My Mama’s Peppered Corn Casserole

March 18, 2008 at 10:28 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 64 Comments

You’re going to thank me for this one….

 1 8oz. package creamed cheese, cubed

1/3 cup butter

3 cans Mexicorn, drained

1 small can of diced green chilis OR 2-4 jalapeno peppers, seeded and minced (depends on how hot you want this thing)

In a saucepan over low heat, cook and stir the creamed cheese and butter until smooth. Stir in the corn and chilis (or peppers). Pour into an ungreased casserole and bake uncovered at 350 for 15-20 minutes or until bubbly. 



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  1. FIRST

  2. Uh, what is it? A dip?

  3. thanks kelly. Have you made any of the recipes you have provided? Just curious to see if you have ventured into cooking yet? the recipes sound delish. Keep them coming.

  4. Cindy and Craig seem to have some luv thang going on. How’s the weather? Is it raining in San Antonio? Who cares? And I live here…in hell…near Craig…
    btw – Craig’s work upon the billboards are the ones of bust enhancement and strip clubs.

  5.’s called… “friendship”…..
    so “big tuna”, is it raining there?….

  6. kellie,
    have you got any good breakfast recipes..

  7. sounds like you’ve been checking out his billboards big tuna…..

  8. i was iron chef MACARONI!!!

  9. anyone have any good Easter recipes?!?

  10. Cindy…strange that she is drawn to those advertisements…i bet “someone” is a member of the IBTC!!!

  11. This is a GREAT one!! I make it all the time! But mine calls for a stick of butter. Hope all is well on Srping Break!

  12. for those keeping score…the word of the day is:

  13. Thanks so much Kellie! I can’t wait to make this casserole this weekend. By the way, I made the mac n cheese all I can say is “FABULOUS” It was the most awesome thing I have ever put in my mouth. My kids loved it too. Keep the recipes coming Kellie and thanks again for sharing with us.

  14. Craig, I thought I would help out some of those who read what you write…

  15. according to many…NO ONE reads what i post…and they are ALL too happy to tell me about it.

  16. Did you say…. Easter recipes?????

  17. recipe for disASSter:,2933,339270,00.html

  18. hey cindy…i wonder what ol’ rev. jeremiah wright joonier is gonna serve???…g.d. rolls with a side of hiv sauce???

  19. Thanks for the meatloaf and Mack and Cheese recipes. I made them last week end and I LOVE Muenster cheese!!! Are you trying to kill us via heart attack?!?! I’ll try them as long as you post them. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  20. speaking of tasty & yummy:

  21. wright is wrong…….

  22. wright is filled with more hate than the kkk…he makes the nazi party look like girl scouts.

  23. Yes, Mr. Dumbass…I mean Craig, I know what IBTC stands for and as I am a 34B, alas no, not a member of the IBTC. Judging by your size from your previous pictures you have posted, you however, need a Bro! And Cindy, I was surmising that Craig, being the perv and weirdo that he is, would be into those types of billboards.

  24. why would i need a brother???

  25. geeeeee B.T. …..was it really necessary to give your bra size on here??…..TMI..
    I DON’T think giving “bra size out” to total strangers is at the top of the list on “Things They Need To Know”…especially, ones you claim to HATE……
    Craig was only TEASING you about the Billboards….SOMETHING TELLS ME, HE KNOWS YOU ARE NOT ACTUALLY READING THIS TYPE OF BILLBOARD….Don’t take things so SERIOUSLY…. Maybe you just enjoy cutting him down and arguing with him????…
    WHY do you keep torturing yourself and READING what he POSTs if YOU can’t STAND him so MUCH?….
    There’s “friendship” and the other word is “IGNORE”……..

  26. Kellie, I’m ready for another recipe……..

  27. i have a 32 inch inseam.

  28. an honest to goodness Easter rabbit:

  29. Kellie, “we” really do enjoy reading your blog and love the receipes. Please ignore the idiots that think they can monopolize your site. Understand, they really don’t have anything else to do. Emma Kelly is so precious and I hope you are enjoying your Spring Break, but I miss hearing you live everyday. Will be listening on Monday with open ears!

  30. Kellie…please enjoy these dancing monkeys.

  31. the Anti Easter Bunny:

  32. Kellie, I think that you have the best figure EVER!!!! I am trying to lose weight at 5’9″ and all flabby-ughhhhh!!!! I am working out, and I am trying to diet, but plese pray for me it is hard!!!! You look awesome girl!!!! I need your secrets!!!! Love you girl!!!~Bari Hickman

  33. You know Sherry,
    I read this blog daily and I don’t think Kellie is as unstable, vain and shallow as you make her out to be.
    I’m sure she doesn’t think every word or thought on this blog has to revolve around her. More importantly, I’m sure she has better things to do than just sit in front of this blog, waiting for each comment to be posted.
    She wouldn’t have gotten as far as she has, if she was this insecure. You don’t give Kellie enough credit. She has a well balanced self-esteem and the confidence to go out into this world without having to be told over and over and over again the same old thing. It’s like after a while one begins to become suspicious of all the constant flattery.
    I sure hope you are not an adult or at least do not have children. If there are parents at home like you who model this type of behavior and call others idiots, then no wonder the school systems have trouble with name calling and bullying at school.
    Have a nice day.

  34. Kellie, firt of all-you are my mentor-and you give me the strngth to feel good about to feel good about myself!!! I am 5’9″-ok maybe 5’8″ , but I weigh 132, and I think that I am fat. I am flabby-trying to work on that Hard!!!, but it is so discourandinging!!!!My skin is so loose-it is NASTY-PLEASE HELP!!!! I dothe treadmilll at a high incline for 30 min. 5 days a week st leat, plust my ab-OWWWWWWWW!!!!-Plus abs for 25 mins, pus I wirk VERY low weights on my arms and legs., ands inner and outer thighs. Help!! I need your help!!!! I am dieting too!!! I am slowly starting to see results, but I need to oget really thin-any helps??? YOU look AMAZING!!!!!! I am so happy life is going good, and you are my fav!!!!! Much Love~Bari Claire Hickman

  35. Actually, that is not my bra size…just wanted to rile you up…and I did. Maybe YOU Cindy, should not take things so seriously!
    And Craig, a Bro is what George’s Dad (Seinfeld) called the bra for men that he and Kramer were inventing. Like I said, from your picture, your cup size is bigger than most women :0)
    See the *happy* face…Cindy?

  36. an interesting bt fact: she LOVES nature, despite what it did to her.

  37. .. ooohhh wow!!!… you really know how to “rile” people up…..and that was SOOO clever to throw in the “bro” size..Since you were making it up, I would have thought it would have been a little bigger…. Glad to hear you model your conversations after “Seinfeld”.. or was that another attempt at getting someone “riled” up?
    Remember, you’re too good to be reading this… just skip right over it…

  38. Come on BT…. you’re getting serious again…
    thanks for the happy face…:)

  39. the way Easter eggs are REALLY made:

  40. bt…who is george sienfeld???…who is kramer???

  41. Craig, George’s dad was played by Jerry Stiller and Kramer was played by Michael Richards.

  42. That “BRO” episode was hilarious!! Craig (I’m not commenting at all about whether you need to Bro or not to Bro. Remember me and Cindy have your back) but, Seinfeld is on TBS every five seconds it seems like, and you haven’t seen the “Bro” episode – you simply must. It’s pure genius! Did I spell genius right? I always laugh when certain mean spirited people try and comment about somebody else’s intelligence or lack thereof and the comment is full of typos. Another random comment does anybody watch that show “Moment of Truth”? Just curious? I think the premise of the show is horrible and we don’t watch in our household. Just wondering about others?

  43. Laura,
    Is “Moment of Truth” where they use the lie detector?….If so, I watched it like once. They had a girl on who had been in beauty pageants, and they asked her if she had ever made herself throw up before a pageant…before she could answer the question, her mother pushed the buzzer, so she wouldn’t have to answer it…

    Has anyone watched Celebrity Apprentice?

  44. I haven’t watched all of the Celebrity Apprentice but a couple of them with Omarosa. It’s kind of lame but entertaining. Do you like it??

  45. Q: if this forum was a movie, who would play YOU?
    A: “Craig” would be played by Tom Selleck.

  46. Actually, I have gotten a kick out of watching Trace Atkins with his soft spoken manner and the outspoken british guy, Piers Morgan.
    They will be competing against each other next week in the finale. Matt Bradford, a 21 year old marine who came back from Iraq last year after losing both his legs, one eye, and right now has not regained vision in the only eye he has left, (so he is basically blind) has been invited to the finale.
    I think he may possibly be on the show, because the charity Piers is playing for is ” Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund”.
    It’s also going to be funny watching Trace Atkins,
    “Mr. Deep Voiced, Macho Cowboy” cater to the Backstreet Boys…that will be his assignment.
    Trace asked someone, “Do they still call themselves The Backstreet Boys”.. aren’t they older now?

  47. Shall we begin to address you as “Tom?”….:)

  48. I’m pretty sure Tom would “roll over in his grave”…Oh wait, he’s not dead.

  49. Cindy…you can call me anything as long as you do not call me late for dinner.

  50. Who is this susan chick?

  51. Susan is your mental superior.

  52. Happy Easter

  53. Okay, “Susan” aka “Craig” first of all, I have never made Kellie out to be vain or shallow…Yes, I am an adult with 2…2 children that are doing just fine with me as a parent. I’m just so sick of seeing Craig! You! post as the most intelligent person on the planet. I’m pretty sure that is not the case. Maybe you are confusing me with “another Sherry”? Did that thought enter your brain? I have NEVER posted a single word about Kellie that was negative…So my point would be to get your facts STRAIGHT before you diss someone…lests you be dissed!

  54. Sometimes when I read all of this stuff, I feel as if I am trapped in some catty fight between fifth graders. But, it gives me a good chuckle! Ya’ll are funny!:)

  55. Leah, I’m sitting here right now laughing as well….We just thought we had grown up…..
    Thanks for the laughs…

  56. First of all BT, I’m not a chick, I’m a girl. Second, I see now why your brother probably doesn’t want to have anything to do with you.

    Oh Sherry, with all of your brilliance, you still got it wrong. It’s not Craig, it’s me, Susan. Yes, how quickly you do forget the mean things you say. I thought your comment above, where you were apologizing to Kellie for the IDIOTS who monopolize her blog was very arrogant. What makes you think your posts are so WONDERFUL? Is it because you tell Kellie how wonderful she is? Don’t you think she might get a little tired of reading the same old thing? I never hear these people you are cutting down criticize what you have posted. Furthermore, you make it seem as if it’s going to ruin Kellie’s day, if all of the posts are not about her. That’s why I said I don’t think Kellie is as self centered as you make her out to be.

    I agree with Craig and others on here. I think Kellie would be happy to know that her fans have other topics to discuss, besides telling her on a daily basis how WONDERFUL she is. In your words, “any idiot can do that.” You keep telling people on here to move to another blog. Why don’t you try it since you seem so miserable?

  57. I’m in tears right now laughing at Bari Claire Hickman……..great post!

  58. Yes, Bari Claire Hickman, Susan, NorthnLights, jj jazzy craig are all guess who……..CRAIG!
    We all know it, so go crawl back into your hole Craig.
    By the way, have some of you noticed that some of Craig’s posts on Big Al’s blog have been deleted? The one where he writes in FIRST, was deleted and the one where he beats up BAl for spnding his son’s college tution on the bar is now gone. Yea!!!!!

  59. Before “Mr. Brains” writes in that I should have gone to college, yes I know I spelled tuition and spending wrong. Typing too fast and I never proof read things that are not important…speaking of things not important but impotent…Craig!

  60. Susan, I never claimed to have the most wonderful posts. You misunderstood my post and if you would realize that Craig and Cindy are pretty much carrying on a personal dialog on here that…we don’t care about..maybe you would understand my comments. I agree that the people that want to “interact” with each other should exchange email addresses. I’m assuming that would take away the fun of ticking everyone off that comes here to comment on the blog?!

  61. Yea, Susan so BUGGER OFF! By the way, who said my brother wants nothing to do with me? You really don’t read the posts correctly or maybe you like to interpret things the way you want them to sound? I was totally joking when I said my brother was boring…he is not…but I was trying to say most people in the dominion area of San Antonio are catagorized as older or middle aged with a “boring” proffession. Jeez Louise! Try…to…read…more…slowly…maybe…your…..brain…will….start…to…function. Thenn again, probably not. Oh, and you are a girl? As in you are 17 or under? GO TO SCHOOL AND STAY OFF OF ADULT ORIENTED BLOGS!!!!

  62. i know bt’s brother…he is not boring…he is VERY boring…that being said…he cuts my yard and does a good job.

  63. i think i need an internet restraining order against big tuna.

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