on Kellie because she is so open with her audience. But, I do believe that Eckhart book is a CULT! Check it out on Youtube. I believe it is Oprah’s way of starting a cult!

  20. I’m so proud of you Kellie! It sounds like you’ll learn to live a lifestyle of healthy eating from this (of course, you’ll get to incorporate a few indulgences after the 30 days, haha). I’m glad you’re not crash dieting or using unhealthy pills. Continue to strive to be a great mother to your precious daughter by being an example.

    As for Craig… is there nothing else for you to do throughout the day?

  21. Kellie, I want an Emma Kelly update STAT! 🙂

  22. Jade…believe it or not…but i get paid to sit and post ALL day long…i am a civil servant who is under worked and WAY WAY WAY overpaid…thanks to the mindless tax payers, i shall have a job for life…i do however disagree with you as whilst i do admire Kellie, i think that the example and message being sent out to her daughter as well as other women is DANGEROUS…i shall have a cold beer or two and toast you at lunch today.

  23. I have to warn against the Eckhart Tolle book as well as the “Church of Oprah.” It is a dangerous thing they are playing with there. THE ONLY WAY TO SALVATION IS THROUGH JESUS CHRIST. I know that I will more than likely get “blasted” for this, but I feel that it is my responsibility as a Christian to put this out there.)

  24. Be careful about The New Earth! It’s all about finding the answer within yourself. That always seems to be the downfall of man…thinking we are the answer. But we’re not!

    It all sounded great to me as well, until I’ve read a few things online. All a bit too much Scientology-ish for me.

    Just be careful what you’re putting into your mind….

  25. Dana…we are a society of mindless sheep…your words are futile…prozac is the god of america.

  26. Jade…i just got back from lunch…i went to hooters…i paid for it on my gov’t credit card!!!

  27. Dana…read & weep for the lost:,2933,352277,00.html

  28. Who is this Craig guy anyway, he doesn’t even comment really about what the blog is about, he seems to be just wanting to stir up trouble. I wish we knew where you worked so we could inform your boss what you do everyday. Why do you criticize everything and come down on everybody for everything, is your life really that bad where you get pleasure in making rude and stupid comments about people whom you really don’t know. Why don’t you comment on the blog or at least something to do with the blog instead of attacking people.

  29. Are you working out regularly or just basically changing your diet?


  31. Mel..whom have i attacked???…my replies are both thought provoking and germane.

  32. What kind of veggies do you eat? I am not a big veggie fan especially without dip, so let us in on what veggies you are picking out?

  33. Maybe attack is the wrong word to use I apologize, but you just never seem to have anything nice to say about Kellie, and it is her blog, I just thought comments should have something to do with her or at least what is going on in her life right now.

  34. mel…protein shakes are dangerous…a proper consumption of plant and meat proteins is VASTLY superior to the protein shakes and energy bars…once again the mindless sheep mentality has forsaken knowledge & wisdom for instant gratification.

  35. I don’t eat energy bars, I know they are bad for you. Protein shakes are however not bad for you, when you drink the right kind. And I am not a mindless sheep looking for instant gratification, and how dare you compare these people to one, you know nothing really of each persons life or struggle with their weight or whatever so how can you say that we forsake knowledge and are mindless sheep? Why do you comment on here anyway when you are not truley interested in any of it. Are you a woman?

  36. Mel…i actually like Kellie…not to be misconstrued, red heads are my weakness…i have never once posted anything negative about our favorite radio sidekick…Kellie is my amalgamation of the perfect woman.

  37. I am glad to hear that Craig, I guess I just misunderstood you. If you like her so much then why do you usually have something negative to say about what she is doing in her life

  38. Mel…i am very much a man…and i can safely make sweeping statements about the “mindless sheep” mentality that has consumed our society…we live in tumultuous times…people are looking for happiness in a purple pill and to hollywood for salvation.

  39. Yes Craig I do agree with you about people looking for happiness in the wrong places, but not everyone does. I just am looking for some tips on losing some weight by not starving myself and eating well.

  40. How old are you craig

  41. Mel…honestly…i make my comments & remarks to counter some of the idiotic remarks made…General George Patton said it best when he said if we all think alike, we are not thinking.

  42. i feel and act like i am 18…why?

  43. I agree with you Craig there are some crazy people leaving comments on here, but please make some positive comments every once in a while, I think it would balance things out. Again not trying to start any trouble just stating my opinion that is all.

  44. Just wondering about the age thing, I thought maybe you were just some teenager posting things on here for some kind of joke

  45. Mel…SENSIBLE weight loss tips can be found via the internet…remember that the weight was not put on overnight and it will not be lost overnight…sensible life style changes will give the best results…i wish you luck and success in your endeavors…i can only hope your desire to loose weight is born from wanting to change yourself for you and not someone else.
    Grace & Peace be with you.

  46. i am 43…and stunningly good looking.

  47. Yes I am looking to loose weight for myself nobody else, I just want to be a healthier, happier person that is all, and I was looking for some tips, I’ve done a lot of things before that I have learned through the internet and none of them have worked. I am looking to lose about 15 pounds and just want some tips

  48. 15 lbs?!?…with that target, you must not be THAT overweight…like any battle fought…take it 1 pound at a time and obsess not over the minor fluctuations…the war will be won to he, or in this case, she, whom is patient.

  49. No I’m not that overweight I just want to get healthier and more active, and yes I am not obsessing over it, i just look for tips here and there. and yes I will try and be patient.

  50. my tip to you…shop ONLY on the wall sides of a grocery store…*next time you go you will realize what i am saying*

  51. Q: how tall is Kellie?!?…i read she is 6’11…why is she not playing for the WNBA?!?

  52. Craig you might want to pick up the bible some day and read it. Then just maybe you could post an intelligent blog. Back off of Kellie and get a life! Nice word for the day Kellie 🙂

  53. One more thing…maybe Craig and Melissa need to exchange email addresses and quit doing the messaging on here

  54. Melba…i am a Jew…my people wrote it…who appointed you Kellie’s body guard/thug???

  55. Melba no need for that, we were conversing back and forth about stuff to do with the blog, so get over it please

  56. What I don’t get is why people will believe just about any crazy stuff but can’t seem or want to believe that Jesus died for you so that you can spend eternity in heaven. It’s so simple with Jesus, not hard at all but people want to make it so difficult and crazy. Eckart Tolle and Oprah are leading people down a path that leads them’s a fad..the bible and Jesus are the same today, tomorrow and forever. It never changes..never!! please Kelli, read yoru bible and not new age stuff.

  57. Amen, Keri.

  58. I don’t get why everyone seems to think Kellie’s opinions on body and weightloss are going to rub off on her daughter. Her mom obviously loves the soul food…so where did Kellie get it from? Not saying Kellie has a problem or any thing…unfortunately I think it’s a normal thing for women to worry about their bodies.

  59. brittney…sorry to tell you this…but it is NOT normal for people to have a self image problem…EK, like you are programed…by madison avenue and your peers…but the initial programing is done by the mother.

  60. You are so smart you spelled my name wrong when it’s right in front of you. Thanks for the words of wisdom oh wise one…

    I never said self image problems were normal, I’m talking about wanting to look your best. There is nothing wrong with that.

  61. Craig and mel could you please call each other on the phone if you want to have a conversation and spare the rest of us who don’t care?!?!?!?!

  62. Kellie, you WILL get past the hard phase pretty soon! After a couple of weeks, you DO start to crave healthier foods.

    And don’t worry about having gained a pound. It could just be water weight – happens to me once a month – or a `phantom’ pound that won’t be there next weigh-in. Keep going – exercise (with light weight-lifting) will help a TON!

  63. Also, don’t drive yourself nuts by totally avoiding bread, if it bothers you. Whole-grain rice (combined with a little wild rice) is good for you and filling. In small portions, of course.

  64. Kellie; Hang past the first few minutes of this YouTube video….around 4 minutes into it Oprah and Eckhart talk about you not being your emotions and thoughts. Oh, and BTW, Christians can enjoy the “New Earth” as well. In fact, they talk about Jesus and God a lot. 🙂 v=h2QqJzM8voE&feature=related

  65. This is a view from a Christian.

    Watch Ch. 8 part 3 – A New Earth webcast – on YouTube. Link below.

  66. People, please. Can we get off of the constatnt back and forth emails to each other? Exchange emails and have your own conversation. And no, Melissa you are wrong, your and Craig’s emails are not all about the blog Kellie wrote, some are about religion, which we need to get off of. America is a free country. One should not impose one’s reigion on another unless it is asked, and here on this blog, it was not asked. Also, most of Craig’s comments, as many have made their own comments about, are not regarding the original blog. They run on like diarrhea of the keyboard. It would be nice if Craig would get his own blog, I’m sure it would be very popular.

  67. britt…vanity is vexation of spirit…all is vanity…i did not say that…the Lord our God did.

  68. annie…worry not…the sun will come out tomorrow.

  69. Sorry Dawndee but Echart and Oprah do not promote that Jesus is the only way to heaven. They believe otherwise, they believe ALL roads lead to heaven which according to the bible is false. Jesus says that that the only way to the Father is thru the Son. Oprah believes that everyone can believe whatever they want in order to get there. That is false teaching. They teach that we can do things ourselves, we can make things happen. We can do nothing without Christ. We may try our hardest within ourselves but we never reach true happiness,joy and peace. God should get the glory not ourselves.

  70. offers up another AMEN

  71. Sorry Anastassia Craig and I were not talking about religion, maybe try reading each comment and getting names right, our conversation back and forth was a one time deal just exchanging views about weight loss, and if we want to continue yes we will exchange e-mails, but come on Anastassia quit griping.

  72. anastassia…what a beautiful name…what a horrid attitude…i will say you had one thing right…America is a free country…being a decorated combat veteran, i can appreciate this fact even more…i will not censor my thoughts or replies in this format as conversations are like a river…they constantly change…free exchange of ideas lead to greater things…what you suggest is what the nazis tried and failed…as men like myself put an end to that stoopidity.

  73. Ephesians 2:8
    For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—

  74. Dana…not according to the church of ofrah and her mindless followers…you failed to mention, God can NOT bless a Godless country.

  75. Carol,
    Not to be rude but why in the world would you ask Kelly for diet advice? Because she has tried at least four different diets in the last month and lost the equivalent of a good bm??? Just try weight watchers or something…

  76. can i point out that if Kellie is indeed 5″11, 150lbs on her frame is the FARTHEST thing from UNhealthy…take a look at her photo on her blog page and take a look at her face in the latest showbiz top 5…to look at her face, she is a meal away from being emaciated.

  77. yes craig, I think we all realize she has “issues”

  78. Why do I picture Newman from Seinfeld when I read Craig’s comments?
    Good luck on the diet Kelly! I’m right there with you; I have my last 10 pounds to go and it’s killing me.

  79. sara…then why do so many of these posters seek from her that which the furthest thing from safe?!?…if she was a friend, would you not try to impart wisdom and sound advice?!?

  80. Wow Sara, your posts above certainly seem very condescending and almost like a mother who lacks patience with her children??? You should consider laying off the coffee or go have a snack or something….GROUCH! GEEZ, believe it or not people can have an opinion or chime in without your permission.

  81. as well can I Laura, without yours… GEEZ yourself!

  82. i suspect a group hug will cure things…*gets naked*

  83. Group hug for some, a xanax would be better for curing some others.

  84. I think this “Craig” is really KIDD…just trying to stir the pot…never the less he is kind of endearing in an odd/dysfunctional kind of a way….much like KIDD

  85. sorry the above comment was not written by kelly

  86. I think this “Craig” is really KIDD…just trying to stir the pot…never the less he is kind of endearing in an odd/dysfunctional kind of a way….much like KIDD

  87. Laura…ahhhhhh…happiness in a pill…tis not a wonder why most of the world despises the typical stoopid fat american.

  88. Craig, that wasn’t a very nice thing to call Laura, lol

  89. xanax, a good lay or a weeks worth of colon cleanse for some of these ladies.

    Ithought you worked naked Criag?

  90. Craig, that wasn’t a very nice thing to call Laura, lol

  91. Pinky T, the uptights will only try the above sugestions if Kellie endorses.

  92. cant we all just get naked and kiss slowly and make up?!?

  93. edit: i meant out, not up.

  94. Holy comments!!!!

  95. does ANYONE really think Kellie reads ANY of these comments?!?

  96. Thanks for the toast Craig. Although I think you missed the point. Her daughter is much too young to observe and learn Kellie’s eating habits and behaviors related to food. If Kellie is working to improve herself in this area now, her daughter will have someone to look up to in the near future… when it will influence her. Perhaps you should take a few moments out of your time to get to know a woman who deals with these issues (believe me, it’s quite common). Maybe then you would understand how creating a habit of eating healthy (lean proteins and healthy carbs) is a big step towards the right direction. Think of it as a long-term change she’s making. *cheers*

  97. who is this pinky t woman and where does she come from

  98. Criag gross story – did NOT need to hear.

    Sorry but you can get on ANY baby website pick up any baby book and find that babies absorb EVERYTHING with their eyes. They do understand way more than we think. This is a great time to be going forward with the healthier lifestyle and make changes for EK I am doing the same for my son & it’s the hardest thing ever. But I know this is the age when it really really matters.

    Born & raised in Dallas!! I was listening when they were still on the KEGL and entered all of their contest for NKOTB tickets. I don’t think the weight loss issue has changed since then.

  99. Did I miss Kellie talking about wanting to slap some other poor child in the face today? I so missed her kindliness. I cannot bear to think of what she is teaching the child she has, she is already saying the word ‘Die’. If this carries on she will probably be the school bully.

  100. PinkyT is dead on when she says babies absorb everything. I have a wonderful, beautiful 10 month old who sees all, and I can tell it in her eyes. What she sees and hears now will stay with her, so Kellie does need to change her habits now. Emma Kelly has already started seeing the unhealthy body image and eating habits Kellie has.

  101. Lets break 100 today……

  102. Good God, no one is talking about being vain either. Wanting to look and feel your best is not vain. She has plenty of pictures without make-up on so I would hardly call Kellie vain. Being lazy and settling for just anything is a very sad way to live. Since you spend countless hours a day bloging and looking up google images I wouldn’t peg you as an over achiever…so I know you don’t understand. You are also not a woman. I don’t care how many issues of Cosmo you read or classes you took a million years ago…you just don’t get it.

  103. Who called Kellie vain? Did I miss something? For that matter who said she was lazy or settling…I personally think that’s the furthest from what she is being.

    Craig is spot on about weight issues they are just hard to hear & practice especially for women…notice i said weight issues not any other issues so no need to bludgeon Pinky for that.

  104. brit…i have achieved more in my short lifetime than you could in 10 lifetimes…i do get it…the HORRIFIC REALITY of women and dating is this…treat a woman like crap and she will cling to you like stink on crap…i majored in psychology…i will forget more about human behavior than you will ever know…and the other FACT is that women destroy and do more mental damage to each other than ANY idiot frat boy ever could…i bet when you grow up to be a femi nazi, you will vote for hillory and fantasize about obama.

  105. Pinky…i shall protect you from any harm.
    *assumes airborne pose #46*

  106. p.s….we broke 100

  107. do you people work?

  108. nay…no…make the right fiscal decisions and you need not either!!!

  109. craig- and what decisions do you speak of?? Fill a sista in!!

  110. Craig it’s like you don’t listen at all (typical male). Where did you even get on dating??? And who is talking about how other woman or frat boys see you??? Illiterate children graduating = your major in psychology. You can’t stay focused long enough to have a debate with.

    Pinky I wasn’t talking about Kellie, I was talking about people in general. I was saying if you don’t try to be the best you can, you are just settling or being lazy. And I don’t mean fake boobs, teeth, hair, or any thing…I’m just talking about your natural self. We should all want to be healthy and look nice. It is normal constant maintenance.

  111. I apologize to Kellie and other posters I can’t believe I got sucked into responding to the old pervert known as Craig.

    I do have to leave with one last food for thought…Craig you act like only insecure low lifes want to get recognition from others, but yet you find a place in every single blog to spout off your credentials and let everyone know you are over paid, a decorated vetran, and have a major in psychology…save it for your profile…we’ve already heard it 50 million times…and frankly my dear, no one gives a d**n!

  112. Ha! Brittany is funny!
    I am attracted to this blog like a big ‘ole trainwreck. But I think I keep checking back because I can see what I DO NOT want to be like. It’s a reflection almost. From all the uptight hateful women to the actual subject matter of the blog. It’s a long journey but I agree being your own natural and healthy self is the most important thing you can do.

  113. I have found that usually people that have majored in Psychology are really messed up people themselves…………..It’s easy to judge someone that’s just as messed up as you, huh Craig?

  114. Craig, as self-absorbed and vain as Kelly is, I’m sure she reads these comments. She’s obsessed with herself.

  115. Corey,
    I think you’re right on, I too picture “craig” as “newman” sitting in is moms basement in his boxers typing away, hahahaha

  116. sara…i wear a banana hammock
    *confidant pose #26*

  117. britt…judge not lest ye be judged yerself…for someone who has such a low opinion of me, you have managed to memorize my resume!!!

  118. Craig–

    Most of the advice comments on sensible diets and weightloss that you’ve given on this site are accurate–but you come off as smug and arrogant. A sincere person will teach and guide without coming off as judgmental. That is certainly a skill you have not mastered.

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