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April 16, 2008 at 1:50 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 62 Comments

I don’t consider this my official blog posting, but I’m sure there will be enough stuff on here to be dissected by those who love me or hate me or hate to love me or love to hate me…But anyway, I’ve  had enough people ask so I’ll just go ahead and tell you what’s up.

In my desperation to avoid the tankini pictures from being posted, I remembered that a month or so ago on the local news I saw this thing about the Dr. TED Diet. I googled it and found it at Let me just tell you — it ain’t exactly cheap. It’s a 10-week program and you’ve got to go in for weekly weigh-ins and shots in the butt and you have to rub these creams on your arms and you eat a very, VERY basic diet. I don’t think it’s going to be easy, but I think the accountability and the cash I’m spending are going to keep me on the straight and narrow. I’m not going to be a lot of fun to be around, though, which is why I’m not starting until Friday. I don’t want to be at my own birthday party watching everybody else eat my cake!! So I’m starting Friday. I am mentally preparing myself for that day. Oh! And the weird thing is, for the two days prior to starting, you’re supposed to binge on stuff like ice cream and potato chips!!! So I went out and bought three bags of Lay’s potato chips today (on sale for $1.75 at Target!) in plain, limon and barbecue!! I will have no problem with this diet requirement!! So I’ll be a little bloated in the birthday dress I bought for Thursday night. Big deal! Come Friday morning, I’m going to attack this like a woman possessed! I’m looking at it almost like an experiment. Just how long can I stick to this thing and just how much weight is possible to lose before I hit the beach? I am so freaking excited!! While I’m not thrilled about the actual stuff I’m going to have to do, I am so anxious to see just how this works! BELIEVE ME — I will keep you posted! And I’ll give all the gory details, which you know I LOVE. I will be your guinea pig!

Now I have to work on getting some sort of a tan. You should see Uncle Daddy. He’s so brown now he’s practically purple. What are the two of us going to look like standing next to each other on the beach??? I’m not entirely sure, but I know I’ll be looking a heck of a lot better in my tankini!




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  1. If it flosta your boat, do it. Doesn’t hurt me any! Do it just to piss Jenna off!

  2. floats

  3. I hope this isn’t the same stuff….

  4. Now you know, Lipodisolve is not medically approved here in the US? You may lose some weight, not really lose but it may go away, and where does it go? To your clog the ateries and then to the heart? Some people in Europe have had bad consequences with this stuff. Scary. Yet again though, this is just another one of Kellie’s quick fixes and as one person put it, another way for everyone to tell her she isn’t fat and looks great.

  5. Woohoo! You go girl!

  6. I still think you should try Jenny Craig. I am having success. It’s great because you always have food that is ready to eat so you don’t get mixed up eating the bad stuff. Most of the entrees are good and you get snacks and desserts! I have been on it for 3 weeks and have lost 5lbs–without exercise. I just took a pilates class tonight and am going to try a hip-hop class and yoga. Of course I had to buy a new work-out outfit. It’s always the outfit that motivates one to go to class!

  7. Yip, Lipodisolve, it is the same stuff. Dangerous!!!

  8. Oh Kellie, I hope it is not the same thing I watched on 20/20 the other night.. please visit the link Cindy posted here and do some research on this before you jump right in. This truly is coming from a good place, when I read your post I said to my daughter, OMG I hope she is not having done what I saw on 20/20 Sunday night, I have to email her right away.

    I wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do. I love listening to you in the mornings and Emma Kellie is just a doll baby and you are a wonderful Mom, please be safe!!

  9. really, Kellie… enough about your freakin yo-yo dieting. It really is not interesting anymore. You really are my favorite on the show, but the “i’m fat, i’m trying a new fad diet” thing really starts to get old after a few years.
    Please just stop… or atleast stop talking about it on the radio…

  10. Thats so very sad.

  11. Yikes!

  12. Keep us posted – and don’t worry about all the haters about this “quick fix”. I can GUARANTEE if any of them had a chance of bathing suit pics going on the net, they would too!

    After you’re done with this, you really should try Weight Watchers. It’s so different than it was years ago. I’ve lost 30 pounds on it and it really hasn’t been too bad.

    Good luck and best wishes!

    ps – Planet Tan: Versa Spa (get brown and it’s sooo much better than Mystic!!)

  13. Haters Lori? Because people are saying its dangerous? Get a clue groupie!

  14. Kel, this is so exciting, and everyone relax its not the lipodisolve she is going for!!! The diet plan she is doing is completely different and I know it works!!! Good luck!

  15. Kellie,

    I also have very fair skin. But you can get color even a tan! Go to a tanning bed and for the first three visits only tan for 3 minutes, then work up to 5, and then 10. Do it slowly!! You won’t burn but you will get a tan!
    Have a great time in Mexico.


  16. If people went to the link that Kellie posted, they would realize that the Dr. TED diet is NOT Lipodissolve (although, this place offers it as well). From the Dr. TED link that Kellie posted:

    Dr. TED is an acronym for the true nature of this diet program:

    a Dr. supervised Thermogenic Endorphin (releasing) Diet.

    Dr. TED Diet Program has helped hundreds not only reach their target weight loss goals, but have successfully kept off the weight!

    The reason is because this is a true medical condition and cannot be treated by an inexperienced “diet counselor” from some corner diet center with a “one size fits all” kind of program.

    Unlike all the other “fad” diet programs available, you will not be required to keep purchasing pre-packaged meals. Instead, you will be given specific foods, recipes and menus that can be purchased at every grocery store. As you may well imagine, it is a low calorie specific regiment, but one that will give your body everything it needs and will give you energy beyond belief!

    Since there are no other purchases that are required, this is also one of the most cost effective and safest ways to lose weight and keep it off.

    You will be given all of the information necessary to successfully lose your weight. Besides all the detailed instructions, you will also be given two patent pending appetite suppressant creams that only need to be applied to the forearm to effectively combat the expected hunger pangs especially during the first week.

    You will also have weekly appointments for the necessary B12 shots that contain three fat burning amino acids. During each appointment, you can also expect weigh-ins and a detailed readout that will gauge your progress. You will also be introduced to the K-1 Whole Body Vibration Machine to help keep your body toned with the weight you will be losing.

  17. Ugh.. yes, eating THREE bags of potato chips seems like the healthy thing to do when you have made a committment to lose weight. Why are you so pitiful?? Either make a committment to stay healthy or be quiet. I personally don’t care if you spend a fortune on fad crap but seriously? You are setting a horrible example and need to get over youself. I bet you are one of those people who needs attention constantly and approval from everyone. What a whip.

  18. I have never posted a comment on here, but I read it often, and I finally have to write something. I am amazed by Jenna and her snide remarks. If you hate Kellie so much and think so poorly of her and her blogs, why do you continue to listen to the show? If you don’t like her, you should switch to another station. Why would you keep listening to someone you despised so much? You just sound so hateful each time you post, almost miserable. You can’t say you don’t listen because you always know what she talked about and waht was said. Is there a reason you continue to listen and write such hateful things?

  19. I am the Ann that addressed the note to Jenna, not the Ann directly above that post. I will change to Ann B. so it will not be conflicting.

  20. The first time I read this post of yours Kellie, I immediately thought of that 20/20 story from last friday night. I hope you do more research on this, sounds way too risky.

  21. This post is for Jenna. I have never posted anything, but I do read this on a regular basis. If you hate Kellie so much, which is obvious, why do you continue to listen to her? You can’t say you don’t listen because you always know what was talked about and what she said. There are so many other radio stations to listen to. When you post, not only do you sound so hateful but almost miserable. Yesterday’s posting by you is what prompted me to write. You went on and on about how bad she is and why you can’t stand her, but still you listen to her. This is not grade school. Why be so hateful when you have the opportunity to listen to another station? Is there a specific reason you do not switch and continue to listen to KKITM? You may be a more upbeat person if you found something that actually made you happy, as fas a radio station is concerned. Life is way too short to continue to do things that make you that ugly to others.

  22. Here’s an easy diet to follow that won’t cost you thousands: Eat LESS, work out MORE- Shocking I know.

    I think you probably know that but I guess you think it is cute to gripe about your weight daily…maybe it’s all part of an act for the Show….who knows….it’s old though

  23. Wow Michele, Do you work for Dr. Ted? If people want to try it, fine but it still sounds like just another money making “fad” to me. Appetite suppressant cream? Really? A machine to tone you up? …hmmm…more gimmicks to me. But like the poster at the top said…whatever floats your boat I guess.

  24. Pathetic!

  25. I actually stared dieting about 2 weeks ago. I got the idea from someone who posted the diabetic diet…no more than 1350 cals. daily and no sugar (but i have allowed splenda!). I want to loose 35 lbs of post baby weight. And Ive already lost 12 of them!! I havent even been working out! (i messed up my back jump roping a few weeks ago) Im 30 and its working for me! So if your new diet doesnt work for you then give this a try!!

  26. U Phat,

    I don’t think she said she was doing lipodisolve, but you are right I saw on TV about the really bad effects of lipodisolve (about 5 women who got it done & the horror stories that came with it).

  27. Kellie,
    I feel so bad for you after reading these comments. I love you to death. Don’t let these people get to you. You’re a great person. I can’t believe some of the stuff you guys are posting….If you are going to be ugly, then don’t post at all and if you’re tired of hearing her gripe about her weight, then guess what? don’t read her blog and don’t listen to the show…wow..that’s a great idea for you guys.

  28. Holy crap.. I cannot believe someone would waste their time making such harsh judgements on a person.. do you all think that Kellie is ignorant? I am sure she looked into it, I also watched the 20/20 show and yes, it is scary.. but a personal choice and I really do think that Kellie probably did a bit of research..

    remember what your momma’s taught you… if you can’t say anything nice, DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL..

    If you really care about Kellie, you would be on here posting comments to lift her up or make her smile.. not bring her down!!

    I say GO FOR IT Kellie… and let us know..

  29. I think Kellie is enjoying saying these things to get a rise out of people- we all know she could care less what people think about her!
    Good luck, Kellie, but stay away from those tanning beds!!

  30. ok, this may sound bad, BUT, I was silently hoping for the tankini shots. Oh well,lol.
    Good luck on your diet…

  31. Sheila,
    It is possible to like the show and still be annoyed by Kellie. Sometimes she is funny and entertaining, its just the weight thing is extremely annoying and very tired. And you “love her to death”, wow, maybe focus that love on people who are actually in your life. I’m sure she really relies on all her groupies for advice, my guess is not. Most people only take advice from people they actually know and respect, not random strangers…

  32. OMG people, this is Kellie’s radio persona…her spiel, her bit, part of her “thing” that helps keep listeners (whether they like her or not). Controversy = ratings. She gets paid excellent money to get people worked up.
    Kellie, keep laughing all the way to the bank, honey! It’s funny to me that people take everything so seriously.

  33. its about simple mathematics…calories in vs calories used…why folks pay a buttload of dollars to find the perfect program is beyond me…that being said…i think the issue that should be addressed by these baboon wellness coach’s is who is our Kelly really losing weight for?!?…i would suggest a dropping some mental issue weight before entering into a plan that is only gonna make your wallet thinner.

  34. Hi Sara-
    How do you know that Kellie and Sheila do not know each other? Even if she has been a long time listener, and that’s how she knows her, I think it’s fair to say “love you to death”. It comments like this from people like you that are not needed. Sheila wrote that being nice and not hurting anyone, but people have to fire off at her. You felt the need to respond just to make someone else feel bad. And I completly agree with her- if Kellie’s comments bother you that badly, it’s part of the show and part of Kellie so maybe you shouldn’t listen. Some of you got nothing out of ‘the lecture’ they played this morning. And I wouldn’t necessarily call the mean people random strangers, but maybe insensitive and hostile jerks that like to hurt others.

  35. You have a point Craig but its not quite that simple as calories in vrs. calories used. If you don’t eat enough your body can go into starvation mode and hang on to every calorie it can because it doesn’t know when it will be fed again. You should eat small frequent (preferably healthy) meals or snacks to keep your metabolism up. I don’t think there really is a quick fix no matter what the $$$.

  36. WOW!!
    Kellie has found a subject that everyone has an opinion on. I agree if you don’t like her or what she talks about, there are plenty of other radio shows to listen to. BTW, do some realize Kellie is ie and not y?

  37. Yea Sara but how long does your body actually hang on to every calorie during starvation mode really? I’ve never seen a fat anorexic. I agree there is no quick fix. If you ever see any of the work out shows its all about exercise and not over eating. Get a little muscle tone and the cellulite will go away. Or are they really just using cellulite cream on their thighs? LOLOL…

  38. Sara – first of all, I’m anything but a groupie. I was simply trying to offer some words of encouragement. Second of all, when I said ‘haters’ I meant all the harsh comments people had posted – not the ones out of legit concern.

    You don’t know me nor do you know anything about me – but know this, I feel sorry for someone that has to insult others on a message bored……but what the heck do I know? Guess I better go get that clue.

  39. Sara…thank you…as a man of large girth, i graze all day!!!…at 456 pounds, i have reverse bulimia, when i look in the mirror, i see a person that sally struthers is trying to save…with that said…the common and sensible approach to weight control and maintenance is lost in a sea of hype and false hope…i have often pondered the lasting effects of gastric bypass surgeries and other quick fixes.

  40. […] diet doctor I don’t consider this my official blog posting, but I’m sure there will be enough stuff on here to be […] […]

  41. Here is an odd thought! These are random thoughts in someones daily/weekly/monthly life. Why blow a gasket over posts?

    Last week I threatened my dog by shaving him bald because he got filthy by playing in some mud. OMG, call the SPCA quick!! I am sure thats a death penalty offense,lmao.

    PPL there is such a thing as extremes and sometimes i think you ppl go WAY overboard..

    Every person body structure/metabolism is different. How one loses weight varies with each individual. Some can cut calories and WOW, the pounds just fall off. Others may have to work harder for the same effects. But, whatever way you attempt to do it i am sure its done in a healthy way.

  42. Craig you have such a valid point about gastric bypass or in my case banding. I could give anyone a really earful about my experience.
    I struggle everyday with the mental and physical aspects of liking my body.
    I like the show and I like Kellie most of the time she gives me great inspiration. However this bet and all the talk of weight loss is old and tired. It’s a daily struggle for everyone but we NEVER hear anything positive about Kellie’s weight loss. It’s one fad diet after another and it’s really depressing. I think to the point they lose more listeners than they know.
    I probably don’t have a clue either though (do people still say get a clue!?)

  43. I have never in my life seen such HATEFUL posts. I heard that Plato once said “Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”. Kellie’s blog isn’t your free invitation to be as anonymously mean as possible. She is a real person with real feelings — who by the way is an adult with the ability to pay taxes, vote and everything. Imagine that?! Free will is a wonderful thing. Don’t bash it.

  44. Jenna, Ann, fake names = Malice. You posted on Kellies other Blog how you’ve seen her in public and how she’s mean, ect, ect and how we are all ignorant…….and you are the genius….yadda, yadda, yadda….Intelligence does not always = common sense nor does it = maturity. YES we ALL have a right to an opinion but you are so very tactless and have absolutely NO class in your comments and it’s very hard to determine your real genius. To come intentionally on a MESSAGE BOARD like a Junior High Teen ager and say hateful, malice things makes me think A.YOu have no life B.You are just a hateful human being C.You are a junior high teenager D.ALL of the Above

  45. PS they can trace your ISP and charge you with Stalking…even if you keep changing your Screen name…incase you didnt know…But I bet you do since you are so smarter than all of us! HMP

  46. Northern Lights, or whatever your handle is…you said you threatened your dog by shaving him…NO you did not threaten, you DID shave him. You are mean! I seriously hope you left at least 1/2 an inch of hair all around. Dogs will play in the mud. It’s a blast to them. Don’t punish him that way. We should come and shave you bald and see how you like it. Do yourself a favour – get rid of the mud in your yard or don’t walk your dog where there is mud. Now do your dog a favour and find him a loving, caring home!!! You are a jerk!!!

  47. Oh yes, Northern Lights, you need to realize that it is YOUR fault if your dog gets into mud. You let him get into that situation, therefore it is YOU that should pay the consequences. You really are and idiot!

  48. Hi,
    I have never posted before, but enjoy reading Kellie’s blogs, and I loved listening when Kidd read her diary entries in the fake Kellie voice. Very funny. I have been wondering something for a while now. Craig, are you Mark Kevin?

  49. Very well put Vanessa! Jenna obviously has no life if she is using her time listening and posting on a blog that belongs to someone she hates. Really makes no sense and is very self destructive.

  50. Say what you will about Kellie but the lady is no dummy. I’m just saying…she gave a shout out to the diet doctor and listed their website. She obviously has a multitude of people that love her and identify with her issues with body image and weight. She has said how cheap she is in the past and how expensive this doctor was. I bet Miss Kellie scored the service for free for all of the free advertising the doctor just received. I think Kellie is funny and I am a fan so nobody ALL CAP freak out on me please.

  51. Kellie, you do your thang. 🙂 Seriously, who cares?! People who are getting all worked up over how/why you diet need to get a life!

  52. Hi Shelly! No, I don’t work for Dr. TED…I just figured since everybody was blasting Kellie for doing Lipodissolve and not taking the 10 seconds (literally) to click on the link she provided to see what she is REALLY doing, I would go that extra mile and waste an additional 5 seconds to copy the info provided (as I stated) on the site and let people know that she is NOT doing Lipodissolve. I think it’s so ridiculous that people constantly yell at her for her life. Is she hurting people? No. Is she hurting herself? No. Part of being a radio personality is to try new things out and talk about them. Otherwise, if she stays in a cave her whole life, how could she post interesting blogs that get 50+ comments on each one? I just get really tired of people jumping to conclusions on this poor woman and lecturing her about things she isn’t even doing. Just trying to help set the record straight. Obviously, some people did not read my clarification as there are still many posts after mine telling Kellie to beware of Lipodissolve. I was just trying to help! Sorry to offend!

  53. Why are people cheering Kelly on in weight loss? She could stand some toning up at 31% body fat but 153 pounds on a 5’10 woman is pretty thin! Clearly what she needs is a psychiatrist to figure out why she’s never happy with her weight (or anything for that matter). Not some quack that gives you shots in the butt and creams to lose weight. And these stupid contest Kidd keeps coming up with her to show off her body is only adding to her problems.

  54. Why Kim?
    Because they are her loyal fans, they “love her to death” and all they want is for her to be happy. They believe she relies on them for advice, lol, this entire thing is actually pretty hilarious!

  55. Michele, Didn’t mean to sound offended. I wasn’t. It just sounded like a sales pitch but since you copied from the site I see why you seemed to know so much about it. 🙂

  56. Vanessa, nope, not a fake name and I’ve never met Kellie or accused her of being “mean”. Sorry 🙂

  57. You said she needed to get over herself and that she is an attention seeker. I figured you met her since you judged her so harshly? hmp. It’s obvious you and that other person dont understand addictions. Some people have alcohol, drugs, and Eating disorders. She obviously has the eating disorder. She does need to seek professional help,. she has said this many a time. All Addiction people say this. She is a radio personality and opens her world up to everyone, the good and bad. I suppose if we all did that or had cameras following us, there would be things we wouldnt want people to know about us. Of course, unless you are perfect and never ever have done anything that could be taken out of context or judged harshly.

  58. Does anybody know how much Dr. Ted’s diet cost? I’m interested in trying it but didn’t see any prices on the website.

  59. *farts*
    *excuses self*

  60. YOu are excused Craig….farting means you are healthy…good for you!

  61. Vanessa…that must mean i am the healthiest man in the WORLD…if farting was an olympic sanctioned event, i would be a gold medalist!!!

  62. Wow guys get a life….i simply came to read Kellies blog about this and you guys are really reading to deeply into everything….she was just telling ya’ll about a diet she was trying…ya’ll guys are on here tearing her down and each other over non sense….geez…grow up…lol

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