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February 20, 2008 at 1:18 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 35 Comments

The fallout from the post-Valentine’s Day brunch continues. Today I polished off the jumbo bag of Ruffles and almost all the Reese’s peanut butter cups and chicken nuggets — made those for the kids.  Trying to live with all that food in the house while going through the monthly turmoil that is PMS isn’t exactly helping, either. Dang, I’m weepy today. I look at my child and weep. I watch Oprah and weep. I fold clean laundry and weep. Nobody calls and I weep. This too shall pass…

Can I just leave this diary entry at that? Please forgive me. I need to go watch American Idol and weep. I can’t believe they’re making me listen to that 60s crap.




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  1. Let it all those tears out kellie….it will all work out just fine!

  2. oops..typo! “it” shouldn’t be in that sentence. sorry!

  3. Kellie, You just have a few more days to get ready for Thursday. Big Craig will be coming to Big D., and you won’t even have to lose a pound or buy a new outfit. This might be the love connection I’ve been telling you about…. Craig does belong to the S.A. country club, and you’ll never have to search for a good restaurant again.. Craig knows them all. The nights you’re not wanting to go out, good old craig can fix up one of his gourmet meals…..If you two hit it off, maybe craig could just move his country club membership to Dallas… Just think of all the free therapy advice you will get!!!!!

  4. It is totally normal! I too have babies and am PMS and are eating everything in the house! It shall pass and you will soon feel better!!! We love you and Miss Emma Kelly!!!!

  5. Love American Idol..not crazy about the songs tonight. 60’s isn’t my thing..but I’m excited about this season.

    Let those tears out! You’ll feel better once you do!

  6. I feel u on the weepin thing. PMS SUCKS!!! but… better than more kids (sorry, but its the truth)

    ur hot, dont trip on those dumb boys… they stink and just want you for your hot body! (chant that every day)

  7. Just “say no” to junk food and fat. Your body is beautiful and I do not want to see it go through horrible weight fluctuations. Please let me know if I can do anything to help you on this difficult journey. Love ya 🙂

  8. Kelley have you found someone to go out with yet? I would go out with you to hang out and do things together or just watch movies. You seem like a cool person and I would love to get to know you.



  9. Note to posters: Recent anonymous trash posts have been checked against Email and IP addresses. Continuation of posting under multiple names under the same IP address will result in banning and possible legal action under current US Federal Anti-Cyber-Stalking law is found at 47 USC sec. 223.

  10. As everyone has said before me; let it all out. Every month we women go through PMS and the whole crying bit and we feel better afterwards. So just be kind to yourself and don’t do anything that you will seriously regret(finishing the food won’t do you in) and have as much fun as possible.

    lots of love and prayer

  11. Kellie,

    Talk with your ob/gyn. I discovered I have PMDD. I now take Sarafem and find the mood swings gone. I can definitely tell when I haven’t taken my pills because *itch mood kicks in. Good Luck to you.

  12. Hi Kellie,
    I think you’re beautiful and your doing great by exercising and you know we all have downfalls but as long as you keep trying till you reach that happiness with yourself then you’re doing all you can do. Personally, I think you’re too hard on yourself, you are so beautiful and you have the stature of a model. You have to remember that you will never be 110lbs. it wouldn’t be healthy. Look at the woman on the Gladiator show, Crush she is 5’8 and 141lbs, I think you need to target certain areas of your body and tone up a bit and you’d change the way your body looks not so much how much you weigh. A true personal trainer could help you with that, cause they would know what to do to achieve certain results. I know of one but he is in San Antonio, but he is his best advertisement, he has changed his body through exercise. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to go about your weight loss in a healthy manner and it will have to start with your mental and emotional wellness. It’s easy for us to tell you you look great and you’re not fat but I can undersatnd how in your mind you might not see what everyone else see. We are so hard on our selves and we are our own worst critics. Make yourself little notes to love yourself and compliment yourself at least 3 times a day and believe it and enjoy the compliment. I know you’re always trying new things and I saw this and thought maybe you’d like to try it Good luck and think beautiful thoughts.

    Love you,

  13. It feels good to let go of your inhibitions when you are in PMS mode and eat whatever you want. That makes me feel better than any antidepressant I have ever taken for PMS. and dont feel guilty for indulging your self either. Life is too short for guilt, that you know wont hurt you, and it will happen many more times. Kellie, I think you are very beautiful and funny, you look fine just the way you do. But it is always good to stay in shape, because I feel good after a good workout. I am happier and healthier when I continue to work out and follow healthy habits.

  14. Craig, will you be in Dallas tomorrow? If so, will you be meeting Kellie?

  15. Kellie, I’ve been listening for about 2 years now and love to hear you on the radio. I know it’s been a life long struggle for you, but I wish you weren’t so hard on yourself. We all have our demons. Don’t let the turkeys get you down! Looking back now, I can remember a time that I was very depressed. I lost my mother at 15 – and was involved in a malpractice suite until I was 18. I don’t feel like I was depressed then, just in shock. I met my husband and married when i was 19, had a wonderful baby girl at 21. We were as broke as could be, but a very happy family. He has always been very supportive although he never knew my mother and came along several years after she was gone. Many a night prior to my cycle each month I’d just lay in bed and cry. All he did was hold me. A few months after going back to work, I went to the dr because I had terrible pain each month – it was determined I had endometriosis (sp?) which cause very painful cycles each month. The dr told me that I needed to lose some weight. (My mother died as a result of the gastric bypass surger in 1985. I didn’t have a regular doctor so I went to the same dr that mom had gone to and he told me that I didn’t want to end up like her – needless to say it was my last visit to him. I had just had a c-section about 6 months earlier and yes, I still had a little baby weight, but not enough to make that comment) I wanted my Mom – and I wanted her to fix everything for me. I was in a funk. As much family as I had, I felt so alone. I opened up to some coworkers and instead of being supported I was chastised. “What do you mean alone – you have husband, child, a multitude of other family members – I am by myself – I am alone – buck up.” That didn’t help at all. Eventually, I came out of it and don’t feel I’ve been depressed since, but it was a rough time. Don’t let anyone discount your feelings – no one really knows what you are going through on the inside. Something very minimal to one person can be the straw that broke the camels back for another. You do have people that support you out here – try to remember the loving, supportive comments – I know it’s easier to believe the bad things, but know you have a lot to offer and deserve only the best.

  16. Chris…yes…indeed i shall be in Dallas…not to sound rude or crass, i believe that there is greater chance of monkeys flying out of one of my body orifices than an actual meet’n greet.

  17. for the record…i will not apologize for anything that i have ever posted…i will however apologize for the consequences of the aforementioned…apparently tis easy to post a tsunami of even more ridiculous and malicious diatribe than even i am capable of doing…for that i do apologize…please note for the record that with one exception to the rule, i have never attacked on a personal level…and when i did indeed do so, i did so in Latin…i enjoy the stimulating social intercourse that the forum offers…i shall curb my replies and hope that all will be able to differentiate the rash of pseudo posts to my own.

  18. I feel you on the weeping part! PMS doesnt help us girls at all. I was weeping all week last week! Good luck with this new guy! You deserve a good guy!

  19. i feel bloated and my ankles are swollen…but i think that has to do with the two boxes of macaroni i had for lunch & cheese and high blood pressure.

  20. This may not be good for the diet, which i dont understand anyway , but want a hersey kiss???

  21. Missed your show yesterday so i listened to the kpod. I was surprised that that you felt you weren’t suited for the “kelly’s love letters”. I actually think your pretty good. Maybe i should send you an advice request, but then again, maybe i should just keep you in my pocket, lol. May I just ask why?
    Ok, i have a question. Whats the deal with craig and why continue with his posts?

  22. aurora borealis…because my posts are absent of malicious intent…because i am part of the “fan” community.

  23. *heads off to the Big D to pick up KKITM promo pix*

  24. Kellie, I had a revelation!!! I too am suffering from PMS! I seriously did not even realize it until I listened to the show yesterday morning and heard you talking about it! I am soooo gripy and I cry at the drop of a hat…not to mention eating 6 bowls of cereal a few days ago before I got full! YIKES! I think it’s worse after having a baby…I don’t remember being like this before…

  25. Hide from Craig! And yes, please please PLEASE get rid of him. While your posts may not be malicious, Craig, most if them have no relevance whatsoever to what people or Kellie is talking about. Most of the time you, Craig, are commenting on other people’s posts and defending your own posts. We really are tired of seeing it.
    Funny you are not!

  26. New post, please, Kellie! 🙂

  27. Little Squirmy – I couldn’t agree with you more. Craig craves some attention and thinks he is being funny when in fact it’s not funny at all. It’s very frustrating and most of the time very rude and disgusting with his humor. I quit visiting as much as a result.

  28. Contrary to you Laura, I come on here just to see what Craig has said. Although I think he goes over the top a little too much, all in all, I like reading what he has to say, and I am interested in hearing about his trip to Dallas.

  29. I love reading your blogs Kellie. You are so witty. And you are right about the weepy and PMSing Kellie, this too shall pass. Keep your head up!

    Maybe Craig should start his own blog so his readers can comment on what he has to say and Kellie’s readers can comment on her’s.

  30. Who me, I think the same thing. Craig certainly isn’t the big draw for me to Kellie’s Blog and it’s a shame that it ruins the fun for the rest of us because he wants to control the blog comments. Sorry Craig, I’m not a mean person just tired of it and finding it more creepy than funny.

  31. hey, do you think maybe kellie hasn’t posted, because she is busy entertaining craig while he is in dallas?

  32. I agree with Who Me and Laura. I have made the same suggestion about Craig getting his own blog. His fans could follow him there! And the rest of us could enjoy Kellie’s blog (a blog that is supposed to be about Kellie!)

  33. Hey Kellie

    I feel your pain ever since my girlfriend left me because I was in love with you I’ve been wanting to be with you emma kellie too call me some time we could do lunch!


  34. Who is this Craig person?? Does he have a life?? I bet he’s a big fat guy that sits behind a computer screen all day “chatting” on the internet because he can’t get a “real girl”..LOL!!

  35. cherie…i am indeed a man of great size and girth…but a record of my replies will show that i do not have to stoop to kindergarten antics and name call…*censors comment about “cherie” being a stripper name*

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