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March 6, 2008 at 2:17 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 14 Comments

I cannot WAIT for Thursday! I’m getting my hair did and then I’m grabbing my running buddy Dr. Mary and we’re going to a champagne and dessert party with all them fancy high-falootin’ high society ladies who wish they were cool like us! Or something like that. We’re actually just going to some cocktail party where we’ll hang out until we’re either bored or done and then we’ll go find a place swarming with single men and serving up  margarita treats.  Sounds like a good plan to me.

I went to my pilates class today and for the second time in a week, I got so busy talking and “peeling back layers” and having mini and maxi epiphanies that an hour and a half later I hadn’t done one single thing resembling exercise. I literally splayed myself out and spilled my guts and even shed a tear or two. ANYTHING to get out of actually burning a calorie, right? Actually, I was more exhausted from that than I would’ve been if I’d just finished running a half-marathon. Working on your SELF is so freaking HARD. How do you overcome beliefs that have been burned into your brain from as far back as you can remember? I have really good days and really bad days and really blah days and really “What the hell was THAT about?” days and my wellness coach keeps telling me she sees the change a’coming and she promises me it’s a good thing. I’ll just keep talking and epiphanizing and splaying myself out on her floor until that happens. In the meantime, I’ve seriously got to start working out. Do you realize that in less than 3 months I am going to be in Mexico with my co-workers and there is no way to avoid having them see me in a bathing suit? That’s serious stuff.





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  1. Woohoo,now I so wish I was there! I so need a vacation and your just making it worse,lol.
    I saw your video and you have a lovely voice! You can sing to me anytime!
    I have to admit though, I didnt see what you saw concerning certain trouble some areas. It’s probably just you being overly critical and having one to many epiphanizes.
    I think you need to have a heart to heart with wellness coach because she doesn’t seem to be motivating you very well,lmao

  2. Hell is anytime we all have to read or try to bypass all of Craigs BS. You sure do talk alot of Nazi’s and Jews. Better keep your mouth shut about things of that nature. You are speaking to me and my last name is Rommel. Care to guess who my Great Uncle was? Watch your step

  3. Kellie…you are up at the buttcrack of dawn…do a full days work…full time mom…work out…socialize…when the heck do you sleep?!?…the “mk” diet is chillingly similar to the “cm” diet.

  4. oh no joy…your “uncle” twas a man to be respected…he operated under a code of honor which eludes you…his ultimate demise came from the party that party in which values & mentality you still espouse.

  5. *wonders to self if multiple epiphanies are like multiple Ohhhhhhhhhhhh never mind*

  6. Kellie…i cant wait for bathing suit season…here i am sporting my new swim trunk:

  7. the answer to the bathing suit issue:

  8. oh joy…is this your uncle???

  9. Craig, are you getting paid by the posts?

  10. no…by the joke.

  11. Well…0…

  12. Kellie;

    Have you read “A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose”? I wanted to recommend it to you since you have read “Eat, Pray, Love” and other books along those lines. I was reading “A New Earth” and I thought of you because there is a section on being “right”, and I know Kidd always picks on you for always wanting to be right. So maybe that book could be helpful to you in your journey of self-awareness.

  13. I am only going to say this one more time. Watch your step. I did not open any of your web explosions. Quite frankly, I do not care to look at them or waste time over looking at them. See you at the San Antonio Country Club.
    *does the fingers to the eyes and the one finger pointing at back to you Jack Byrnes pose*

  14. oh joy…if i wind up dead, you do know you just made yourself the number one prime suspect.

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