delicious word of the day — “kielbasa”

March 7, 2008 at 12:01 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

My big night out scouting for boys and pounding back margaritas didn’t quite go as planned. Dr. Mary and I mosied on over to this champagne and dessert reception where I proceeded to enjoy one glass of champagne, no dessert due to the indulgences enjoyed earlier in the evening, and no chance in heck of hooking up because once again, I found myself at a soiree that attracts only women and their gay compadres. Not that I don’ t love the gay compadre! I do! But you know how it is…So I just enjoyed my one glass of chilled champagne and let the gay compadres compliment my shoes for a while and we called it an early night. After all, I had to get home and watch my “American Idol.”

Oh well. You feel kinda sorry for them, don’t you? Sorta can’t help it when they’re standing up there in front of all of “America” and having their legs chopped off at the knees. I think for the most part, the right people are in the top 12. Luke Menard was good looking and nice and all, but his voice wasn’t strong and he picked the wrong song. And Asia’h Epperson? I feel bad, girl, but I don’t understand why ANY contestant picks a Whitney Houston song. If a girl chooses to do Whitney or Celine Dion, they have just set themselves up to be butchered by the judges. Any song by Whitney or Celine should be stricken from the competition! Kady Malloy. Simon was right. She performs like a robot. A vanilla robot. And she stood there and said, “I don’t know what you mean by that.” That right there is why she shouldn’t be on “American Idol.” And then poor Danny Noriega. For all his schtick and bravado, he’s just a boy, you know? And I think what did him in was his in-your-face approach to the whole thing. I’m sorry, but THAT much gay is exhausting. And I’m not sure middle America knew what to do with all that gay. Poor thing. I think he’ll be picked up ASAP as an entertainment correspondent or something like that, so I’m not going to worry too much about him. But it sure was sad to see him stand up there being all sad and vulnerable. Damn you, “American Idol”!!!!




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  1. Kellie…you will NEVER meet a real man at a soiree.

  2. my word of the day is: mastication.

  3. the “REAL” Kady Malloy:

  4. *censors “kielbasa” in my pants joke*

  5. Kellie – Good call on Danny. I kept thinking the same thing when I was watching him. He was hilarious and a lot of fun to watch and I’ll miss him. He would be great on Broadway. Hats off to him for being so comfie in his own skin and have fun with it. BTW, you’re lucky to still have the gay posse to hang with sometimes. I’m married with kiddo’s but before this time in my life I had a BEST friend that was gay. You will never get more honest feedback about just about anything than a gay-guy friend. If you need help with an outfit, check. You need help with a boyfriend issue, check. You need to go out and party like a rockstar, double check, check…every girl should have one! Have a great weekend all!!

  6. Kellie,

    You’re so right! The contestants on AI can have some attitude but when you downright disregard what they said like you know it all, then you’re in trouble. Danny had way too much attitude with Simon. Simon knows what he’s talking about and most of the time he is right about who is in danger of leaving. (Danny can be the next CoJo)

    Don’t you think Paula has the hardest time putting out complete sentences. She repeats everything Randy says and then tries to sugar coat it and ends up saying nothing. You can totally tell it annoys Simon, it annoys me too!

    Kellie have a great weekend and have lots of fun!!!

    Love ya,


  8. Kellie…you are setting yourself up for a vicious cycle of failure…i would suggest starting to learn to appreciate and love who you are first before trying to land a date/husband…you hang out at places that will not net you the type of man you or your daughter need…whilst the “craig” haters will crucify me for my opinion on the matter, go to senior citizens home and ask some wise old fart and they will say the same.

  9. damn women and gay compadres,lmao…

  10. n.l.:

  11. the word of the day is: coccyx

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