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April 21, 2008 at 3:07 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 14 Comments

I binged perfectly for two days and now I can proudly say, I have made it three days post-binge without cheating even once!! I am already a little bored with broccoli, but that’s okay! I will figure out a way to mix things up enough to get me through this and I will stay on the path to victory! I admit that this diet thing is a HUGE pain in the butt. I had to go to Passover at a friend’s house and eat nothing but 100-year-old eggs (it’s a Jewish thing) and steamed asparagus. But I did it! And then I went to a birthday party for twin one-year-olds and ate nothing.  I just had my bottled water and went home later to eat my boiled shrimp and broccoli. Ugh. Why did I buy so much broccoli???

I never thought the day would come when I would be excited about eating the 2 melba toast rounds I’m allowed for my afternoon snack. But I get freaking excited about 2 stinking melba toast rounds now! And I fully appreciate the intensity of a really good orange. I can’t express to you the disappointment of knowing you’re only allowed that one orange and you get a sucky one.

I didn’t weigh myself after the binge days because I didn’t want to fall into a huge depression over the scale, but I stepped up there this morning and I was down to 150. Yea! It’s hard saying no to food when it’s so beautifully tempting and displayed right out in front of you, but it’s worth it to see the numbers go down on the scale. So far, so good.

My parents and I went to a friend’s house for Passover and it was really great. My friends aren’t the strictest Jewish people in the world and what may take some Jewish families three hours to sit through took us about 45 minutes, but it was still great experiencing something so spiritual and traditional and foreign to anything we’ve grown up with. And Daddy looked cute in his purple yarmulke! And that’s important, too, right?

Today I went out and bought a lounge chair so I can get out in the back yard for a few minutes every day and try to put some color on these whitey-white legs of mine. There’s a reason everybody’s all pale and white in their “before” pictures. They want to look as awful as possible and no exposure to sunlight seems to do the trick. But I’m not going to be that sickly pale girl in a tankini again this year!! I will have some color on my body! I’m not sure if it will be tan or red, but it will be color, dang it!!

I just took two Benadryl because of a bad allergic reaction to something in the air. My eyes are puffed up like red satin pillows and they itch like fire. I’m going to go to bed now and hope this wears off by tomorrow morning.




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  1. your body is not designed to be taken on a roller coaster ride of diets…has not your wellness coach discussed moderation and healthy lifestyle changes which you adopt for a lifetime?!?…whilst in the army…i had a buddy who had certain parts of his body itch like fire…benadryl did NOT cure his problem.

  2. Leave her alone Craig – she is a grown woman and can do what ever she wants to do.

  3. lisa…please tell me how i was wrong…please produce one medical professional that could counter with an opposing opinion…whilst she can indeed do whatever she pleases, Newton teaches us that for every action, there is an opposite & equal reaction…i wonder what physiological reactions such behavior(s) will have.

  4. craig-
    what’s with the “whilst”?

  5. whilst the use may have died here in the colonies, i like to keep it “old school” formal.

  6. Craig

    I don’t think you were “wrong” in what you said just saying it…Don’t you think you have said your peace to Kellie in the 100’s of posts you have sent her? You sound like a broken record & I’m pretty sure that Kellie understands that this is bad for her, she has said it before.

  7. connie…if Kellie understands that it is indeed bad for her, then she would not put her body through the torment…diets simply do not work…results will only be seen via lifestyle changes…my point is that the issue is more mental than a number on a scale.

  8. i dig pale chics.

  9. No, really, she gets it!!!

    She knew that belimia was bad for her & she did it. She knows, & has said before on the show,that the fad diets are bad for her. She has issues & YOU ARE NOT going to change her life style. Look, you don’t phase me as far as all your posts b/c I feel like everyone has the right to post what they want. That being said, this will be the last message that I send to you but I had to chuckle that you keep on her, like she doesn’t know this already. She talks about the same thing all the time & you comment back to her on the same thing all the time. It’s not a different subject that you are commenting on, it is the same one every day. I just thought that I should tell you that SHE KNOWS!

  10. if you see someone on a course of destruction and they see imminent danger as well, do you just stand and watch the show???…i say not…you still shout a warning of some form or fashion…i would rather guess she knows not and is masking the real issues at hand.

  11. CRAIG–are you the same ass munch who commented on Al’s blog too? Your stupid, go play in traffic.

  12. angie…are you opposed to those who think not like you???…you would have made a perfect nazi.

  13. oh for the love of god craig shut up. While yes you have the right to post here just as everyone else you have ruined a great source of enjoyment for me with your endless posts. I used to love reading the comments kellie got but since you seem to monopolize the conversation and most of it does not make sense it is really annoying to me. I even took a three month break and came back hoping that you had gotten a life but unfortunatly in a way I am sad to report you are till here.

  14. annie…im not being rude, but youre just insignificant…i dont know what your problem is, but i will bet it’s hard to pronounce.

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