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February 25, 2008 at 2:09 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 25 Comments

I’ve been having a bit of writer’s block lately, I guess you’d call it. I don’t feel like I have anything interesting to say about anything in particular. I’ve got the Oscars blaring in the background as I type this, and I couldn’t be any less interested to hear what that guy is actually saying right now. I tuned in to about 15 seconds of an Oscar pre-show and realized I wasn’t even the least bit curious to see who was wearing what, so I flipped that off to. I was, however, fortunate enough in those 15 seconds or so to experience the gut-wrenching awfulness that has become Ryan Seacrest. And I LIKED Ryan! I swear I did! But he has become this THING I want to despise. He’s talking to Viggo Mortensen, who is putting on his best “thespian” routine for Ryan, and Viggo says something about how he was going to bring this man with him on the red carpet — the director of his movie, maybe? — but that someone extremely close to him had just died. Ryan totally blew him off! “Congratulations on the Oscar nomination, Viggo!” And then I saw him handing out dinnerware with his face stamped on the plates. Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be a joke, but UGH! Am I the only one who feels this way about him?? Ryan is slowly replacing that Samantha Harris as my least favorite person in the world. Do you know how many people Ryan has had to step over to get to that position??

Other than Ryan Seacrest, there’s really nothing wrong with me at the moment. I’m entering that state of what they call “zen” or something where nothing bothers me — except Ryan Seacrest. I’m not particularly concerned with what I’m eating. I’m not all freaked out about what I’m wearing. It’s sort of all right that my phone’s not ringing. I’m really okay with just being. What is WRONG with me? This is not the me to whom I’ve grown so accustomed. If I don’t stir up some drama, I’ll have nothing to sort out in these blogs except my distaste for Ryan Seacrest and that would become quite tedious. I’m going to have to drum up some heartache or something here pretty soon. I need to start setting myself up for a good fall so I can give ya’ll something good to read.




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  1. right there with ya….sometimes it’s just OK to roll with. i’m right there with you when you feel like you’re missing something if there’s not drama…but i’m LEARNING to sit back…hug my yorkie poo-poo, (yes i have one too) and just enjoy the calm. you and i both know the storm is coming, and the calms are few and far between!! 😉

  2. I love reading what you have to say without you being all heartbroken, yay for mediocrity!

  3. No, no!! I love you being content! It makes me really happy!

  4. I’ll agree with that!!!! Pleaseeeee don’t go setting yourself up for another big “Uh-Oh”… Try being at peace with yourself for a while..
    I know you are accustomed to lots of drama.. but once you get used to a little “peace” in your life… you’ll see how much better it can be….
    especially for “anti-aging”…..

  5. Well, aside from the pros of anti-aging/mediocrity (hmmm how does one take that,lol) your new found drama free life sounds pretty good. Why the sudden change and why would you want to repeat all that?

    I have to admit Ryan Seacrest has never had that much of an impact upon my life, but i swear i feel the same about Florence Henderson. I can’t buy Wesson Oil because of her. Does that make me crazy, lmao?

  6. Isn’t life supposed to be about being okay with ourselves? I think that you finally became complacent and you don’t have to worry about anything if you don’t want to and that is a new concept. It is a good place in life if you are just okay. Be happy with it because when the drama comes back it will be worse.

    lots of love and prayer

  7. hmm…. northern lights.. “I can’t buy Wesson Oil because of Florence Henderson. “Does that make me crazy, lmao?”
    Not crazy, just spending too much time watching commercials……
    I do agree though, with Cindy, stress is not good for aging gracefully… and that’s just what happens when you put all of that drama back into your life…STRESS comes back to visit you…

  8. Don’t go getting in a tizzy on our account. After reading your trials and tribulations I’m happy that you’re getting a rest from all that…even if you don’t really know what to do with yourself.

    Those stupid Scope commercials Seacrest has going now are the worst. I just cringe whenever they come on. And I was so glad to hear this morning that I’m not the only one who can’t stand Katherine Heigl. Something about her little wide-eyed innocent act just rubs me the wrong way. “I’m so nervous, I’m terrible at these kinds of things. Everyone please feel sorry for me and love me.” Ugh!! Okay, I got that off my chest now. lol!

  9. I am so with you with Ryan Seacrest becoming the most annoying and self-loving person on the planet. And, as for Samantha Harris, I thought I was the only one in the world who cringed every time she spoke! It’s nice to know I’m not alone in this! =)

  10. Who’s Ryan Seacrest? Sounds like Goober and Gomers’ uppity cousin from Mt. Pilot.

  11. Hey Kellie.
    I would have to agree with you. I do not like Ryan Seacreast at all. He is really blah. haha.
    But being content and having no drama is a good thing. Once you get use to having nothing going on in your life you become pretty laid back.

  12. Ok, let’s be honest here. First, life is stress and I would love to meet someone that has removed it totally from their life. That individual has either moved to hills of the Ozarks with flying squirrels, (do they have flying squirrels?), as neighbors or just became a total hermit seeing the light of day threw a window. It’s not stress that causes the aging it’s how you cope/learn to deal with it.

    I think I have long since come to the realization that I am fine with who/what I am and that is something I have always felt. I refuse to just be OK (complacent) with anything in my life unless it suits me. I control my destiny, who I share my life with, and I also control, to some degree, the path in which I travel in it.

    What I can’t control is the external factors of others trying to inflict their will into mine, but I can remove them from it.

    I would hate to see anyone live their life being complacent, because to me that implies they have given up on their dreams and that is something I hope never happens to me… Please don’t take this as a derogatory post because it by no means is intended that way.

    Let the drama commence, because I am ready for it, and will deal with it on my own terms. It is also nice to know you have someone to fall back on for their support if you ever need it.

    I don’t think, or would hope this isn’t the case, that Kellie has become complacent as much as she has come to the realization as well that she controls what she allows in her life. That being the core of anyone’s peace.

  13. NorthnLights – why does your writing seem so familiar? hmmmmmmmm ugh

  14. Kellie…please let me be a ghost writer for your blog whilst you battle with writers block.

  15. I agree Laura…I feel it’s lecture time again ….
    Northern Lights, why do you see someone else’s point of view only in “black and white” .. NO ONE said, they expected Kellie to have a STRESS FREE life…The comment was made about not adding UNNECESSARY stress…
    Go focus on getting over Florence Henderson…. instead of picking apart other peoples comments….

  16. Oh Craig, so you’re back……How was your trip trip to Dallas? Did you get to meet Kellie or any of the others?…..

  17. I’m with ya Kellie on not being a Ryan Seacrest fan, but I have to tell you I was waiting for my car at The Beverly Hills Hotel and he sat beside me to wait for his car too and in person he’s hot! He was quite friendly and spoke first. I liked him in person better than on T.V.

  18. Why not “ghost” write for Kellie, Craig? You already pose yourself off as yourself and many of your other personalities. We can all tell when you write and use a different name.
    I wholeheartedly agree with the other extremeley intelligent people on these comments when I state…PLEASE go get your own blog, come and share it with us ,and those of us who cannot live without you will visit you there…otherwise…say bye-bye, Craigeee!

  19. sorry didnt mean to lecture i worked a double yesterday

  20. Ryan Seacrest is the perfect specimen of a man. When I play American Idol on my PS2, I feel like a little school girl again.

  21. I think a nationwide boycott of Ryan Seacrest(it hurts just typing his name) should be started. Who knows? It could be the next great movement. Much like the Civil Rights Movement or Women’s Rights. You guys have the power to make this happen!

  22. Once again Craig, when you POSE AS SOMEONE ELSE, make sure it is funny.
    And besides, you WOULD think Seacrest is a perfect specimen of a man…gay gay gay wheeee so gay.

  23. Ha ha ha! Craig you are so funny! You are posing again as me and you typed squirmy wrong. PLEASE go get your own blog and your own life!!!

  24. Do you all know how to tell Northrn Lights person is Craig? Look at the first loooong post. He capitalizes his I’s as well as all the words he should? Now look at the second post where he says, “sorry didnt mean to lecture i worked a double yesterday”.

    No capital i, no capital nothing. Typical Craig style writing. He forgot how he poses as this Northrn Lights and wrote the way he usually does and now he is busted!

  25. Cindy…got caught in HORRIFIC traffic outside of irving…barely made it to the airport on time to make my flight.

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