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April 21, 2008 at 2:39 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 29 Comments

Down to 149 this morning. First time I’ve broken the 150 barrier in quite a while!! I haven’t seen this number since the Mark Kevin Diet! I should still see about getting a patent on that….

But Jason Mraz just left — he’s so cool, isn’t he? Listening to him talk, though, makes me very, very sleepy. I can literally feel my pulse slowing as he speaks. I’ve already had my protein shake (bleh), 2 melba toast rounds, an orange, a bottle of water and now — as I type — a sickeningly sweet can of diet Coke with Splenda. I can only drink stuff sweetened with Splenda, which is VERY limiting. Hopefully I’ll start to crave this stuff like I do my two melba toast rounds.

Great to have Dianthe back!!! She’s being all sensible trying to lose her baby weight. She’s no stranger to the fad diets, but she’s giving Weight Watchers a shot. Good luck, Dianthe!!!




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  1. Kellie,
    Try Splenda Quick Pack. Contains 5 individual packets, each measured to add to your favorite Kool-Aid.

  2. i just ate the cold leftovers from my tuna helper…it was muy delicious!!!

  3. Tell us what does your diet consist of? I’ve always heard melba toast is bad for diets because they are full of carbs so what is the deal?

  4. I have offically started reading Dianthe’s blog! I signed up for Weight Watchers online and I am so glad to be able to read her blog and follow her progress!!

    SOOOO much easier and alot less depressing than an orange and some melba toast!

    Good luck Dianthe!!

  5. You go girl. I recently made up my own new diet…so I can actually stick with it. I too saw the scale go down to a number I haven’t seen in a good year and a half. As long as the diet is some thing you feel you can stick with while getting the required nutrients and the weight is coming off, how the heck can people say it doesn’t work? One word…HATERS!

  6. I love Jason Mraz. He’s so cool. Good luck with the diet thing.


  7. What is the secret of your diet??? i am so proud of you, wish i had the same determination!

  8. I had gastric bypass…not the be all or end all. Kinda just another point in your life. I would definately have gone a different way. (not so huge! You have the opportunity and availability to say…”I am ok, in fact, I am so much more than ok…….I am awesome”
    That’s what I want my an angel to be my angel////everything for a


  9. Hey Craig, a direct quote from you below:

    hey freak…we have you isp…shall we tell you all your secret pseudonyms???

    I have you grammer book, want it?
    Anywho, go right on ahead hot shot, post all of my isp’s….can anyone say,”ball-less”?

  10. And by the way, Craig, have you noticed that most people now ignore all of the crap that you write? OOOOO, I had a taco with cheese, it was muy bueno…whatever.
    I must have hurt you sensitive ego, telling you the fact that you have been banned by certain KKTM members blogs…ha ha.

  11. I still think you should try Jenny Craig. (I do not work for the company). I like it because there are so many meals to choose from and easy to prepare (microwave or oven). Since I don’t cook it has been easy for me, especially when I get home from work and am hungry for dinner. It’s all about portion control. You would do really well with it since you work out. I’ll bet the pounds would melt away quickly!

  12. freak…you need to go to a strip club and relieve your frustrations.

  13. I just started Weight Watchers last Monday – my first weigh-in was yesterday and I lost 5 pounds 🙂
    I know WW doesn’t work for everyone, Kellie, but it really is a good, healthy program from what I’ve experienced so far. I hope what you’re doing continues to work for you – I know how much you want this! (And I think you look great anyway!)

    We need a new EK video, please 🙂

  14. a humor break:

  15. What do you eat in a typical day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks?

  16. Honest question, unless you stay on the diet forever won’t you gain weight back? I get how going on Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem would be good as far as showing quick results. However, once you lose the weight you want how would you go back to regular food and maintain? I work out and watch what I eat pretty closely (I splurge occassionally) and am able to maintain that way.

  17. I think that WW or Jenny Craig teaches you how and gives you the tools to learn to watch what you eat closely. Either one helps you learn new habits, you have to be willing to maintain them premanently.

  18. Laura S…you answered your own question. Once you get down to the weight you want you just keep working out and watch what you eat to maintain. You don’t have to cut the calories as much because you aren’t trying to lose any more.

  19. Glad you came onto Kellie’s blog to express your love for Dianthe and hate for Kellie PinkyT. It must be horrible for you to do so……..

  20. What kind of protein shakes do you make? And where do you get them?

  21. Please tell us more about the TED diet, what are your meals everyday? I just can’t afford what the entire thing costs, so if you could give me an idea of what your diet consists of it would help out so very, very much Kellie, pretty please

  22. I don’t believe I ever said I hated Kellie…If I am reading my own english correctly. I did however express how depressing an orange and two rounds of melba toast sounds…
    It would in fact be horrible for me to express hatred towards anyone.
    I am simply excited to read a blog where someone is doing something sensible and sharing their journey.
    I never realized just how many uptight women there are out there (who apparently can not read.)

  23. Pinky T…i will cook for you!!!

  24. I just bet you will Craig! And I bet it will be yummy!

  25. *butters self up*

  26. How tall are you, Kelly, like 7 foot or there abouts? I think it is great you want to take care of yourself but how overweight are you? Do have an eating disorder?

  27. Kellie…you need not focus on the physical…you are indeed an attractive woman…i would wager that speaking with a licensed therapist and discussing the issues which you are masking would produce better results…stop hanging with the current crowd as it has only served to distract you from the obvious courses of action in which you should have taken.

  28. (((slaps self on the forehead))) wow! I guess I took your sarcasim to mean something else….sorry about that PinkyT…In the meantime, I got huked on fonics…hopefully that will help!

  29. No problem Vanessa…it’s really easy to misinterpret on blogs, email, etc. Good luck!!

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