My kid’s a wrestler.

April 4, 2008 at 2:48 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 32 Comments


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  1. I just love her! and i love all these videos! her saying “die die die” is toooooo cute! and SO SO FUNNY! i was stuck in traffice this morning and listening to that and it actually made the traffic suck much less =)

    hope u have a great day! keep posting videos of emma kelley! i loveeeeeee them!

  2. Thanks for the vids of Emma Kelly – she gets cuter by the day!

  3. She cracks me up!

  4. She is adorable and you look sooooo thin. Kelly you look great so quit stressing girl!!! Your worst enemy is not your body it is yourself. Love ya!!

  5. Love the video clips you’ve posted of Emma Kelly! She is adorable! And it’s just so sweet to see Mommy & Baby have a bit of a wrestle!

  6. Awwwwww. Love it! Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. Emma Kelly is adorable, of course, but I am more impressed by your stomach. You said you had mommy baggage there and I see none. I wish my tummy was half as flat and firm as yours!!!

  8. Kelly… You are too cute! Emma Kelly is lucky to have you as a mother. I know it isn’t easy. I have 2 kids myself… a 5 yr old boy and a 2 1/2 yr old girl. It’s wonderful and amazing… even when it’s hard and exhausting. Just keep loving her and providing for her, and even when she gets a bit older and it seems she doesn’t appreciate it, remember that one day… ONE DAY… she will. And it will all be worth it.

    She’s precious!

  9. That’s the BEST exercise routine EVER!!!

  10. I loved that video. Brought back memories of me with my daughter. She’s 8 now.


  11. That was so sweet! I miss my babies being that small and fun. Enjoy her, Kelly!

  12. After listening to how hard it was for you to have Emma Kelly, it almost brings tears to my eyes to see you with her. She is absolutely beautiful and you are so blessed!

  13. What…no one is going to tell EK she can’t wear stripes!?

    That’s great I can wait till my little guy is walking!!

  14. aaawwww! Loved it! Love her little diaper butt too!! Babies are so precious! (((Muah)))

  15. So so cute! I was distracted,though,
    by how skinny you look. I wish that you could see it for yourself.

  16. You have the happiest baby. She is a joy to watch. Her happiness is a true testament to your mothering skills. I am so glad you were able to have her – I know how long you wanted a baby. Love the videos!

  17. Pinky T…the female wrestlers i know wear leather.

  18. So sweet. You don’t have ten pounds to lose, girl! You look amazing. It was so sweet heaing her little voice on KKITM. Soo cute.

  19. So friggin cute! She is so cute!

    She speaks more than my baby. Our kiddos are like the same age, and mine walked before Emma Kelly (I remember you were worried that something was wrong), but WOW Emma Kelly is WAY ahead with her words! It is true, they do each new thing in their own special time!

    I was cracking up with how emma kelly was talking on the show the other day! I hope my little guy starts wanting to talk more! Although he did say “die” while in the bathtub tonight. He repeated it after he heard me say it to my hubby as I was describing YOUR kiddo using the word on the show! It was funny!

  20. I listened to emma kelly say die, die, die the other day on the kpod and i just could not stop laughing. she reminds of my adopted nephew Aj(i adopted him as my nephew since my bro does not have kids yet) he loves to run around going bang, bang to people and point his finger at you like it’s a gun. I love kids!! they are god’s way of bringing happiness and sillyness to a sometimes way too serious world.

  21. Oh that video of you and EK was SO CUTE! I loved how she handed you the phone when it rang at the very end. Your own little personal secretary, lol!

    You look great Kellie! I can not believe you have ten pounds to lose on that hot body! If I looked like that, I wouldn’t mind pictures of me wearing a tankini being on the internet one bit.

  22. You know what stands out to me in that video? You are so happy. I love seeing the joy that EK brings to you.

  23. Kellie –
    I love you and your personality so much, but I have a little suggestion for ya! (Please don’t take this the wrong way.) After watching several of your Top 5 clips I was thinking it’s time for you to get a new hair-do. You’ve had this ‘side sweep’ thing for a while now and I think it’s a little out-dated for your new outlook on life. How about the ‘inverted “Posh” bob’? I think you would look adorable and you definitely have the beautiful face and slim body frame to pull it off!

    What do you all think guys? Should Kellie change her do?!?!

  24. Chere bebe! Tres jolie!

  25. Kellie,

    Thanks for sharing videos of Emma Kelly. She’s so precious. You are such a good mom, you can tell by this video that you two are just so in love with each other!

    Love ya!

  26. Simply Adorable!!!

  27. Hello! I haven’t posted in a while. Ignore that hair comment-I think your color and style are very flattering. You look great! I, like you, need to stop comparing myself to how I looked in high school and to other twenty somethings. We’re a couple of hot mamas! EK is adorable and happy which is what matters most!

  28. Do NOT change your hair! Geeze!!! Especially to some alien bob looking thing. What are people thinking!?

    Craig – normally it’s lace for me, but I have found it rips easily.

  29. Kellie you are a very lucky person. There are a million people who would love to be you! EK is the best. Just want to kiss her and squeeze her!

  30. Pinky…WE MUST MEET.

  31. I just listened to kpod (we don’t get KK here in Memphis–boo!) and heard EK and she is talking so well!! I have an 18 month old and he can’t talk nearly that well! She really is cute and Kellie, you are so thin…why in the world are you trying to lose weight???

  32. OMG Kellie you look fabulous!!! and EK is just precious! I had to watch this four times… she just makes me smile! You are a great mom!! Just precious!

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