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April 15, 2008 at 3:28 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 31 Comments

I am tired all the way around. My poor baby is eaten up with allergies and her poor little nose won’t stop running and she’s rubbing her little eyes and digging in her ear and I can’t do anything but try to keep her nose wiped and distract her from her misery but it just makes me sad that I can’t fix it. And then my allergies make me look like somebody socked me in the eyes. I look like a battered woman. But I am not battered. I am just TIRED. I don’t want to move. I don’t want to think. I don’t want to talk. I don’t want to do much more than breathe as shallowly as possible. Am I depressed? I saw on the news last night that allergies can cause depression. I have allergies. Therefore I am depressed.

Another thing I’m sort of depressed about is that I think I’ve found myself in another situation where I am more excited about someone than that someone is excited about me. This is something I need to change about myself. I know this about me — I get involved way too quickly on way too many levels. Why can’t I just take things as they come? I over-analyze and over-rationalize and over-do it and over-think it until the other person decides he’s freaking over it and I’m like “What did I do wrong?” It’s the allergies. That must be it.

Visited a diet doctor today. Got a shot in my butt.  I’m not starting until Friday because my birthday party is Thursday night and I don’t want to spend the whole time making everybody uncomfortable while I stand there refusing to eat my own birthday cake. The diet doctor says I weigh 153 and that I’m 31% body fat. Huh. So in three weeks of dieting on my own I’ve lost one pound and gained 11% body fat. I should write a book.





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  1. Kellie; Have you read “A New Earth” yet? It talks about those repetitive thoughts that go through your head and how you can change that. Some of the book was kind of “out there”, so hang in there if you DO read it. It really does have a lot of really good stuff in there!

    Hope you and EK feel better soon!!!

  2. haha! That’s gotta be something nobody else has ever done, lost a pound and gained 11% in body fat. No wonder you feel depressed!!

    Ooorrrr the most likely answer: Somebody miscalculated.

    I would certainly say at your birthday party eat cake and whatever else guilt free. If you eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, then cake isn’t going to hurt one bit!!

    I know you have poor body image, but body fat aside…we only live once. Yes we do try and eat as healthy as possible and we should do what we need to do to have a healthy self image (I’m not endorsing anorexia or anything like that though lol) But when a cute man comes to our door with quesadilla’s and an apology, we will eat them guilt free!! And when it’s our birthday…we will dig in and just eat really healthy the next few days!!

    Life is lived once…so live it up =)

  3. Kelly, bless your heart! Those allergies can be so awful, for you and Emma Kelly! In regard to the dieting…and I say this with much love: Get off the freaking rollercoaster!!! I am not saying to stop trying to be healthy, I am saying that you need to look at this long term…for your health- physical and emotional. These contests you get into, these short term humiliations are killing you! You set yourself up to fail, to feel bad about yourself, to feel guilty, and for what? A few pounds lost here and there for a few days and then it is back to the overeating and the cycle begins again. I know you want to lose weight, and there is nothing wrong with that, but if you never tried to lose another pound and just tried to eat and exercise with moderation I have a feeling you would find yourself in a much better place…probably losing some weight without nearly as much effort and for life! I realize it is not as simple as I have stated it, but what I do know (and I think you do too) is that you are digging such a hole for yourself. It gets harder and harder to climb out. It seems that you have tried just about every thing that comes along to lose weight, but usually in the short term to win a bet, to get into an outfit, etc. Your life, your health, your well-being is more valuable than a radio bit.
    Decide today to stop it. If Kidd and Co. are the friends I think they are they will support you. If they won’t, then you will have to stand up for yourself. No more contests, no more humiliation, no more DIETS. As Amy before said…eat healthy, and enjoy your birthday, then get back to it. Easier said than done I know, and if you need help with that, I am sure their are some good counselors to help, not DIET doctors, pills, potions!
    I know you are hurting, it came across so clearly in your blog today. I am praying for you. You have so many listeners who are supporting you, and want you to feel better, and find the joy in your life.

  4. Kellie,

    I would love to know the name of the Diet Doctor you went to. Good Luck with your weight loss!!

  5. Try the Neti Pot for your allergies. I’m 32 weeks pregnant and was eaten up by allergies a few weeks ago and nothing OTC that I could take would help so I tried it. It’s gross but it works. You’ll try all that other random garbage to fix yourself… give it a shot.

  6. i want to know what this new diet and diet dr. is..i want (NEED) to try it..

  7. You know, Kellie, I can’t wait until I am old, gray, and saggy. I’m going to bake cookies with my grandchildren all day, and not worry about fat content and whatnot.
    Until then, I’ll be a depressed mess because I can’t seem to get rid of this baby butt. I keep running from it, but my butt always seems to catch up with me.
    Have you tried a Neti Pot? Irrigate your sinuses… I swear, it works!

  8. try singulair for emma kelly. Its once a day and really works. My 2 year old has been on for a year and a half and we have no more problems with allergies.

  9. I get involved way to fast also
    i think it goes back to my childhood and not having the best seft esteem…wow…i need some of that today actually…

  10. I was going to suggest a New Earth also. Of course, it isn’t exactly WORKING for me yet. But acknowleging there IS a problem is a good start. 🙂

  11. Kelly I understand you completely and here is my though. I also have the need to show that person in one hole night the wonderfull person that I am the reason is my case I feel empty and I need to fill the void in me as fast as I can that means sometimes making a fool of my self. That is why I eat and feel sad and have allergies. The negativity of my live has made me be unbalance..till I change that into positive my life will continue to be this way. It will be when im ready till then I will continue to yo-yo and I am so close to taking this fully and commite my self to working out and doing this not for no one but for me.. only me!. There are so many thing that one need to change until then you need to learn from them and change them for the best. Kelly I too am a single mom and strugle with stress,weight and not feeling good enough for someone. Thank you for letting me talk to you about this and I want to let you know that today it is hard for me to est helthy but not impossible and even thou I have had my 1 step foward and 5 back I will continue as long as there is the courage and the time.

  12. Netti pot does work! It feels like you feel when you get water up your nose when your in a pool, but it works!

  13. I understand about the analyzing part. I do it to myself everytime. If I really like someone I will analyze the entire thing to death until I have killed it. I think it is because I am afraid to make another mistake. My first husband cheated after 15 years and 3 kids. I worry maybe I am not good enough or possibly I make really bad choices. I definitely do not want to repeat mistakes. My friends tell me to just let it come day by day and even my oldest son says the same. He heads off to college soon and I am still young and people say hot, but I don’t believe it. Try to do what I don’t just take it one day at a time and let what happens happen. Let me know if it works, I can’t seem to do it. Good Luck! Just know your not alone.

  14. I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy the show. And of course you know not to listen to anyone who gets mad at you, calls you a bad parent, etc. I think you are fantastic no matter what you do, what you weigh. Live you life like you want, and I hope you make it to your goal weight. If it makes you happy then more power to you. I love the show, and you really liven it up, gives it a womans perspective. More power to you.

  15. I could hit Kidd over the head with his sand wedge for letting you to do a
    “diet-before-something” contest again!! I think it is only making you feel worse, and you’ve got enough going on already – a baby with allergies, trying to date without falling into despair, being a single mom – to make looking great in a tankini seem important.
    We love you just the way you are!!!

  16. Kellie,
    I think Kidd just wants to see you naked and the only he can is to make you do these crazy weight loss contests knowing you won’t win. Makes you wonder doesn’t it!!!!!!

  17. ow Kellie…lets get real here you say you have been dieting for weeks but truthfully all you have to do is read your blog and you will see that is clearly not the case. Honestly according to you writing about this constant abundance of food you have probably been off your DIET more then on it. So all of this talk about boo hoo me I only lost 1lb is once again a cry for attention. I agree with the people on here this is a life style change and not a diet…if you aren’t going to stick with it give it up. Truthfully if being fat bothered you that much you wouldn’t constantly eat a cup cake, queso dip, chips, meat loaf, bags of chips, mints of ice cream and the most fattening macaroni and cheese I have ever heard of. Once again this is just a cry for attention and a pathetic one if that. Guys don’t want to be with a girl who constantly talks about how big of a fat a$$ they are and then has no will power and can’t follow thru on changing it. Lets face it if you call it out enough everything you see wrong with yourself he is going to see also. And the people on this blog blaming KIDD give me a break he knows she isn’t going to follow thru with this stuff and cant stick to a diet if I was him I would do the same thing and call her out on it. It is cute Kellie how you always try to play the victim when you clearly are not.

  18. the above person needs to get off of her power trip that is so mean

  19. Jenna obviously has to get off someway everyday…honey you need a go raid the CondomSense store and stock up on DD batteries!

  20. Jenna—-get a life rather than trying to live thru Kellie. Looks like you know all about her and what she’s been doing…are you a fly on her wall? As the OOOOOOOLLLLLLDDDDDDD saying goes “If you have nothing nice to say….say nothing at all.” and no I’m not obeying that now!!!

  21. i have the worlds worst blister on my big toe and another on both heals…if i was any other person, i would have passed out from the pain.

  22. to all who worry about their appearance:

  23. Since when is voicing an opinion that is different than other’s on the board cause to tell someone they need DD Batteries? Sounds like there are quite a few uneducated listeners who are unable to formulate a reply without resorting to sexual connotations. Let’s revisit the facts people:

    1. Kelli discusses how hard she works on her “diet” but every day–her blog is filled with anecdotes about how she ate fattening food or failed to exercise thus prompting the masses to praise her beauty and inspire her to attain her goal.

    2. The following blog entry reads the same as the first. She did not follow her diet and exercise regime and blogs how she is fat thus manipulating her fans to sing a different tune and praise her once again. It’s like Groundhog Day people. And it’s annoying for a public figure to keep trying to bait or manipulate her fans to feed her praise day after day.

    3. I am familiar with Kelli Rasberry. I also worked in Media in Dallas and found her behavior at award shows and other media functions to be classless. When the KKIT team did not win the Award of the Year for Morning Drive several years ago, Kelli chose to stand up and goad her team to leave instead of waiting for the show to be over and support her fellow colleagues in radio who also worked hard for their stations.

    Kelli Rasberry is a manipulative selfesh woman who seeks approval from others instead of within herself. She enjoys tearing other women down by being catty and has show her true colors time and time again in the public eye of Dallas, Texas when her mike is not on. I have a right to express my opinion just as you do but please people….make an effort to sound educated instead of slinging bathroom humor and fifth grade mentality comebacks

  24. giggles cuz Pinky said “double D’s”…but i prefer b or c’s.

  25. Damn, “Jenna” If you don’t like Kelli get off her freakin nuts. Apparently you have nothing else better to do than leave nasty remarks.
    GO EAT A CUPCAKE!!!!!!

  26. Jenna, if you are so familiar with her, and have such a great dislike for her, why do you come here? Obviously you have some sort of personal issue regarding Ms. Rasberry that really needs to be addressed. Isn’t it just a waste of your time and energy to sit here and be an agitator? You went on your soap box about how classless she is as you show us that you would definitely be the best judge of that. How about taking a dose of your own judgment and quit harassing people. Worry less about other people’s faults and maybe focus more on your own.

  27. I agree with Jenna 100%
    Kellie is just looking for attention and complements from her gaggle of worshiping fans. It’s really hard to decide who is more annoying.

  28. Kellie, what did you do to Jenna? She has a huge chip on her shoulder – you must have done something awful to her! Sleep with her husband? Set her house on fire? Just be a deejay on a morning talk show? The nerve!

  29. Kellie,
    Can you tell us the name of the diet doctor please?
    If you can’t, could you email it to me.
    Love you,

  30. I think the word of the day tomorrow is very possibly going to be Jenna…hahahaha You guys are too funny. Craig, shame on you! haha

  31. p.s. in response to Jenna’s post for all of us so that we all are educated: I like the visual of #2 with Kellie to Kidd and Al so I’m going to go with that. 🙂

    Main Entry: 1goad
    Function: noun
    Pronunciation: ‘gOd
    Etymology: Middle English gode, from Old English gAd spear, goad; akin to Langobardic gaida spear, and perhaps to Sanskrit hinoti he urges on
    1 a : something that pricks like a goad : THORN b : something that urges or stimulates into action : SPUR
    2 : a pointed rod used to urge on an animal
    synonym see MOTIVE

    Pronunciation Key

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