delicious word of the day — “shenanigans”

March 11, 2008 at 2:19 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 48 Comments

A few questions answered and then I have one for YOU!

My daughter’s polka dot outfit was given to her by the wonderful Noelle at for her first birthday, and when she outgrows it, I’m going to order another one! The bow came from her, too. Pirate Booty is this puffed corn stuff that Emma Kelly can eat because it’s like popcorn without the kernels for her to choke on. I cannot stop eating the Veggie Booty!!! And the Fruity Booty!!! Believe it or not, as  much as I love me some cheese, the White Cheddar Booty is my least favorite. My sweater was Calvin Klein and I like it. And what else…………..I can’t think of what else ya’ll asked right now. But! I have a question!! Does anybody know where I can buy canned boiled peanuts in the Dallas area? I googled it,  but — believe it or not! — nothing showed up!! Shocking, I know. I really need them by Friday, so if you can help this Southern sister out, I’d really appreciate it. I’ll buy a case or two of them. Seriously.

Man, I turned around and the day was over! I had this list of things to do today and I actually checked off about five of them.  Of course, it was mostly the piddly stuff and  nothing important like, oh….doing my taxes or setting up that appointment to get my will done.  I can’t keep procrastinating on that, either. You hate to think of that stuff, but I’m supposed to be this responsible parent person now and it’s just so overwhelming sometimes. And when I get overwhelmed, I completely shut down and do nothing, which is exactly the opposite of what I SHOULD be doing. That’s why my closet still isn’t cleaned out. It’s too overwhelming. That’s why my one junk drawer slowly grew into THREE junk drawers. And now it’s too overwhelming. That’s why I have shoeboxes full of pictures that still need to be put into photo albums. It’s too overwhelming! So it all just sits there and I feel bad about it. And THAT, my friend, is another one of the many reasons I am finally starting to read that book Oprah told us we all ought to be reading and why I’m going to have to sit my butt down in front of the computer and play catch up with that online course she’s conducting. That book is going to solve EVERYTHING. I can just feel it! I mean, I liked that Eat, Love, Pray book just fine and there was a page or two that brought me to tears, but by the end of it, I was kind of over it. And now I’m hoping that this next  book is going to be like manna sent from Heaven and meant just for little old me.  I’m moving in the right direction, but I just need to go ahead and GET there, you know?

Otherwise, I think I’m doing pretty good. I’m up a few pounds, but eh. I’ll lose those same five pounds and maybe I’ll gain them back again in a month or two. I’m not too terribly obsessed about it right now. As a matter of fact, I’m planning on cooking up some of my mama’s homemade macaroni and cheese for Uncle Daddy, just to prove that I can cook if I really WANT to. And it’s not like I’m going to sit there and not eat it. And what’s another couple pounds…Eh.




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  1. If you have an HEB or Central Market… look there. I know I have bought them at both chains in Austin, so I would think you could find them there as well. If not, there is
    which ships them, they could probably rush them… yea…I love me some boiled peanuts, too… 🙂 Hope that helps

  2. I just found your blog. LOVE IT! Kudos on a job well done. I will see you on your show tomorrow!

  3. P.S. I am a Kidd junkie!

  4. You can buy them at Walmart on the aisle where the popcorn is usually, they sell them in small cans and even in a gallon can.

  5. Hiya Kellie!!! My husband is from Charleston SC and I was introduced to “boiled” peanuts from him. I do know that any Brookshires stores carry them, they are located in the isle with all the nuts and crackers. We buy them all the time and they come in a pop top can. If you do not have a Brookshires near you drop me a note and I would be more than happy to purchase them here in Kaufman and bring them to you.
    have a great day

  6. Who is Uncle Daddy?????????

  7. Did you look for your canned boiled peanuts at Central Market? They have everything!

  8. No help with the boiled peanuts! But I did think it was nice of you to answer the questions about Emma Kelly’s outfit. That picture was sooo cute. She’s a doll!

    Good luck with Uncle Daddy. Just the idea that you are okay with a pound or two extra is
    (to me at least) an indication that you are content in your world.

    Have fun!

  9. Hey Kellie – I bought boiled peanuts at Neiman Marcus a few years back when we lived in Texas. Also check out Nordstom as well. Have a great day!

  10. Hey Kellie,

    I live in Covington Louisiana and we have boiled peanuts in the can at any of the grocery stores. If you want me to ship you some, you could have it by Friday — just let me know. I just bought a couple cans for my husband. He’s obsessed! Will you post the recipe’ for your mom’s mac & cheese. I would love to try it out for my family.

  11. *censors the “bag O nuts” comment”

  12. i would, once again, fire your wellness coach, and invest in a time management course…there is 24 hours in a day for EVERYONE…tis how we manage that period which makes the difference…by your own admission,you shut down when you are overwhelmed…prioritize…then set ACHIEVABLE goals…your long list of things to do that go undone only serve to exacerbate the problem.

  13. Kellie-

    Where doi you get your hair done and who does it? I really like the color and I am in desperate need of a good hair stylist.

  14. Kellie, I haven’t listened in a while but now that I’m back…I’m guessing uncle daddy is a new guy??? Fill me in!

  15. Kellie..can you post your mama’s mac n cheese recipe? My grandma used to make the best and I haven’t found a recipe that was as good. She didn’t have a recipe, and I just can’t figure out how she did it! Thanks, you’re making me laugh right now!!

  16. Oh my god You make me cry so much I understand how you feel about that song i’m going through that right now.

  17. You can order boiled peanuts on the following websites:

  18. Emma Kelly is too CUTE!!!!!

    Thanks to craig for tomorrows “word of the day”….Exacerbate! I love that word. haha!

    But he is right, I had the same problem and finally started setting smaller more realistic goals, it works!

    There’s nothing better than homemade mac and cheese, he’s going to fall in love girl!!

  19. I’ve seen them at Williams-Sonoma too.

    And, by the way, that picture of Emma Kelly is priceless! So incredibly adorable!

  20. I work at the Central Market in Fort Worth and I know that we have them there most of the time. Good Luck!!

  21. Hey Kellie

    I have couple of questions for you.

    Who is Uncle Daddy? I keep up with your blog but I don’t remember you saying anything about this person (are they a person?) I live outside the U.S. right now (we are from Dallas) so I can’t listen to the show from here so don’t know if you talked about Uncle Daddy then.

    Also what is the Oprah book you’re reading now? I have the same problem that I have projects I want/need to do, but I get too overwhelmed when I try to tackle them so I shut down and do nothing. I hate that about myself.

    Anyway, you/Emma Kelly look so cute in the pic!


  22. i’ve bought canned boiled peanuts at Wal-Mart.

  23. Is Uncle Daddy same as Redneck Steve? I noticed on Al’s blog that they were at the comedy club the same time you were…

    I don’t get listen very often, but check your blog daily! Good luck with everything

  24. the ONLY book that will “heal” you:

  25. Vista Ridge mall in Lewisville has a boiled nut stand inside on the top floor and it smells delicious!!

  26. Kellie,
    We buy canned boiled peanuts from Kroger on a regular basis. They are usually in the same aisle as the canned almonds and peanuts. The cans are bright yellow. Sometimes we find them on the very top shelf and sometimes on the very bottom.

  27. Oh and the mall in Frisco that has the Cheesecake Factory attached to it? Can’t remember the name of the mall but inside the mall between the Cheesecake Factory and Barnes and Noble is a boiled peanut stand. Hmm… you would think since I know where these are I would have tried them before.

  28. i knew a dude that spent 3 hours in a jacuzzi and had a BAD case of boiled nuts.

  29. kellie! your adorable! and your daughter!!! she is probably the cutest little girl ever!! dont feel bad about your junk and closet stuff! we allll have that going on!

  30. Walmart is the best place to get boiled peanuts. I found them in the bag and send them to my husband overseas! He loves them and the ones in the yellow bag are generally better than the ones in the can. The ones in the can, you need to put in the crockpot and let them cook for awhile. But, they are in the same aisle as the popcorn and sunflower seeds

  31. uncle daddy is a danger to himself and others as he and his cousin are closer than brothers.

  32. FOOL – Craig
    BE GONE – Craig

  33. big tuna = not so fresh feeling.

  34. ASININE – Craig

  35. I’m so proud of you Kellie. Just listening to you every morning, you can totally tell when your are up and when you are down. I can tell you are having more and more up moments. Your little girl is like 1 week younger than my little girl and if a little girl can’t make your life worth living, nothing can. You’re a great, inspirational person.

  36. Kellie, we have found cans of boiled peanuts at Kroger. We’re in The Colony, but chances are you can find them at their other locations as well. They’re on the nut aisle.

  37. i call shenanigans on pirate booty…tis unsafe…dont believe me???

  38. ironic…pirates booty causing bloody diarrhea…you may be sick as hell…but damn…you are looking thinner!!!

  39. Please tell us who Uncle Daddy is. How long have you been dating?

  40. go to it is so awesome

  41. Your daughter looks totally ecstatic over meeting Barney which is just adorable.
    I have to ask, what are you going to do with 2 cases of boiled peanuts? Pls dont say Al is going to add them to his bean soup,lol.
    If you can’t find any, from all the posts i can see, you will have cases you dont know what to do with very soon,lol.
    Although being overwhelmed normally does not cause me to shut down, let me know if Oprah’s book works, there sure are times when i could use a push now and then to motivate me.

  42. Yep, you gotta tell us…. who this “Uncle Daddy” is… we promise not to say a word… and by the way, you sound so much more at peace with yourself…you’re on your way..,….

  43. Where do you get this Pirate Booty??

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  46. Hi Kellie,
    I can’t believe you asked about canned boiled peanuts and I can’t believe I have an answer. I noticed them at the grocery store the other night. I live in a rural area, Red Oak, just south of Dallas, so the store was Brookshire’s, but I would bet that if Brookshire’s has them, any ole’ grocery store will also carry them. Hope this helps.
    Take care

  47. OMG! I bought some canned boiled peanuts (only b/c you talk about how much you like them and I had never seen them in my life) at Albertsons I think. Maybe Kroger. I don’t remember. All I know is they are still sitting in my pantry unopened. That’s hilarious.

  48. Kellie,

    I order them online from a company out of Georgia. They come in a bag that you can put them in the microwave and its like they just popped out of the pot. Best boiled peanuts in the world. Because I moved out of the South and you would think no one had ever heard of boiled peanuts


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