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February 18, 2008 at 3:40 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 21 Comments

I realized the other day that I pay a heck of a lot of money for all these premium movie channels and all I do is watch Tivoed episodes of my favorite soap opera and celebrities going through rehab. So I decided to surf on up into those mysterious channels which have been unvisited up until now and I found this wonderful little channel called “HBO On Demand.” I clicked on that little baby and I found some episodes of a show I keep hearing everybody talk about called “Entourage” and decided to give it a little look-see. Four episodes later and I am officially hooked! YEA! I feel so “in” right now.

Otherwise this weekend was pretty low-key. I decided to have a post-Valentine’s Day brunch and play date for some of my girlfriends and their daughters. I stressed and fretted over this thing, spending hundreds of dollars on pre-packaged dips and cheeses and sauces and spreads from the friendly neighborhood warehouse called Costco. I was sweating like a pig, schlepping all of this stuff into the house and dumping it into fancy serving dishes and setting it out on the table. And do you know what? They barely touched any of it.  I swear to you, everybody took a plate. I saw them do it! But after they all made a pass through, I looked down at the table and it was as if nothing had been removed. It was like some sort of miracle — just like the loaves and the fishes!! No matter how little or how much anybody took, the food apparently kept multiplying because it was all still there! And then another miracle happend. Poof!! Everybody vanished. They all just up and left. Now what’s up with that? I had all these visions of us sitting around sipping on mimosas, talking and laughing while our daughters played at our feet. But my party that started at noon was over by 1:45.  I finally finished cleaning up the mess by 4.  Tell me again why one of my new year’s resolutions was to open my  home to entertain more? I’m going to be eating leftover hummus and spinach dip for a freaking MONTH! Next time, I’m doing the foot-long Subway sandwich and not worrying about it.

I blew my Maroon 5 Makeover BIG TIME this weekend. But it’s not like I was actually doing it for them anyway. And I’m sitting here probably a couple pounds heavier from trying to take care of the rest of that cajun crab dip, but I’m really okay with that. I don’t even think Adam Levine is going to notice.




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  1. i have ALL the cable channels PLUS the high def channels…for one hundred bucks and a 12 pack of tecate, Jorge gave me the ULTIMATE in free cable hook up.

  2. i am a former chippendales dancer…trust me…you want your parties to last???…get liquored up and hire a male stripper…so much fun will be had, your neighbors will call the cops…sidenote…i thought i had cajun crab dip once…the doc said it was a heat rash…*relieved pose #21*

  3. next time:

  4. I love reading your blogs because even low-key weekends are better than mine. I adore you and your stories.

  5. if Kellie was a super hero…i wonder what kind of super hero she would be?!?…what would her super hero power(s) be?!?…would she sport a cape and lycra suit?!?…i wonder if Shannon could be her “girl wonder”!?!

  6. Kellie…this should help…here is PROOF that the whole m/k would NEVER had worked out…i suspect “he” was using you to get to J Si!!!…5 bucks says they sue you for a percentage of the mk diet book.

  7. Kellie….I must say this, as hard as it is for me…but will you shut your trap about being overweight? I am sick of hearing about it. All you want is attention and pity from everyone around you. Maybe you should seek help.
    *sticks finger down throat pose*

  8. That wasn’t me above…yes it was me…no it wasn’t…yes it was…
    I have schziofreakinphrinia!

  9. auf…you know so little and know it so fluently…twas a horrid impression at best…you lacked a…the cadence of my sentence structure…b…i have not…would not EVER…NEVER EVER post a reply filled with malicious venom.

  10. Can Craig be blocked from posting comments? He’s the weird, little elf guy who thinks he’s hilarious and doesn’t have a clue as to how annoying he really is.

  11. Pleassseee Kellie invite this poor man (Craig) over for some “left over dip” and chips….. Can you not see that he thinks about you 24-7???

  12. I think your party problem is that most children take naps immidiately after lunch. The moms probrably wanted to get their kids home and to sleep before they turned into crank-zillas.

    I bet if you scheduled a playdate from 2pm until whenever, you’d have better luck!

  13. deb…i know an elf chic…her name is little debbie.

  14. I think Craig is on something! In his little universe he is funny, smart and people like him. Now in the real world we all know that is not true. Just blow past his comments. The little man does not matter.

    Kellie, I think Louisa is correct. The kiddos need the naps and with their bellies full I’m sure the moms wanted to get them home and down. If they wait too long then they won’t go to sleep at night. I’m proud of you for stepping out and having people over.

  15. Kelley everyone wants to be that perfect hostess and then we are let down when it does not go the way that we wanted. Once the initial disappointment wears off remember at least people showed up even if it was for the obligatory amount of time. As for spending fortune’s for so little, well its a lesson learned. At least you won’t be without dips or chips for a month. Lots of love and prayers.

  16. mommyof2boys…whist you may not think i am operating in the world of reality…i would say that that reality is more twisted than any realm in which i might giggle…in my realm, woman do not judge themselves by a size number…words like bulimia anorexia do not exist…folks need not chemicals to seek balance or happiness…at 534 lbs, there is nothing “little” about me…but your reply is somewhat “small minded”

  17. Kellie–do you ever wish that you had a crystal ball and that you could look into it and see the strange little lives of all of us that post in bizarre blog world. I have to admit to a strange addiction in reading not only your fascinating blog but each and every one of the random comments that have been posted. I try to look past Craig’s in the same futile way that I attempt to look away from 10 car pile up on the highway, but time and again I come back with a sick fascination–not unlike picking at a scab until it bleeds. I so very obviously require major meds!! Oh, and by the way, if you did have a magical crystal ball I am sure you would put it to much better use. Have a happy, Barry Manilow free week!

  18. *censors a remark about the two magical balls i have…they arent crystal…more like titanium.*

  19. i have changed my name…i want to be referred to as the poster formerly known as craig…*assumes a prince like stance*

  20. here is my new name. do you all like it? i think it is sexy with a capital s.
    *assumes tiny little world stance*

  21. kelly,
    so i also was hooked on entourage from hbo on demand. i started on episode 1 and now am on 34. i love it so much. i cant believe i’ve been missing out this whole time. all i have to say is thank God for hbo on demand.

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