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April 2, 2008 at 1:52 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 40 Comments

I am sort of down, but just a little. I haven’t lost any weight yet, but I still have 7 weeks and 3 days to go to drop 10 pounds. But that’s when I weigh naked. So since I won’t be weighing naked in front of the guys on the show, I guess I’ll need to drop a good 13 and wear the closest thing next to air the morning I weigh in.

I just haven’t been eating “clean” enough. I think that has to be it. I thought I could just eat better than I was and that would be good for a pound or so, but that hasn’t been the case. I need to accept that Trainer Chad knows what the heck he’s talking about — not that I doubted it before — but I need to accept that it’s his way or my bikini shots are getting posted on the internet.

 Oh man…..I really don’t want that to happen. Kidd wanted Shanon to take shots of me from every possible angle, and believe me…she did. I even gave her an old “bend over looksee.” What the hell was I thinking. Oh yeah. I was thinking losing 10 pounds was a n0-brainer. I’m an idiot.

So after reading over all of Trainer Chad’s instructions, I realized that those South Beach Diet wraps are almost exactly on the money as far as protein, carb and fat counts. So guess what I had today? A South Beach Diet wrap for breakfast, a South Beach Diet frozen entree for lunch, and a South Beach Diet frozen entree for supper! In between, I had 2 bananas and some raw food chocolate miracle balls that are supposed to make me poop. I also ran 2.25 miles on the treadmill and developed a cramp in my groin. I think God should go ahead and grant me a pound of weight loss just for that.

I was feeling so defeated this evening that I seriously thought about diving into a bag of potato chips and eating myself into a state of carbohydrate-induced oblivion. But then I remembered I don’t have any potato chips in the house and even if I did, I would hate myself right afterward. So I came to type on here instead. I have no other choice but to move forward, so that’s what I’m going to do.  I just wish there was a great big miracle pill, you know? But then again, Oprah would’ve found it by now and told us all about it.

I have a trainer that’s offered to work out with me 3 days a week on top of the 2 days of pilates I’m already doing. You know what I’m afraid of? And I’m such a girl about this…but I’m afraid that the trainer will make me lift weights and the muscle weight will cancel out my fat loss on the scale and I won’t show enough weight loss to keep me off the internet. In real life, I “know” it’s not about the numbers, it’s about how I feel and how I look and how my clothes fit on me and all that good health stuff…but this is a freaking CONTEST! It’s all about the numbers on the scale!!! As Uncle Daddy said, I just need to stay on that treadmill and run my a** off. If I could just make it past 2.25 miles without getting a groin cramp and feeling the urge to puke, I just might succeed with that simple philosophy.




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  1. you can do it! Challenge yourself to go 4 weeks without a single cheat! Pretty much impossible, but that is how I got rid of my last 10 pounds for good! Hard, but the only thing that worked!

    You can do it! Good luck!!

  2. This blog entry just might push Jenna over the edge!

  3. I have really missed you the past few days! Glad you are back to blogging. Kellie, it sounds like you are really working hard. You can DO it!

    By the way, did you ever find your boiled peanuts? How did dinner for Uncle Daddy go?

  4. Kellie I can’t even imagine your life. When I look in the mirror with my clothes on I’m happy.

    Taking them off is lights out if any one is around.
    It’s a self preservation thing.. Working out like you are gives me insperation because I know that toning up and eating better will make me feel beter about myself. Ugg I see the benifits of all this crap in every magazaine and commercial but you bring bring it home because you’re honest about the struggle.

    Keep up the great work Kellie.

  5. Oh lord, sorry about the bad spelling all. We need an edit button! 🙂

  6. U can do it!!! I completely understand. I have battled my weight all my life. I am really big right now but even when I was smaller, I still felt huge. It’s a hard fight. Keep up doing it the right way!!!

  7. Hey Kelli,
    I haven’t been listening alot lately so I don’t know what’s going on with the bet, but I know you can and will do it. You have the belief in yourself deep down inside, and you only let it out every once in awhile. You can do it Kelli.

    Also glad to see Uncle Daddy is still around.

    God Bless

  8. i shall not comment on this posting.

  9. Kelli – I run a lot and I can tell you that the first 2.5 miles are the HARDEST!!!! If you can make it past that it starts to get a ton easier, so just hang in there. And get off the treadmill. Go outside and run 1.5 miles away form the gym so that you HAVE to run 1.5 miles to get back to the gym. There are tons of great places to run around where you live. We have a running group at Town North YMCA (Northaven at Midway) that you could come to.

  10. Kellie –

    Don’t know about a miracle, but it will certainly help you along… Venom!! Go to Cost Plus Nutrition (if you have them in Dallas) and buy it!! It absolutely rocks!! It will kick up your metabolism, give you energy, and help you lose the fat. (Worked for me!) Also, PLEASE stop worrying about lifting weights!! Muscle burns fat!!! You’re not going to turn into a body builder, but the muscle helps with your metabolism also and keeps your body burning fat. Don’t be afraid to lift some weights. It really will help with the weight loss and it won’t back-fire on the scale. I love reading your blog… You’re beautiful no matter what – GOOD LUCK!!

  11. I think it is great that you are wanting to do this but I will say that you seemed happier and more confident in your blogs before this contest. I know now you HAVE to do it, just to prove your point, but I hope you can get back to the good place where you were. Although we don’t know you and we only hear what you want us to hear, as listeners we do care about you and your happiness! Good luck, you can do it!

  12. Thank God!

  13. Can you post the diet the trainer gave you maybe it will work for the rest of us trying to lose weight for summer

  14. Leah – that’s so funny! I thought the same thing. TMI about the poopy thing…but funny nonetheless. 🙂 Have a nice day!

  15. At the first of the year I was determined to lose weight and hired a trainer. We work out 3 days a week and he has me on this diet, that I hate. The weight training has helped me drop the pounds fast and plus I can fit into to things I haven’t fit into in years. Try to go 3 days a week with the trainer it will help.

  16. Kellie I have listened to you for years and let me tell you I absolutly love your attitude towards things. So what if you talk about your weight alot… are a woman who has to talk for a living. I don’t know one person that does not complain about something about themselves no matter how gorgeous or skinny they are. So enjoy how much weight you have lost and just know that you are so beautiful and bring smiles to so many peoples day!!

  17. I second that. THANK YOU GOD!!!!

  18. Kellie,
    I really hope you don’t read these comments. And if you do I can definitely see why you need a Wellness Coach. LOL. Some people can be brutal. I thought I had anger issues when I lose my temper and get upset. But wow! Who actively seeks out a stranger and spews venom? Why is everyone judging Kellie so harshly? So, she wants to lose weight and look and feel good about herself? Really, is that SO unbelievably evil? So, she wants a man to share her life with? How dare she! LOL. So, she works instead of spending every second with her child? Someone call CPS! She’s doing the best she can with what life has dealt her. That’s the best that we all can do. Oh, and 5 & 6 yr old have eating disorders because of people like Kellie? Wow, that one was a stretch! Do kids that young even listen to the show? They must have a great attention span! And we all know poor Emma Kelly is being judged right now about how chubby her cheeks are! (SO adorable btw) Yes Kellie talks about her weight on the air, and yes she generalizes and says the majority of women feel the way she does…uh, did you ever think that she’s part of a radio show of mostly men who want a woman’s viewpoint (besides Kidd’s) and she is forced to generalize? Why is that so bad? Because you’re a women and you don’t think the way she does…Congratulations!!! Please come on here and spew your hatred for her. Because had you not stated that fact I would have taken Kellie’s word as gospel. I, thankfully, don’t have her same worries about men & weight but until you came along and said you didn’t either I was going to go ahead and jump on the bandwagon! LOL. These comments are hilarious. The people who come on here and spit venom are so oblivious to the world around them! Everyone has a viewpoint and yes, I know it’s your opinion but this isn’t world news you’re commenting on. This is some stranger’s life. This is hateful comments towards one person. She has feelings just like you do (at least, I think you do). You aren’t shaping the world by commenting on here just like Kellie isn’t supporting eating disorders by sharing her blog. So, why not keep it civil and provide support. No one’s asking you to kiss her ass, just be constructive with your criticism. Before you submit your comment stop and think…if you’re daughter/mother/sister or even you yourself were sharing a diary entry with a large audience…is this the kind of comment that would help you or hurt you? It’s not about being all sunshine and flowers, it’s about common courtesy. I wish you and Emma Kelly all the best, Kellie! Take care!

  19. Sorry for that long rant. Venting is great! LOL. All that was meant for those who have commented negatively on past blogs. if you’ve read them then you understand. I apologize. I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Take care

  20. Thanks for the concern all that this blog might throw me over the edge. Actually I must say for the first time ever and this is hard I am proud of you Kellie. For once you are realizing what you need to do, showing will power, and sticking to a plan. Weight loss isn’t easy but I also don’t have respect for people who complain, quit and then eat a bag of chips or a gallon of ice cream then cry that they can not lose weight (and still complain years later). I think this time you might do it. As far as running try sprints a minute on and a minute off try to get every other minute up to 8.0 or higher. This will burn twice the amount of calories as running in half the amount of time. Nothing is more boring then a tread mill. As far as a diet try one of the food delivery places I think Dallas has a couple. The frozen meals are good for portion size but the preservatives in them will kill you quicker then the weight will. After your trip buy a book or learn about the 5 factor diet this will allow you a cheat day to eat all the crappy food you crave.

  21. Way to go Kellie for sticking to your program!
    I too am on the quest to lose the baby weight and no exactly what you are feeling.

    Keep up the good work and don’t let the haters get you down!


    PS-by the way where do you get those raw food chocolate balls?

  22. i am sorry…but a contest for 10 vanity pounds does more collateral damage than any prize.

  23. Lean Cuisene’s are now preservative free, but still have lots of sodium, so it’s important to drink water constantly (that’s important regardless of what you eat, actually).
    The more you pee, the more weight you will lose, and the hands down best way to keep it flowing is water.
    Almost everyone has a hard time with making healthy lifestyle changes. Slip ups will happen, but it’s important to keep going.
    There is nobody on this earth that will have a tire blow out, and then go poke holes in the remaining 3. It’s crazy how when people have a little dietary mistake that often turns into a BIG dietary mistake because people rationalize “well, I’ve already messed up anyway, I might as well blow it big time”.

  24. I love how everyone on this blog gets so defensive when someone calls out what might be the truth. To the haters on here I say more power to you and to the Kellie lovers are you serious? I especially liked the blogs that said she has an eating disorder…actually she has an over eating disorder and the Body Dimorphic disorder really? I am not sure how anyone has come to this conclusion. Kellie has an attention needing disorder. Lets face it Kellie gets off (yes I said that) by people saying how great she looks then re-enforces her own feelings by playing Debbie downer. People who have real disorders don’t talk about it all. To the people on this blog who are all about Kellie I am sorry but you obviously have never met her…she is a card carrying member if not the founder of the “Mean Girls Club.”

  25. Girl you gotta have some will power to take a bet like that!! I would been in a blind panic for 8 weeks straight eating right one day and getting depressed the next!! I hope your will power holds out! If not you can watch a How To Look Good Naked marathon and feel miles better about yourself!!

  26. Running is great for the metabolism, but running on a treadmill is sooo boring. I’ll bet if you can do 2.5 on the dreadmill, you could do at least 3 of more outside. I think being able to start out at 2.5 is awesome. Remember to get yourself fitted with the RIGHT running shoe for your type. Visit a great running store and they should help you out. While it isn’t ALL about “the shoes”, running without the right kind can make a difference! I have to buy new ones every 3 months.

  27. you wanna lose weight???…try meth…you will NEVER worry about weight again & you will look JUST like amy winehouse.

    for the hot post

  29. Kellie,
    In the the last year and a half I have gone from a size 4 to a size 12. Yesterday, I went to by a new dress for my daughters graduation and the size 12 was to tight, then the most embarrassing thing happened, the zipper got stuck and they had to cut the dress off me.
    I work aprrox 75 hours a week and I just feel like I need the food for energy and as a reward. Sunday night I wrecked my car, I hit a deer,
    so what do I do, I have the wrecker dirver drop me off at Baskin and Robbins.
    Keep movtivated. I wished I was. You look great.

  30. did I hear right this morning that Kellie’s ex Freddie is getting married ? if so that’s not cool but i’m glad kellie has been moved on !

  31. Craig – just could not keep the mouth SHUT!

  32. plaidwelles…you are rude…crude & socially unacceptable.

  33. Be strong Kellie! Stay focused and don’t give up. The weight will come off. You know those “last 10 pounds” are always the hardest! I am trying to lose them too! Make sure you are getting enough sleep too!

  34. Still, I will see you at your country club. My golf cart awaits!

  35. Oh and Craig, before you start whining, don’t be scared, it’s just a friendly hi from my tires….wah ha ha ha ha ha ha

  36. The “Thank God” comment was for Craig, “Our Favorite Blogger”. I understand the wanting to “firm up”. I weigh 105 and still have a “jelly belly”. Two kids and 15 years later you would think “it” would go away…but not so much.

  37. sherry…dont kid yourself…its more like a huge beer gut.

  38. 2 miles, go on girl, that’s way more than I can do!!! I have a 3 year old daughter and a lot of the same salf esteem and body images that you do. Keep going, listen to uncle daddy, you’re doing great!!!!

    Lynnette in Fort Knox

  39. You might eat right, you might workout right – but do you sleep right?

    Get some sleep!

  40. kellie, dont give up on the running! you have to let your body adapt… try alternating running and walkin each half mile… build your distance by 20% a week….
    youre doing great! keep at it! i dropped 40 pounds just by running, lifting a little, and cutting out the crap food…..and drinking lots of water!
    good luck!!!! you can do it!!!

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