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March 10, 2008 at 1:34 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 34 Comments

What a weekend! I guess I should say, What a Saturday! Quite frankly, Friday night and Sunday sort of sucked. But Saturday was cool.

We found out Barney was going to be at the toy store doing pictures with kids, so we went up there to do that. Amy brought Ayden, who LOVES Barney and I wasn’t so sure Emma Kelly would get it. I mean, she’s SEEN Barney, but we don’t really put it on for her that much. And remembering how she freaked out with Santa Claus who’s just a guy with a beard and a hot red suit, I wasn’t so sure she’d be able to handle Barney and all his purpleness. SHE FREAKING LOVED HIM. I swear, she was just about to explode all over the place! But it was cute and fabulous and I know she won’t remember it but we got a really cool picture to remind her about it one day. (If you click on it, it’ll get bigger.)


 And since Amy’s been dying to meet “Uncle Daddy” and she’s about to bust out a baby any minute now, we arranged for a little double date for Saturday night which ended up with everybody being invited, seven showing up, and Amy and Uncle Daddy sitting as far as physically possible away from each other. They ended up not getting to know each other AT ALL, but at least Amy and Kinsey seemed to hit it off, so all was not a complete loss. And we had a fun waiter who never would bring me anything I wanted because he knew what he wanted me to have was better. And he ended up being right, so it was cool. I said, “I’ll have an apple martini, please.” And he said, “No, I think I’ll bring you something better.” And he did! Then I said, “I’ll have another one of that drink you picked for me instead of dessert,  please.” And he said, “No, I’ll bring you something even better.” And he did! And when Amy tried to order chocolate cake, he said no. He didn’t think the chocolate cake was any good. But she is stubborn and she is pregnant and she ordered it anyway. Guess what? He was right! And now he’s my new favorite waiter ever.  Amy might not have fallen in love with Uncle Daddy but I fell in love with my waiter man.

Then we dumped the pregnant chick and we all went over to a comedy club where we watched a room full of people try really hard to laugh at a comedian who wasn’t that funny, but when you’ve paid that much to see a comedian perform, you want to laugh, dang it!! We left before it was over and headed over to the dueling piano bar. Wow. People get really drunk at dueling piano bars, don’t they? Is that a requirement or something? I can’t explain to you what I saw and do it any justice, so I won’t. But Uncle Daddy got up there on the drums and busted out a little “Mustang Sally,” which was super cool and I’m like, Yeah…I’m with him…So that was fun. Then we went over to one more bar where we tuckered ourselves out we were home by midnight or so. And that was our big night out. Sunday was just a bunch of nothing. I had big plans of sorting through paperwork and cleaning out closets and doing all sorts of responsible stuff, but that side of me decided to go away again and I ended up watching a “Rock of Love” marathon and eating Pirate Booty all day. And let me just tell you, if you haven’t tried Pirate Booty, you don’t know what you’re missing.

This week, my goals are to actually do some of that responsible stuff I meant to do today and be a good person. Isn’t that a good goal?




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  1. OMG Emma Kelly is absolutely the most adorable child… You two look so amazingly happy… She is just a doll!!!

  2. I heart you and EK, Kellie. Y’all rock. 🙂

  3. omg kellie! that pic is freaking adorable. you can tell how much emma kelly loved barney by her clenched fists! priceless!!

  4. I think you are a wonderful Mommie and it shows on your sweet daughters face!!!!

  5. What is Pirate Booty…and eww Kellie, get rid of the Grandma sweater!!

  6. I love that picture of you and Emma… and Barney. That picture will make me smile everytime I think about it today. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Cutest picture EVER of you and Emma Kelly.

  8. does Emma Kelly know Barney is the last of his kind???

  9. the “real” Barney

  10. pirate booty…with aged whited cheddar:

  11. “real” pirate booty…even sans a leg & hand, she still shivers me timbers…yo HO HO

  12. Hey Kellie

    Emma Kelly is absolutely precious – adorable outfit too! BTW, was your waiter at DF , Bradley??? We love him too if that’s who you had.

  13. angela…this is my grammy in her sweater:

  14. cute pic, but my god kelly what is up with that gigantic bow!!! lol!!!

  15. E.K. looks sooo excited to meet Barney!!! Made me smile. Thanks for sharing! And, yes… If you go to Pete’s D.P. Bar…. getting drunk IS a requirement.. LOL. Love that place.

  16. OMG before I read your blog, I looked at the pic and I thought EK was crying. That pic is so priceless! Good luck on being responsible this week! 🙂

  17. Kellie, i love you to death. You inspire me so much to do better.Believe it or not i think of you beeing kind of like a mentor for me, indirectly since we dont talk face to face..:)
    I think u r the best mom ever, u r funny and good at heart , getting healthy and sexier by the day, u have done everything i wanna do. Awsome.
    Thank you for bloggin’….i love reading it.

  18. Uncle Daddy & Pirate Booty?? Man, am I lost!!

  19. That is the cutest d_m picture I have ever seen. You two are awesome!

  20. Hi Kellie, I heard you this am making a comment about Uncle Daddy and his “bad habit”, I too thought I would never date a smoker, much less marry him. We (or I) had all these deadlines…I will not date you until you stop smoking, you will not meet the kids until you stop smoking, I will not marry you until you stop smoking…but I loved him so much and I knew that he loved me too, and that it would work out. So he would wear a patch when he was around the kids and he worked really hard at quitting. A month after we married he quit and has not smoked in over 8 months!! So proud of him!! He says its a constant battle, but he has not lost it yet. Sometimes, we need to look at a person as a whole instead of breaking down the parts…Just my opinion.

    BTW, E.K. (as everyone has begun to call her) looks absolutely giddy… and you look terrific also. Thanks for being a part of our mornings.


  21. I don’t know what it is about that dang purple muppet that drives the kids crazy!! (Spoken by a mama with almost the same picture.) What a cutie!

  22. where do you get her clothes????!!!?!?!

  23. Kellie you are so skinney! EK looks adorable!

  24. this daylight savings crap has really harshed my mellow today.

  25. That is pure unadulterated joy on Emma’s face!!! How fun! Wonderful memories that will be. You are a fantastic Mom and I know you don’t need be told that buy people you don’t know but, I still think you are. LOL HAve a great week!

  26. Angela, it was really not a grandma sweater, though I can see how you would think that from the pic. It’s longer and looked nice. I was in front of Kellie in the FOREVER LONG line at the store and she looked very stylish!

    The picture with Barney is THE BEST! How adorable!

  27. That’s the cutest picture of Emma Kelly. You are a lucky woman to have a beautiful healthy baby girl. Congrats!

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  29. Wooohooo !!! Not one comment on Delicious Tuaca.. OMG.. that stuff rocks seriously!!! Better than pirate booty!!!!Need to drink it freezer cold thou.. YUMOLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAA = )

  30. That picture is absolutely adorable! It really does look like Emma K is going to burst from excitement at any moment. That is one of the most precious pictures! You are so beautiful!

  31. Cutest pic ever!
    I met someone today at work who lives on a street named Emma Kelly in Ms..I thought of you!

  32. I don’t know what it is about Barney, but all kids love him. I remember when my nephew were just mesmerized by him when he would come on TV. All concentration was on Barney and it was if the world had stopped around them!

  33. Kellie–how lucky did you get?!? Emma Kellie is ADORABLE!!

  34. Too adorable! That would be a good pic to put up at her wedding. She’ll love you forever for that one!

    love you!!!

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