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February 28, 2008 at 10:45 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 21 Comments

I was invited by Kinsey to a fun little wine-tasting party and we had so much fun. I was late — as usual, due to my horrible time management skills — but I was nowhere near as late as Shanon. She was extremely nervous about the event and had every intention of wearing an evening gown for the occasion, but ended up coming in her skull cap and sweats because she fell asleep and woke up at 7:30pm for an event that began at 7. Anyway, she still managed to sip on a couple of glasses, which is all she needed because then she was in rare form! This was actually an event promoting some lotions and scrubs and stuff so there was a cameraman there to film testimonials. Shanon was the first to volunteer, of course. She was promptly kicked out! Hilarious! But, of course, we’d been sampling wines for an hour so everything was hilarious to us on some level. But there was just something about Shanon standing there with a camera in her face, stating her full name and age that sent us into hysterics. Oh well! The camera dude will get over it. I’m not so sure Shanon will. After he left, she went on a mission to hunt him down and convince him that  she’s a good person.

 I was supposed to take a one-hour pilates class on Wednesday that ended up being a 2-hour gab fest. Apparently, I needed more mental help than physical and so that’s what me and my wellness coach focused on. It’s not that I’m in turmoil or anything, but that’s sort of the problem. I’ve been in this state of just “being” — which sort of feels like “eh.” It’s not a bad thing, though. I’m just here and it’s not something I’m used to. She says she’s sensing a shift in me, moving away from all the anxieties and hangups and towards all this good stuff, but in the meantime, my entire self is having to catch up to all these changes, therefore it sort of feels like “eh” right now. I’m just going to be okay with it.

I also had little epiphanies here and there about how I tend to sabatoge myself because I don’t think I deserve something — whether it’s a nice wardrobe or a hot boyfriend or love or whatever. Very interesting. But I wonder if she’s going to charge me for that second hour?



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  1. i can not begin to tell you how many horror stories begin with “it all started with a little fun with a wine tasting party”…who is your “wellness” coach…yoda???…*in best yoda voice*…trouble i sense…pay me you will…

  2. I’m so happy for you, Kelly. Your light bulb moment has arrived. 🙂

  3. Emma Kelly if so precious. Watching her walking and stumbling brought back memories of my 2 girls first steps. Treasure these momments…I know you will!

  4. Sorry I meant Emma Kelly is so precious…my bad.

  5. First thing’s first – Emma Kelly is adorable and YAY for her walking. My daughter was almost 15 months as well when she started walking. Such a fun time!

    So, I’ve tried e-mailing, but haven’t gotten a response from you yet … and, I’m not giving up. Have you thought about the Nike Women’s Marathon? Have you discussed it with your life coach? Talk with her about it and see what she thinks. I feel like you are in a similar state of being that I was in last year … and am kind of falling into again in these early months of 2008. I too am learning about The Secret and trying to decide what I want for myself this year and long-term. Running the marathon last year was so fulfilling phsyically and emotionally. And not just the marathon, but all of the events surrounding.

    So, talk with your coach about it and let me know. I hope you will join me this year.

  6. OMG, Kellie! I was just watching your showbiz top 5 video with you wearing the baseball cap and “Bam”! I was like “she looks like Susan Sarandon” I’ve never thought that before…weird huh?…I don’t know if you’ve ever been told that before but that is DEFINITELY a compliment!!

  7. You are my hero!

  8. Wow Kelly, a blog that doesn’t mention food. Who woulda thought?

  9. six comments???…thats it???

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  11. I know, Craig….6 is rather disappointing. We have hit 100+ before!

  12. what’s the big deal if she mentions food? It’s a journal/blog.
    May I (corrected typo) get “yoda’s” number, lol? If it works I (corrected typo) wouldn’t care if it was “bill the cat” newspaper comic strip.

  13. No advice or judgement. Kellie my wish for you is that one day when you look in the mirror, you see what the rest of your friends and family see. Not to mention all of us fans. You’re a beautiful person inside and out. I know you’ll realize that one day. I can’t wait to read about that epiphany.

  14. To funny and so true

  15. i hope the next blog entry sparks better response than this.

  16. Well Craig, when are you going to start yours?

  17. once i get back to the Great State of Texas.

  18. tomatoes are green before they ripen and turn red…fact.

  19. ohhh, so where are you?

  20. Has nothing to do with this blog. but would you ask the jonas brothers to give me a shout out!!! THANK YOU:) HEather James

  21. Cindy…i am in hell…but it is a cross i must bear…and bear alone…i look forward to my return to the Alamo City.

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