delicious word of the day — “quesadilla”

April 8, 2008 at 3:31 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 49 Comments

Awwwww………..Uncle Daddy didn’t hear my little rant about him not offering me one of his quesadillas Friday night, but somebody was sweet enough to fill him in on all the details and he checked it out for himself on the K-Pod. So tonight I’m sitting around the house letting it all hang out — no makeup, schlubby clothes, bedroom shoes — and I’m THINKING about putting on my tennis shoes and doing another mile or two when my cell phone goes off and it’s Uncle Daddy telling me to come to the front door. He had a great big bag of quesadillas from the same restaurant Friday night and a sweet little note telling me he was sorry. Awwwwwwwwwww…………And I looked like butt with zero makeup on and frizzy hair, but he said I looked beautiful to him. Awwwwwwwwwwww…..I am SO going to keep him.

Of course, I felt obligated to eat a couple in front of him. I could KICK MYSELF now, but what was I supposed to do?? So I’ll just run a little farther tomorrow.  But I think I’m going to cancel my trip to Mexico. I just can’t bear the thought of wearing a bathing suit in front of him or anybody from work. I just want to throw up at the thought. Right now I’m too busy preparing myself for the inevitable uploading of my wretched tankini photos on the internet. It’s going to happen. If I keep popping quesadillas here and there and allowing myself “just one drink”it’s just something I’m going to have to deal with. My own damned fault for agreeing to this stupid bet in the first place.

In other news, Emma Kelly’s hair is really starting to come in! I am personally very excited about it. She’s just so danged cute at this stage RIGHT NOW. I want to freeze it and hold it and squeeze every ounce out of it, but she just keeps getting older. And when I kiss her little baby feet, it’s like they aren’t baby feet anymore! They’re KID feet!! When did that happen? She’s just so freaking cute.

Best friends since fifth grade are coming to town this Thursday to start the celebration of my birthday! YEA! How many quesadillas and “just one drink” moments do you think I’m going to enjoy. There aren’t enough miles to run to make up for the damage I’m about to do to myself….




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  1. We need new Emma Kelly pics! I hear you on dreading the whole bikini thing– I am “weight thin” but not “body thin” after having my baby 5 months ago. I’m back to what I weighed pre-pregnancy, but still have that extra skin hanging around.

  2. awwww….i want an uncle daddy too!! You ar eso lucky Kellie – beautiful daughter, great job, you a=look great, and an Uncle Daddy to treat you right.

  3. That post made me very sad for you. It’s probably because it reflects some of my own issues. Hearing it volcalized helps me though to see how I must sound to others. At what age do you just throw your hands up and say damn it all I am going to enjoy myself no matter what?

  4. Kelly, don’t give up a fun trip because you think you look bad. I promise you don’t look like you think you look, or at least I dont think so from pictures on blog. Kelly, go have fun, your only young once! Everyone else has flaws and feels like they look bad, but no one notices when your having fun, and your true friends won’t care about your body flaws, that is if they can actually see them. Go girl!

  5. Good Morning Kelly!! You should join Jay Johnson’s bootcamp.. he has locations all over the dallas area.. bootcamp is fun and everyone is so encourging and it makes you want to work hard check out his website he is the guy that trains Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and he is a pretty nice guy..all of the trainers are!!

  6. I don’t know WHAT PinkyT is going on about! Because this post made me happy for you!

    Happy that Uncle Daddy is making you smile and being all sweet with a bag of quesadillas.

    Happy that Emma Kelly has brought so much joy to your life.

    Happy that you have friends who love and care for you so dearly that they travel halfway across the country to celebrate your birthday.

    Face it, very few women don’t have to work to maintain their figures! It’s a daily struggle for me too! And I, personally, love to read Kellie’s perspective. Plus, her blogs have turned me on to the South Beach sandwich wrap! 🙂

  7. You should so keep him. He sounds so sweet.

  8. Kellie, I think the reason you have such a hard time losing weight is because you know you REALLY don’t need to. Sure we all wish we were 115lbs. and rock hard, but that’s not the real world. You are very pretty and thin now. I’m a redhead too and there is no way you would catch me out in public with no make-up on. You are a natural beauty.

  9. You sound so much like me with my weight struggle. I too am tall 5’10”, and have always fought to “lose just 10 more pounds”. I know people don’t think thats much, but when you look at 10 pounds of ground beef and carry that around, it’s a lot!!! I really don’t think that you should cancel your trip though; you deserve a break, and think about all the people who shouldn’t really even go out in public with sleeveless shirts on, let alone a bathing suit! I think you are one hot momma, and you should go, regardless of what you weigh, and have a great time. A couple of margarita’s and you won’t care what anyone looks like! 🙂

  10. I am so happy that you have found love–In your daughter, yourself and also a really wonderful man!!! Have a great time in life you deserve it!!!!!! ONLY POSITIVE THOUGHTS FOR YOU!!!!

  11. Do we know who “Uncle Daddy” is?

  12. Kellie, Uncle Daddy sounds like a keeper to me!

    As for the weight loss? Don’t sweat it. Life is too short to be so stressed out! In order to be healthy physically and mentally you have to allow yourself times to let loose! I also have great friends from 4th grade and whenever we get together, all caution to the wind! You just can’t put a price on those times! Be happy! And give Emma Kelly a big squeeze!

  13. awwwwww….that’s right out of a movie. How romantic! I’m so happy for you

  14. AWE Emma Kelly!! My Emma (Emma Claire) is also BALD, I mean, ZERO hair. But, she is cute to me, and she’s only 9 months old, PLENTY of time to grow some hairs. LOL

  15. Kellie, First, You are truly lucky to have such a wonderful and caring man in your life like Uncle Daddy. Second, What are you thinking? You are a beautiful lady and I would love to be as thin as you are. You are blessed to have such a wonderful daughter as well. I hope that you know that even if the pic of you and your tankini are posted, it is not the end of the world. LOL I wish I could still fit in one of those. Please remember that you are healthy and no matter what, you are beautiful.

  16. Hi Kellie I know how you feel about the weight I myself have started my lifrtime committment to weight loss. I am in my 8 th week of weightloss and have lost 23 lbs. So I am walking proof you can do it. I however have long way to go. I have been a full size lady all my life. Just remember weightloss and eating healthy is not a diet its a way of life. Doing and loving it in Ms.

  17. This was a nice positive post, and I’m really happy for you, but I must say the best part of this blog was actually reading the words…”looked like butt”. I literally spewed Pepsi on my monitor.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  18. how long is “quesadilla” gonna be the word of the day?!?…

  19. “quesadilla” has ten letters. So, I am guessing 10 days.

  20. Kellie, you should try to drink Vodka and Soda (no calories in soda) with a squeeze of lemon or lime. It is only worth 2 points in the Weight Watcher guide. Not as fun as a margarita but easier to give in to when you are watching your weight.

  21. Kelly..If you really want to lose a few pounds very quick, try Weight Watchers. I lost 12 pounds the first month.

  22. Kelly
    I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday weekend!! I myself celebrate my birth on April 13!! I am so excited its here I am turning 27 and hope to have a great birthday weekend!! I hope the same for you and NO counting calories!!

  23. Kelly,
    You look great for 40! Have a happy birthday!

  24. Of course Kellie can’t follow her diet… seriously she is a whiner and can’t follow thru with anything. I know in the last comment I was proud but this just goes to show she is pathetic. Always an excuse and always a blog for people to tell her how great she is, how skinny she is and basically it is the same crap every day, month after month and year after year. I love how people come on this blog and stick up for her. People she does not think she is fat if she did she wouldn’t post the lame a$$ videos of her self with her shirt riding up. She is all about attention and will do or say anything to get it.

  25. Why does that bother you so much? I don’t agree with you, but what if you are right? So what?

  26. Kelly I think you look AWESOME!! I am 5’8″ and 152 and am also on a cruisade to loose 10 pounds by memorial day. my best results are in the 100 calorie foods… it is so easy to keep up with everything. There are so many things that are 100 calories; every craving is covered and I need that… I too love food and well, Sausage… 🙂

  27. Half of these posts are so Negative!! why dont those Negative people put that energy into something more constructive maybe even shal I say posotive. 🙂

  28. Jenna, I think you’re on to something…although you won’t convince anyone on here of it….
    I will agree, it is nice to read something different every once in a while, other than… “OH, Kellie, you are so great!” “You are so beautiful” You’re my idol” “You’re so skinny””I want to be just like you Kellie” “Don’t listen to them Kellie” “I wish I was as thin as you Kellie” I tend to skip past those comments.
    I see now why “true” celebrities start to think they are untouchable…and Kellie’s not even that big of a “Star”. No offense Kellie….:)
    I can’t imagine what some of these people on here would do if she was…Stalk her???
    I think this shows a lack of self-esteem in some people…They want to feel as if they are her best friend, and they are giving her advice… Another thing that amazes me, is when someone on here, expresses their opinion. If it’s not something “Totally uplifiting or positive towards Kellie”, then boy, the fireworks begin, and everybody starts to attack this one person. It’s just unbelievable.
    I think if I were Kellie, I’d be a little leary of the people on here who are so obsessed with her…

  29. i just ate a broccoli and cheese quesadilla…i am gonna have BAD gas.

  30. Bad gas? I hope you expode.

  31. It is really weird people get so defensive. It is possible to be a fan of the show without thinking Kelly is all that. Something funny, They deleted the post saying where I said Kelly looked great for 40. Is it supposed to be a secret that she turns 40 on Sunday?

  32. By posting this blog, the attention given by fans is invited. Kinda comes with the job. The same could be said about the negative comments, too. Call me naive, but I doubt many are truly obsessing. Surely people have more important things going on in their own personal lives to obsess over, right? This is just fluff.

  33. i hope that the word of the day is NEVER: colonoscopy

  34. Kellie, where the heck are our daily blog updates? I need my Kellie/E.K. fix every morning when I get to work! 🙂


  35. Kellie!! We need an update.. I hope everything is ok!! we miss your blogs!!!!!!!!

  36. Hey Craig, have you noticed that most of your insensitive, assinine comments are pulled within 12 hours of you posting them on Big Al’s Blog? He does not like what you have to say…I wish that Kellie would get the hint and pull your posts as well.

  37. I think Jenna is 100% right about Kelly. But I happen to still like her. It’s the constant weight whining that comes off as looking for complements that bother me. Kelly is fully aware she’s attractive and thin but everyone on here constantly fluffs her up when she claims she’s fat. I will be so sad if I’m 40 and still obsess over my body. At some point you just stay healthy and quit wanting to look like a supermodel.




  40. Jenna my friend, you have hit paydirt with your spot on diagnosis of Kelli the Attention Seeker and the rabid fans who leap to her defense in order to feel like they are “part of the inner circle ” with Kelli. One of the quickest ways to lose a guy is to constantly talk about your faults and to schlub around without your makeup on and complain about that as well. How can you expect to be treated like a goddess if you don’t act and look like one. Keep your negativity to yourself and let the rest of you shine. And for the love of God, find something else to blog about other than your weight, meatloaf, potato chips and the one guy who is paying attention to you. For now.

  41. I agree with Jenna and Sugar Loaf.
    Sometimes I post things on this blog just so I can sit back and lauge while I watch the Kellie Lovers get their panties in a twist.

  42. laugh not lauge..

    And of course I meant negative things, not just random things (but I do that too) ;P

  43. i just ate a whole bag of cheetos…the tips of my fingers and my keyboard are coated in an orange crust…also…today at the HEB, some lady jumps right in front of me to grab some bean dip…she misses…and tells me, ” i thought i could just grab it”…i reply…the last time i said that to a chic, she slapped the taste out of my mouth…rude chic did not think that was funny.

  44. oh…i think i am going to convert to vegetarianism…*serious*…i need to lose 150lbs…this means no more soda…i consume a 3 liter a day…wish me luck!!!

  45. this is too funny not to share:

  46. Ok, wow. After reading some of these incredibly insensative comments on here, I can’t believe people are questioning Kellie about why she hasn’t blogged in days. She gets on here and let’s those of us who are interested, in on just a few of her daily thoughts. I think Kellie would be the first to tell you that outside of the show, she’s a normal single mom with a normal life. I don’t get bothered by the weight loss talk (as a woman, fat or not, its hard when you don’t like your body. even when everyone else says its great). So I guess all I’m trying to say is that if you don’t enjoy the topic, then just skip reading her entry that day. Some of you are expecting her to bring a thrilling love story everyday, which isn’t fair. I think she’s awesome to share with us what she does. I miss it 😦

  47. Which HEB do you attend, Craig? I will be waiting in my black S550….

  48. Kellie…. you are such a beautiful woman and i think you have a great figure, but if you feel you need to lose weight then noone else can tell you not to! I know how you feel i have a soon to be 4 year old and he is sooo precious but he has grown up so fast i cry sometimes thinking about it!! I want my baby boy back, but i have always been about a size 10-12 and i was never comfortable with myself and about 2 years before i got pregnant i lost alot of weight i was wearing a size 6 and i loved it. But after i had my son Kyle im wearing a size 14, but my wonderful fiance makes me feel like im a size 2 so im very comfortable with myself now. But i just wanted to let you know that i think you are very beautiful and your baby girl is precious!!! i love reading your blogs !!! Take care, Paige

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