Playing with dogs…

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  1. That is just too cute!!! The dogs seem really good with her! You have such a beautiful baby, Kelly!!

  2. Adorable! What a joy she is.

  3. I can watch that all day! What a precious angel! It brightens my day. More, More, More!!!

  4. She is too cute!!!

  5. That is the cutest thing! She is adorable and I love that she likes the dogs!!

  6. Sweetheart! What a gorgeous, happy little girl!

  7. She is so cute. I have a niece who is just a month older than her and they have so much fun at this age.

  8. Precious!!!

  9. Snort- that rocks.
    Do you ever grimace at your voice when you watch videos you’ve made? I do… I sound like a crazed woman with a Texas drawl when talking to my baby.

  10. Darling baby, but you should get that pacifier out of her mouth. Too old.

  11. Emma Kelly is just too precious!

  12. :o(

    I can’t see anything – waaaaaaaaaaa

    I will try again later.

  13. Why do random strangers feel the need to tell Kellie how to live her life and raise her child?


    Last I checked, you weren’t Emma Kelly’s mother – quit judging! I’m sure you or your kids have done something that other’s find odd or inappropiate, but I assume you had your reasons. If having a pacifier makes EK happy, what’s the harm?? She’s not even 2! Pick on someone your own size!!!

  15. So cute Kellie! You must be so proud of how adorable she is! And tough! Good job! Thanks for sharing your videos with us!

  16. What the HELL is wrong with people!! I thought there would finally be a post with no snarky comments and sure enough…a snarky comment about a CHILD!!! Idiots abound.

  17. O.K. here we go…Stacy…let’s watch this cute video and pick out things to criticize Kellie about. Nothing wrong with the paci.

  18. Sweet video. It’s so great when children and pets behave respectfully with one another and just so cute. The dogs seem to like her version of ‘fetch’. Oh and Stacy just needs to shut the hell up. Snarky beeyotch.

  19. I dont know…when i look at the video i am reminded of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry and Elaine go and see there friends baby…well enough said.

  20. Stacy – you have issues! How dare you pick on a CHILD! What is wrong with you?????????? Kelly, leave the pacifier in EK’s mouth until she is ready to spit that thing out.

  21. Oh my gosh! I cannot stand people like you Stacey. NOBODY can stand people like you Stacy. YOU need to put a paci in your mouth so you can’t say rude things. Get a life. Love, Courtney

  22. Hi Kellie!
    Im such a big fan! EK is so cute in this video!

    I saw what you wrote about weight training, and just wanted to tell you about something that I learned in a college weight training class.

    Our instructer told us that weight training actually helps speed weight loss. Your muscles have to break down and regenerate which causes you to burn calories(and be sore!) Our instructor was a woman and she suggested that women lift light weights (3-5lbs at first) and just do a bunch of reps. She said that’s the key to building lean muscle – not bulk, and supplementing/speeding your weight loss.

    Hope that helps!

  23. The baby video is adorable. I can’t help but wonder who it’s helping to focus an entire entry on self loathing and weight loss. It’s no wonder there are soooo many teenage girls with eating disorders and body image issues when the people they look up to put so much emphasis on weight. We need to focus on developing their self esteem instead.

  24. Thanks for sharing! She is too cute.
    Glad to see that the dogs play well with children.

  25. I think it’s funny how the women on here get all butthurt on Kellie’s behalf. Take your own advice and MYOB!

  26. Emma Kelly is just too cute. I love it when you post the videos. I cannot believe that people waste their energy saying negative things to you. Why even ready your blog if they aren’t fans?

    I have been listening to you on this show since the day you started (or shortly thereafter) and I am one of YOUR lifelong fans.

    Take care!

  27. Oh yea, my son is almost 3 and still uses a paci and my doc and the aap are fine with it.

    C’mon people – mind your business.

  28. doesn’t having your binky taken away too soon turn you into a snarky beeyotch that criticizes children? Maybe that is Stacy’s problem…

  29. you need a “real” dog…like a St. Bernard or Neapolitan Mastiff.

  30. Candice, I guess people just get irritated when others get all high and mighty and judgemental. We want to MYOB. We want Kellie to mind her own business (we know that she does). We are just loyal fans – We don’t want others preaching to us how/when to keep pacifiers in our own kids’ mouths! They need to MYOB! Some opinions are best kept silent!

  31. I don’t know how you do it Kellie- there are some crazies that post here. This is the last time I’ll that I’ll comment or read the comments – it’s just sad to see others that seem so lost.

  32. i am so super glad that you do not have a pitbull.

  33. LOVED watching EK and the doggies!!! Sooooo cute! They grow up entirely too fast! sigh….Craig, if she had huge dogs like that, I think they’d carry off EK instead of the ball!! lol

  34. Aww, everybody needs more EK in their life. We need more videos, Kellie! She is the cutest little doll!

  35. Dear stupid Craig,
    You want Kellie to get a supersized dog? Why? So the dog can really knock over EK and possibly hurt her? You really are an IDIOT! Why do you post such stupid comments?

  36. And Michelle,
    You too are a Bitch! Does anyone remember that episode of Seinfeld she is referring too? Not a very nice thing to say about someone else’s baby. What goes around comes around, Michelle.

  37. I love the videos of Emma Kelly. I could watch a new one everyday!!

    I am trying to lose 10 lbs too. I just joined Jenny Craig because I heard the food is pretty good. It really is. After years of eating Lean Cuisines I was totally burned out. I am single so I don’t like to cook. The Jenny meals have been a welcomed change.

  38. i love my dogs too, i’m playing with them every morning :d

  39. Just call me Stacy! I have to agree about seeing older children with pacifiers. What purpose does it serve once the need to suckle is over with and a 3 yr old should definitely be over that need. I think it prevents the child from developing according to the age group. I’ll bet the 3 yr old is still not potty trained and will be sipping from a sippy cup at 5 yrs.
    Even SuperNanny agrees. The episode this week showed the same problems.

  40. What happened on that episode of Seinfeld?

  41. geez michelle, did you actually get something out of posting that? That’s so mean. Ever heard “if you can’t say something nice…..” ? Keep your rude comments about precious children to yourself.

  42. Michelle – ugly is as ugly does. That’s such a shame you get amusement from being so mean about a little one and what you said is so obviously not true. Just trying to hurt a radio personality by writing something hurtful about her child? That takes real class.

  43. Kids+pacifier: If it isn’t your kid, why does it matter to you? Get over it.

  44. Bitsy,
    You are a d.a. Obviously you are not an avid listener of the show or you would know that Emma Kelley is not 3 years old. She is not even 2 yet. A pacifier is perfectly normal for a 17 month old. And she still has lots of time to learn to potty train.

  45. i think plaidwells is a dude.

  46. Michelle, why would you say something so nasty? You are obviously not a mother. You must be barren and bitter. You only wish you could have something so precious.

  47. Thanks for sharing, this was darling! EK is so sweet, and I love your dogs too. I live in an area where I don’t get your show anymore so I love your blog.

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