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April 17, 2008 at 2:58 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 45 Comments

I guess you would call this day two of my diet, although the first two days consist of bingeing.  I’ve always known how good I am at bingeing, but when I’ve actually been INSTRUCTED to do so? Man! I have amazed myself!! I have literally made myself ill from all I managed to cram in my face. I ended day one with four Tums and a glass of diet Pepsi, trying to induce a full-body burp.  I will continue to binge today, although without as much gusto. I will just enjoy the things I have to deny myself over the course of the next 10 weeks.  That will be things like coffee, maybe a peanut butter cup ice cream cone from Braum’s, a frozen Lean Cuisine…Oh! And martinis and birthday cake!! That’ll be supper.

I started rubbing those creams in my arms this morning. I bought my protein shake powder that I have to start taking tomorrow and I need to go grocery shopping today to get ready for the big day. I’m super excited and dreading it at the same time. My mother is furious with me for doing this. She’s upset that I agreed to to this bet in the first place and worried about my physical and mental health. She’s been with me my whole life and she’s seen what I’ve struggled through — or at least the parts I allowed her to see. This body image thing is such a horrible thing. I’ve dealt with it since junior high, and I could cry for all the years wasted worrying over it. But it’s not so easy to just snap your fingers and say, “I’ve conquered it! I love myself and I’m happy with my body and I will never be self-conscious again!!” I wish I could pinpoint where it all started, but I don’t think it was any one thing. And I can see where she’s coming from as a mom because I don’t want Emma Kelly to go through the torture that I’ve put myself through. That’s why I have to conquer this once and for all. I’ll look to books, I’ll look to God, I’ll look within myself, but right now, I’m looking at the prospect of having tankini pictures being posted on the internet. Just let me get past this hurdle and then I’ll work on the mental and the spiritual stuff.

So my parents are flying in tomorrow for a 10-day visit. I guess it’s time for them to meet Uncle Daddy! I can’t WAIT to see how they all get along! It’ll finally give me something to blog about other than my diet. That’s a good thing!




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  1. I cannot listen to the morning show anymore b/c of this obsessiveness about your weight. It is so tiresome to hear about it when all you’re searching for is compliments. I have a daughter the same age as EK and our pediatrician said that a daughter’s body image comes directly from their mothers. So, poor EK will have just as bad of a time if not worse. If nothing else GET OFF IT for your daughter’s sake. It’s obnoxious and selfish.

  2. Good for you Kellie.

  3. Kelly, I hope you do resolve your diet and image issues. As obsessed as you are over weight issues though it’s hard to believe that you won’t pass them along to Emma Kelly. At 40 you should be getting more comfortable in your own skin and not obsessing like a teen over weight. I really do think this contest was a big mistake for you and I hope Kidd never does it to you again.

  4. lol, I know i have had a few binges that even have shocked myself so i can only imagine yours. Thank god for tums,lol.
    I hope your diet works as you WISH for the outcome to be. If it taks this to put to rest the deamons in your mind then more power to you. but, I have to admit everyone obsesses over weight.
    I still wouldnt mind seeing the TANKTINI shots. Before and after of course so we can see the difference,lol.

  5. I have to say that I agree with your Mom and with Kim. I’ve been worried about you with the body image stuff since I started reading your blog and I was upset about this contest because something like this would kick anyone’s body image issues into high gear. You’re absolutely right about the fact that you can’t snap your fingers and make your concerns about your body go away. It’s a daily journey, but every single step will get you closer to loving yourself and loving your body for what it can do for you rather than just for what it looks like in the mirror. Kellie, you are the best and I hope and pray that you can replace the dedication to worrying aobut your body with a dedication to taking care of yourself.

  6. Kellie,
    I started the TED diet in January and finished after 8 weeks. I am 43 years old, weighed 160…and lost 21 pounds…and since finishing, haven’t gained one pound back. If you stick to the diet and don’t cheat, you will absolutely lose the weight. The first week/week 1/2 are hard, but you will be surprised at how fast the weight starts coming off…and in the right places…and it will motivate you! I was a total junk-food junkie, so if I can do it, anyone can. Good luck to you and DON’T CHEAT! (It is sad when you actually look forward to melba toast each day).

  7. wow….ready or not, here come another 54 comments from people obsessed with kellie being obsessed about her wieght

  8. Kellie,
    I think you are freaking hot. But I feel what you mean, I am so self concious. My husband says that God makes women self concious because we are so much prettier than they are. You look great. Keep on with your bad self. hehe

    LOVE XOXO Nichole

  9. I guess I wasn’t listening when you met Uncle Daddy. How did you meet him ? How long ago ?

  10. That’s so sad. I used to do that all the time keep putting things off. It’s ok to have body & diet issues but when you do nothing positive about them and talk about it on the radio its just sad. Kidd is a jerk for offering the bet yes, but taking him up on it is crazy!!

  11. Kellie,
    I don’t think you need to lose weight at all given the stats you’ve given us. I don’t know if you’ve ever read the Shapely Prose blog, but there is an awesome post from last November that I think all women benefit from reading, even those who don’t have a weight problem. You can find it here:


  13. Finally, something I’ve been wondering about
    for a long time….what your mother thinks about all this nonsense of yours. She sounds like a very smart lady and someone you definitely need
    to listen to.

  14. Kellie, you look just fine….I think know that you are this thin you want a PERFECT body. WE ALL know that is not possible when you eat a bunch of junk. so you just have to decide what you want more junk or abs of steel? It’s hard..I want that too…but I continue to eat carbs and candy and therefore…still don’t have the abs or buns of steel. Darn it…

  15. You really need to make up your mind and stop yo-yoing back and forth. You pay all this money for trainers and miracle diets..lose weight..and then go right back to eating crap. If you want to stop complaining about your body. work out regularly and cut out all sugar and most all carbs. It’s not something you should have to shell out so much money for someone to tell you.
    You can’t maintain weight by eating chips, desserts and so forth.

  16. Kellie, I love you!! My friends tell me all of the time that the things you say remind them of me. I know, I’m not sure that this is a good thing:P… I like to be right, love to love, cynical, give GREAT advice but don’t necessarily follow my own advice…and FUNNY. That’s my “in” with people. I’m not fat at all, but I am constantly on a diet. I get you. Just disregard the negative comments that apparently people like to give. You are you….just love you!!!

  17. NorthrnLights, why do you always, always, always, write your comments with lol all the time? Are you a giggly person? lol! It is really annoying, lol. I am also wondering, as per other comments before, if you are a man or a woman. You post as if you are a woman with the constant lol, lol. But then you write things like you want to see Kellie in her Tankini. So if you are indeed a woman you are a lez, lol. Why don’t you just tell us what gender you are, lol.

  18. All this bingeing? To start a diet sounds very odd. Sounds like they want you to pack on a couple ofpounds so that when you start this fad TED diet thing and eat right and miraculously lose a couple of ounds in the first week, it will look like it’s working. WRONG! Kellie will just gain more weigh from the bingeing and the TED thing will not work. Mainly because she will not stick to it and once again, we will hear how she went out and bought more snacks to eat or went out drinking and ruined her diet. PLEEEEEASE spare us! I do not know of one woman who is completely happy with her body. Get over it already and move on to more important things in life like raising you beautiful daughter to be healthy and happy!

  19. Kellie,

    So first of all, I finally took a peek at the website and I have to say I was shocked by actually seeing everyone’s picture for the first time. None of you are quite like I had imagined you to be. All I can say is this, you are BEAUTIFUL! I know its not going to help that everyone tells you are while you keep seeing yourself as inadequate. However sweetie, I think your wrong about putting this first before God because if anything, that strength you feel by turning to HIM will definitly help you to overcome your issues. Take it one day at a time, look your self in the mirror naked/clothed and I challenge you this, for everything negative you say about your body, you must say something negative. Keep your head up!!


  20. Oops!!! Sorry I caught my typo, for everything negative, you must say something POSITIVE!!!!

  21. Wow Southern Belle – what a grouch! I thought all southern ladies were supposed to be nice. Not only do you snark at Kellie but also at other posters. Did you have a bad day?

  22. Listen to your mama!

  23. Kellie,
    Glad to hear you are going to work on “mental stuff”, losing 10 pounds is probably not going to change your life. There is nothing sexier than a confident woman.

  24. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!

  25. i am naked…really…i am waiting for my clothes to dry.

  26. i am no longer naked…but i am sporting boxers and a tee shirt.


  28. susie…why would you be so mean and insensitive???…i shall pray that your cold frigid heart is warmed up someday.

  29. Wow, same insults…different screen names…HMP…so unoriginal…….Wish I had that much time on my hands.

  30. Kellie, you are a rock star!!

  31. Get a life craig and realize that nobody wants you to post. You have already been banned from one blog already and when you post to Shannon she comments back and tells you what an ass you are. Keep it up and you will be banned from this one as well.

  32. Come on Kellie, instead of talking about each pound you lose and gain back, or what food binge you’re on, why not try telling us about Uncle Daddy…. WHO is HE?
    Now that would be interesting……

  33. Southern Belle,

    Whether my posting lol’s following sentences or statements bothers you or not, does not matter to me in the least, lol!
    I also am not sure what my gender or sexual orientation has to do with you or my commenting on the topics. ASSume whatever makes you happiest, lol.
    Now, I have gone back and reread my posting and I have to admit. I have yet to see any inference of any type of sexual undertone.
    I realize Southern Belle’s have a history of being the graceful delicate wall flower with the soft spoken tone, but somewhere in your ancestry, someone met a “yankee”, lmao.
    Now, had you read that statement in this manner, verses the one your mind slid so easily to the gutter with, you may have also seen it like so.
    Kellie, could you post a before and after shot, because I am totally bewildered as to were those pounds will come from.

  34. uncle daddy? …..

  35. If you look at Kellies My Space you will see Uncle Daddy Its actually Uncle Daddy Entertainement, I think his name is Shawn, I could be wrong… Anyway he is pretty cute, younger than Kellie, as was Freddy, probably not a good move on her part since she seems to want someone to marry and settle down with…But I guess you never know…

  36. How about growing up Kellie? How about eating right and exercising? You know exactly what you need to do to live a healthy lifestyle, eat right and get enough exercise. And with as many dieticians/nutritionists/trainers that you’ve seen you can’t tell me you don’t know what to do. The problem Kellie, is that you don’t want to do it. And that’s okay. Just accept it and move on with your life. You are never going to be an effortlessly thin person that can eat what she wants. It will always be a battle for you because you LET it be. You should take all the time and energy you spend whining about your body and food and get a good psychiatrist to help you learn how to raise your daughter in a healthy way. Because right now? Emma Kelly is destined to be a mess by the time she’s 10.

  37. ha ha ha ha…lmoa and lol! NorthrnLghts is Craig.
    Can’t you all tell from the way this person words things and forms their sentences? That is hilarious! Craig is so infatuated with all these comments he sends that he posts as many people. So much fun to read and figure out which ones he is.

  38. You all know that Liz is completely right about Kellie, her body image and what will happen to Emma Kelly, if she doesn’t get off the weight trip. Most of you may love Kellie and want her to lose the weight and be all for her trying the weight loss craze she’s been on, but please, she needs encouragment to have a healthy body weight(which she does) and to be happy with that. Children see and take in way more than we realize. EK is already seing this and absorbing it. She will have this ingrained long before the age of 10. Kellie, please stop and think about what you are doing not only to yourself but to Emma Kelly!!!!

  39. hey freak…we have you isp…shall we tell you all your secret pseudonyms???

  40. I don’t think it is a matter of loving Kellie or not loving Kellie. It is the simple fact that Kellie herself has admitted that she needs to rewire her thinking on weight issues, but has also admitted that is it not going to change in one day, one week, one month, etc etc etc.

    So really there is no purpose served by NAGGING her and trying to tear her down further. How can you tell someone to grow up and get self esteem when you are trying to do nothing but break her down? Talk about needing to grow up.

  41. Oh yeah, she gonna SUDDENLY gonna stop obsessing over her body image in 1 day just because you said so Liz. I know every person with disorders and addictions just wake up on a Monday and are over it in No time…as far as growing up, I think she’s grown up as grown up can be. I am sure you have absolutly no problems in your life Liz and you are perfect, you just dont have a radio show to share it with everyone. Any your Kids are perfect and you never made ANY mistakes with them and they wont EVER have ANY problems. Maybe you should write a book on your perfectness?

  42. Of course I’m not perfect but when I have an issue I try and fix it rather than whine about it for years and years. And it HAS been years and years. So Kelly thinks she’s fat. Big freakin deal. Either do something about it or shut the hell up. When I gained 78 pounds with my first pregnancy I worked out and lost the weight. When I gained 30 with my next one I worked out and lost the weight. When I found out I had cancer I had surgery and radiation, changed my diet and faced life with a new attitude. When you wollow in your own problems day in and day out it gets you nowhere. Case in point….Kelly Rasberry. I’m just so sick of listening to her go on and on about what she eats, how fat she is, blah blah blah. Nobody cares anymore. Just deal with it Kelly! Fix it or shut up about it already. I already quit listening to the show because I just can’t stand it anymore. I think it was huge mistake for Kidd to put Kelly and the listeners through all this again. It’s soooo OLD.

  43. Liz – if you think it is unfair for Kidd to put the listener’s through this again, why are you not posting on his blog and second, if you already stopped listening to the show, how did you know Kidd put Kellie (spelled correctly) up to the challenge? and thirdly – if you have already stopped listening to the show – why do you care?

  44. Thank you Stephanie!!! Liz, take your OWN advice and quit whining about Kellie…Shut the Hell up!

  45. GIRLFIGHT!!!

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